My Hero Academia Main Character : Everything You Need To Know

My hero academia main character

My hero academia whose release date is April 3rd 2016 is one of the best anime of the decade for some. There are a lot of charismatic and varies characters but in this article we will just talk about the 3 main characters (the main character and his 2 rivals).

1- Todoriki Rival Main character in My hero Academia

The size of Todoriki

Who is Shoto in MHA ?

Shoto Todoroki my hero academia

Shoto Todoroki also known as Shoto is the tritagonist ( and rival of main character ) of the manga and anime series My Hero Academia. Born January 11 Near Shizuoka Prefecture.
He is a student in class 1-A in the United States. High school, where he entered thanks to official recommendations and trains to become a professional hero. He is Endeavor’s youngest son, the # 1 (formerly # 2) Hero.

Appearance of Shoto Todoroki

Shoto is a reasonably tall and rather muscular young man who has well-built body for his age. He has fairly long hair, although it doesn’t go down his neck. In addition, he wears bangs, parted twice so as not to obscure his vision. Her hair is split between two colors: white on her side and crimson red on the left, this coloring being due to her quirkiness.

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As a result, he also has iridium heterochromia, which causes the iris in his left eye to appear turquoise, while his right is a dark brownish gray. His eyes, in good shape, are quite choppy and reserved. Additionally, he has a large burn scar on the left side of his face, which stretches from his hairline to halfway down his cheek. He usually has a serious expression. Despite this, however, several of the girls in his class have claimed that he is good looking and Mina Ashido even goes so far as to say that he is the prettiest guy in Class 1-A.

Shoto Quirk MHA

Style Shoto

During school hours, he wears a regular UAE male uniform of a substitute. Also. the usual brown dress shoe by casual pale cyan and gray lace-up sneakers. In his initial hero costume, he wears a plain off-white shirt with matching pants and boots, with two gold suspenders going over his shoulders. He has what appears to be ice-like material covering his entire left side, even his head, although it’s detachable, which he wears as a way to dismiss the fire aspect of his quirk.

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His updated hero costume consists of a dark blue jacket with long elbow-length sleeves, a high collar and connected in the center with a gray collar, loose pants in the same color, a metal-plated combat vest and pants. white boots, their soles and a thin line running down the center of each of them a darker pale gray. He also sports a brown utility belt around his waist, with small metal pods with medical supplies hanging from the front.Later, in the Provisional Hero’s Licensing Exam Arc, his costume gains two burgundy wrist guards with metal plating, which help regulate his body temperature after his attacks, and his boots now have a set of straps.

During Spring Break, Shoto further upgrades his costume, which has some visual similarities to his father’s second costume. His wrist guards now feature armor-like bracing and come with a plating running from his wrist to his knuckles. His jacket now features a large gray-blue T-shaped stripe running from his waist to his armpits, and his utility belt now holds two large containers along with his medical supplies. Her costume is also a darker shade of blue than her previous costumes.

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Personality of Shoto

Shoto originally had a cold and distant personality, which stemmed from his violent upbringing and complicated family life. Focused and emotionless, Shoto preferred to stay to himself instead of hanging out with other people. After the events of the UAE Sports Festival, however, Shoto notably became more sociable and kind, even gaining a sense of humor and smiling at times, while retaining a few fragments of his previous aloof demeanor. After the provisional hero license course,

he began to open up more to his classmates and lightened his usually serious demeanor. Still, Shoto isn’t quite used to socializing yet, coming off as a bit dense when it comes to understanding certain phrases and figures of speech.

Although usually calm and reserved, Shoto initially possessed a moderate level of arrogance, which, combined with his lonely tendencies, sometimes caused him to take the initiative without considering the opinions of others, showing the confidence that he could face. all obstacles with its own strength. He was also much more hostile, to the point of making Inasa Yoarashi resent him when he was not wiser.

Even in the present, Shoto seems to prefer to act alone, but only for practical purposes, as it allows him to unleash all of his power without having to worry about friendly fire. Calm and yet brutal in combat, Shoto is firmly grounded in the ethics of heroism, only willing to subdue his frozen opponents instead of killing them by prolonging the freeze.

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Abilities of Shoto MHA

Shoto had a deep loathing for his fiery abilities, which he inherited from Endeavor, as it symbolized his father’s meanness towards him and his mother as well as what he was born to be: a tool to overcome all mighty, a fate he hated. As such, Shoto decided to rely solely on his freezing power and never use the other half of his quirk in battles, going so far as to cover his left torso and arm with ice in his first hero costume. to symbolize his rebellion against his father.

QUirk Shoto Mha

Shoto often felt disturbed by the mere presence of Endeavor, and could barely contain his anger while speaking to him, especially whenever the pro hero brought up the purpose he had planned for his son since before he was born.

Link between Izuku Midoriya and Shoto Todoroki Mha

Shoto ignores his resentment after listening to Izuku’s words.
During his match with Izuku Midoriya at the United States Sports Festival, Izuku’s speech resurfaced the memory of his mother’s supportive words, and for the first time since childhood, Shoto used his firepower to fight. After the battle, Shoto had mixed feelings about using his left side, but after reconciling with his mother.

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Shoto finally accepted the half he once hated and became ready to train him more. Although he was marked by her as a young child, Shoto shows no hatred or aversion towards his mother, visiting her often since the end of the Sports Festival. Shoto derives his heroic values ​​from All Might, a trait he shares with Izuku and Katsuki Bakugo, having fond memories of watching the Peace Symbol on TV with Rei.

Relation between Shoto and Endeavor

However, Shoto’s grudge towards Endeavor has not yet faded, even though he respects his father’s ability as a hero, himself admitting that such resentment couldn’t go away so easily and that he had wrong to try to bury it. Having been deprived of a normal childhood so his father could train him to fulfill his own selfish ambitions, Shoto still holds various psychological scars, which tend to reappear when others compare him to Endeavor. Because of this and Izuku’s influence, Shoto is now striving to become a hero, but without following the same path as his father.

Shoto remains relatively cold towards Endeavor and has made it clear that forgiveness for his past treatment of him and his mother is difficult, but has shown concern for his father’s safety. Since Endeavor tried to mend his relationship with his family, Shoto has taken a cautious, but hopeful, approach to development.

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2- Bakugo Rival Main Character in MHA

Katsuki Bakugo Size

Bakugo size rival main character my hero academia
Bakugo measuring 172cm tall

Who is Bakugo in MHA ?

Katsuki Bakugo Born April 20 Near Shizuoka Prefecture, also known as Kacchan by childhood friends and hero name Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight (High school, training to become a professional hero. He is the deuteragonist (or the rival of main character) of the series My hero academia.

Appearance of Katsuki Bakugo

Katsuki is a young man of average height, with a slim and muscular build and a fair complexion. He has short, tangy, sandy blonde hair with choppy bangs that hang over his eyebrows. Its eyes are pointed and bright red in color.
At school, he wears the standard US uniform without the usual red tie.

Bakugo Alter Size my hero academia main character

Under his blazer, he wears a white collar shirt with the top few buttons undone. His pants are worn loosely, causing him to sag at his ankles, although he wears a belt with them.

Style Katsuki Bakugo

Her hero costume consists of a tight, black, sleeveless tank top, with an orange “X” in the middle, forming a V-neck. There are two dots along the left line of her collar, indicating the company support who designed his costume. Her costume also has a metal neck brace worn with rectangular ends that have three holes on each side. His sleeves extend from the inside of his large grenade-shaped gauntlets to his biceps. His belt, which also wears grenades, holds his baggy pants with knee pads, under which he wears black, knee-high combat boots with orange soles and eyelets.

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Bakugo quirk my hero academia main character

Her mask is jagged and black, and going around her eyes a large, orange-rimmed flared shape protrudes from either side.
In winter he wears a large jacket with a high collar, rather than the usual tank top, although it has the same orange “X” pattern, so that he can still sweat enough, this is how his Quirk works.

While interning under top Jeanist, the fiber hero attempted to teach Katsuki the importance of maintaining a positive appearance. To that end, he’s taken the liberty of making a few changes to Katsuki’s outward appearance to make him less intimidating. During this tenure, her wild spiky hair was combed into a neat side part. Best Jeanist also made changes to Katsuki’s hero costume; he got rid of Katsuki’s pomegranate mask and gauntlets and made her wear a pair of stylish blue denim jeans in place of her usual baggy pants.

Bakugo Personality

Katsuki is a rude, arrogant, short-tempered and aggressive person, especially at the start of the series. Katsuki tends to come across as unheroic, if not downright mean to those who don’t know him. This problematic behavior dates back to his childhood when he was known to bully a young Izuku Midoriya. He is hostile towards Izuku, mainly due to his former status as ruthless.

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 Bakugo my hero academia main character

However, after being accepted into the UAE and suffering several personal defeats, one of which even came from Izuku, Katsuki gradually turned into a less antagonistic person, while still retaining many of his unpleasant traits. Although often portrayed negatively, Katsuki’s fierce character and competitive drive actually granted him a prominent role in Class 1-A, as a sort of inspirational mood maker.

Abilities of Katsuki The best rival of main character in My hero academia

Determined and thirsty for victory, Katsuki strangely smiles in the midst of battle. He focus incredibly on achieving his own authentic victories and has learned to never underestimate his opponents. Katsuki is not only very athletic and talented in combat, but also very intelligent and extremely perceptive, able to strategically plan and improvise. In addition, Katsuki’s grades are among the highest in his class and he already could read well

by the age of 4, proof that he takes studying seriously. Katsuki also has surprising talent in other areas. , such as cooking and music, even if he shows no particular interest in them. Overall, Katsuki considers herserlf a natural genius with the potential to be one of the best professional heroes around.

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Although a rather volatile hero in training, Katsuki is smart enough to discern who his enemies and allies are. He is not particularly kind or open to people who are on his side, or someone else for that matter, but will act less hostile and sometimes even kind to those who manage to earn his respect.

Due to his demeanor and vulgar language, Katsuki’s American classmates often react negatively to him, although they have come to appreciate his skills and warm to his personality. Katsuki slowly matured throughout her time in the UAE, befriending some of her classmates and willingly engaging in social interaction with them, while remaining aloof and lonely for the most part.

3- My Hero Academia main Character DEKU

The Size Izuku Midoriya

Deku Size my hero academia main character
Izuku measuring 166cm

Who Is Izuku Midoriya ?

IZUKU MIDORIYA, Born July 15 Near Shizuoka Prefecture, also known as DEKU is the main protagonist or character of the manga and anime series My Hero Academia.
Even though Izuku was born Without Alters, he manages to gain the attention of legendary hero All Might due to his innate heroism and a strong sense of justice, and has since become his close pupil, as well as a pupil of class 1-A in the United States. High school. All Might passed on his transferable quirk to Izuku, making him the ninth holder of One For All.

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After the Paranormal Liberation War, with Tomura Shigaraki and All For One actively targeting Izuku for his quirk. He decided to leave the United States before completing his first year to keep his classmates away from evil. He continues to fight the bad guys.

Appearance of Izuku Midoriya – Our main character in My hero academia

IZUKU is a bit short for his age. His round face framed by a short mess of fluffy dark green hair that sticks at odd angles around his head. Casting noticeably dark shadows on himself. Also, Her eyes are large and somewhat circular and their irises the same green color as her hair. Which is sometimes very watery, giving her an innocent and energetic appearance. He has a set of four symmetrical freckles in diamond formations, one on each cheek. But despite these prominent features he is often described by others as simple in appearance.

Izuku  Midoriya character My hero academia

Although he was initially very lean. Izuku gained toned muscles after his ten months of extensive training with All Might. Also, as the series progresses these develop and define themselves in as it gradually strengthens.

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After his battle with SHOOTO TODOROKI

The fingers of his right hand are slightly deformed and his hand shows scars. His right arm was further damaged after his fight with Muscular, leaving more scars all over. After his recovery from said fight, Izuku wears a black compression sleeve over the upper part of his right arm in order to withstand the heavy damage he suffered: it is partially visible when wearing short sleeves.

Izuku VS Shoto Mha

While in high school, he wore a plain black gakuran uniform with yellow buttons, accompanied by white sneakers. At home, he wears a green jinbei over a white shirt and gray sweatpants.

In the United States

He wears the standard male uniform: a light gray blazer with dark turquoise trims over a white dress shirt and dress pants, as well as a red tie which he does not do correctly, leaving him much more short than it should be. Instead of the plain brown shoes worn by the majority of the student body. Finally, the my hero academia main character wears his signature pair of red tops with white soles and black laces.

Original Hero Costume

Izuku’s original hero costume is a full green belt jumpsuit with a red belt, elbow pads, knee pads and gloves, along with his iconic red boots. He also wears a mask with long ear-shaped protrusions that resemble All Might’s haircut. In addition, he has a respirator with a makeshift smile that also mirrors that of said hero. The costume has taken a lot of damage as a result of its first battle with Katsuki Bakugo.

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Hence its repair later. which is why during the U.S.J. Arc and My Hero Academia – Save! Rescue training, Izuku had to wear the United States gymnastics uniform. This outfit consists of a dark blue high-necked tracksuit with thick white lines on her torso and down her legs, forming the letters “U” and “A”, and with that, a respirator.

Midoriya Personality

Izuku is a character who is dynamic. Although he began out as unsure, tearful and unsure of his abilities, powers and the way he handles his quirk He soon transforms into more focused, diligent and determined person with his eyes towards becoming a great hero. It is his time in the U.A. and the experiences he gained, as well as being the successor of All Might to One For All, has helped him grow as a character and hero-in-training.

What really defines Izuku is his brave spirit and his willingness to aid or help anyone without hesitation. Also, he is even when he does not have the strength or ability. Deku immediately became concerned and trembling after seeing Eri’s fear and the bandsages around her arms. The thought of not being able to save her from the accident, it remained in his mind. He later shocked when he learned the details of her treatment. While an issue for him was also fuelling his drive to save her with his fellow comrade Mirio Togata.

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Abilities of our main character in My hero Academia

Prior to the acquisition of his Quirk, Izuku displayed several traits that are similar at heroes. Like his bravery and selfless service to those who needed assistance and helping others. These qualities alone attracted interest of the idol. All Might himself, who decided that he was qualified to use the Quirk, One For All. Also, he keep his legacy alive in his place as the new symbol of peace and peace. So Midoriya is the 9th user for One For All. Finally he help Izuku to fulfill his goal to be the world’s Greatest Hero.

One for All 

One For All is a quirk that the owners give through generations. It’s currently the property of Izuku as sucessor of All Might. One For All allows Izuku to build up power, which increases his stamina, endurance and expertise. Izuku has become the only user to experience an emotional connection with previous users from One For All. Also, the main character my hero academia is the first person to take over all their quirks.

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