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Viola One Piece

Violet  The princess of Dressrosa. Violet was an officer of The in the past.Pirates of Donquijotebelonging to Trebol’s 💂🏾 army.


Viola is a good-looking young 👩🏻 woman with long black hair that reaches halfway down her back and a topknot that comes down the left side of her forehead, and light brown eyes. Red flowers are worn in her hair. A long white dress with purple and blue polka dots, no sleeves and round-blue earrings is her choice.

At ten years old, her hair was bobbed and she wore a pink sleeveless gown.

She wore shorter hair at nineteen. A pink hairclip and a long-sleeved purple and yellow dress were her choices.


She seems to be a rather emotional and romantic 👩🏻 woman, just like most of the women in Acacia. She’s also an expert at fake it, and is capable of manipulating. SanjiThrough her charm. She also pretended to be a violent 👩🏻 woman, having kicked the pirate while he was helpless.

She is also very selfless and brave. She sacrificed her life for her father for many years and took on the challenge.FlamingoShe was able to win a single fight, despite being aware of the strength difference between them.

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Viola One Piece



Riku Dold III

ViolaThe daughter of Riku Dold IIIBecause she loves her father so much, she has decided that she will become a member. Donquijote PiratesIn order to save his own life.


Scarlet’s younger sister Viola is ViolaHe was extremely caring for her. She cried a lot when she heard the news about his death.


Viola, Rebecca’s maternal aunt, is someone she loves so much that she shot the screen broadcasting the tournament right after she saw the residents insulting her. Also, Do Flamingo was also in the fray during the confrontation. Viola told RebeccaIf she killed her, she would not harbor a grudge. Rebecca tells Viola that she will not take the throne if Viola kills her while being controlled by the pirate.Riku Dold III heir.


Viola is Kyros’s sister-in-lawShe is instantly friendly with her despite her bloody past. When KyrosShe is made human again and she weeps for having forgotten about him.



ViolaFirst, it was ordered to capture Sanjito decipher the entire strategy Law and Straw Hat Pirates wanted. But she refused to use her powers. She finally realized her good fortune and decided to reveal the trap to him. Flamingothey had planned for them. So she betrays the Donquijote PiratesHelp the Straw Hat Pirates locate the factory once and for all

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Donquijote Do Flamingo

ViolaA member of the Donquijote Pirates & Do FlamingoHe trusted her until he learned about her treachery. ViolaHe is the reason she hates him. They were still close enough to call one another by their first or nicknames, as they had an affair.

Viola One Piece

Strength and ability

As an officer in the Donquijote pirates, she had some authority and commanded two thousand soldiers at Dressrosa. These privileges were lost when she betrayed her crew.

ViolaSanji was also a talented dancer and she was able to seduce her into doing what she wanted. She is also a skilled fighter, so much so that she easily 😔 defeated some of Flamingo men are you?You can surprise them.

Physical abilities

She is accustomed to using kick-based tactics in combat. She was able inflict an individual with one of these. Sanji’sCaliber, but he didn’t react on purpose because of his gallantry toward women.

Devil’s fruit

Viola ate the Paramisha’s Devil’s Fix fruitThis gave her the ability of seeing through everything and to see up to four thousand kilometers away. She can also read minds and read people’s minds. She is able to tell who lies to her and it makes it impossible for her to be deceived. Viola has been a valuable asset for the company because of her ability to spot lies. Pirates of DonquijoteThat FlamingoIn exchange for her services, she agreed to save Riku Dold III’s life.

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Viola can even turn her own tears to large whales to attack her foes.


ViolaA gun she had was used to shoot at the screen that projected the fights at bullfighting coliseum. He tried to counter. Flamingo ViolaUse a knife.
Viola One Piece



Viola consumed the substance more than seventeen years prior to the beginning of the story. Devil’s Fruit Fix. Viola was the first Princess to be killed.

Viola, the second princess of Dressrosa, was Viola’s older sister. When she was ten years old, Kyros was promoted to captain of King Riku’s 💂🏾 Army and Viola accepted the decision unlike her sister who remained skeptical. Scarlet fell in love Kyros and decided that she would go to live with him. Viola and her father then visited Viola from time to visit Rebecca and their newborn daughter.

Eight years ago, the story began on the night FlamingoMone, who was working as a maid in the palace, was captured and taken over the kingdom. ViolaHer companions were able to infiltrate the palace by opening the palace doors. Do Flamingo was intrigued in Viola’s abilities so he offered to help her save her father. She became an officer of Pirates of Donquijote and took the name of Violet.

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Later she developed a romantic relationship with him.Flamingo.

Dressrosa Saga

Violet is assigned to seduce Sanji and find out his plans for the alliance. Rufy and law. Hovever refuses, from the day before, to use her powers in this regard.

While Zoro & SanjiAre chasing after the goblin who took the ShusuiThe cook is being distracted byViola’s beautyShe also lost sight of the swordsman through her dancing. When some guards arrive looking for the 👩🏻 woman, she runs up to Sanji and hugs him so that whoever is looking for her will pass by them without suspecting anything. At that point, the cook offers to help her and the 👩🏻 woman asks him to kill a man.

The end comes out as follows: Viola lures SanjiThe cook is then caught and beaten after being lured into a trap. Viola then takes him into custody and insults his insensitivity towards women. Then, she uses her psychic ability to read his mind and sees only perverse thoughts. That is it. ViolaScreams in shock calling SanjiHe is a depraved individual for the thoughts that he has at such a time. He tells her he is thinking of her and that when she asks him to kill someone, he tears up. These words touched me deeply. ViolaHe decides to help her by knocking out his attackers, freeing him, and saying thank you to him. She tells him immediately that her crew fell prey to Do Flamingo’s trap. He has never left the area. Fleet of Seven.

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Sanji immediately calls FrankyViola calls Sanji via snailphone to warn him about the trap. Viola then gives Sanji a map to get to the Smile Factory as soon as Viola hears that her subordinates have begun approaching. After that, she walks away.

Viola later returns home Sanji, with whom he has reunited Zoro and Kin’emonShe warns him that Jora has hijacked the Thousand Sunny and is now heading towards Green Bit. Zoro, Kin’emon and Kin’emon try to enter the bullfighting coliseum. She points out the way to Sanji to Green Bit. After a while, she decides that she will return to her royal palace. She arrives at the elevator leading to the entrance. Viola meets Rufy Zoro and Kin’emonShe then offers to help them find the palace. Wicca learns that she was a witness to the underground rebellion led by the rabid Thunder Soldier using her skills. She thanks them for believing.

Viola offers to pass through a secret passage in order to get into the palace without being noticed. However, Rufy decides to open the way by destroying a gate. The group then enters the main door. Pica intercepts Viola and Rufy as they approach the B-1 tower. She tries to crush them using the walls of the building. Viola and Rufy manage to escape, while Zoro remains behind to confront Pica. They continue along the corridors to reach Gladius, who is still alive. Gladius notices Viola and rants at her. Viola then reveals that she wasn’t really on their side. Gladius explodes his helmet and inflicts minor injuries. Rufy grabs Viola and, along with the soldier and Gladius, escapes through the window to reach the Hall of Thrones’ outside.
Viola One Piece
Through a glass door ViolaNotices her father being held hostage by FlamingoBlocks and other information RufyBefore he gets in, he allows the dwarves go ahead with the plan and knock Sugar out. Later, Sugar is 😔 defeated and his curse is broken, the soldier becomes human again and Viola breaks down in tears for forgetting about him all that time. After Kyros decapitates Do Flamingo, Rufy grabs ViolaHe jumps into the room. Pica and Do Flamingo suddenly arrive to rescue Law. They attempt to free Law by using the keys that the girl holds. After revealing that the decapitated one was only a copy, the Fleet of Seven member orders Pica to throw Viola, Dold, Rufy, Law, and Kyros out of the building, after which he traps everyone on the 🏝️ island using his “birdcage”. Do Flamingo begins a game of survival, showing Do Flamingo a list of 12 people he has a bounty on. Viola.

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After Tank Lepanto, Usop, Robin, Rebecca, Bartholomew, HackViola discovers the key to Law’s handcuffs when the Tontatta dwarfs reach the top of the royal palace. Then Robin, Bartholomew, and RebeccaThank you to the Yellow Kab, offer to bring Rufy your gift. Soon after, Viola informs Leo and KabShe has successfully tracked Princess Manshelly back to the place where she and the other dwarves were anchored as children. She also recognizes that Sugar is now able to see clearly and can therefore assist the townpeople in keeping them busy. Viola supports UsopSugar must be hit before Law and Rufy turn into toys.

He then explains to everyone the progress made in the fight against Donquijote’s Pirates. Pica then decides to kill everyone living on the plateau by controlling a huge golem. ViolaHer speechlessness left her speechless. But luckily, Zoro was there to help. Elizabello IIAvoid the worst. Viola and Hack leave the old royal plateau to join Usop, Hack, and stop the “bird-cage” from shrinking. FlamingoTo openly challenge him. However, FlamingoHe wounds her and then immobilizes Rebecca. Rebecca arrived during the battle and is forced to kill her aunt. Law swaps Viola for Rufy at the last minute, saving the girl and allowing the pirate access to the girl. Flamingo.

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Following the latter’s 😔 defeat, the cage dissolves and Viola celebrates with the others.

Three days later, ViolaInforms Rebecca, Rufy and his crew are about to leave the 🏝️  island. The pirate joins them in their room shortly after. Rebecca to KyrosBut not before Viola asks Viola to become Princess of the Kingdom. Viola is amazed to see Fujitora using their powers to lift Dressrosa’s rubble into the air. When, however, the Straw Hat Pirates and their allies manage to escape from the 🏝️ island, she calms down and celebrates the liberation with the people.

Viola One Piece

The Grand Fleet of Straw Hats: Life in Straw Hat

Viola is amused by the dwarves dressing up as pirates.

The Saga of Zo

A few days later, in light of the Reverie, ViolaRebecca proposes that Rebecca accompany her. MarijoaShe accepts to be a bridesmaid.

Saga of the Reverie

While Riku Dold IIIPlays chess With Elizabello II, RebeccaTells Rufy the latest news, cheering with dwarves

Pirate crew attacked the ships of the Kingdoms of Prodence & DressrosaThe unaccompanied are stopped by Kobi or Hermeppo. The former declares that the marines will travel with the ships of both kingdoms to their destinations after they board.

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She will arrive at MarijoaShe talks with Fukaboshi (Igaram) and shows her approval of how Rebecca, Bibi and ShirahoshiWe are having a friendly chat.

After Charloss’s failed attempt to make her slave, Manshelly watches as Manshelly tends to the wounds of the mermaid princess.

There are differences between anime and manga


The scenes in the film where Viola was with dwarves are longer.

Scarlet later requested that Scarlet take her place in the role of princess.

Viola cried as Mone opened the palace doors. Viola spoke with Kyros upon his arrival.

Saga of Dressrosa

After dancing, she throws Sanji a rose, which he catches and places in his breast pocket. The two first enter a restaurant where the boy cooks for the 👩🏻 woman, and then walk through the streets of Dressrosa.

Viola then cries out to Sanji, but the cook insists and says that he will do as she requested. When she puts his hands on his legs and handcuffs them, and when her powers allow her to read his thoughts, he is shown.

Viola and SanjiFlee from any of these people. Flamingo men are you?Law as they speak to each other. The girl discovers that even though she has the power to find it, she doesn’t know where it is. Jora is defeated.ViolaAgain, the ship is found.

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At the royal palace PicaShe attempts to crush the intruders several more times. She uses a fist to try to step on them. RufyShe activates Gear Second and shatters her body. She is also shown how it works. Rufy, ZoroPica’s attack on them saved them. She also witnessed Rufy and Zoro attacking him several times before the swordsman decided to fight alone. Finally, Rufy watches as he swells up to save himself, and Zoro gives them a way out.

Viola uses her power and discovers that the dwarves have been 😔 defeated by Trebol, but RufyAssures her that Usop will complete the 🎖️ mission.

Rufy quits opening the anime. Law handcuffsHe doesn’t want Viola touching the agalmatolite so he asks Viola.

Viola tells Law she saw Law’s key fall from his handcuffs, but it was too late for him to find it. Rufy takes him away. The girl uses her power to find the key.

When ViolaSearches for ManshellyWith her power, the anime can show multiple rooms within the palace. She lists the enemies crew in a slightly different order.

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Viola informs Tank Lepanto Kyros is exhausted and then comment on the violence between Diamante and the latter. In the manga, she, her father, and Tank Lepanto rethink Scarlet’s death after Diamante’s 😔 defeat, whereas in the anime they do so first.

Viola then uses this power to observe Trebol’s 😔 defeat aRufy’s transformation occurs when he uses Gear Fourth.

He fights Do Flamingo and uses the power of his Devil Fruit. Viola notices when the birdcage stops.

Viola informs her father three days later about the events at the eastern port.

After her father has read the news about the Reverie, she is able to speak. ViolaHe informs him about Rebecca and Kyros’s visit to the royal palace.

Reverie Saga

Rebecca shows Rebecca the paperViolaShe is told by Igaram that she has already read the book. She talks to Igaram when she arrives at Marijoa about Sai becoming commander of the Eight Treasures Ship.


  • Fraudulent name, profession and opposition toFlamingoThis may be a reference Violet GibsonBenito Mussolini’s death was attempted by his friend,.
  • Her name and abilities may refer to ultraviolet rays, which can see what is not visible to the human eye.
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