Rin Itoshi : Everything You Need To Know

Rin Itoshi is the deuteragonist for the Blue Lock (Manga).

Rin is younger brother to Sae Itoshi. He started playing football at a young age with him. Rin was a forward on all the teams he played on and was always a top player. Blue Lock considers Rin the best player, until Jinpachi Ego officially confirms him as the #1 player at the end.

Rin is determined to be the best striker in the world. He used to obsess over defeating his brother in soccer, and then getting revenge for abandoning their shared dream. But after the Blue Lock Eleven’s match against Japan U-20, Rin let go of his anger and resolved to make a change to become the best striker in the world and defeat anyone in his path.

Rin, one of the 300 forwards selected to be part of the Blue Lock Project is a perfect candidate for the striker Ego strives for. Rin was captain and centre forward of the Blue Lock Eleven. Rin was ranked among the top Blue Lock players after the Japan U-20 match.

Appearance Rin Itoshi

Rin is a tall, slim teenager with a powerful physique. Yoichi Isagi, who is much older than Rin, is noticeably taller. His black hair is wavy with a bang that runs across his face in the right eye. He also has slim, teal-colored eyes and distinctive eyelashes, which he shares with his older brother Itoshi Sae. Rin, as a young boy, looks almost identical. His facial features become more distinct with age.

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Rin is wearing the Blue Lock standard body suit (black and gray stripes) as well as a tracksuit. He wore Team Red’s #1 jersey during Second Selection and Team A’s #1black jersey during Third Selection. He dons an official blue Blue Lock uniform, with the jersey #10 as well as a captain’s wristband, once the Japan National Representative match starts.

Personality Rin Itoshi

Rin, a young boy, was innocent and in awe his brother Sae. He wanted to be a strong and cool player like him. He began playing football because his brother asked him to and he followed his orders. Rin listened to what Sae said, and adjusted his football game accordingly. Rin was disappointed when Sae left for Spain. He found it more difficult to play football without him, but he tried his best to be like him and succeed in replacing him. Rin’s play style would shift from instinctive to logical.

He was initially a great team player and captain for the high school team. He appeared to be good friends with his teammates. His fallout with his brother led to him becoming cold, blunt, and too serious. He is completely focused on soccer to an almost obsessive level. He is also extremely egoistic and puts his goals above all else. Rin is proud of his position as striker and can even be arrogant about it. He often describes others’ soccer and thinking styles as “mediocre” or “lukewarm”. These behaviors and mannerisms were inspired by Rin’s brother. Rin attempts to emulate his words and embody his mindset.

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Rin seems to respect everyone. If you are a soccer player with a notable and irritating ability or influence on the field, Rin will acknowledge your presence. He doesn’t seem to have any friends. Only Isagi, Bachira and Bachira appear to be on a generally equal terms with him. He is now more talkative and gives instruction on the pitch to the team.

To improve his body, Rin has a daily routine of aftercare. He can often be found in the training area doing weights or drills. Rin is a true soccer fan, despite his arrogance. His personality and this mentality make him the best candidate to be Blue Lock’s top striker. He does everything to help his older brother win and end their rivalry. However, Rin is able to see the bigger picture and make better decisions after he has moved past his anger at his brother and his rivalry among teammates. He is now determined to get rid of all ties that tie him down, and establish his identity as an egoist without relying upon his brother, his teammates, or rivals.

Abilities Rin Itoshi Blue Lock


  • Playmaker – A player who directs the flow of offensive play and often participates in passing moves that lead to goals. They are skilled at vision, technique, creativity and passing ability.
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Rin was an instinctual player when he was younger. However, he learned a lot from his brother and developed a more logical and predicative style of play. Rin’s style of play is to grasp the capabilities of his teammates, forcing them to make their best plays, and manipulating them to his advantage in order for him score goals.


Physical ability4/5

Superior Football Technique: Rin is the only player in Blue Lock with top-tier stats. He is also able to act as a focal point for offense and defense, using his own strengths to overcome them.

Perfect Kick Accuracy. Rin is the best at kick accuracy.

  • Pinpoint Speedy Free Kick: Rin throws a lightning fast kick with amazing accuracy.
  • Vertical spinning direct shot: This is a shot taken from the corner spot and targets the farthest corner of the goal.
  • Line Drive shot: Rin tried to duplicate his brother’s shot by dribbling to a byline and using his left to shoot the ball over the goalkeeper.
  • Jump shot: Rin feints to avoid an opponent’s defense and then lifts the ball to perform a jumping roundhouse kick.
  • Blind shot: Rin uses the movement of another player as a shield for the ball, and then fires a blind shot that the goalkeeper can’t see.
  • Shot: This is a technique that allows one to put spin on the ball with the outside of his foot. As demonstrated against Japan U-20,
  • Pass: This technique allows one to put spin on the ball with the outside of the foot.
  • Oppressive pass: Rin will make a difficult pass to his partner to continue the play. In the case Aryu, this pass is into the best space for his partner to retrieve the pass and return it (in the Case of Bachira), or into the space where his teammate expects to succeed (in the Aryu case). This pass challenges Rin’s limitations, forcing him to push them to exceed his expectations.
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Spatial awareness: Rin analyses the entire field including his teammates’ positions and their opponents to determine the best play. Isagi is able to set up traps and baits to lure other players into unfavorable situations, intercepting their plays, and then setting his own.

  • Spacing Rin reads his opponent’s weapon and the positions of the other players. This allows him to space himself so that he can respond to their actions.
  • Synchronization. Rin can also use his spatial awareness defensively. By reading and understanding his opponent’s core football, he can predict their next move. But, it is difficult for him to play offensively and score his own goals.

Ball Movements: This is a term that refers to moments when players do not have the ball. After determining the field view of all players, Rin does this similar to Isagi.

  • Positioning: Rin is a master at positioning. He moves to places where he can get the ball in space while still scoring goals.
  • Speed Interlock: Rin uses the movements of another player to guide him into a position that allows him to make a quick pass in open spaces. This was used in conjunction with Bachira in order for Rin to score against Team World Five.
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Puppet-Controlling Soccer is Rin’s main style.

  • Feints: Rin tricks his opponent by positioning himself at a shooting range. He then disguises his movements and changes his form to fool his opponent into believing he won’t shoot.
  • Marseille. Turn: Rin manipulates his opponent to believe he will perform a regular feist, and then he switches into a roulette to bypass their defense.
  • Elastico nutmeg: Rin kicks the ball sideways using his outside foot. Then, he uses his inside foot to push it between his opponents’ legs and pass Sendo.

The Flow State: Ego describes flow as “total immersion”, or “being completely in the zone”. This mental state is when a person is totally immersed in an activity, with a feeling that energizes them, gives them full participation, and enjoys the experience.

Rin reached Flow in the final minute of the Japan National Representative match. Rin has a unique style of football that involves accurately calculating the weapons of players and then drawing them out.

  • Opposite Acceleration When confronted with someone who uses speed as their weapon of choice, Rin throws the ball to one side in an attempt to bait their acceleration, before he suddenly accelerates to the opposite direction, nuking them.
  • Off The Ball Movements: When confronted with someone who uses off the ball movements to their advantage, Rin will cross them several times before using his hand to keep them from turning around.
  • Full Burst: If confronted with someone with core strength, Rin will make a physical pressure duel. To break Niou’s balance, Rin will shift to a stance with a low centre-of-gravity.
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