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In Demon Slayer, Sanemi Shinazugawa is is a Demon Slayer of the Demon Slayer Corps the current Pillar of Wind. In addition, He is also the older brother of Genya Shinazugawa

In Demon Slayer, Sanemi Shinazugawa is is a Demon Slayer of the Demon Slayer Corps the current Pillar of Wind. In addition, He is also the older brother of Genya Shinazugawa



Sanemi is a strong, tall and slim man. The man has silver-colored hair as well as dark eyes. He wears a tucked-in demon hunter’s uniform, as well as the white cape. Due to many encounters with the demons, and the application of his unique blood his body is covered in crooked marks and marks.

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Sanemi is a fiery and a snarky personality, as shown by his insanity and his lack of compassion or empathy. When he first met to Tanjiro, Sanemi was immediately skeptical of the Tanjiro’s explanations of Nezuko and slammed Tanjiro before slashing the box that contained Nezuko inside.

He is almost disrespectful to anyone except Kagai Ubuyashiki who he treats with respect and manners. In spite of his personality Sanemi is determined and is adamant about his beliefs, even if that means facing any actions taken by his relatives who are still alive.

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Genia has a younger sibling. After the death of their fathers the two made a commitment to one another regardless of what happened they faced, to never compromise their family.

But, following the tragic events that occurred on their mom, the two began to become disengaged from one another and later separate.

When he first came across Genya and her family, he said that his brother was lacking aptitude and was not going to become an effective demon hunter.

When he learned of the techniques his brother employed to get stronger and powerful, Sanemi wished to inflict some serious injuries on Genya in order that he could never dream about becoming a Pillar ever again.

He did it in order to ensure that his brother not end up in battle and go on to lead a normal joyful life. At the core, Sanemi worried about his brother as he was afraid to lose his sole family member.



Tanjiro and Sanemi are in a very strenuous relationship. They don’t know the other and, despite the gentle nature of Tanjiro, Tanjiro is bold enough to express his anger towards Sanemi. This has frequently led to them fighting.

However, Tanjiro has never held an animus against him, and has come to the realization that Sanemi’s not an evil person.

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Out of all the gods Sanemi favored the quick killing of Nezuko and Tanjiro the most. He spoke out in open about his hatred for her , and even stabbed her with a sword numerous times, and even cut off his own hand in order to show that Nezuko was not different from other demons, and would drink blood. Following the conclusion of the demon war Nezuko did apologize to Nezuko and made amends with his past. He began treating her like an ordinary person.

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As with the other Pillars Sanemi also respects his leader, however, due to his personality, he could protest against his decisions.

When Sanemi first saw Kagaya He was not a fan of him and had no respect for him . He even claimed that he was leaving the Demon Hunters be killed as he sat in peace, grateful to the Pillars to protect him, stating that his life wasn’t an important factor. But, when Kagaya spoke about his reasons and his weak body, Sanemi was able to comprehend. Sanemi began to appreciate Kagaya after he discovered that Kagaya was able to memorize all names of the deceased Demon Hunters, including his friend who had passed away.

Sanemi was extremely angry when Kagaya was killed in an explosion designed to slow down Mudzan Kibutsuji.

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in Demon Slayer, Sanemi Shinazugawa was the oldest son in a family with seven children. He was a part of the family alongside both of his parents. He was raised in a home that was abusive, in which his father beat the children as well as his wife was also a victim of violence.

Nobody loved his father, and no one was shocked that the man was killed. The brothers thought that the loss of their father only helped their lives. Sanemi gave his brother the opportunity to shield their family from suffering However, Genya informed him that it was always been this way. Together, they formed the backbone of their family.
A day later, Sanemi’s mom didn’t come home. The mother did not realize that her children would be worried about her location and so Sanemi set out to find her.

There was a sudden knocking sound from the door. When the children opened the doors and walked in, they were instantly killed by their mother who was turned into an undead. To protect his siblings, Sanemi forced his mother from the house, leaving the younger son Genyu to look after his siblings.

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After putting the injured children inside the house, Genya feverishly set out to locate a doctor to take care of the children. When she arrives in the town, Genya finds Sanemi in the middle of the road with his mother dead on his feet. Genya is furious with Sanemi, accusing him of being an “murderer,” and gets angry, accusing him of numerous slanders while accusing him murdering their mother.

Then, Sanemi denies Genya as his brother , for accusing him of murder and being on a solo trip.
Due to all of those incidents, Sanemi is suffering from psychological trauma that has affected his physical health The boy was unable to see the colors around him and everything was black and white, that caused him to have some issues during the evening. Alongside that it was that he started to exhibit suicidal thoughts and in an attempt to soothe the pain in his head, he started to hunt monsters by himself.

While fighting alongside his mum, the teen observed that after being injured and began bleeding the mother began to slow her movements and became more confused. It turned out that Sanemi was the only person to have the rarest blood that is a favourite food item for demons, and appears to attract them by the smell. This was a huge help to the boy during his hunt for demons.
In the beginning, he would head to the mountain in the late at night, capture demons with any object he could locate and then hang their bodies on trees and wait for the sun to rise to destroy them. Sanemi hunted down demons for a long time, but was not aware of Demon Slayers or Nichirin Blades. But, one day, the demon hunter he encountered known as Masachika Kumeno who introduced him Pillar of the Wind. They joined forces and worked for a long period of time and then performed their work as demon hunter.

After they had killed their opponent, the First Inferior Moon, but because Masachika did not make it through that battle, only Sanemi was able to be a Pillar.

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Sanemi is present at the Pillars meeting that is held in the Ubuyashiki Manor after the attack on the Smith Village, as do the other Pillars. As Mitsuri Kanroji attempts to explain the process by which she acquired the mark, she looks at her with displeasure because she can’t adequately explain what happened, but the moment Muichiro Tokito recounts the feelings he experienced when the mark appeared on his body Sanemi dismisses him and claims that it’s quite easy to accomplish, and then the mark is rejected from Guyu Tomioka. After it’s been agreed to provide a lot of training for those in the Demon Slayer Corps to assist to as many Demon Hunters as possible manifest their mark, Sanemi is enthralled at the prospect of this. However, he has an dispute with Giyu who is adamant that he will not train alongside the other Pillars and claims that he’s “not like them,” due to his conviction that he is not worthy for being a Pillar title. Sanemi doesn’t understand Giyu’s words or emotions and believes Giyu that Pillar in the name of Water is arrogant.

Sanemi’s instruction was a straightforward combat exercise where the students took on at the Pillar of the Wind until they fell unconscious or became unfit to continue. The training sessions were conducted with great precision and terrorized Zenica Agatsuma until the point where Zenica, a youthful Demon Hunter ran away from the course, only to be prevented from doing so by Tanjiro’s Kamado. Sanemi attempts at intimidating Tanjiro and tells him that he’s not accepted the idea yet and Tanjiro replies that he’s not accepted it , either, because it was he who hit the Nezuko Kamado and the Pillar is amazed by the courage of Tanjiro. But, Sanemi beats Tanjiro so brutally that the boy receives numerous bruises on his face. In one of Tanjiro’s breaks, he is stopped by Genya Shinazugawa and tries to speak to his brother however, Sanemi is furious at Tanjiro, telling him there is no one to talk to and to not bother him by telling him that if he doesn’t, the boy will be ripped to pieces.

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He then states that Genya has to be removed from the enclosure since it is not possible to use breathing techniques and then leaves. Genya is devastated by the words of his brother’s remarks and calls to him that he’s always wanted to apologize to him but Sanemi turns away and tells Genya to go. When Genya learns that he had overcome his inability to breathe through eating demons to fight, Sanemi is stunned and turns to try to get his fingers in Genya’s eyes. However, Genya is saved by the help of Tanjiro who shields him from the abrasion in time. Screaming in anger at Pillar’s inappropriate behavior towards his brother and fellow participant in his Corps, Tanjiro asks why Sanemi is trying to take out Genya and Sanemi responds that his actions go against the Corps code, and Sanemi would prefer to make Genya unable to fight to the point that he is removed from the Corps. Tanjiro protests by saying that Sanemi is in nothing to gain by doing these actions to his brother. He is involved in a dispute with Pillar which turns into a major battle with the other students in an effort to stem Sanemi’s madness. The fight continued throughout the night and Tanjiro was slapped with a suspension from the head as well as being barred to travel close to Sanemi and instead being required to attend his Gyomei Himejima training session.

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As Tanjiro is leaving Stone Pillar training for Water Pillar training, Sanemi trains with Giyu and taunts him with phrase “Too slow!” as well as “You’re no different from the other Pillars!” Due to the Wind Pillar’s fury at Tomioka’s remarks during the gathering, practice could have escalated into a brutal brawl when their wooden swords fell off. It would have been the case had Tanjiro did not arrive at them at the right time. When the wooden swords crack Tanjiro intervenes and attempts to settle Sanemi as well as Giya down by saying that they should all consume ohagi together. This is how Tanjiro finds out that Shinazugawa is a lover of ohagi, (especially his grandmother’s). However, he is struck on the cheek by Sanemi and is unable to sleep for an indefinite period. After waking up, Giyu says that he can’t come up with a common language Sanemi. He also tells him that he’s off somewhere.

While walking down a set of steps, Shinazugawa notices something fishy in the bush. After noticing a rustle in the bushes and he swats an eyes at Nakime which enabled Kibutsuji Muzan to discover the whereabouts that was the location of the Ubuyashiki family’s mansion.

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SKILLS AND POWER Of Daki Demon Slayer



Rare Blood Sanemi has one of the rarest bloods. It is similar to valerian for cats. When they breathe it in, they are drunk. The effects of Sanemi’s blood can be observed even on powerful demons such like the high moons. The effects of poisoning are a rise in heartbeat as well as a decrease in concentration and speed.

The Muscle Control Control of the muscles he uses Sanemi has the ability to stop bleeding from wounds. This ability left a lasting impression Kokushibo.



Initial styleSand Whirl Blow (Yi noXing: Lu Xuan Feng, Xue Ichi no kata: Jin Senpusogi) Sanemi sprints to the front into the tilted cycle of the trunk.
Second styleClaws Clearing Wind The swordsman lifts his sword to the right, over his head, then executes an upward vertical strike, with four blades of wind which are slashing at the enemy as claws.
3rd StyleStaggering in the wind Sanemi swivels his sword, unleashing powerful winds that slam the enemies.
fourth styleRising Dust Storm (Si ShinoXing kata Sheng shiyouShang ziyouSha, ZINLAN RUN Shi no Kata: Shojo sa Jinran) Sanemi swipes her sword horizontally before creating an arc of multiple slices that block attack from enemies.
Fifth StyleBlizzard (Wu noXing: Mu Ku rashiOroshi Go no Kata : Kogarashi oroshi) – Sanemi strikes from above, causing several arched cuts.
Sixth StyleSwirl of smoke in black Sanemi takes an intense attack with his blade, creating a swirl that resembles many blades in its path.
Seventh Style Unexpected Gust Of Wind Sanemi generates an air gust that cuts through his opponent.
Eighth style: Primal Storm Strike Sanemi jumps in the air before swinging his blade, which produces circular streams of wind.

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Interresting about SANEMI SHINAZUGAWA Demon Slayer
  • Sanemi was ranked 15th in the most popular person with 707 votes.
  • Sanemi is fond of ohagi and is often the one to make these. But his pride does not permit him to discuss the subject.
  • Sanemi likes dogs.
  • Sanemi was a Pillar when he defeated First Inferior Moon.
  • A parallel world within “Blade Academy,” Sanemi is an instructor in math who will not accept his students’ failing to master lessons.
  • Also, in “Blade Academy”, Sanemi once threw him out in the window smash bros fashion after a student yelled that math is not needed in the near future.
  • The alternate world in which Sanemi lives regularly talks to Kanae-sensei, a biology professor who is among the three most beautiful individuals in the Academy. Due to their frequent interactions there was an “Kill Sanemi-sensei” plot for some time, but after the smash bros scandal took place, that plot was lost.
  • A lot of kindness to elderly children, women, and the elderly. However, when Sanemi is near to kids, they begin crying.
  • The zodiac sign for the zodiac is Sagittarius.

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