The Promised Neverland Characters : All Characters And Skills Ranked

The Promised Neverland Characters

In a range that goes from cute to terrifying, The Promised Neverland covers everything and makes us awestruck as it goes on. This is the kind of show that’s sure to make you laugh and send you on a rollercoaster of emotions. It’s going to be difficult for you to comprehend what’s happening as… There’s a lot happening in this anime.

This show is a collection of orphan children who have extraordinary intelligence. They are also the demons’ most favorite food. They love eating smart brains as if they’re some sort of dessert. The story of Promised Neverland, we see our characters’ brains struggle for their lives and fight for it with a lot of determination. They rely on their minds and determination to live, and always believe in the most favorable outcome.

Who Are The Most Popular Characters In The Promised Neverland ?

Most Popular The Promised Neverland Characters

the manga-turned-anime he created was hugely popular as viewers and readers became involved in the story of the kids’ survival. With characters that were amazing each with their particular qualities and flaws, each fan was able to be cheering them. Although all these characters possess their unique distinct charm however, some have emerged as obvious fan-favorites.

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10. Anna Is Beginning To Get Some Recognition

10. Anna Is Beginning To Get Some Recognition The Promised Neverland Characters

Anna is initially not given much to do as a character in the story of Promised Neverland. Since the story is focused on Emma, Ray, and Norman as the main characters, Anna and other children do not get the spotlight. When the group grows into Don as well as Gilda, Anna still plays part as a background character, even though it isn’t revealed until later. Anna’s actions are among the main reasons why their exile from Grace Field is effective.

Anna cut her long braids and then adds them to the items Emma will use to trick Mama to believe that Ray burnt himself to death. In the absence of the smell of burning hair, Mama might have spotted the technique. Anna isn’t done yet, and has a long way to go to earn the respect of fans who love her however, she’s on the right track.

9. Don’s Adventurous Spirit Lands Him Some Fans

Don's Adventurous Spirit Lands Him Some Fans The Promised Neverland Characters

Being the most violent of the group of older children, Don is less able to keep his cool when he learns the truth about Grace Field. But, Don is considered one of the top students with reasons. He is not only committed to his family, but he’s also driven and will put himself at risk to gather details to help them escape.

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Don additionally assumes the role of teacher for the children , when Mama is focused on Ray as well as Emma and assists them in developing speed, agility and even techniques like hiding. Together with Gilda and Don, they prepare youngsters for the outside world and eventually their escape.

8. Gilda’s Loyal Support Does Not Go Unnoticed

Gilda's Loyal Support Does Not Go Unnoticed The Promised Neverland Characters

Although Gilda doesn’t play much in the initial season, she is an important part. Gilda first sets off alarm alarms while Emma seeks out the traitor who is in collusion with Mama. Gilda’s behaviour is odd and for a short time it seems as if she’s the culprit.

If it is revealed that Gilda was only worried about Emma and Ray, she is an all-time ally and is one of the very first persons Emma and Ray confess to. Gilda was also able to take on the responsibility of educating the children who were not there. Emma along with Ray were in constant watch and her contribution was crucial in their escape.

7. Sister Krone’s Eccentricities Makes Her Memorable

Sister Krone's Eccentricities Makes Her Memorable

Sister Krone has a large fanbase for a character who does not get much screen time in the show. She is famous for her personality in animation and has been the source of some of the most memorable quotes. As a middle player during her time at Grace Field House, Sister Krone provides the children with a number of suggestions that eventually aid in their escape.

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She’s both sympathetic and likable to the viewers’ eyes because she’s another orphanage victim system. She struggles to survive, but she also becomes a source of trouble for Emma, Ray, and Norman. The fate of Sister Krone is heartbreaking, but is not shocking considering the character of the show. The eccentric character will remain to the hearts of the fans.

6. Mujika Makes An Impact In Season 2

6. Mujika Makes An Impact In Season 2

Mujika is an undead that is not a fan of human flesh in any way. Though Mujika was born as a demon like many other demons outside the confines of orphanages Mujika has a compassionate person who aids children when they are rescued out of Grace Field. When Emma falls and the children find themselves at in the midst of wild they are taken in by Mujika offering to help because they’re in need.

Mujika’s warmth and kindness teach the people skills needed to enable them to survive their trip. With her unique values and gentle personality that is why people love Mujika.

5. Isabella Is The Most Popular Mama


Isabella is a remarkably written character, so it’s no surprise that she has a lot of admirers. Isabella lives a difficult life: Growing up in an orphanage, Isabella learned the horrible nature of her destiny when she was a child. But, Isabella had the potential to become a Mama herself, and to find a salvation could be worse than death.

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Following being forced have an infant son that would later be placed in orphanages, Isabella was appointed head mama of Grace Field and was constantly at a crossroads between her love for her children and her fierce determination to be a part of the world.

4. Phil’s Maturity Is A Hit With Fans

4. Phil's Maturity Is A Hit With Fans

Phil is among the oldest children who are left behind after Emma, Ray, and the other family members who are older leave. While the rest of the children remain in complete apathy, Phil is left behind with secrets to protect. Phil is the sole child left to be aware of what the real meaning of an orphanage and, when asked what he’d do in the situation of Emma, It was Phil who suggested that Emma leave him and his siblings in the dust.

Phil’s maturity as well as his quick understanding of the situation in their chat had a major impact on the audience. In reality, Phil’s calmness also led to numerous fan theories about him, with some even suggesting that he could be part of the conspiracy at work all along.

3. Emma’s Perseverance Resonates With Fans

Emma's Perseverance Resonates With Fans

Emma’s passion and dedication to her family has earned her a large following. As the most introspective of the of the group Emma depends more heavily on instincts than planning, but she’s quite an adept planner, too. Emma is committed to the protection of her family members, a notion which becomes a problem for her after she learns the truth about their orphanage.

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As Emma attempts to make plans for an escape plan that would allow Emma to protect her whole family, she has to overcome a myriad of obstacles, including mobility, age, as well as the maturation of her sisters and brothers. She is battling with the desire to save everyone but she is aware that this isn’t enough to guarantee their security.

2. Norman’s Kindness Leaves A Lasting Impression

2. Norman's Kindness Leaves A Lasting Impression

Norman’s gentle nature and quick wit have made him popular with fans. In the initial season, the clock is ticking for everyone. If the children are unable to get out of Grace Field House, Norman knows that his time is approaching soon after, and is sent to. But, Norman is not deterred by the fate he is handed.

Instead, he is able to fill Emma with all the information that he has learned, including the information that ultimately leads the girl to find Ray and then escape with the other children. Norman’s devotion to Emma as well as his positive character and the ability to process and plan when time is ticking and high stakes ensured that the public kept him in their hearts long after he had been taken from the orphanage.

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1. Top Student Ray Is The Fan-Favorite

6. Mujika Makes An Impact In Season 2

One of the best students at the Grace Field House, Ray’s attentive and thoughtful personality has made him a popular choice by the fans. Ray is a key character in the story, first as a double agent who tries to save individuals who are most important to him. When Ray transmits information to Mama she receives some kind of compensation. He requests bits and pieces that he can help with their escape.

In reality, Ray is focused solely on Emma and Norman escape from Grace Field and doesn’t think about the possibility of saving anyone else, even himself. Ray’s meticulous ways, his unwavering devotion towards Emma and Norman and his ultimate dedication to his family’s safety earned him a place in the hearts of a lot of fans.

Who are the smartest characters from The Promised Neverland ?

Smartest Characters In The Promised Neverland By EestoryaAnimations

So, let’s look at some of the most intelligent characters from The Promised Neverland that even beat the Demons!

12. Don


Don is the oldest of the children who resided in the Grace field Orphanage and is extremely indecisive. In the show We see him happy and affectionate with his family, but things become dark and the kid loses his temper when is exposed to the details regarding his home. We witness the man vowing to help Conny after he is sent out in a furious anger with his eyes.

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When he spoke of his intelligence Don was always in 5th position after Gilda and was thought to be to be among the most intelligent children at the Grace Field Orphanage. While Emma was with Ray were planning their escape, and Isabella was watching the two of them, Don secretly trained the children to be prepared for life outside that they’d never witnessed. He boosted their agility, strength and stamina to ensure they were able to withstand the harsh surroundings that were waiting on the outside. Our cute child isn’t just all talking!

11. Gilda


Gilda is among the more mature kids from Grace Field who’s always noticing what’s going on around. She’s not very verbal and is somewhat shy. But, she’s great doing house chores and caring for the kids in the orphanage with Emma. She’s not open about her feelings which is the reason Emma believed that she was going to be a liar working with Isabella to continue fooling the children. However, we find out that she was really concerned about Emma (Awww sweet! ).

She’s among the best students at Grace Field after Emma and is a master of intuition. She is able to recognize that something is happening among Emma, Ray, and Norman prior to anyone else. Despite her timid and docile character, she displays courage and care for the other children who were treated as cattle in other farms. She’s playing a important role in Emma’s dream to escape the terrifying Demon World that devours innocent children.

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10. Mujika


Mujika is most likely the one Demon that isn’t detestable or disgusting. Mujika is a demon that’s different from the beginning that doesn’t eat meat from humans because of religious reasons (Yes there are demons like this!). She is accompanied by Sonju who is also a demon similar to her. After Emma and her friends fled Grace Field, they met Mujika and Sonu who treated them extremely well.

At beginning, Emma had her suspicions regarding the two, but they came to establish trust with each other. Mujika is a very compassionate and smart demon. She initially wanted to take the children home to Grace Field but she threw away the idea and aided them instead. She taught survival skills to the kids and also taught the children the art of cooking. She also advised Emma of the potential dangers they’ll encounter while traveling. Mujika loves Emma and all the other children, and is always available to assist them.

9. Sister Krone

Sister Krone

A lot of people would consider Sister Krone an incredibly comical character and that’s fine. We are the same. She was a caretaker as well as a volunteer who was assigned into Grace Field to help manage children, along with Isabella. She was very sexy and was a frightful sight for the children. We think of her as selfish lady who is focused on nothing other than herself.

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Sister Krone was a brilliant woman. The sole reason she chose to aid Isabella was to finally eliminate her and ensure her status as “Mama” for the kids. She was able to gain the trust of children by being extremely nice and caring to them, in the hope to be perfect for the job. But , as we watch, we are witness to Isabella getting her in trouble and taking her plan away within a matter of seconds. She was defeated by Isabella however she gave Emma, Norman, and Ray the most trouble with her constant attempts at taking them and preventing them in their way to escape.

8. Phil

Phil The Promised Neverland Characters

The smartest kid of all kids of his years old, Phil is a cute tiny baby, who is very beloved in the eyes of his classmates. He’s a lively and sweet kid who everyone enjoys here at Grace Field. His jovial personality makes all of us feel adored and we love him too.

Despite being a very young child and his very young age, we can observe Phil getting the top marks among children in their age. He’s very attentive and is aware of what’s happening around him along with Emma and the other children. The man to point to the Morse codes that Emma wrote in her book.

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Phil is the only person Emma has spoken to about the truth that was The Grace field and the escape. Phil did manage to absorb the grim reality and keep smiling on his face , despite being aware of the horrific details. We can see him stoically chasing away Emma and the other kids as they ran away. We must thank him for his bravery even though he is only 4 years old! child!

7. Peter Ratri

Peter Ratri

The main antagonist , and another possibility for us to take on, Peter Ratri is the head of all these farms, where kids are made into Demon food. He’s awed by his job and hopes to fulfill the promise between Demons in the same way as Humans. He’s a charming person and can convince anyone and anyone. He is fond of torturing the subjects of his experiments and it shows his darker side, even though he was smiling during the process.

Peter is an academic who understands the human psychology and demons. He doesn’t panic in the slightest when he finds it out the kids of Grace field have been freed. He is able to snare them many times and can predict their next actions. Peter Ratri is indeed the brain behind the chaos taking place between demons and humans.

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6. James Ratri

Garfiel Tinsel The Promised Neverland Characters

Professionally called Wiliam Minerva. James Ratri is an older brother of Peter Ratri who worked as an writer and wrote a variety in books written to Grace Field. He also served as the administrator of farms prior Peter however, he became dissatisfied at the thought of feeding children with food for the monsters. He determined to inform children of the horrifying real-life situation and to help them escape.

In his novels, James left a number of messages in the book to the children in order to help escape. They were found by Emma and then the second later. It was a huge assistance to the children get away from the farm. He created an escape route for children to travel to safer areas. He even risked his life to make secure areas for children to spend for the rest of their lives in. We certainly applaud James for his selfless sacrifices for the safety of our children!

5. Emma

Emma the promised neverland characters

Emma is our main character and is extremely kind, and that’s why we admiration her. She is incredibly concerned for her fellow friends and supports them with their tasks as well as take charge of them. She’s a trusted girl, and everyone admires her. Her character is extremely positive and the children of Grace Field love her. Due to her enthusiasm and determination she’s been able to escape the horrible farm.

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Following Norman after Norman and Ray, Emma is the smartest and most brilliant. Emma always scores well and is in line with Norman as well as Ray. She is extremely adept at learning and is able to adapt to her surroundings without any effort. Emma is also able to comprehend William Minerva’s Morse Codes which played an important role to their escape. Emma is also adept in stifling and burying her emotions when she’s under stress. Emma has proven herself to be among the smartest people throughout The Promised Neverland.

4. Vincent

Vincent The Promised Neverland Characters

Vincent was one of adults who were kept in the Experimentation Farm, Lambda 7214 in the care of Peter Ratri. Vincent, along with other acquaintances suffered immense suffering during the experiments carried out on them. The horrible experience haunts the man. We can see him as a faithful friend to Norman who took him away from that farming operation and then gave him a new chance at a new.

He is a loyal friend of Norman and we notice him being a part of Norman around.

Vincent has a great deal of intelligence in combat and formulating strategies. Vincent is the brains of the group Norman as well as other adults are part of. They all want to carry out a massive genocide of demons in order to eradicate them from the face of the earth. Vincent has proved that he is a reliable individual that Norman is able to always rely on. Vincent is definitely a specialist genius!

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3. Ray

Ray The Promised Neverland Characters

Our Snarky youngster, Ray is one of the smartest children at Grace Field after Norman. He’s actually the second-highest in Grace Field after Norman and nobody else. We view him as a shy boy who isn’t paying focus on his surroundings and is completely secluded at all times. He likes reading more than playing with his peers. However, despite his hard-working exterior, we can see him being incredibly concerned for his brothers within his role in the Grace Field, especially Emma and Norman (A True Tsundere).

In terms of his intellect concerns, he had already discovered the truth about farms at just four years old. Even though he knew the shocking truth, he managed to maintain a calm and professional appearance in front of the entire world. His sharp wits stand above all others and he manages to beat Isabella at times. Emma and Norman were heavily dependent on him because he was a brilliant problem solver and an excellent strategist. Ray also played a significant part in their escape by being extremely courageous. He’s the type of person who thinks ahead of time and is always one step ahead of the rest!

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2. Isabella

Isabella The Promised Neverland Characters

The most significant characters, and the mom in charge for Grace Field, Isabella is a brutal and cold lady but she’s always kind towards the kids who are part of Grace Field. She has earned their trust and respect by treating them with kindness. Grace Field by taking care of them with great respect. She’s also very popular among the kids who trust her completely.

Her remarkable intelligence earned her the honor of being one of the best Mamas who manage different farms. She was a stern opponent for Emma, Norman, and Ray as they tried to get out. She was able to outwit them in most cases and made them look awestruck. Isabella isn’t inherently evil. She was simply being realistic. However, she really was a mother and she wanted to make sure they had a joyful and satisfying life before they were taken away to be used as demon food.

1. Norman

Norman The Promised Neverland Characters

Norman is certain to be the first in our list of most intelligent characters from The Promised Neverland because of his unbeatable intelligence and sharp concentration. Norman is the calmest boy in the entire family from Grace Field. Grace Field. Affectionate and caring, Norman loves his siblings and always assists those in need. Norman is also extremely soft-spoken and is loved by all at Grace Field. Grace Field.

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We witness him giving up his life to ensure the safety of his family members and he accomplished it all with a happy smile. He wasn’t scared of being sent to the exile camp. However, he was able to stay alive and ended up at the Experimentation Farm where he managed to save the entire population and even ruin it with his quick wit.

The Promised Neverland Characters

The people he helped called him Boss and held a lot of admiration for his character. After a long and rigorous testing process, Norman was sick of all things and was the sole person to lead to a revolution and committed massive massacre of demons. Later, he regretted his choice and rescued the demons. However, his most notable contributions are the destruction of ten important farms. He was indeed an savior to innocent children!


The Promised Neverland makes you use your brain, and comes with brilliant ideas each time. It has so many brilliant characters, along with their thoughts and strategies for life and safety that make your brain exhausted (Yes it can! ).

We hope you enjoyed our list of the Promised Neverland’s most intelligent characters and didn’t disappoint you!

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