Tomoko Shiretoko : Everything You Need To Know

Tomoko Shiretoko ragdoll My Hero Academia Mha

In My Hero Academia, Tomoko Shiretoko is also called Ragdoll, is an ex-professional heroine of the number. 32. She was a member of the team known as hero Wild Wild Pussycats.

Personality Tomoko Shiretoko My Hero Academia

Personality Tomoko Shiretoko

Even in the overly enthusiastic and eccentric crew made up of Pussycats, Ragdoll stands out for having the most energetic personality. Ragdoll is extremely energetic, and can be seen in her expressions, like her frequent blinking, or her inability to remain still.

After she lost her gift and her success as an hero, she’s deeply sad and broken. After adjusting to her loss, she has maintained her usual hyperactive personality, and is now assisting her former teammates, proving that she’s still positive despite the new circumstances.

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Appearance Tomoko Shiretoko Mha

Appearance Tomoko Shiretoko

Tomoko is a slim lady. She has long , turquoise-blue hair and big round eyes, yellow and round with tiny pupils.

As the other members of her group She wears an animal-themed hero costume that includes a yellow shirt that resembles a marching uniform that exposes her belly; a frilly skirt and a tail with orange stripes an orange belt, with small pouches, and the buckle is silver and resembles an image of a cat with blue cushions and large clawed gloves that have claws that resemble cats’ print on its paws; as well as large gloves that have claws that look like a cat’s paw print and blue cushions.

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large gloves that resemble white cat paws, yellow boots that have black faux fur and white horizontal stripes at the top. They also come with a type of helmet with headphones protruding that resemble cats’ ears. There are three thin lines on his cheeks that resemble feline whiskers , and an area around his right eye.

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Skills Tomoko Shiretoko

Skills Tomoko Shiretoko

Search: This allowed him to monitor and observe 100 people at once and even identify the location of each person and their weak spots.

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Equipment Tomoko Shiretoko

Equipment Tomoko Shiretoko

Cat Gloves Ragdoll’s gloves function similar to actual cat paws. The claws are used as weapons that tear apart and take on the adversaries.

Headphones The feline’s ear-shaped helmet and headphones is a great way to connect with others on her team.


  • “Zhi ” repeated twice in his full name, means “to know, wisdom” and “Chuang ” means “bed, floor, padding, tatami”.
  • Ragdoll’s most loved objects are those of her fellow teammates: Mandalay, Pixie-bob and Tiger.
  • He was the first victim of All For One Don.
  • Based on the bonus content in Volume 10 It was his idea to create”the” Wild Wild Pussycats.
  • His name as his hero, just like other teammates originates from a breed cat.
  • “Rogdoll’s” Latin American voice actress, Maria Elisa Ayerbe, also appears as No. 13.
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