When Will One Piece Chapter 1054 Release Date?

When Will One Piece Chapter 1054 Release Date?

One Piece Chapter 1054, One Piece is a manga series that has been around for the longest time. It continues to be a popular manga series. Recent chapters have seen some major changes to the story, which not only shaken the foundations of the storyline but also gave us some great scenes that we can’t wait to see in the anime.

One Piece Chapter 1054 Spoilers! – ANiMeBoi By ANiMeBoi

We are still waiting for these events to happen, but we will provide all information necessary for Chapter 1054 of One Piece. It is due to be published on July 25, 2022.

Chapter 1054: The Story of One Piece

There is currently no information on Chapter 1054’s story. In the next section, we will be reviewing Chapter 1052. This review is intended to prepare you for the content that follows. The Council of Five Elders discovers that Joy Boy is back, but Wano Country remains closed to visitors. A week has passed since the end of the war and peace has returned to the country. Discussions are underway regarding Oden’s new tomb, as well as those for Ashura or Izou. Luffy and Zoro are both fully recovered, but they cannot recognize Momonosuke as an adult in his altered form.

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Chapter 1054: The Story of One Piece

The Momonosuke clan plans to host a grand celebration, but before that happens the Straw Hats (and the Kozuki family) take some time to enjoy each other’s company. Apoo informs Kid and Law while this is happening that the bounty for the publication has been decreased. Ryokugyu is now Admiral of Navy.

Chapter 1053 Recap

Chapter 1053 Recap

Chapter 1053 opens in chaos because an unapproved photograph was used in the announcement paper about the new bounties. One of the Five Elders ordered a reprint, with the exclusion “D” from the name and a completely different picture. The information distribution staff were not informed about the change. They claimed that the Guernica photo was sent to them by CP0. They have tried to contact the printers but were unsuccessful. However, they are given an order to stop the presses immediately.

Morgans, president of World Economy Newspaper, laments the chaos caused by the paper for the nobility and says it’s their responsibility to spread truth, not the lies of government. The world is now aware of Luffy’s victory over Big Mom and Kaido thanks to their efforts. Each of the three captains, Luffy, Kid, and Law, are now worth three billion Berries, with Luffy being the most valuable.

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One Piece Chapter 1053 Recap

The chef is taking great pride in what he has created and the feast is about to begin. However, the group couldn’t wait for the meal to cook for two hours, so Jimbei was left to enjoy the results of the chef’s hard work. Everyone is enjoying free food and celebrating in the streets. Brook and Hiyori team up to play music while the crowd cheers them on.

Tenguyama approaches Robin alone in the basement of the castle and asks if she is interested in the dolls. Tenguyama approaches Robin, who asks her if she is curious about the dolls. He tells her that it is his personal collection. Robin quickly shoots him down. He then asks her why his collection was in the castle. He responds that it was a secret hobby at first, but that he was held down in prison for many years.

Robin is now curious about his true identity. Tenguyama said that forging katana was a hobby because it was exhausting. The father of Oden, Kozuki Sukiyaki is revealed by Tenguyama as he removes his mask. Robin questions Momonosuke if he knows he’s alive. Sukiyaki replies that he doesn’t know and would prefer to keep it that manner, even though he suspects some vassals might already suspect it.

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Chapter 1053 Resume One Piece

Out of guilt at allowing Orochi such power, he hides his identity. After Oden’s death, he was unable to escape the basement and contemplated seppuku. Robin asks Oden about the Ancient Weapon Pluton. He believes it to be in Wano. Sukiyaki confirms her suspicions.

The Former Excavation Camp in Udon has been overgrown with strange plants. Prisoners are seen stomping on vines, looking wilted but still alive. The vines are also affecting King and Queen, reducing their strength and nutrition. Ryokugyu is kicking Queen, angered at the lack of quality alcohol and has vines growing from his fingers. Before confirming his entry into Wano, he starts a transmission. He orders the deployment of a battleship and says that Sakazuki should not be told what he is doing before anyone else can. He is determined to defeat Luffy by looking at the copy of Luffy’s bounty.

one piece Chapter 1053 Recap

Luffy cheers on everyone back in the Flower Capital but no one seems to know his identity. Momonosuke smiles, recalling the time Luffy told him to not tell anyone in Wano his identity because he didn’t want to be a hero. Kid sprints up to the podium, Luffy still standing on, determined to take Luffy out in fight. Luffy isn’t taking it seriously and wraps his arm around Kid as the fireworks go off. Everyone cheers when the festival reaches its peak, and the fireworks light up the night sky. Kid grabs Luffy’s arm and says he doesn’t want to be part of the celebration. He is determined to get rid of Luffy, and he shows him the paper.

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Spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1054

Spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1054

Manga fans are well aware of the fact that spoilers can circulate online before the publication of a new chapter. We will provide a link to the original source for these spoilers in this section of the article. This allows you to investigate them yourself and make your own conclusions. There are currently no spoilers available for Chapter 1054 online. However, we will update this article as soon information becomes available.

Where can I find the 1054th chapter in One Piece?

Where can I find the 1054th chapter in One Piece?

Viz Media’s official website is the only place where you can read new chapters of One Piece in English on an ongoing basis. You can also read One Piece on this site. Viz Media is America’s official publisher of One Piece. However, the chapters are published in the Japanese version. Viz Media subscriptions are beneficial because chapters are regularly added to the series, as well as access to many other series. 

When and when will One Piece Chapter 1054 become available?

When and when will One Piece Chapter 1054 become available?

The information we currently have indicates that the next chapter of One Piece (chapter 1054) will be published on July 25, 2022. The title of the chapter and the number of pages cannot be revealed at this time. The episode titles, unlike the manga chapters are usually made public before the show’s premiere. Japan will be the only country to honor the official release date of the next chapter of manga. All other countries will receive their books at a later time.

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This is the official release calendar for One Piece Chapter 1054. It tells you when the chapter will be released if you’re in Japan. You can read the chapter by visiting Japan.

Release Time

Release Time one piece

For our international audience, the official English translations of the most recent chapter will be available at the following time and date in the countries below:

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  • Pacific Time: Sunday 9 AM
  • Sunday 11:11 AM Central Time
  • Eastern Time: Noon Sunday
  • British Time: Sundays at 5 PM

One Piece Manga Hiatus – When will the series return from break?

One Piece Manga Hiatus - When will the series return from break?

The One Piece manga will be on hiatus for 4 weeks to allow Oda to get ready for the final chapter of the series. The series will resume on June 25th. Oda will finish the last chapter of the series and overlook the release Of One Piece: Film Red. He will then travel to South Africa to oversee the production of the live-action Netflix adaptation.

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