Seven Deadly Sins Female Characters: Our Top 45+

Seven Deadly Sins Female Characters

Seven Deadly Sins Female Characters. While The Seven Deadly Sins is remarkable for many aspects, including plot and character, it is also notable for its incredible female characters.

It didn’t matter if it was related to Elizabeth or Merlin, the major, but Vivian, a supporting one, had a huge impact on the series and the audience.

Nakaba Suzuki & Shotaro Suga created these remarkable female characters with real delicacy, combining their diverse personalities and nature.

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Here are the 40+ female characters in The Seven Deadly Sins!

Lucy Heartfilia

Lucy Heartfilia Seven Deadly

Lucy, a member the Fairy Tail Guild and a Celestial Spiritual Mage, was featured in Fairy Tail: x The Seven Deadly Sins.

Although little is known about Lucy’s personality, the audience was keen to discuss her appearance. Her features include curvaceous proportions, brown eyes and blonde hair.

Celestial Spirit Keys, Magic: Celestial Spirit Magic are two of her most well-known talents. Lucy’s favorite scene is when she noticed something unusual happening at the chimney, and decided to investigate.

It ended in her death, when she was engulfed by the flames at Natsu Dragneel.

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Ellatt Seven Deadly

Seven Deadly Sins Female Characters. Ellatt is a member the Celestial Clan and has the Ark abilities that allow her to feel a deep connection to Light.

She looks a lot like Elizabeth, the main character of the series. Her features include short bangs and wings.

She is a bit aloof when it comes to her personality because she has a less temper.

Ellatt proved to be a kind and compassionate person who helped others in difficult circumstances. Time has shown that Ellatt saved the group celestials by rescuing them from the Red Demon.

She helped Elizabeth heal Meliodas. Ellatt and Solaad met at one point during the series. He became his fiance.

She wanted to be there for him when he became Head Warrior of The Celestials.


Matrona Seven Deadly

Seven Deadly Sins Female Characters. Matrona was previously the Eastern Giant Clan’s chief before she became the mentor of Diane and Dolores. Matrona, like other Giant Clan members, appears larger than humans in appearance and personality.

She is proud to be a fit, muscular giant. The payment has made it possible to see her willingness to fight for humanity in many events.

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Matrona is a fierce fighter but she never disregards or disrespects her adversaries in battle. Matrona believes that losing a battle in battle is worse than losing it.

She believes every member of the Giant Clan must be strong, and she pushes her students, Dolores, and Diane to do the exact same.


Rosa Seven Deadly

Seven Deadly Sins Female Characters. Rosa, Escanor’s sister, was famous for helping him escape his family. They were prepared to kill him as Daymond, Escanor’s brother, attacked.

Her attractive, young appearance is highlighted by her blue eyes. Roza is known for her generosity and helping others.

You can see it in her actions when she helped Escanor to save his kingdom. Rosa was able to gain the trust of Escanor before she helped him.

Escanor thanked her for her kindness and returned to the real world. Her death at the hands of barbarians was tragic.


Kilia Seven Deadly

Kilia is well-known for being Ban’s younger sister, and one of the main characters in The Seven Deadly Sins.

She is a frequent occurrence of red eyes and short hair.

Due to her death at the age 4 in 2006, her role in the series was very limited. She was only seen in one episode of Season 2, 11 of Season 2.

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However, when she returned to the series, her brother Ban mentioned her. He talked about how she used follow him all the way.

Kilia was a kind and caring girl who was close to her brother Ban. Kilia is a very funny person.


Jelamet Seven Deadly

Seven Deadly Sins Female Characters. Jealmet is known for her role as the Goddess Clan’s divine Lance corporal, and she has lost her body in the Holy War to end the war.

Jelamet, despite her attractive appearance is something else. You can see it in the time she claimed Elizabeth to be her closest friend, but was unhappy about Elizabeth’s relationship Meliodas.

To satisfy her anger, she even told the Goddess about Elizabeth’s relationship with Meliodas. Her obsession with Mael is more like an obsession than true love.

Jelamet has a positive side, which is evident in her fights.


Anna Seven Deadly

Seven Deadly Sins Female Characters. Anna, known as the mother of Griamore, and the wife of Dreyfus was a well-known figure. She lived in the Kingdom Of Liones with her family and took care of Griamore, and also worked on household projects.

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You can see her talent in cooking and making tea. Later, she was attacked by a monster at tea parties and died.

Anna is not known much about her personality but her appearance is remarkable. She was seen throughout the series in a brown skirt and straight black hair.


Camila Seven Deadly

Camila is a goddess of the Beastmen and serves as the guardian god. She is also a member the Seven Disasters.

This is a unique character that was created for the game Grand Cross. However, she fell into oblivion following the death of Beastmen.

Camila is a calm, serious person. However, she has shown her anger and brutality over time. It is impossible to eradicate her hatred of humanity.

She understood that not all humans are the same, and she tried to be consistent with them. Camila is able to use many abilities such as Dark Blade (can help against opponents), Dark Crescent (can thrash targets multiple time), and Shadow Trap.


Deldry Seven Deadly

Seven Deadly Sins Female Characters. Deldry, Assistant Great Holy Knight and member of the Denzel Liones, served under the Denzel Knightes.

Deldry is tall and attractive with a positive personality. She is confident and has no fear.

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You can see it in her determination and confidence when she fights the former Great Holy Knight Dreyfus. She is most confident, but it can be a disadvantage because she will not hesitate to use her powers against others.

She is a Love Drive, which she uses to make others feel devoted and loved.


Ren Seven Deadly

Ren is the royal Vampire Clan member who served the Vampire King during the time their clan controlled the Kingdom in Edinburgh.

Although she is a normal female, her appearance was not extraordinary. She was often seen in battle clothes. She appears calm and composed, despite being somewhat emotionless.

She never felt any regret for her actions. It is amazing to see her loyalty to the King.

Ren is also the only one who has never held grudges against anyone, but Zeldris sealed Ren and the vampires.

She has two folds at night, which she shares with her mates. Two sharp claws help her to slicing things or people during battles.


Annie Seven Deadly

Seven Deadly Sins Female Characters. Annie is well-known in the series as a Monspeet or Derieri supporter. She is a young lady with a kind and beautiful appearance.

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She is always willing to help and is helpful in all situations. Annie was a Britannia-area farmer.

You can see her loyalty and selflessness in her friendship with Monspeet and Derieri. Annie was there to help her friends when entire villages fled or were forced to leave because of the Demon Horde attack.

Annie was burnt to death by Estarossa, who tried to eat Annie’s soul later but was saved by Monspeet & Derieri.


Friesia Seven Deadly

Friesia was a Weird Fangs member before she was able to help in the capture Ban, the Deadly Sins. Friesia was a Holy Knight with the ability to manipulate any person, even insects.

Friesia is a calm person but she doesn’t hesitate to take on the lives of others. She is willing to kill the people and the town just to have her enemies.

It is evident in Ruin that she is extremely short-tempered. She is also well-known for her resistance to the Ban of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Ban was captured and imprisoned in Baste Dungeon after the battle. Friesia was one of the Guardians of the Dungeon.

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Galla Seven Deadly

Seven Deadly Sins Female Characters. As a member the Six Knights Of Black Galla, he was also displayed as a Demon Clan member.

Her appearance is human with four stars-shaped marks between her eyes. The personality is unknown, except for 3000 year old history.

Galla, a member the Six Knights Of Black was in the Holy War against the Goddess Clan.

She also participated in the fight against the Four Races who entered the Sky Temple. Galla spent around 3000 years in prison before she managed to escape and attack Solaad with a puppet.

She was able to enter the Sky Temple, but the puppet was destroyed in the Seven Deadly Sins.


Nerobasta Seven Deadly

Seven Deadly Sins Female Characters. Nerobasta was a member the Goddess Clan. However, very few people remember her as an aide to Four Archangels Ludociel.

By living in the blade of Denzelliones, she was also able to serve as a secret weapon against Demon Clan.

Nerobasta made a big appearance in Season 22.

You can see it in her willingness to beg before demons to save her life. Her personality as a Goddess Clan member was shown to be trustworthy, loyal, and ready to sacrifice her existence to the clan.

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Sennett was the daughter Dana of Dalmary Town’s father. She is also known for her caring and polite nature.

She is a young lady who prefers black and glasses. She is a remarkable woman who loves her father and it shows in her worry when she left him.

When her father was discovered to be dead, she was the most happy person in anime. She cares about her dagger, which was a reminder of her mother.

Sennett was kidnapped once by Golgius, and held in Baste Dungeon until her father killed Meliodas to secure her freedom.


Ibaya Seven Deadly

Seven Deadly Sins Female Characters. Ibaya was not known for her identity in anime, but she was the sister to Waillo and Twigo.

She was born in Ruiz on 2 August. Except for her hair, her appearance is very similar to that of brothers.

She has a mustache, as well as a muscular body. When it comes to personality, Ibaya was portrayed in the Seven Deadly Sins for being one of the most friendly and pleasant characters.

She is human, so she has flaws. One of them is her hyped nature when telling customers to pay.

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Ibaya is not like the other characters in the anime. She has no superhuman powers or abilities, just the same normal human abilities.



Skadi has a distinctive appearance with silver eyes and white hair. She wears a brown cape, black hunter coat, and high boots.

She is calm and cool. Because her father was killed, she is a hateful person.

She didn’t want to harm or kill them like other Giants. Her father was responsible for Skadi’s training to be a hunter.

Although she always wanted to be an authority figure, her father’s death by the Norse God almost made it impossible.

Skadi can use her Ice Magic ability to make ice as a weapon or attack.


 Guila Seven Deadly

Seven Deadly Sins Female Characters. Guila is the daughter and vice-great Holy Knight Dale and Guila, as well as the sister to Zeal.

She is a Holy Knight and has the power to explode. Her association with the New Generation also allows her to get the power the Demon Clan.

Guila was not only well-known for her power but also for her dedication. You can see it in her pursuit of Elizabeth and the Seven Deadly Sins that entered the Capital of the Dead.

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Her strength and abilities are remarkable and she is capable of fighting alongside Meliodas and Diane at once.

It is difficult to ignore her insecurity, as her calm keeps the balance between her chaotic nature and her confidence.

She is a strong believer in justice and has a soft side that cares for people who are near her.

Hawk Mama

Hawk Mama

Hawk Mama is well-known because of her large, light green pig body. Because her real name was not known to the audience, she was known as Hawk’s Mama.

Hawk Mama is Meliodas’ close friend, because she helped him carry the Boring Bar around his neck.

Her identity is in the chaos of the universe, and she’s known as a trustworthy, reliable and composed character in anime.

Hawk Mama is not the only name she has. She is also known for being the Mother of Chaos, Great Oshiro and other similar names.

According to the anime, Hawk Mama was present during Holy War, which took place in the Sky Temple 3000 years ago.


Derieri Seven Deadly

Seven Deadly Sins Female Characters. Derieri is one the most elite Demon Clan warriors who served in the Purity of 10 Commandments position under the Demon King.

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She lived 377 years, but her personality remained the same. Derieri is portrayed as a calm, collected person who doesn’t get shocked by any events or anything.

As can be seen in the passing of her sister and the appearance before Meliodas, her irritable nature and quick temper easily take center stage.

Derieri was said to have been a different person due to her temper. However, her sister’s death changed everything and Derieri became a quiet character.

In many occasions, you can see her loyalty to Demon Clan. Derieri is a multifaceted person. She can be a sadistic character or open-minded and talkative.

Supreme Deity

Supreme Deity

Supreme Deity served as both the creator and ruler of the Goddess Clan. She was also a sister to the Celestial Clan.

Her reputation includes being the default reincarnation Elizabeth and her mother. Her loyalty and devotion to her clan is what the Supreme Deity is famous for.

You can see it in the way she punishes people who violate her laws. Her ruling status made her stoic and determined, as well as a fierce character.

Despite having worked together in the past, their relationship with Demon King does not seem to be on good terms.

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She is a tough ruler, but she is no better than her opponent.


Liz Seven Deadly

Seven Deadly Sins Female Characters. Liz, also known as Elizabeth was a Holy Knight and the sixth incarnation the Goddess Elizabeth. In the series, she was famous for being saved from Meliodas’ mission failure and sentenced to death. Fraudin later killed her.

Liz was sold to a Kingdom as a slave. This is why Liz has trust issues with other people.

Meliodas is perverted, and she believes he needs her body for his own satisfaction. Later, her relationship with Meliodas turned into a love-bonding, and he became her lover.

The series featured Liz as a strong character with a charming aura and brave personality. Despite her cold nature, it was easy to overlook her caring and kind personality that was shared with nearly every character in the series.


Elaine Seven Deadly

Elaine, apart from being Harlequin’s younger sister, is also known as an Elite Fairy Warrior and holy maiden of Fountain of Youth.

The demon killed her in the series, but she later came back to life thanks to Melascula.

Elaine, a sweet fairy, dies twice in the series. She is then resurrected two more times. Elaine, at the beginning, was distrustful of humans. However, she began to trust Ban and developed feelings for him.

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Elaine, like Elizabeth, was curious and open-minded. She also noticed differences. Elaine is a caring, kind and compassionate person who cares more about others than herself.


Jericho Seven Deadly

Seven Deadly Sins Female Characters. Jericho was originally seen as one the Holy Knights in the Kingdom of Liones, but he later became a follower Ban.

Jericho is proud and serious, but she never stops trying to be the best. Her dialogue reveals it: “I regret not.” It doesn’t matter if the strength came from me or someone else. Power is power! I will defeat the Seven Deadly Sins, make a name for myself, and be a Holy Knight of higher rank than my brother.

Jericho is well-known for her personality. She also has the Ice Frank ability, which allows her to manipulate ice to attack her enemies by lowering their temperature.


Diane Seven Deadly

Seven Deadly Sins Female Characters. Diane, in anime, was not only a member the Seven Deadly Sins but also a member the Giant Clan.

Gideon is a sacred treasure that she holds. It includes a war hammer and the power to create. Diane, unlike her comrades, is a friendly giant.

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She is confident and cares deeply about her captain.

Diane, despite her brave and strong personality, is a very emotional person. She hates being alone.

Elizabeth Liones

Elizabeth Liones Seven Deadly

Elizabeth Liones, the incarnation the Goddess Elizabeth was an adoptive princess in the Kingdom of Liones. She is a young, beautiful woman from the royal family who has a polite nature.

She is a compassionate person who prefers peace to anarchy. Elizabeth is sensitive, but it’s impossible to ignore her bravery and selflessness.

Elizabeth, at the beginning of the series was seen to be low-confident and always doubting herself. However, she has learned to overcome her insecurity over the years. Her uniqueness in nature is reflected in the way she reacts to others.


Merlin Seven Deadly

Merlin, the great mage of Britannia is considered the Sin of Gluttony.

She was one of the Deadly Sins, which gave her the power to Infinity and a Sacred Treasure called Aldan. Aldan is a morning star.

Merlin is well-known for her great rank and passive nature. She never loses her temper in spite of difficult situations.

She can be described as a mysterious woman, who sometimes has trouble communicating herself. Merlin is calm and kind. She knows when it’s time to be serious and when it’s time to have fun.

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It is hard to believe that her love of knowledge and desire for learning is so much more than what is available in other characters.


Peronia Seven Deadly

Seven Deadly Sins Female Characters. Peronia, a little demon from the Demon Clan, was well-known in anime. A small, petite woman with blue hair and a small mouth, Peronia wears dark blue pants with pink leggings.

Peronia, despite her cute appearance is quite offensive. Peronia is an experimentalist who was taken away by the Goddess Clan during the ancient war against the Demon Clan.

Peronia was also released from the seal by Zeldris’ sacrifice. To take care Estarossa, she decided to stay in Camelot.

Peronia is able to use the power of Marchen Maze to trap targets in an illusion that stops opponents from going beyond what she wants.


Ende Seven Deadly

Ende is a fairy with fiery red hair. She wears a pink top with a sunny skirt.

Her personality is gentle, but her emotional nature overlaps with others.

Ende did not show any hatred towards The King, unlike other fairies. You can see it in the times Ende spoke about King to others, without accusing him of being betrayed or speaking about him in anger.

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She doesn’t have a soft spot for him, but she was once a friend of his.

She has a good relationship with the other characters of the anime. This can be seen through her relationship with the King as well as with her Fairy Clan, Ban, and others.


Rajine Seven Deadly

Seven Deadly Sins Female Characters. Rajine, known as Derieri’s sister, has a distinctive appearance with her short and messy hair.

She has demon marks on both her left and right eyes, which is different from most demons. There was very little information about her personality, except that she had a soft spot for Monspeet and her younger sister.

She was one of the demons kidnapped during the Holy War by Ludocuel. Rajine called her sister before her death and left Derieri in shock.

Rajine had always had a strong relationship with her sister. This can be seen even when Derieri was at his lowest point. They have always been close to each other.


Renee Seven Deadly

Renee is the wife of Zaratras, and the mother to Gilthunder. Apart from her marriage to one of Seven Deadly Sins’ Holy Knights and having a child together, she is not well-known.

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She was a member of the Holy Knight family and lived in the kingdoms of Liones. As Lucy, Renee, her sister-in law, and her brother-in-law, were also unexpectedly killed by Monsters at a tea party.

Even though her weakest traits were well-known to the audience, the role of mother and spouse was remarkable.



Seven Deadly Sins Female Characters. Solaseed is a known troubadour who joined the Great Fight Festival for unknown reasons.

She is a petite young girl and wears a cap and coat. After being given to Sariel, her appearance changed and she became a thin woman with long hair.

Making music with a flute, which she finds peaceful, is how she keeps her focus. She was also careless about something serious, and this can be seen in her carelessness.

You can see it through her presence at Vaizel festival, even though she was killed in battles.


Ellen Seven Deadly

Ellen was among the Holy Knights who took all the villages from their homes. Ellen is a mysterious young girl who lived in the Capital of the Dead.

Ellen has a mysterious personality, but she is also quiet and loves her brother above all. Although Ellen’s past is not revealed in the series, she was one of the villagers who was left behind after the Holy Knights arrived at the village.

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Ellen, a human being, has never been able to possess superhuman abilities. However, Ellen had the unique personality of being loving, caring, kind, and happy.

Ellen is grateful for those who have helped her, such as Seven Deadly Sins who provided food and other necessities.


Isolde Seven Deadly

Seven Deadly Sins Female Characters. Isolde is a Holy Knight. She was a serious female character in Seven Deadly Sins and was serving under Tristan Platoon Tristan Liones.

You can see her loyalty and will to her duty in her protection of the Kingdom and the royal family.

Although she is often viewed as a tough person, her emotions are evident when Tristian asked why Percival was following her.

Percival crashed into her in the Kingdom, and she was attacked by Isolde. She is able to use the Love Bomb ability, which allows her magic constructs that could act as an explosive to be made.


Jormungand Seven Deadly

Jormungand, one of the Seven Deadly Sins’ original characters, was well-known for her talents and relationships.

She is able to manipulate and control the ground with the World Serpent power, which is almost identical to Creation.

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She can stabilise earthquakes using her World serpent ability and can combine her abilities with those of another person.

You can see it in the moment when Jormungand combines her power with Diane. This makes them stronger and more controlled.

The equipment Whip, which she has, was used in battles by Jormungand. When it comes to her relationship with other characters, she was seen on friendly terms with Fenrir and Diane.


Edda Seven Deadly

Seven Deadly Sins Female Characters. Edda is the wife of Raizer, and the mother to Howzer. Although her appearance in anime is minimal, her impact on the other characters, such as her husband and their child, is significant.

Edda, as a mother and wife, is very caring and loving to her children.

Her appearance is typical of a busy mother, who tends to be very busy with the household. Edda, a thin lady with an average appearance, has the capacity to love all who are in need of her.


Roxy Seven Deadly

Roxy, like Eastin is also an original character that was created for the mobile game Grand Cross.

She is also a member of Seven Disasters and has a cruel, merciless personality. Roxy is a disaster person who doesn’t care about anyone except herself.

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This can cause problems for her and other characters because of her short temper. Roxy can clearly see when things don’t work out.

Roxy also gets annoyed when people question her abilities or powers. Roxy, despite her anger, is a bit lazy.

When it comes to her abilities, she has Magma Swing, which creates a magma-circle to attack her enemies.

Her power, Volcano Ash, allows her to do massive explosions.


Della Seven Deadly

Seven Deadly Sins Female Characters. Della, the daughter Zalpa’s, is well-known for saving Matrona’s life after she was poisoned by Holy Knight Gannon.

Her father is her father and she lives with her brother, who treats her like a mother. Della, a small girl with fair skin and blonde hair, is very similar to her father.

When Matrona performed Drole, Della was seen as a tambourine. Later, she was seen with her father while he caught fish.

Della has a strong relationship with her father. This can be seen in the time Sol and Della were injured by Blue Demon. Zalpa then mended their injuries.



Vaness was a petite old lady who was often seen sporting a pair of wings. Her long, silver-colored hair was complemented by her black eyes and purple dress.

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Vaness is a member of the Celestial Clan. This is why her unique power in her wings gives her the ability of flying.

Ark is her unique ability. It’s a magic technique that divides darkness with light particles, breaking down enemies’ bodies.

Solaad and other celestials gave her the ability to call Ark to seal Baruja’s fate.


Melascula Seven Deadly

Seven Deadly Sins Female Characters. Melascula, who was the faith of the 10 Commandments served as an example of one of the elite warriors in the Demon Clan.

When King Arthur empowered her, she was also called Chaos Melascula. Melascula, a calm and reserved person who is loyal to the Demon King, is Melascula.

You can see her loyalty through Melascula’s obedience to all his laws and orders. He didn’t understand the reasons of anyone who opposes the King.

You can see her apathetic side in the challenges, where she often gets bored and uses sarcasm. The same reason was evident in Melascula’s behavior during battles.

Melascula was a small, dangerous snake that lived for about 300 years. However, it later became a human and was selected as Faith by the Demon Kings.

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Lady Of The Lake

Lady Of The Lake Seven Deadly

The Lady of the lake, currently living in Lake Salisbury, was depicted as an entity from chaos. Because of her personality, her appearance in the series was very secretive.

When it came to her personality, little was known except that she is intelligent and calm.

She is almost emotionless and rarely changes her expression. She is not afraid to show emotions such as fear or shock.


Thetis Seven Deadly

Thetis is the Kingdom of Liones’ special servant. She has Shunkan Ido, which is a unique and different ability. This is a high-level teleportation ability that allows Thetis to disappear and appear wherever she chooses.

It can also be used to teleport individuals and groups of people at once. Thetis has a strange personality. You can see this by her being inside the castle during the battle against Arthur. She was laughing as Lancelot was fighting.

Lancelot says that Thetis is strange because she prayed to the dead Galand, Melascula, who had murdered 13 people.

Thetis didn’t regret it and came forward to correct him, stating that it was 12 people who were killed by them.

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Seven Deadly Sins Female Characters. Guinevere, who is best known in the series for meeting Lancelot at The Kingdom of Liones was also well-known for her mysterious personality.

She is a strong character for a small girl. Even though she can’t read minds, she can predict what Lancelot will say.

She has had to be assertive about her needs and open to them. You can see it in Lancelot calling her lover and then kissing him.

It is a strange relationship that she has with Lancelot. She has only met him once in the series and called him her lover.


Zaneri Seven Deadly

She is also the head of Druids, as well as a member the Goddess Clan with Jenna.

She is just like her little sister and has long, braided hair. They are very different when it comes down to their personalities.

Zaneri is serious about her job and has never smiled at anyone.

Meliodas is a completely different person because of her feelings.

Even though she is calm, Zaneri can easily get annoyed when someone attempts to ignore her orders. You can see it in her harsh criticism of Elizabeth for not being focused on her trial.

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But one can’t ignore her caring nature for Meliodas.



Thonar is one the original characters that was created for the mobile game Grand Cross. Thonar, like other characters in the game, has a distinctive appearance with a long, spiky hairstyle and blue eyes.

Thonar, despite her cool exterior, is a warm-hearted person. Thonar is a strong, courageous woman with a strong sense for justice.

You can see her great strength in those wars that she was willing and able to stop anarchy. Thonar’s trip to Midgard in order to give hope and help those in need was the best example of her strength.

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