SNK Vs. One Piece: Which Do You Think Is Better?

SNK Vs. One Piece

SNK Vs. One Piece, It is not uncommon for anime fans to fight between their fanbases. This has become a common occurrence over the years. Things get worse when heated discussions turn out to be a toxic battlefield among the two fandoms. This happened with Attack On Titan Vs One Piece.

One Piece VS Attack On Titan, Which Is Better?
By A P E X V F X

Attack On Titan’s first episode of Season 4 Part 2 was released on January 9. It was titled “Judgement”. It was a huge success, as it crashed Crunchyroll and other streaming services as soon as it was released. Someone didn’t like the fame of AOT, and launched a campaign which was the start of all the hustle between these fandoms.

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Overview of SNK

Overview of SNK

Shingeki no Kyojin: Attack of the Titans. Hajime Isayama created and illustrated the shonen manga Attack on Titan. It was published in Bessatsu Shonen Magazine between September 2009 to April 2021. The manga was then collected in 34 volumes bound by Kodansha. Pika Edition published the entire French version in its entirety in the seinen Collection between June 2013 – October 2021.

The story centers around Eren Jager, a character who lives in a world surrounded by walls that protect it from giant creatures called the Titans. The story focuses on the struggle of humanity to regain its territory. It also clarifies the mysteries surrounding the Titans’ appearance, as well as the events that took place before they were built.

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Wit Studio produces an animated television series of twenty-five episodes. It is first broadcast on April-September 2013 on Japan’s MBS channel. The second season, consisting of twelve episodes, is broadcast in April 2017 and June 2017. NHK General TV broadcasts a third season with twenty-two episodes. It is divided into two parts between April and June 2017. 

Overview of SnK

The fourth and final season is divided into three parts by MAPPA. It will be broadcast on NHK General TV from December 2020 to March 2021 for the first part and from January to April 2022 to the second part. The third part will air in 2023. Original version with subtitles in French is broadcast by Wakanim and Crunchyroll simultaneously in streaming and legal downloading.

Then, @Anime edits the DVD and Blu-ray versions. Original video animation is distributed in DVD format, with limited editions. A two-part live film will be broadcast in the summer 2015. There have been adaptations in video games, light novels, and spin-off series.

It is a commercial success with more than 100,000,000 copies sold in December 2019. Manga is one of the most popular manga series. It has been popularized internationally through its adaptation into anime. Although the series’ political interpretation is controversial, the critical response has been positive.

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Snk Universe

Humanoid giants ate Titans more than 100 years ago, just before the start of the story. The Titans appeared suddenly and nearly wiped out humanity. The giant creatures typically measure between three and fifteen metres high, with some exceptions like the titan who is sixty meters tall. The Titans seem to eat humans instinctively and kill them for their food. In fact, they don’t have a digestive system. They get their energy from the sun and do not require any food. Some Titans are active at night. Titans are hard-skin, have regenerative abilities, and can only be killed with a deep incision at their base.

Humanity lives within a network of concentric walls, each fifty meters high and about 100 kilometers apart, to protect itself. The Maria Wall (uorumaria Woru Maria) is the outer wall. The outer wall is the Maria Wall (uorumaria, Woru Maria?). The pink wall (uoruroze.Woru Roze) is in the middle. And the Sina Wall is at the center. Bastions were built to allow people to defend themselves more effectively and efficiently, as well to lower defense costs. These bastions allow garrison members to draw the Titans to the same spot on the wall to attack them with guns. Many rivers flow throughout the entire area, providing water and natural gas. Some cults consider these three walls sacred, as they represent three goddesses that protect humans.

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Frame Universe snk

An army is divided into three branches to fight the Titans: the exploration battalion (Diao Cha Bing Tuan, Chosa Heidan) and the garrison (special brigades). The Exploration Battalion (Diao Cha Bing Tuan , Chosa Heidan?) The Exploration Battalion is responsible for reconquiring territories beyond the walls. This is where the Titans are located. People often deplore the existence of this battalion due to its low success rate. The garrison (Zhu Tun Bing Tuan, Chuton Hisdan) The garrison is responsible for protecting the walls and residents of cities. 

The special brigades (Kenpeidan) The special brigades (Kenpeidan) operate under royal authority and live in comfortable living conditions. They must also maintain peace within the walls. The privilege of being assigned to the special brigades is limited to the first ten trainees of each brigade. To reach the Titans’ weak points, soldiers use three-dimensional maneuvering gear and blades to move in three-dimensional space. They are capable of allowing for great mobility, but they can also cause muscle overload. Therefore, experienced users must have a good physical condition and maintain a sense of balance. Soldiers require a lot of training.

Snk Universe

Later, it was revealed that the Titans first appeared around 2,000 years ago when a young girl named Ymir Fritz (yumiruhuritsu or Yumiru Furittsu?). The power of the original Titan, Shi Zu noJu Ren, Shiso No Kyojin?) made him the first Titan in history. Ymir died, and his power was split into nine parts. This gave rise to nine Titans with special abilities called primordial Titans. Each of them has a Titan power. This power can be shared between the Ymir people (also known as the Eldian people). 

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This power enabled them to conquer the world and become the great empire Eldia (erudeia or Erudia?). With the power of the founder Titan in their hands, the Fritz family ruled the world until Karl Fritz, the 145th King Eldia (karuhuritsu and Karu Furittsu?). After the Great War of the Titans, he decided to end Eldia’s empire and led many of its people to Paradise (paradei?, Paradi-to?) But not all Eldians were able to follow him on the island. Many remained on land. The newly-created empire of Mahr (mare and Mare?) then subjugated them. They were then placed in ghettos and treated as inferior beings for their past crimes. After converting them into Titans, the empire used them as weapons of mass destruction in the wars.

Snk Frame

King Fritz, for his part, used the power and strength of the original Titan, also known as Axis, to construct the three concentric walls made from the 50-meter Titans when he reached Paradise. The vast majority of its inhabitants lost their memories, forgetting past wars and the existence the Mahr empire. These actions were done with the apparent aim of protecting them against external evils. They also prevented them from leaving the walls. This made them believe there were Titans beyond the walls. Fritz was crowned king of the walls, and his family name was changed to Reiss. Fritz’s descendants ruled in the shadows for over 100 years, using the power from the original Titan.

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The story centers primarily on Eren Jager and Mikasa, then Reiner Braun. Many other characters play important roles, including members of the 104th Training Brigade and the Exploration Battalion, the garrison, and some Titans like the colossal Titans, bestial Titans, female Titans, or battleship Titans.

Eren Jager (ereniega, Eren Yega)
Snk Characters Eren Jager

The manga’s protagonist is Eren. He is impulsive, idealistic and determined. He saw his mother being devoured by Titans as a child and dreamed of exterminating them. He is not gifted beyond the fact that his hand-to-hand combat skills are exceptional and that he longs for steel.

Mikasa Ackerman (mikasa atsukaman, Mikasa Akkaman?)
Mikasa Ackerman

Mikasa is one of the few survivors from an oriental clan. Eren and her family saved her as a child and adopted her. Since then, she has vowed to protect Eren no matter what. She was promoted first, then she became a member the exploration battalion. She is considered a genius, and her coolness is always a plus, except when Eren is at risk.

Armin Arlelt (aruminarureruto, Arumin Arureruto?)
Armin Arlelt

Armin is Eren’s best friend. He is very weak, but he has exceptional intelligence which makes him an extraordinary strategist. He is also a member the exploration battalion and can develop innovative tactics in difficult situations. This will save many soldiers.

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Livai (rivuai or Rivai?) can also be written Rivaille or Levi

He is often referred to as Chief Corpsoral Livai (rivuaiBing Chu, Rivai Heicho), and is the leader for the Tactical Squad of the Exploration Battalion. He is described as the greatest soldier mankind has ever seen in the episode Corporal Livai.


Diagram showing the organization of human territory.

Snk Histories

Eren Jager is a 9-year-old boy who lives peacefully with his parents and Mikasa, his adopted sister, in Shiganshina. This city lies at the edge of Maria’s wall. However, humans have not seen Titans in this area for over a century.

Instead, a 60-meter Titan attacks the city and opens a crack in the wall. The Titans then flood the streets and devour all those they come across. Mikasa and Eren witness the death their mother. She is then devoured right in front of them. The battleship Titan appears, and it pierces the Maria wall. This allows the Titans to infiltrate all of the space between Rose and Maria walls. Eren and Mikasa manage to flee the city with Armin. Eren’s father is missing. 

He appears at night to Eren and gives him the key to their basement, which supposedly contains vital information about the titans. After this terrible day, Eren vows revenge and joins the army and, more specifically, the exploration battalion to take down all the Titans. 

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Story of Snk

A few years later Eren, Mikasa, and Armin joined the 104th Army Training Brigade along with around twenty other young men. After three years of training, they arrived in Trost to complete their training and select their army corps. The colossal Titan appears and breaks through the city wall. Many Titans infiltrate the city, triggering another nightmare. The city’s young recruits are sent to fight to save civilians while they wait for the exploration battalion.

The soldiers become overwhelmed and the fight becomes bloody. Armin was almost about to be eaten by a Titan. Eren, however, sacrifices himself for Armin and is swallowed in his stead. Armin escapes and warns Mikasa about Eren’s demise. She loses control of her anger and begins to lash out at all the Titans she encounters. Then, the Titans are isolated from each other, and she collapses on the ground, running out propulsion gas. Eren saves her in the end, but she soon finds herself completely vulnerable to Titans. The Titan that had swallowed him discovered the ability to transform himself into a Titan and he was not actually killed. 

Snk Story

He is able to kill many titans thanks to his new body. After the evacuation of civilians, Eren managed to close the gap in the wall during a second military operation and save the city. Eren, despite saving Trost’s life, is now considered a danger to humanity. Instead of being executed, Eren is instead handed over to the Exploration Battalion unit led by Master Corporal Livai. He sees in him both an asset in the fight to defeat the Titans and a way to find out more about the enemies.

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The plot unravels many mysteries about Eren’s ability transform into Titan. There are also reasons why Eren obtained this power. The origins of the Titans as well as their true enemies will be revealed to the human race.

One Piece Overview

One Piece Overview

One Piece (wanpisu, Wan Pisu?) Eiichiro Oda created a series mangasshonen. It was first published in Weekly Shonen Jump on July 22, 1997. The magazine then organized it into Tankobon At Shueisha editions starting December 24, 1997. In Japan, 102 volumes were sold in April 2022. Glenat has published the French version in volumes bound from September 1, 2000. 101 volumes will be marketed in May 2022. The French version has been published simultaneously with the Japanese version online on Manga Plus and Glenat Manga Max since September 26, 2021.

The story is about Monkey D. Luffy who, after accidentally eating a demonfruit, acquired rubber-like properties. Luffy and his pirate crew, the Straw Hat crew explore Grand Line in search for the ultimate treasure, “One Piece”, to become the next pirate King.

One piece

Toei Animation acquired the rights to the series. They adapt the manga into anime and broadcast it in Japan every Sunday since 1999. In November 2021, the series had more than 1,000 episodes. Kana Home Video holds the rights to anime in French-speaking countries. It can be viewed on Crunchyroll and the Anime Digital Network streaming platforms. It can also be viewed on J-One, Game One, and MCM channels. The license covers 15 films, 11 special episodes, and 1 FVO. There are also 4 novels, 1 recipe manual, more than 50 videogames, more that 5,000 figurines and a restaurant.

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One Piece is the most popular manga worldwide. One Piece is the most popular series worldwide, and it was also drawn by one author. In March 2022, One Piece volumes had 500 million copies. There were 400 million copies in Japan, and 100 million in the rest (42 countries). The series was a success in France and sold 28.2 millions copies since its debut.



One piece Scenario

One Piece is set in a world dominated byoceans where pirates dream of an era of freedom, adventure and freedom known as the “golden age of piracy”. The last words of Gol D. Roger (nicknamed Gold Roger) before his execution, inaugurated this period. Roger informs the world that the inhabitants of the new period are free to pursue all his wealth, the “One Piece”, which he has accumulated over the course of his life. >>

Interest in the One Piece has plummeted twenty-two years since Roger was executed. Many people have lost interest in the One Piece, and some wonder if it even exists. Although pirates still pose a threat to the population, theMarine is more effective at countering their attacks on the seas East Blue, North Blue West Blue, South Blue and West Blue.

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 This change didn’t stop Monkey D. Luffy from aspiring to succeed the legendary Roger. So he will embark on an adventure to create a crew to reach Sea of Grand Line. This is where the fever of “great wave of piracy”, continues and many big names in piracy chase the One Piece, which is supposed to be on the last Island of this great sea, Laugh Tale.

One piece frame

After meeting Shanks, the Red, the captain and crew of a pirate vessel who spent a year in Luffy’s village and saved him by giving his left arm to a sea monster, Luffy embarks on an adventure. Luffy has worn the straw hat he gave him as a token of his promise to be a great pirate since then. The crew will be proud to wear this hat. 

He ate the Gum Gum fruit, which made his body elastic. Once a Demon has been eaten, the fruits give special abilities to the holder. However, he also loses all of his strength when he is immersed in water. Luffy and his crew will have many meetings which will strengthen their friendships and expand their crews. They will also have to face pirate crews that advocate violence and power, as well the Navy and its soldiers as guarantors.

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One piece Characters

Vogue Merry, the original ship of the main protagonists, is reproduced in life-size

One Piece is a universe in its own right and features a variety of characters. The author is particularly concerned with the character, thephysical aspect, and the history of the characters, even the secondary ones. There are several groups that stand out.

The pirates are first, and they can be found all over the globe. They come in many levels and each one has their own crews. There are many pirates with small crews and others with entire fleets. They are frequently wanted and their heads valued.

One piece Warlike

The premium determines their danger to the navy or the global government. TheMarine has a hierarchical structure. It is headed by the admirals, and its mission it to protect civilians and peace. It is a matter of honor for her to bring down pirates and keep them in jail. Although there are differences between the Navy and pirates, their relations are not Manichean. Other than pirates and theMarines, there are other characters that emerge, such as thebounty hunter, who is also on the lookout for pirates in order to capture them and receive theMarine’s premium.

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The story follows theStrawhat crew led by their captainMonkey D. Luffy. He was a young man who had eaten,child without knowing theGum Gum which allows him to stretch his legs and is destined to be the King of Pirates. 

The three-saber sword Rorono a Zoro, who dreams of becoming the greatest world saber, the cowardly sniperUsopp who wants the discovery of All Blue, the navigator Nami expert in cartography and meteorology, the historian Nico Robin who has eaten the fruit of the hating (which allows himto hatch any part of his body where he wants), the engineer cyborg Franky who was a musician pirate who was resurrected as skeleton,Brook who had eaten the resurrection, and thehelmsman Jinbe who was a former member of the Order of the Seven Great Corsairsairsairsairsairsair Jinbe, the Order of the Seven Great Corsair.

Characters of one piece

You will notice that several characters’ names are presented in “Japanese Style”, which is the name that precedes the first name.


One Piece is his universe, his only strength. It’s simply no better than SNK in terms of his characters and the way he fights. SNK does not force it, save for the fanboys who discovered One Piece when they were 12 years old and have never bought objectivity since.

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