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Rob Lucci

Rob Lucciis a member CP0. Prior to the time jump, he was the strongest member of CP9 and served an undercover 🎖️ mission as a foreman in the sawing and nailing department in Dock Number 1Galley-La Company


Rob LucciA tall, muscular man with two arched eyes and a short beard. He has black hair that is approximately shoulder-length and has a tattoo of a rectangle containing two diagonals on each side. Five cannonballs left scars on his back, which vaguely resembles the symbol of The Satanic Seven. World 🏛 Government.

After entering CP0He wears a white suit and a rose in the buttonhole. A long white jacket is over his shoulders. A white top hat completes his look. He has a long goatee and a rounded top.

As a member CP9He wore a black top and sash, a stylish suit in the same color as his suit, and a white tie. Instead of wearing brown mechanic’s trousers, with yellow suspenders and a white tanktop when he was a carpenter he wore them instead.

At thirteen years old, he wore black pants with a light grey tie and a darker colored shirt. He also had shorter hair, and wore his hair loosely.

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He wore a tshirt, shorts and a top hat as a child.


Lucci does not reveal any emotion except for satisfaction. When he shows to his wife, Lucci lets a grin slip. SpandamSomeone is following them down an underwater tunnel in anticipation of a confrontation Rufy.

He also hates being insulted. This is evident in the following: Usop starts insulting him, Lucci immediately goes after him without having ☠️🔪 killed Rufy for good yet. Iceburg was also violently attacked by Lucci after calling him a child. LucciHe is a punishment. He can also be a bit of an idiot.

He cannot stand signs of weakness, and for this reason he is willing to ☠️🔪 kill those who show them. Because of this, LucciNero has been introduced as the new member CP9In the sea, guilty that Franky could not be defeated and that he knew only four of the characters Rokushiki. For Lucci, weakness is a crime; in fact, during one of his first 🎖️ missions, he killed five hundred soldiers of a kingdom who had been captured by pirates, because they had shown themselves to be weak, and therefore criminals, for failing to defend their country from them. To avoid another similar situation, he made this gesture.

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He is extremely violent in combat and loves inflicting injury on the enemy. In the tower justice of Enies Lobby he admitted that he had joined the World Government 🏛 only to be legally authorized to ☠️🔪 kill. Lucci is only happy about the possibility of a duel. He eagerly waited for Rufy, even though he knew he would have to permit Rufy to join him.Chimney and GonbeYou should report the secret passage’s entrance to him and risk jeopardizing your arrest operation Nico Robin. It is followed by “Necessarily Evil Justice”.

Rob Lucci


Galley-La company

He was an undercover agent during his time at Water Seven, LucciHe never spoke, and it was up to Hattori’s pigeon Hattori for ventriloquism. Lucci was also rumored to be in a sort of rivalry. PaulyHe was often critical of his financial problems and criticized Iceburg. Once his identity was revealed, he had no qualms about attempting to ☠️🔪 kill both Iceburg and Pauly himself, claiming that he felt nothing toward the city in which he lived for five years.


Hattori’s relationship with the Japanese are not known. LucciDespite Lucci’s reputation for being a multiple-murderer. They have been together since Lucci was born and they don’t split even in the most dire circumstances like the Buster Call. His time at Water Seven, HattoriLucci’s gestures were his way of expressing the man’s words.

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World Government

Lucci is very loyal to the World Government. For its part, the 🏛 Government placed a great deal of trust in him, knowing that he would obey any order. Following however, Spandam’s denunciationThe Navy makes Lucci and other CP9 agents wanted. However, he is able to return to the ranks of his former colleagues after a time jump. World 🏛 Government, even getting a promotion.


He was a subordinate Spandam, LucciHe was considered incompetent even though he followed his orders because he found his job rewarding.

After the Enies Lobby incident, Lucci and the other members of CP9 swear revenge against Spandam, as because of him the World 🏛 Government holds them responsible for the failure of the 🎖️ mission. Spandam is made a subordinate after the time jump. LucciHe still considers him a pain.


Lucci did not show any attachment to his coworkers.

He was a bit of a rival to JaburaThey were roughly equal in strength, even though they had been married for five years. This discord was further amplified by their respective devil fruits, Jabura being able to transform into a canine. LucciCan transform into a feline

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LucciDespised Nero for his weakness, which is why he personally ☠️🔪 killed him.

Rob Lucci

Strength and skill

Lucci is a born fighter, being already at the age of thirteen an assassin of considerable renown capable of ☠️🔪 killing as many as five hundred soldiers of a kingdom alone. He is also one of the most powerful government agents to have ever worked. CP9His Doriki level was the highest in the organization’s history. This is almost twice the value of Kaku who was the second strongest member. Level DorikiWas 2200.

His strength is also recognized by many influential figures in the World 🏛 🏛 Navy and Government. According toVice Admiral DobermanLucci could not be defeated. RufyVice Admiral Onigumo even saw them fighting on a Navy Ship and ordered his subordinates, who fired on the ship to ensure Lucci didn’t get hurt. A pirate of the caliber Bear BartholomewHe said that no one would have expected him to lose.

LucciWas able to fight on the same footing as RufyHe managed to injure the pirate more than just critically. Franky also stopped the pirate’s movements after the fight was over. Franky also noticed that his abilities were superior to the rest of the crew. CP9, so much so that he stated that, had Straw Hat not been there to face him, many of his allies, including himself, would have been ☠️🔪 killed.  ZoroHe was open to the idea of helping others. RufyIt was imprudent for him to fight such an opponent, since he didn’t consider Lucci a normal person. Despite Usop’s confidence in his captain, Rufy was actually afraid to die.

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The time jump is completed. Lucci’s talentsHe was promoted to a member CP0, the strongest organisation among the Cipher Pol), where he seems to also have some leadership roles.

Lucci is also an extremely intelligent individual. This was evident when he found out that Pluton’s projects weren’t in Iceburg’s possession. He instantly guessed that Franky had taken them to him, and he concluded that Cutty Flam was the one responsible. He was also confronted by Rufy’s Gear Second and quickly understood how it worked. He correctly guessed how it reduced the pirate’s lifespan.

He and the other infiltrators were also able to deceive their colleagues and everyone else.Water Seven’s inhabitantsFor five years. Lucci had also to prove his ability to deceive other carpenters. He is also a proficient ventriloquist who communicates with the other carpenters through Hattori.

Physical capabilities

Lucci’s years of hard training since childhood have given him superhuman strength. It is even better than that of any other family members. CP9.

He is also very strong and has a lot of stamina. At only thirteen years old, he was able to stay on his feet despite having suffered numerous cannon shots. He also hit and sent with a single kick. FrankyCyborgs are very durable and can be carried for a long time.

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Devil’s fruit

Lucci ate devil fruit Felis FelisLeopard modelZoo typeHe was able to turn into a leopard or a hybrid human-leopard, thanks to this ability.

He transforms into a sharp-toothed beast with fangs and claws to attack his foes. His tail can also lift people up while he attacks them.


Lucci attacks and defeats PaulyWith just one Rokushiki move

Lucci is an expert in the Rokushiki and has developed his own variations. He is also the only one to show that he knows how the Rokuogan works. It involves releasing a powerful flow of energy through an opponent’s body, capable of inflicting severe injury on Rufy’s rubber skin. The 💪 power of the move is such that the latter compares the wound received to that suffered by an Impact Dial, multiplied countless times.

Vital reaction

Lucci is familiar with Vital Reaction and can use it to alter his body to make Rokushiki more effective. In particular, by making himself slimmer, he can be faster and more agile, even if slightly reducing the 💪 power of his attacks.


He is a master of the use of the Ambition of PerceptionAnd the Ambition of Armor.

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Rob Lucci



He was born in the Major RouteTwenty-two years ago, he was already in training, and this was at six years before the story began. Guanhao to become a 🏛 government agent. He was convinced that he would be stronger than justice.

Seven years later, five hundred soldiers in a kingdom were held hostage by a pirate crew. Their captain demanded that they be released to make way for the new king. They were released to become the new king. World GovernmentRob Lucci was sent to resolve the matter to prevent the fall of the kingdom. He infiltrated the prisoners and ☠️🔪 killed all five hundred of them, which he considered too weak, thus eliminating any possibility for the pirates to make demands. He also killed the pirate crew. However, he was struck by five cannonballs during the confrontation, leaving him with distinctive scars.

Five years earlier, he entered the narrative. Galley-La company as a carpenter along with other comrades to retrieve Pluton’s blueprints, which the World 🏛 🏛Government suspected were in the hands of Iceburg. Lucci became a highly skilled and respected carpenter.

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Water Seven Saga

After the encounter between Straw Hat’s crewIceburg and the pirates are robbed Franky Family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 of their 💸 money, which ends up in Pauly’s hands after he knocks them out. The carpenter, who is still in debt, tries to escape but is brought back. LucciHattori yelling at them. The money 💸 is returned to the pirates, but the two carpenters clash briefly while Iceburg explains that everything is normal. Hattori returns to his master and shows up with Lucci, Nami, and then realizes that Nami is actually a ventriloquist. This amazement delights Rufy and Usop. When Kaku returns from inspecting Going Merry’s state, the carpenters inform the crew of the condition of the ship. Lucci suggests to build an identical vessel, but it is impossible.

When Kaku dictates terms, he is there with him. Nico RobinIf he doesn’t want his crew being the victims of a Buster CallIceburg’s murder must be laid on the Straw Hat Pirates. Iceburg must surrender to them. Blueno and Robin also pretend to try to take the mayor’s life that night.

The next morning, LucciIceburg informs them that one assassin was among the carpenters. Nico Robin, Straw Hat crew. They conclude that the whole crew is involved, and learn that their captain is fightingFranky at Dock Number OneThey join them on the scene. Lucci and the other carpenters attack Rufy, interrupting his fight with Franky who becomes irritated and launches a 💪 powerful Coup de Vent that destroys the entire Dock, allowing the pirate to escape.

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Lucci later meets Nico RobinExplains to her the next steps to be taken.

The same evening, while LucciThe other carpenters and they are on guard to prevent a possible return of Rufy’s crewAn explosion takes place at Galley-La.

Pauly is sent by Peepley Lulu to Iceburg to do an important task. Tilestone and Tilestone go on a hunt for the person who dressed up as a musketeer and caused the explosion. Lucci and Kaku remain to protect Iceburg from the pretend attackers. They disguise themselves to reach Pauly and pretend that they are recovering Pluton’s plans. The two intruders surprise Pauly and severely wound him. But he later reveals that the plans were false. The two intruders, Pauly and Rufy, immobilize Pauly. They literally throw themselves on the spot. After that, they contact Iceburg to order them to meet in Iceburg’s bedroom. They reveal their identities to the latter.

Rob Luccireveals to him that CP9 exists. Cipher Pol that no one knows about because of their license to ☠️🔪 kill. He explains to him that the purpose of their 🎖️ mission was to recover the blueprints of the ancestral ⚔️ weapon Pluton, and use it to end the era of piracy. The fact that the blueprints recovered were not the original ones is a sign of piracy. LucciThe theory was that the blueprints were passed on to Cutty Flam, who is also known as Franky. Kaku examines Iceburg’s pulse and discovers that Lucci’s ideas are true. The group decides that they will go to the Franky Family head to get the long-awaited blueprints. However, Rufy, Pauly, along with Nami and Zoro arrive in the room before they can leave.
Rob Lucci
Lucci hitsPauly with a ShiganThe Tekkai saves him from an attack by Rufy. Lucci, to the surprise of his adversaries, reveals that each member CP9Rokushiki, a fighting technique that transforms the practitioner from a mere mortal to a master of martial arts, is Lucci’s specialty. Rufy tried again to convince Robin to stay with them but was unsuccessful. Lucci grabbed him and hurled him through a wall. Since CalifaLucci warns Rufy that a fire would soon break out and destroy all evidence. Lucci decides that he will transform. Rufy’s tenth attack is his response. He pierces Rufy with a claw and throws him around town. Zoro also attacks Lucci but with the same result. He suffers the same fate and even ends up in water. Soon after, Lucci watches from afar as flames devour Galley-La headquarters.

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The four 🏛 government agents then go in search of Franky. They spot members of the Franky 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Family intent on searching for Rufy, so Lucci, disguised so as not to be recognized, approaches them and asks where their leader is. The Franky 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Family refuses to answer, so Lucci hits all the members, leaving them unconscious on the ground. Lucci then recalls that he heard some members screaming that Franky was waiting. Rufy at Tom’s Workers headquarters. They immediately report there.

After Califa has gotten rid of Mozu, Kiwi, and the two see a skirmish with Franky and Blueno. Lucci tells Blueno to relax as he prepares to use his Shigan. He kicks the Cyborg and then reveals his true identity and identity to Usop. He explains to Usop that he is Cutty Flam, and that Iceburg is dead. Franky then attacks him. However, he is thrown against a wall that is collapsing behind which is the place where Tom’s Workers created the ships. Lucci suspects the designs they are searching for might be there and begins to search. Lucci attempts to get Franky, bound by Califa by his search, to speak poorly of Tom, but it fails. When the cyborg says they’re not worthy of having an answer, Lucci tells him that eight years earlier between Marines and 🏛 government agents he seriously wounded a hundred people, and the sentence was overturned as he was thought to be dead. For this, he will be taken into Enies Lobby. Blueno then confirms that there is a connection between them and their leader. He hears Spandam speaking to Cutty Flam and orders him to bring him.

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Usop, who is leaving with the rest of CP9 tells them to slow down and Kaku recognizes him as one the Straw Hat Pirates. So he defeats him. After he realizes he’s left the crew, Usop hears his colleague tell him the boy that he’s still a pirate so they will take him. Kaku causes the water to evaporate, and the Going Merry then falls into the ocean. Then he heads to Blue Station with the others. As soon as he arrives, an agent hands him his coat and Lucci tells him to calm down to the 🏛 government agents paying tribute to them for the successful completion of the 🎖️ mission and to get on the train.

On board, Califa tells him that their 🎖️ mission is about to end. He calls her foolish and tells her not to relax before reaching Enies Lobby. He tells him immediately that the train will leave early. However, if he does not agree, they can always wait. However, the 🏛 government agent gives his approval for the departure and confesses to the others that despite having spent five years on that island, he can’t wait to leave.

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After departing Water Seven, CoogyThe CP9 members are reminded that all those in the carriages can be contacted in case of an attack. However, it is highly unlikely that such an intervention will occur.

During the trip, CP9 learns of intruders aboard Puffing Tom. Soon after, Sanji beats Wanze and throws him into the carriage. Nero then plunges into the same wagon, being hit in the face from Franky. Lucci, disapproving of the weakness shown by the new CP9 member throws him into a sea. He then explains that the reason Robin has been wanted since she was eight years old is because she can awaken a very powerful ⚔️ weapon. Sogeking creates a smokescreen and Franky uses the opportunity to untangle the wagons. However, Califa uses his barbed whip to prevent them from separating and Blueno uses his 💪 power to retrieve Robin. CP9 is able to reach the judicial islands with Franky, Robin and his barbed whip.

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