Homelander Vs Black Noir : Who Would Win?

homelander vs black noir

A fight between a supervillain and a superhero is something we all enjoy. A fight between supervillains and superheroes is even better. This is what we’ll be discussing today, Homelander Vs Black Noir. What would happen if two supervillains from The Boys fight it out? Don’t be surprised if you don’t know what these supervillains look like. In the next paragraph, we will discuss exactly what that means.

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Black Noir will be easily defeated by Homelander’s live-action version, as he is the world’s strongest being. The comics’ Black Noir, however, is a more powerful and unhinged version of Homelander. However, Homelander will always win if we are talking about the series.

It’s worth noting that there are many differences between The Boys’ comic and live-action comics. Black Noir, which is not yet shown to be a clone or incarnation of Homelander in The Boys’ comic book, is one of the most striking differences. However, that could change. As it stands, Homelander remains the most powerful male in The Boys.

Who is Homelander?


The Homelander is someone you will have come across if you’ve read The Boys. We are here to tell what The Homelander is if you haven’t. The antagonist and superhero The Homelander in The Boys comic book series is The Boys’ The Homelander. He is the leader of The Seven and one of the most powerful characters in comics. A Vought-American organization created him in extremely pathetic circumstances, if I may add.

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It is easy to wonder how someone so powerful could be so wicked. The simple answer is, he didn’t learn that with great power comes great responsibility. We find an arrogant and narcissistic, sadistic psychopath. He is often narcissistic and narcissistic, and sees people as inferior to himself.

He can control a wide range of powers. He has super strength, endurance, flight, enhanced vocal chords, heat vision, and supervision. Vogue even creates a cover story to try and make him a hero. It matches the story of Superman, it is no surprise.

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The television adaptation of The Boys shows that The Homelander is undoubtedly a rogue Superman spin-off.

Who is Black Noir?

black noir

Black Noir is another member in The Seven. One thing we do find out about Black Noir is that he is a clone identical to Homelander. Vought-American ensured that The Homelander would be killed if he went rogue. Black Noir is the result. Black Noir is his comic strip. He is quiet, stoic and boring.

It is, to be honest, a very sad purpose in one’s existence. We can’t blame Black Noir for losing control of his mind. Black Noir lost his purpose in life over the years. Black Noir became a psychotic and did horrible things to try to frame The Homelander. Black Noir is a copy from Homelander so it makes sense that they have all the same abilities. Black Noir was created to stop Homelander, so he is far more powerful than him.

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Black Noir, a villainous Batman version in the series.

Physical Disabilities


Homelander’s amazing physical abilities are one of his greatest strengths. Homelander is the strongest person in the world, even if he doesn’t possess any superpowers. His physical attributes are unmatched. His superhuman strength and speed, endurance, speed, and agility are all higher than any other. While Queen Maeve and Stormfront are close behind him in terms superhuman abilities, the gap between them all and Homelander remains quite large.

Black Noir, like all the other supes has enhanced physical abilities which allow him to be stronger, faster and more agile than anyone else on the show. Black Noir has shown remarkable strength, speed, agility, and even ninja skills. He is not the strongest of all the supes, but he does have the same agility and endurance as some of the most skilled.

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Black Noir may be as powerful when it comes to Black Noir’s physical abilities, especially when used in conjunction with his skillses as a Ninja, but Homelander is far more capable with his physical attributes. Black Noir is just a fraction of Homelander’s strength, speed, and endurance.

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Homelander 1, Black Noir 0

Fighting Skills


Homelander is likely to be the least skilled of all the Seven members when it comes to fighting skills. He could kill anyone with one hit of his fists, so he didn’t need to learn any fighting skills. Homelander’s combat skills are largely based on his heat vision and brute strength. Although his lack of combat skills could become a weakness in the future, Homelander is currently unbeatable in battle.

Black Noir is undoubtedly the most skilled fighter of The Seven. He is a trained Ninja who can use any weapon in a devastating manner. Queen Maeve is probably the only member of The Seven that is as skilled as Black Noir, but this gap is large because this ninja is unrivalled in close combat skills. He can also use his ninja swords to sever people in a flash, making him one of the most dangerous humans on the planet.

Black Noir is a master of combat and can defeat any of The Seven members. Homelander is not. Black Noir is The Seven’s most fearsome and a**assin.

Homelander 1, Black Noir 1


homelander attacks

Homelander is a parody of Superman in many ways. He has all the same abilities as Superman. He can use superhuman voice, heat vision, and X-ray vision. Although he can fly, his flight abilities are limited because he cannot use his super strength in midair. Homelander is still a superpowered superhero, just like Superman. He is basically The Boys’ version.

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Black Noir is one supe who doesn’t have many powers, other than the fact that his physical abilities are augmented. He uses his abilities for both stealth and covert operations to great effect. He still has some abilities, including superhuman hearing and the healing factor. Black Noir is basically Deadpool and Batman combined. However, his healing factor may not be as powerful as Deadpool’s.

Homelander, who is basically Superman, is the most powerful member The Seven. He has many abilities and power that he can make use of. Homelander’s powers are unstoppable, even Black Noir’s.

Homelander 2, Black Noir 1


the boys

Starlight is the oldest, most inexperienced, and youngest member of The Seven. Homelander hasn’t had as much experience as the other members. The Boys Presents: Diabolic revealed that Homelander is still relatively new and has not had much experience. He didn’t know how to use his powers properly in Diabolical. It doesn’t take much experience to be a hero, if you have the same powers as Homelander.

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Black Noir is one the Seven’s most experienced members, having been around for a while. Although we don’t know the exact date he joined The Seven at that time, his experiences speak for themselves as he is frequently sent on missions that require his skills as a ninja or covert specialist. He is the most fearsome member of The Seven’s strongest superhero team.

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Diabolical showed that Homelander’s inexperience has resulted in fatal mistakes that allowed him to develop an attitude of no care that has forced Vought cover all of his mistakes while on the job. Black Noir’s vast experience has enabled him to complete his missions efficiently with minimal collateral damage. That’s why he understands the point.

Homelander 2, Black Noir 2


black noir

His feats speak for itself because Homelander has been the only person to be able to defeat his adversaries with relative ease. Homelander has never had to exert any effort in killing his victims. He often kills them with one quick hit or using his heat vision. He was also the only one among all the supes who could stand toe to toe with Stormfront’s strength during rough s**.

Black Noir’s feats were not revealed in the series, but Homelander tried to kill him in The Boys Presents: Diabolical. In the series, he was able fight The Female on par, and almost killed Starlight in combat. The rest of his missions were not mentioned and it’s difficult to judge him on the basis of these feats.

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We know Homelander is powerful based on what we have seen him do on the show. This means that we are certain that he will win this round against Black Noir. His feats may not be too bad but they pale in comparison to Homelander’s.

Homelander 3, Black Noir 2

Black Noir vs Homelander: Who would win in a fight?

homeland and black n

Homelander is the most powerful and strongest being on the planet. He is unmatched in his physical abilities and power. Because of his Superman-like abilities, he is the ultimate killing machine and is The Seven’s poster boy. Black Noir is, however, the most powerful and effective killer The Seven has. This is why he is often referred to as the most fearsome supe in all of the world. He just doesn’t possess the strength or power to fight Homelander.

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