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In Demon Slayer, Swamp Demon was a demon who carried out a series of kidnappings which Tanjiro Kamado conducted an investigation during his initial mission with his organization, the Demon Slayers Army.

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In Demon Slayer, Swamp Demon was a pale-skinned, young man who had long blue hair, and two long locks of purple on the opposite side of his face. They were held with two hairpins of gold. Like many demons, the demon had claw-like nails. Also, the veins that run across his forehead are extremely obvious. His eyes were red , without pupils. Because they could be divided by the demons, each was distinct from the other by the amount of their horns as well as in their attire. The three demons all were dressed in ninja clothing.

The main body featured one horn that was located in the center of his forehead. He was wearing the long-sleeved shinobi outfit with mesh on his wrists as well as his neck, with the neck mesh had three ribbons that hung from the neck. There were pockets within the coat of his uniform in which he could store the collection of hairpins away from the hands of his clients.

The second body featured two horns that were placed on either side on his head. The shinobi costume he was wearing had no sleeves, but instead two triangular meshes that were small in the armpits and a massive triangular mesh on the chest region.

The third body was adorned with three horns. Each was in the same place as the two other bodies had their own horns. He had a shinobi-style garment that was laced with mesh across both sides of his chest, shoulders, and arms. Underneath his coat carried a turtleneck shirt with sleeves.

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Through the division into three parts, the swamp demon also separated certain aspects of its character to the point where each of them behaved differently from each other.

The demon who was the main one was calm, rational and tranquil. He offered instructions to his companions and even advised his second body that it calm itself and relax, which is the reason he was regarded as the most powerful of the trio of demons. Also, He was a man who thought logically and the evidence for this can be seen in the moment Tanjiro’s relationship was questioned by Nezuko and Nezuko, which he thought was unusual because of the behavior of demons in relation to humans. In addition, He was a bit too excited about his victory and ended up declaring to Tanjiro that it was foolish for entering the swamp. He’s never lost his cool.

The second Demon was not as intelligent, but despite having the same intelligence like the first one had more violence, impulsive , and emotional. He was easily manipulable. He displayed the same emotions the primary one was able to hide.

The third unlike the others, showed no apparent emotions and behaved more intuitively to the point of being a dog that hunts alongside his master, who was following the first and second. He was unable to even speak the word.

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The most common characteristics of the three men were their enthusiasm for kidnapping, and eating teenage girls and their amazing teamwork and the deep apprehension they felt for Muzan Kibutsuji to the point where their bodies began shaking when they heard his name. They believed that once they reached the age of 16 years, women would begin to age and become ugly, while their food would be tasteless They even believed that they should be thankful to be eaten at this age.

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As a human, he encountered Muzan and was given a moniker, and transformed him into an undemon. Muzan warned him to never divulge his name to anyone, and said he’d know immediately if he did. The swamp demon is always afraid of Muzan.

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In the night of every night that is in city of northwestern an additional girl goes missing. A night in particular, Kazumi and his fiancée, Satoko, stroll through the town, and suddenly the girl vanishes. She is accused of the sudden disappearance of her, however, there are rumors of there may be a demon in the night.

Tanjiro is now Tanjiro, now a Demon Slayer gets his first task to visit the city and find this demon. He believes in Kazumi’s story, and spends the entire day searching for clues. It’s only at evening that this demon is active.

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The demon makes use of the demon’s Blood Power to bring one more girl in his muddy dimension. Her scent gets stronger, and Tanjiro is able to trace it to the exact location where the demon has a hand on her underground. He then sticks his knife in the earth, causing the demon to release. The demon spits out a muddy puddle However, Tanjiro notices the girl’s kimono, and is able to get rid of the kimono.

A demon shows up and lets out screaming screams that are piercing before disappearing. Kazumi is able to catch him afterward and Tanjiro requests him to hug the girl to ensure their safety. Tanjiro investigates the area and possible spots where the demon may be seen. Even when he’s immersed in his own muddy swamp the scent of the demon’s stench isn’t eliminated.

Tanjiro detects the demon preparing to strike and he is ready to launch the attack, and then rushes towards the location in which the portal will be revealed. Then, three puddles pop up and three demons are submerged in the swamp. The young slayer is trying to destroy the three demons, but his strike was not enough. He calms himself again eager to let the demon from Muzan Kibutsuji talk. The demon is determined to go at Kazumi along with the female however, Tanjiro defends the two.

Tanjiro’s attack was not enough, however Tanjiro managed to save the other. He was able to get the demon to withdraw. The demons become impatient, Kazumi demands to know what the demon did to his fiancée but is shocked to discover that they have eaten her.

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In a state of panic, Tanjiro quickly escapes the demon’s attack with a flurry. His arm shatters the wall in front of Tanjiro but he leaps over the demon, cutting off the arm. He thinks that it was an error and realizes his body is too close to the wall. Tanjiro turns his body in order to avoid the attack, but is pushed into a backwards arc by an underground assault. The demon is about attack him from behind however, Nezuko gets out from his box and cuts the neck of the demon.

The demon in the swamp wonders why a swordsman should be an undead. With the hypnotic influence that comes from Sakonji Urokodaki, Nezuko believes that all humans are her family and will fight to defend the human race. The demon vanishes into the swamp just in time to escape her attacks. Tanjiro realises that he is able to let Nezuko guard Kazumi while he concentrates at the danger.

A floodgate opens beneath the girls to distract them while the demon with two horns chases the girls. Nezuko helps protect Kazumi and holds the demon in check. Tanjiro is begging Nezuko to protect Kazumi as he goes underground. He is lowered to the Demon Swamp, where there is hardly any air, as well as the clothing of a lot of people who have been killed are floating.

The two demons in the swamp think it is hard for Tanjiro to breathe or move and also that he’s an idiot to take a dive. However, at the summit of Mount Sagiri, the place where Tanjiro was able to spend more than two years of training, air was more scarce than it was in the swamp. In the mountains, Tanjiro also studied forms that are part of Water Breath that allow them to release the full power in the water.

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The demons roar in at the exact moment Tanjiro will attack however he is aware that the best way to counterattack is to wait until they get close. Tanjiro uses a technique which can unleash with no support. It is a brutal cutting vortex created by a brutal turn of the lower and upper body.

The sharp vortex rips the demons into pieces and kills them instantly. In spite of his victory, Tanjiro is saddened by the amount of victims that the demons have taken on. The young man is out of breath and is swimming towards the edge to the much-loved swamp. While, Nezuko overpowers the last remaining demon using his naked hands.

The demon attempts to slide to the bottom of the swamp however, the girl reacts quickly and smothers the kicks to ensure that the demon won’t be able to escape. She attempts to strike him with a powerful kick but he’s able to stop the attack.
Nezuko is way too fast and agile for the monster to plunge back into the mud, but he’s getting used to her basic fighting style. They exchange several blows which can be redirected or dodge before the creature blocks a powerful one in his head. He can block her next attack, knowing that he’ll be able to regenerate from any attack she will throw at him. The demon swoops at Nezuko and can deflect her attack, allowing her an opportunity to cut his forehead by her claws.

The demon from the swamp attempts to take Nezuko off with a claw attack on her face however, Tanjiro comes out of the swamp just in enough time to help save her. Tanjiro cut the arm of the demon in order to demand that the demon refrain from laying the hands of his beloved sister. Then, he cuts off the other arm of the demon before it is able to attack and again, eventually defeating the demon.

The last demon from the swamp gets down and realizes that he’s the only person alive. Tanjiro says that he emits an unpleasant stench. He also inquires about the number of girls he’s abducted. The demon attempts to justify his actions by claiming that it was to kill girls so they wouldn’t age. The demon is furious, Tanjiro cuts off the demon’s tongue before moving onto the next one.
Tanjiro is able to force his blade against the demon before forcing him to retreat against the fence. He wants to know all the information of the demon regarding Muzan. But, Tanjiro is not prepared for the terror of Muzan the demon has created. He is terrified and shakes his bones, insisting that he can’t speak.

The scent of fear is very intense and the demon appears out of fear. He explodes, forcing Tanjiro to have a knife cut out of his head and kill him.

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The demon of the swamp was a powerful demon who was able to use the Blood Power to his advantage.


  • The Swamp Demon was ranked 51st in the very first popularity poll, with just 8 votes.
  • The Swamp Demon’s power to separate his emotions and senses into various bodies is like the bloodthirsty powers that is The Fourth Superior Moon, Hantengu.

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