How Strong is Queen Maeve in The Boys ?

Queen Maeve (real name Margaret “Maggie” Shaw) is a major antagonist-turned-anti-hero of the Amazon series The Boys, serving as a supporting antagonist of season 1, and an anti-hero of season 2.

She is a superhero, and a member The Seven.

Queen Maeve is a fighter, feminist, humanitarian, and the second most powerful member of The Seven. She’s the ideal role model for young girls around the world. She’s had to make many sacrifices in order to achieve such incredible heights. Accepting Vought’s image meant she had to give up some truths and some people she loved.

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She is now disillusioned, cynical and no longer the determined idealist that she was. However, she is trying to regain some of her former self when she came to the rescue of The Boys in the battle against Stormfront, and Homelander.

It is revealed that Queen Maeve was a student at Vought’s “Hero College” before being first seen on screen. Homelander was then drafted into Seven as the second member. Homelander stated in season 2 that he knew Maeve for the longest time and that was how they had become so close before the events.

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Season 1

Maeve is often seen at Homelander’s side throughout Season 1. Maeve stops an armored truck with its men and successfully ends it in the first episode. Homelander arrives just as Maeve is about to subdue a final criminal and gets all the credit. Episode 3 reveals that Maeve and Homelander were once in a relationship. There is still some affection between the two of them. She is also psychologically broken in episode 4, after she fails to rescue the hijacked plane.

Episode 5 tells us more about Elena’s drunken search for consolation and a hookup with her ex. In episode 6, Elena also shows up at Maeve’s work and tries to take care of Maeve. Maeve’s ex-girlfriend Elena is mentioned by the news people as an interest in women. This could be a problem for Maeve. Episodes 7 and 8 show Maeve building a relationship with Starlight, defending her and keeping her from becoming a shell.

Season 2

Maeve spends more time trying to rekindle her relationship with Elena in the second season. However, she becomes increasingly cautious because Homelander might discover their secret relationship. Homelander exposes Maeve to be a lesbian during a talk-show interview. Maeve confronts Homelander after the show. Homelander says he heard Maeve call Elena, and it seems like they are more then just friends. Maeve says she broke up with Elena before joining The Seven, but after much back and forth Maeve finally admits to their relationship. Maeve is now a lesbian struggling with her s**uality, and Homelander asks Maeve to do movies.

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Ashley and other world officials give advice to Elena and Maeve on how to be a lesbian couple. Elena makes it clear to Maeve that Maeve has a bisexuality and that she does not want to be involved in the public relationship thing. Maeve persuades her to agree to the deal, even though she is still afraid Homelander might do something to Elena. She makes a deal with The Deep to help him get his image back if he a**ists her in finding dirt about Homelander. Later, it is revealed that Deep was hired by her to search the sunken wreckage on Flight 37 in order to locate a video recording of Homelander abandoning the victims to death.

Deep arrives back with a broken GoPro camera of her husband, which records Homelander’s threats to the passengers. Elena discovers about the video and confronts Maeve. She tells Maeve that it is their leverage against Homelander. Maeve is told by Elena that she has nightmares about the video and that she’s decided to visit her sister. Maeve is told by her that she doesn’t blame her for the events on the plane.

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Maeve gets an opportunity to make right and not do wrong at the end of the series. She a**ists The Boys with Stormfront, Homelander, and threatens to upload footage of him leaving everyone on Flight 37 behind to death if he doesn’t comply with the following demands: Let Ryan and Billy Butcher walk away safely, stop searching for Starlight, and leave her and Elena alone. Homelander gives in to his weakness and his desire to be loved all over the world, and he caves to her demands. Maeve was right beside Starlight when Homelander reluctantly welcomed her back into the Seven at a press conference. This completed Maeve’s victory against Homelander.

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Seven on Seven with Cameron Coleman

Queen Maeve appeared on several segments. Vought frequently pushes Maeve to the top of the headlines for the Brave Maeve agenda. This agenda depicts their support for the LGBTQIA+ community. Along with The Seven, she appears in ads.

Season 3

Maeve begins to work with Butcher in order to bring down Homelander, who is now completely unstable. She shares with him information about Soldier Boy’s death using a secret weapon – one that could be used to kill Homelander. She warns Butcher to not let this information be wasted.

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Maeve tells rumors that she has stopped training and that she has been drinking more in the hope that Homelander won’t underestimate her. Starlight and she are still training hard and preparing for what lies ahead.

Maeve gives Butcher more V-24 pills and asks him what he plans to do with them. Maeve is offered a drink by Butcher, and she informs him that she has been sober for four months. He offers her a drink and she agrees to have one. Butcher informs Maeve, referring specifically to Supes, that they all have to go. They have rough s**, she agrees.

Homelander confronts Maeve over his betrayal because he can smell Butcher all around her. He tells her he is crazy and doesn’t understand what he’s talking. He questions her about their relationship and she says that she had hated him from the beginning and that she now pitied him. Black Noir turns her around and attacks her.

Ability and power


  • Superhuman Strength Queen Maeve has a primary ability: a tremendously enhanced superhuman strength that is far more than the normal human strength. Maeve is second in strength behind Homelander. She is the second strongest being in the world, only behind Homelander in terms of strength. She can also leap great distances. She has been shown to be able not only to control Black Noir, but also to overpower Stormfront, both of whom possess high levels super strength and endurance. [9]
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Queen Maeve stops a van

  • Superhuman Durability. Queen Maeve’s durability is almost identical to that of Homelander. She has the longest endurance of any known Supes. Maeve survived being struck by an armored van at speed, breaking it in half. She is also able to be carried by Homelander at high speed and not feel any friction or turbulence. [10]
  • Superhuman Speed – Maeve can run at speeds that defy gravity and traverse walls. This allowed her to easily pass an armored vehicle at speed. [5]
  • Superhuman Agility. Queen Maeve has an extraordinary level of agility, balance and coordination that is far beyond what even the most skilled human athletes can achieve. She jumped up onto a wall while on a mission with Homelander and ran across it. [5]
  • Superhuman stamina: Queen Maeve has a musculature that produces significantly fewer fatigue toxins than a human’s. She can work at her peak for 24 hours before fatigue starts to affect her. With little effort, she can defeat multiple attackers at once.
  • Superhuman reflexes: Queen Maeve’s reflexes are similar to human athletes. They can avoid swings from multiple metal pole-wielding trainers and they are also superior to the best human athletes.
  • Superhuman Sensibility: Queen Maeve appears to have enhanced senses. She was able to easily detect Translucent despite being motionless in the ladies’ area, much to her surprise.
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  • Martial Arts Queen Maeve is a powerful combatant who has been well trained in hand-to–hand combat. While training, she was able defeat multiple opponents simultaneously. [10] Restraint the more skilled Black Noir . [6] She was able to overwhelm Starlight and the Female by working with Starlight and The Female. Stormfront In combat. [9]
    • Sword Proficiency Maeve can use a sword to combat.
  • Master Markswoman According Homelander, Maeve was on a mission in Albany when she flung a Bic pen precisely into the eye of a man from 78 feet (23 metres) away.
  • Stealth : She was able to sneak into an open area during the battle against Stormfront and join the battle, without being noticed by the latter.

The Boys: 5 Reasons Starlight is Stronger Than Queen Maeve (&5 Ways She Isn’t)

The most memorable moment in season 2 of The Boys is when Starlight and Queen Maeve team up to defeat a Nazi super-villain. The three super-women are a visual treat, but one also wonders what might happen if they clash. What would happen if Starlight or Maeve found themselves on opposite sides?

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This wouldn’t be a physical test, that’s certain. The one with mental strain for years is weighing her down while the other has a more positive outlook. That will most likely play a part in any hypothetical battle.

10 STARLIGHT: Younger

Starlight tells Maeve at a point in the first season that she is a huge fan of Maeve’s show. Starlight was so in love with the superhero, she had already read her entire biography several times. Starlight also admits that Maeve was a major influence on her desire to be a member of The Seven in the near future.

Starlight has more energy and a youthful desire to be better, fight harder, and make the world a better place. Starlight has an instinctive, natural need to help others in trouble. This was evident in the incident when she beat up a man who was misbehaving with a girl in a dark alleyway.

9 MAEVE: Physically stronger

Maeve is the strongest Supe on The Boys. She is a strong, athletic woman. even punched a school bus that was falling while she was younger and only broke a few bones in her arm. This is also due to her ability to leap long distances, which makes her almost invincible.

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On the show, Maeve actually is capable of overpowering Stormfront and Black Noir for a period of time. Both of these individuals are extremely gifted.

8 STARLIGHT – Blasts Blinding Light

Starlight is able to project intense, blinding light from her palms. This can temporarily blind people looking at her, as well as move people up to several feet above the ground. These light blasts can disable Supes such as Black Noir, A-Train and Stormfront, when they are fighting one-on-one.

Starlight uses Starlight’s power at several points to open doors with strong energy and burn through metal fences.

7 MAEVE: Faster and Quicker

Starlight is not slow or slow, but she is fast. Maeve has the ability to travel at a very fast speed and can run alongside walls in gravity-defying maneuvers.

This talent is used to catch criminals whether they are running away or on their own. She eventually catches up to them. She is able to overcome a fast-paced armored vehicle that is on the move in pursuit of some local criminals early in season 1.

6 STARLIGHT: Not Disillusioned or Cynical

Maeve had dreams and optimism from the beginning. Maeve wanted to make a positive difference in the world, and not for the sake of selling merchandise or social media. The former model became less important over the years, and Maeve was left with a shadow of her former self.

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Starlight, however, quickly realizes the absurdity of Vought and The Seven. Starlight, however, is not like Maeve and doesn’t abandon her ideals easily. It’s no coincidence that she is close to Bully Butcher, and his gang, who are the only people interested in taking down Homelander and other corrupted Supes.

5 MAEVE: Greater Durability

Wonder Woman would be the best name to a**ociate with Maeve if she were to be likened to a DC Comics equivalent. They look very similar in their costumes and make-up, and they also seem to share the same powers and strength.

Maeve can also heal faster and more quickly than other people if she is seriously hurt. These are very similar to Homelander, but he is stronger and more capable of ending Maeve’s life if he so chooses.

4 STARLIGHT: Can Absorb Electricity

Starlight’s greatest strength is her ability to absorb electricity from any source around her, whether it’s an outlet, a machine or both. She can then channel that energy into a weapon. Starlight can disrupt electronic gadgets and cause blackouts. She does this in a controlled manner.

The events in the show suggest that there is no limit to the amount she can absorb. Viewers don’t know if too many electric energy can cause her harm. Maybe her power can be harnessed on an even larger scale in the future.

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3 MAEVE: Far more Accurate

Maeve’s superiority in speed and endurance is connected to her precise movements. Maeve, unlike other superheroes, is able to pinpoint the object or person she wants and identify them.

Homelander has an example to back this claim. He claims that during a mission to Albany, she was so precise in her actions, she threw a Bic pen into the eyeball of a man from a distance 78 feet.

2 STARLIGHT – Better Support System

Starlight has a better support system than Maeve, even though Elena is genuinely there for Maeve and she loves her. She has Hughie, who, despite being a normal human, is always there for her. Her mother is also there to offer support and a shoulder to cry on.

Yes, Starlight’s relationship with her mother is strained after Starlight discovers that her mother had given her Compound V as a child. Her mother later shows regret for leaving Starlight in the dark and takes great initiative to help Starlight in any way she can.

1 MAEVE: Does Not Need A Source Of Power

Starlight is able to see within herself to find her driving force, while Maeve only needs to look around. She can easily lose her ability of standing apart from other people if she doesn’t have an electrical outlet or source.

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She was actually unable to escape from Vought Tower because she was held captive by Homeland and Stormfront. Another instance was when she needed to borrow energy from an engine to use her powers.


  • Extreme Brute force: Only extreme levels of strength are capable of harming and killing her, but few people can reach this level. Homelander is a threat to Maeve, even though he has a laser attack and physical strength that could kill her. Stormfront was able stagger her with his blows, but it’s not known if he could have beat Maeve in an one-on-one battle. Maeve had Starlight and Kimiko backing her up, which overwhelmed Stormfront.
  • People Although she is a member and a hardened cynic of The Seven, Maeve does care deeply about people and wants to be a true hero. It was a deep desire to save those on the plane, and it haunted her deeply to see them go. Homelander used this to manipulate Maeve. She also cares deeply about Elena. Starlight is also a special place in her heart and she becomes more willing to help her. Maeve appears to have overcame this weakness by Season 2 and is now more openly admiring the people she really respects.
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Queen Maeve is often portrayed as a warrior, feminist, role model and humanitarian, but in reality she is generally disillusioned, withdrawn and cynical.

Although she was once an idealist and a strong believer, she has become complacent about the corruption of the Seven corporation and Vought corporation. She remains silent despite being Homelander’s second most powerful Seven member. Maeve is strongly implied to be an alcoholic and she may have had s**ual encounters in her tower. Maeve believes that the only way to become bulletproof is to avoid intimate relationships and to stay away from people to prevent her getting hurt.

Starlight is the only super-powered person she has seen, and she is not malicious despite this. Even though she is jaded and cynical from her past experiences, she still wants to help people. She at least tries to be heroic when she can. She is also more aware of herself than her teammates and recognizes that she and the Seven may not be true heroes. Starlight’s distress following her attack was also noted by her and she offers some comfort.

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Queen Maeve is a conservative member of The Seven. Homelander always has her side and they have had past relationships. The relationship becomes complicated in season 1. In the Female of the Species, Queen Maeve uses this relationship to sway Homelander. She pleads with him to save the hijacked flight but is unsuccessful. Maeve tells Homelander Starlight to stop, and he replies that he will, because she asked. A deleted scene shows that Homelander was unable to keep the item in his tights when they split. In Season Two, the two become more hostile to each other as Queen Maeve tries to secretly rekindle her relationship with her friend. She is afraid Homelander will discover the truth and kill Elena.


Episode five of season one reveals that Queen Maeve is bisexual. The true love of Maeve is Elena. It’s revealed that they dated before Maeve became a Homelander. Maeve clearly still feels for Elena. She had a late-night affair with her and was ready to attack Homelander if she hurt Elena. Maeve and Elena were in a close relationship until Homelander exposed it.

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Starlight only has a positive relationship with Queen Maeve, a member of The Seven. Starlight is advised by Maeve to be authentic after Starlight questions Starlight’s membership in The Seven and Vought. Maeve acknowledges she used to be the same person, but her time at Vought changed her. Starlight is told by Maeve that she doesn’t want the same thing to happen to her. Maeve tells Starlight to forget it after she is s**ually a**aulted by by the Deep.

Starlight confessed that Maeve was once her biggest fan. Starlight had read her biography cover to cover several times. Maeve’s saving of the school bus by punching its tires was a significant moment in her quest to become a hero. Starlight a**umed that everything Starlight knew about Maeve was nonsense. However, Maeve a**ured her that the bus was real and that a bone in her arm had never healed after Starlight discovered how corrupt Vought was.

After discovering that she was a traitor, Maeve saves Starlight. Starlight and Hughie visited Maeve to ask her for help in stopping Stormfront. Maeve became angry. Maeve told Starlight and Hughie that she had done enough already and was tired of her life and demanded they leave. She eventually arrives to save Annie, The Boys, and helps them defeat Stormfront and blackmail Homelander.

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  • Queen Maeve parodies the DC superheroine Wonder Woman because they are both mythological characters. Ironically, Garth Ennis loves Wonder Woman despite his dislike for the genre. The DCEU Wonder Woman version inspired Queen Maeve to design her armor.
  • In the series, she has been shown to have a more compassionate and kind side than her comic counterpart.
  • Starlight is saved by Noir in the same scene. Maeve stops Noir from forcing Starlight into her s**ualized costume.
  • Maeve, a name for a female given name of Irish descent, is the name you would choose. Queen Maeve (Medb), the queen of Connacht was buried on Knocknarea, County Sligo.
    • Mythologically Medb was well-known for her ruthlessness, and her prostitution: to feel s**ually fulfilled, she had to have s** with 30 men every day.
    • It is interesting to note that Queen Maeve’s actress Dominique McElligott, is actually from Ireland just like Medb.
  • It has been revealed that Queen Maeve is bisexual. She has a girlfriend named Elena Also, dated from Homelander. In There’s Nothing Like It in the World Homelander dismisses Maeve for being a lesbian, but, We Gotta Go Now Elena made it very clear that Maeve was bisexual.
    • Comics depict Maeve as very promiscuous but only with men. No indication of her attraction to women is made.
    • The comics show Queen Maeve having an affair with Stormfront (who in the comics is male), and not Homelander. However, this is a superficial affair and is short-lived and does not have any major impact on the plot.

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