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Sentomaru is a naval 👮 officer. Before the time jump, was he the head the science department army Navy Headquarters and Dr. Vegapunk bodyguard.


SentomaruA large man with a physique that is similar to that of sumo wrestlers, his face and hair look almost childlike. From his left eye to his left corner of the mouth, he has a long scar. His clothes consist of a shirt featuring a symbol for “paradise”, as well as a red and white long rope, typical of sumo wrestlers. He has the kanji and bandages covering his right forearm. Sen (戦, 💥 battle?) Tattooed on his left side bicep. Sentomaru carries an axe two-handed that is twice as tall as him and just as large.

After the time jump, he now wears a marine jacket over his shoulders and doesn’t wear bandages around either of his arms. His central coat design has gone from light green to white, and his brush strokes have grown thicker.



SentomaruHe boasts of having the best defense system in the entire world. He also believes he is the most docile man on the planet, refusing to answer any questions. However, he does have a tendency to tell everyone about himself whenever the topic is relevant. He claims that he spoke out of his free will, not because someone asked him questions.

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He is very perceptive and immediately noticed that RufyUsed Armor AmbitionTo take down a Pacifist.

He seems to also have respect for those he considers worthy. In fact, Rufy questions Rufy’s identity after confronting Rufy, and calls it an insult to impersonate him.



SentomaruRefers to Kizaru with the term “uncle” (黄猿のオジキ, Kizaru no Ojiki?), the same term used by the Japanese mafiaThe boss is the boss and there are no family ties. This means that they have a great relationship with each other, even though Sentomaru may scold Kizaru about using the wrong slugphone.


Sentomaru states that he has nothing personal against 🏴 ☠️ pirates. However, he attacksStraw Hat’s crewTogether withPX-1 and Kizaru. He is also concerned about the latter calling him soon after he arrived at Sabaody archipelago. After the time jump, he arrested all the 🏴 ☠️ pirates who joined the Straw Hat’s fake 🏴 ☠️ pirates, despite the fact that they were fooled by a group of impostors he considers to be idiots.

He showed respect for Monkey D. RufyAfter he had defeated him. He comments on the insult he received from someone who impersonated him after he wins.

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Bartholomew Bear

The relationship between the two is not well-known, but Sentomaru refers the member of the Fleet of Seven as “Bearkou,” With the suffix sarcastically signifying respect. Any relationship is likely to result from time spent at Vegapunk’s lab. SentomaruBear being his bodyguard, and him being the object of his research.


Strength and ability

BeingDr. Vegapunk’s bodyguarHe must be strong. He fights with a similar style to that of Bear BartholomewHe stands in front of his opponent and strikes him with his palms using the Ambition. He can also run extremely fast as he shows when he chases after his opponent. RufyHe catches up with him quickly. He claims to be the one with the best defense, so much that Straw Hat didn’t even hit his once.


Sentomaru understands how to use it Ambitionof the armor. He is the only character to be able to hit the target with the armor without physical contact. This shows his proficiency with it.

He can also use it. Ambition of Perception.


SentomaruThe two-handed axe is a massive one and the man seems very skilled at using it.

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The Saga of Sabaody

Sentomaru is at the SabaodyArchipelago and witnesses Devil Dias’He tries to escape the world nobles and comments that a pirate such as him would have no chance of escaping.New World.

After the events at the human auction house SentomaruWaiting to meet you Kizaru at Grove 36He also wonders about why he isn’t in touch. He says that he should not hurry and that it will lead to him being late. PacifistasIt will kill everyone. Sentomaru accuses Sentomaru of trying to call him with the wrong slugphone instead of the correct one when they finally hear each other.

Sentomaru reaches Grove 12 right after the Straw Hat 🏴 ☠️ Pirates have defeated the PX-4 and states that building a Pacifist costs as much as a warship. He then attacks the 🏴 ☠️ pirates flanked by the PX-1. Franky calls him “axe” but he responds telling him how he dares name an object after people. Rufy gives his crew the order to scatter and Sentomaru follows him. Robin and ChopperRufy tries to attack Rufy, but to no avail. During the confrontation, Sentomaru reveals many things about Bartholomew Bear and his 💪 power. Then, he is stunned by Transformation of ChopperHe is able to avoid the attacks of Monster Point by simply stepping into it.

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Marineford Saga

In the midst of the 💥 battle of Marineford, Sentomaru outflanks the 🏴 ☠️ pirates along with at least twenty PacifistasAnd appears outside the bay, closing off any escape routes. Sentomaru believes that Sentomaru’s intervention is the decisive action, and will end the war within a short period.

Later, he becomes a Boa HancockShe asks her why she is killing the Pacifistas one at a time. Sentomaru gets confused when she responds “love is like the hurricane”, but she doesn’t understand what she is referring to.

After Shanks’ arrival and Sengoku’s end of hostilities, he ceases to fight.


Time Jump

Sentomaru becomes a naval 👮 officer.

The Saga of the Return to the Sabaody

Once the confirmation has been received, Straw Hat PiratesSentomaru has returned to fight Rufy, commenting that he is a higher level than supernovas that sometimes arrive at the Sabaody archipelago. Then he takes thePX-5 & PX-7With him, too.

Later, he arrives at the archipelago.Grove 46 with a platoon of Marines, who surround the 🏴 ☠️pirates and block all escape routes. As the Pacifistas decimate all the pirates assembled there SentomaruThe pirate pretending to be Rufy confronts him. Aware that he has no way out, the 🏴 ☠️ pirate then tries to intimidate Sentomaru by exploiting Straw Hat’s size and reputation.

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Be disturbed by ineffectual threats SentomaruHe then beats him with his massive axe. PX-5 to identify him; he discovers that he is Demaro Black, a 🏴 ☠️ pirate with a bounty of just 26,000,000 Berry.png symbol. Sentomaru realises that the pirates were deceived. However, having learned from the Pacifist of Rufy’s true presence, he orders the. PX-5To attack him. Rufy dodges a laser beam, so SentomaruRufy orders the Pacifist to attack Sentomaru again, but he avoids the second attack easily and destroys the enemy using Gear Second’s Ambition. Sentomaru is shocked. Rufy’s talentRufy starts to run away when Ambition is used. Sentomaru is notified Zoro & SanjiRufy runs towards him and orders the PX-7The Cyborgs attack them but they destroy them with ease.

After the Straw Hat Pirates 🏴 ☠️ escape, Sentomaru informs his superiors about the events that have happened on the archipelago, explaining via snailphone that the crew has not only returned, but has become much more 💪 powerful in the past two years and that they are heading to the New World.

There are differences between anime and manga

Sabaody Return Saga

The anime uses the following: Demaro Black flees the 💥 battle, a scene is added where he falls to the ground after slamming into Sentomaru, who uses only one hand to strike the fake RufyInstead of using both his axe and his sword, as in the manga

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Movie 14

He arrives in DeltaTo perform a Buster Call and leads the Pacifistas into 💥 battle. However, Perona makes him lose his will to fight with his 💪 powers.

After Douglas Bullet’s defeat, the Marines capture numerous 🏴 ☠️ pirates.


  • His name contains the word written in kanji “peach” (桃) in reference to the story of MomotarōThe names of the admirals also come from this source. He can also be seen enjoying peaches while waiting for Kizaru.
  • His appearance bears a strong resemblance to the Japanese folklore hero Kintarō, who was known for the suit he wore, because he walked around with a huge axe and practiced sumo against bears.
  • Sentomaru, likeEnerThe symbol of the Tomoe is worn by a woman named Judith.
  • He is the only character who has so far been presented in kanji rather than katakana.

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