True Storie review and ending explained: What’s Happened?

Kevin Hart’s new thriller True Story has dropped on Netflix in case you missed it during Thanksgiving Week. This is a significant departure from Hart’s comedy roots and Jumanji fame. Hart clearly wants to be a serious actor after his first venture into drama with Netflix’s Fatherhood. Hart’s move into more serious acting roles seems to be paying off with True Story.

True Story shows how Kid manages to get away with murder while maintaining his comedy career and acting career. It also includes a limited series that throws everyone off the scent, even those closest to him. There are many twists and turns along the way, including one involving Carlton.

Although it might not be obvious at first, the seven-episode series reveals that there is something wrong with Carlton’s financial problems and the fact that we never see Kid’s body. These clues are obvious, and in the last episode, the series’ secrets unravel, and the truth is revealed. For those who are unsure about what happened, this is the True Story.

What happened at the End of True Stories?

What happened at the End of True Stories?

First, Daphne, the woman Kid believed had died from an Oxycontin overdose, is actually alive. She is actually Simone and has teamed up to Kid’s brother Carlton, in order to con Kid out of millions and even millions of dollars.

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They joined forces with Ari, a gangster who helped Simone “dispose” her. They promised Ari a cut from the $6 million they think they could nab. When Kid tries to blackmail Kid, it goes wrong. Carlton assists him in getting rid of Ari’s body and the two blame Gene, Kid’s number 1 fan. Unfortunately for Kid, Carlton, Ari’s brother realizes Gene isn’t the murderer and seek revenge. Poor Gene.

Kid and Carlton think they have escaped the responsibility. They go out to celebrate. After Carlton falls asleep, Kid looks at the texts between Simone and him on his brother’s phone and discovers the truth. He confronts his brother, and informs Carlton that he has been officially cut off. The brothers of Ari catch up to him.

After a fight, Kid managed to grab a gun and kill both his brothers. Kid finally turns the gun on his brother, and shoots him as well. He blames Ari’s murder on Carlton and Carlton’s on Ari’s brothers. This whole incident gives his career an even greater boost.

True Story is now available on Netflix.

True Story: Who killed Daphne

True Story: Who killed Daphne

To cover up the Daphne (Ash Santos) incident, the Kid and Carlton make drastic decisions. They even get involved in the mob.

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Kid is devastated when a variety of facts are revealed to him.

Daphne is alive and well.

She’s actually not called Daphne. It turns out that she is Simone, his on-off girlfriend and Carlton’s sister. Together they devised a scam to con Kid out of his hard-earned million.

Revelations are possible through blackmail

Carlton hires Ari (Billy Zane), a gangster to dispose of Daphne’s body. Although Ari seems to have done the job, Kid believes the matter is over. However, Ari refuses to pay Ari a mere few thousand dollars when he realizes Kid is going to be a major star in “Antiverse,” a superhero movie. Ari demands $6 million cash and Kid responds by strangling Ari.

True Story: Who killed Daphne

Kid is again forced to call Carlton to clean up the mess. The brothers then team up to dispose Ari’s body. Kid is placed in the crosshairs by Ari’s two seedy brothers, Savvas and Nikos (John Ales), as well as at the center of a police investigation due to Ari’s sloppy disposal.

Carlton has a simple answer: they will pin Ari’s murder at the feet of Gene (Theo Rossi), a devoted Kid’s fan who also captured Kid and Carlton throwing Ari’s body into a dumpster. Carlton places Ari’s watch upon Gene. Ari’s brothers torture Gene to death, but soon discover the truth thanks to his video evidence. Kid and Carlton are relieved to think they have escaped with murder and go out for another night.

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When Kid examines Carlton’s texts, everything changes. He soon discovers that Daphne is actually Carlton’s girlfriend and that Ari had devised a scheme to defraud Kid. Things quickly spiral into a flurry of bullets, recrimination and ended in Carlton’s suicide.

Kevin Hart was inspired by Narcos, his real life problems and Narcos.

The shocking conclusion of “True Story”, which tells a twisted story of murder, brings it to an end. It involves fratricide. Kid kills his brother for no reason.

It’s a battle between Kid and his past. Carlton is the character’s past Philadelphia life — a time of addiction. Carlton has not only never been able to escape his old life, but he also enjoys it. Hart said the story was loosely inspired from his own life. CBS News reported that he likens Kid’s story as a “parallel universe” for him. Hart said in an interview with The New York Times, that the appeal of doing wrong and backsliding while in the public eye is something Hart values.

“It’s so easy to do dumb [expletive]. It is available at any time you need it. It takes conscious effort to do the right thing and live life well. It’s hard work,” he said to the newspaper. He said that his success is dependent on having a team who’s willing to say no.

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Kid has made it clear that he doesn’t want anyone to help him in “True Story” because he has shut down his team to hear old voices. Carlton is everything Kid has tried to let go of from his past with his sober California lifestyle. Kid realizes that his loyalty to Carlton is causing him to fall into a pit of evil and does what he believes is the best thing he can do: he kills the brother he loves.

“True Story” refers to shedding your past

True Story: Who killed Daphne

We are able to interview Kid at the end of the program, where he tells us about the horrific triple murder of Ari and Carlton’s brothers. Their shared conflict is the reason for Ari, Nikos and Savvas’ murders. Kid claims to have no knowledge of Carlton’s criminal activities and portrays himself as an innocent victim in this interview.

“True Story” explores the twisted brotherly dependence. It also focuses on the pressure cooker rising stars. Kevin Hart shares this sentiment with Kid. Hart has had his share of controversy. He resigned as host for the 2018 Oscars ceremony following homophobic comments he made years ago (per The New York Times). Hart explained to The New York Times in 2021 that everyone has a different boiling point. Hart said that if you take away a celebrity’s career, it is worse than death.

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Kid then plans to kill Ari and his brother. He will then try to hide the truth of Ari’s death to protect his image. During the climactic interview, Kid can be heard making comments about how people will go to save their lives. However, the interviewer believes Kid is talking about Carlton. Kid doesn’t disabuse them. Although he is obviously affected by the events, he doesn’t regret it.

Netflix’s True Story ending explained

Netflix's True Story ending explained

Kid must make difficult decisions to preserve his innocence throughout the series. But a major twist occurs when Daphne, the supposedly dead woman (played brilliantly by Ash Santos), turns out to actually be alive and her real name is Simone.

Simone has been revealed to be in a fling with Kid’s older brother Carlton (played here by Wesley Snipes). The pair have been scamming Kid all along in hopes of extorting cash from him.

They made this deal with Ari, a gangster played by Billy Zane. Ari demands $6 million from Kid to cover up Simone’s fake murder (which Kid initially believed was real).

However, things do not go according to plan. Kid strangles Ari to death. Carlton is forced to assist his younger sibling in getting rid of the body.

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Netflix's True Story ending explained

They dispose of the body in a dumpster. Did they really think that would work? It is quickly discovered by police, who begin an investigation. A fan obsessed with the comedians, Gene (played here by Theo Rossi), had videotaped the men while they were in the dumpster.

Kid enters damage control and invites Gene to his inner circle in an effort to keep him quiet. Starstruck, he appears happy to do so. But Carlton isn’t convinced and orders Ari’s brothers to frame Gene by gifting him a watch that belonged to the deceased man.

Kid finds texts from Simone on Carlton’s phone, revealing the original plot against him. Kid is deeply disturbed and tells Carlton he has been cut off.

This is when things actually start to take a turn. Kid walks away from his brother and runs into Ari’s brothers, who realize they have been played by the same men who killed their sibling.

They attempt to attack Kid and Carlton. In the ensuing fight, Kid pulls out a gun, and shoots both of their heads.

Kid then shoots his brother Carlton to death for good measure. Kid arranges for the bloody scene so that it looks like Ari’s brothers have killed Carlton.

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What happens after True Story Kid?

Kid appears to have escaped with the murders. Ari’s death is pinned on Carlton, and the comedian pretends ignorance to his brother’s misdealings. He insists that he wants his career and life to be his best.

In a chilling moment, Kid gives a TV interview in which he discusses the extreme measures people take to protect themselves.

The end of the finale

The end of the finale

Three Days Later. Kid is accompanied by Natalie D. Woodard, a make-up artist who shares her grief over Carlton’s passing. Herschel, who has checked himself out of the hospital, appears to be in good spirits. He does however reveal to Todd and Kid that he overheard all Kid’s comments to Carlton during the football match.

Kid finally reveals the truth. It was kind of. He reveals that Carlton faking Simone’s death set him up, that Ari was killed after he tried getting money from him, and that Gene was set up by Carlton. Kid then claims that Carlton killed Ari after he tried to get money out of him, and that Carlton set up Gene.

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Herschel, regardless of Kid’s story is understandably angry at Kid for only protecting himself. He announces that he will protect Kid’s story only if he gets six million dollars. Kid agrees and prefers that his money go to Herschel rather than Carlton or Ari. Todd tells Herschel to leave, and Kid informs Todd that he would like his fee for the sequel to be increased by six millions dollars.

Based on a true-life story

Based on a true-life story

Many have wondered, given the title of the show’s episode, if the shocking story is connected to real-life events. The short answer is no.

Kevin Hart’s comedy background is a big part of his character, but you can rest assured that he is not a real-life serial killer.

Eric Newman, the show’s creator, confirmed to the New York Times Hart that Kid was an inspiration. However, he put Kid in a situation beyond what any real-life actor has ever experienced.

He told the publication that he might be driven to do horrible things if my children were in danger.

Based on a true-life story

“If you take away a celebrity’s career, it is worse than death. The series ends with a Kid interview, which we only saw a small portion of at episode one. The story was portrayed by Kid as Ari and the woman trying to extort Kid. Carlton then killed them for their attempts to trick his brother.

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The truth is that Kid painted the story as Ari and the woman being together. However, it makes Kid look completely out of the situation. He stated that he didn’t know what was happening throughout the events.He also stated that he wanted to try to become “…the greatest guy that he can…that’s how I will make my story happy.

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