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Vinsmoke Reiju

Vinsmoke Reiju is the princess of the 🏰 kingdom of Germa, as a member of the Vinsmoke familyA commander of Germa 66.


ReijuA girl with pink hair to her shoulder that covers her right eye, and her eyebrows curled to her left with blue eyes. A pink dress with a high neck shows her belly button, a dark purple cape and dark blue gloves. She also has black he headphones with 66 written in yellow and a tattoo of 6 on each thigh. She looks very much like her younger brother. SanjiTo the point that RufyInitial mistakenly, he mistook her as his partner.

Wearing a scarf is not a good idea.Germa66Clothing: She wears a headband to cover her hair, and a short satin gown with a neckline & tie.

As a child, her hair was shorter and she wore a pink gown with a small black dress. ZThe top right, or with the number 0, in the middle. She wore a black hairstyle and a purple scarf around the neck.


ReijuShe is kind to her caregivers and family members. He resents rudeness to the point of kicking his younger πŸ‘¦πŸ» brother. She flirts with men sometimes, like she did with Rufy. She believes that poison can be a delicacy and would even go so far as mouth-to-mouth to sucking it out of Rufy without hesitation.

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She loves her lavish lifestyle, and isn’t able to understand why others would choose to live a normal life. As she pointed out the strength of the, she holds brute strength high in her heart. Vinsmoke familyWith all the achievements and privileges they have accumulated over the years. She laughed at the abuse. SanjiShe was a child and received a lot of love from her siblings. However, she said that she did it to avoid being beaten up by her siblings. She showed surprise and respect after noticing her grownπŸ‘¦πŸ»Β  brother’s strength.

And unlike her three siblings, ReijuShows empathy and shares the pain SanjiHe endured as a child. She cried when she heard how he died. JudgeDisowned her son as he ran away and then interrogated him about why he had returned to a place with few happy memories. Although he claimed that he was not on, a majority of the time he said so. Sanji’s sideHe helped him escape by encouraging his friend to go on the seas.

Although she is intelligent and kind, her kindness only extends to situations that are convenient for her. She acts kind only when it is easy and she does not want to risk her life for the benefit of others. It’s precisely because of this that she is surprised when someone puts safety first. She believes that despite all her privileges, joys and advantages, there are still people who can harm others. GermaIt is a home for destroyers, and the world would be better without it. This view extends to her entire family, which includes herself. She believes that the Vinsmoke familyGerma considers herself nothing but a bunch of murderers with blood on the hands. She believes she is their accomplice in not being strong enough to stand up for her father.

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She’s very intuitive in sensing this. Pudding’s behaviorIt was impossible to believe that she was this beautiful.

Vinsmoke Reiju



ReijuThe only one Sanji’s siblingsAlthough she had compassion for him and showed her love, she did not go out of her way for him to stop the injustices he was facing. Instead, she played along, as she didn’t want him to feel retaliated against. She is compassionate but she also cares about herself first. She eventually decided to help others. SanjiHe encouraged him to make friends and escape from his family. As he grew up, he stated that he missed his little πŸ‘¦πŸ» brother and thanked his classmates for taking care of him. He enjoys his father’s respect and seems to have a patronizing attitude towards his little πŸ‘¦πŸ» brothers, especially YonjiHe is not afraid of them, but he feels that they lack humanity. He would like to see his entire family, with the exception Sanji, destroyed for the terrible things he has done.

Strength and ability

As a member Vinsmoke family and princess of the 🏰 Kingdom of GermaReiju has great wealth and political power. As commander of Germa 66She has the authority to supervise all her subordinates as well as access to their advanced technology.

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She has fought and beaten a man of the caliber of Charlotte SmoothieOne of them is Big Mom’s dessertGenerals with a bounty amounting to 932,000,000 These men are also highly regarded Reiju’s skillsShe described her as a troubled lady. She was also able to 😱 defeat Reiju.

Together with her brothers, she also 😱 defeated an entire army of ten thousand soldiers commanded by Charlotte Nusstorte, Charlotte BasskarteCharlotte Dosmarche, despite Charlotte Mont d’OrGerma66, being certain, should have suffered the worst. Reiju also sent her πŸ‘¦πŸ» brother Yonji into the sea with a single kick despite the latter trying to 😱 defend himself.

He also has some medical knowledge, as he often medicated Sanji after he was beaten by his πŸ‘¦πŸ» brothers.

Physical capabilities

Like her πŸ‘¦πŸ» brothers, ReijuShe underwent genetic modification to give her superhuman powers. Her skin became leathery as a result of her external exoskeleton, which she has slowly improved. She is also endowed with extraordinary strength. At the age of 11 she was able bend the bars of a cage using her naked hands.

Her modifications allow her to absorb poison through mouth-to-mouth contact into her body and not experience any side effects. She can also inject poison into the bodies of her enemies by using physical attacks or spit them.

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It has great resilience.


ReijuA combat suit with high-tech equipment, such as boots, allows her to levitate mid-air and jump extremely high.

Vinsmoke Reiju



Even before her siblings were even born, ReijuThe father changed the genetic code of the twins, and they were forced to undergo rigorous training in order for them to become commanders. Germa 66. Reiju underwent genetic modifications to be able not to feel emotions and be able follow her father’s orders. SoraIt taught her to feel emotions and empathy. SanjiDue to his mother’s drug, he wasn’t the only one with superhuman abilities. He was ridiculed and beat by the rest. ReijuThey laughed with them to avoid being targeted in turn.

Eleven years before the narrative began, her father revealed to the entire 🏰 kingdom that SanjiShe and her siblings discovered that he had drowned in a shipwreck at sea. Six months later, Reiju discovered that he was in prison at the castle and had been made to wear an iron mask. Reiju dressed his wounds from the πŸ‘¦πŸ» brothers who continued to beat him even while he was in the cell and revealed to him that the 🏰 kingdom would be moving to the eastern sea. After hearing about his dreams of fleeing his family, Reiju decided to pursue his passion of becoming a cook. Reiju helped SanjiHe opened the bars of his cell. He then hid while his πŸ‘¦πŸ» brother stole the key to open the mask he was wearing, but Judge found out. ReijuSanji’s father told her to keep it secret and she began to cry. She disembarked at Cozia with her πŸ‘¦πŸ» brother, where Germa had come to fight a war, and told him to board the cruise ship docked there.

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Saga of Whole Cake Island

Reiju meets Rufy’s GroupSoon after the ship arrives Big Mom’s territory. Yonji, his brother, challenges the pirates not to forcefully take the antidote for their captain. Reiju kicks him overboard. He boards the Thousand Sunny, then removes the poison from his body. The two brothers decide to keep their meeting. Straw Hat PiratesYou must keep it secret in order to not have Sanji’s marriage canceled.

The next day ReijuReached Sanji in the palace of their 🏰 kingdom and, while the ships of Germa 66 are gathering, tries to convince him to become a prince again and leave the crew he is traveling with. His father interrupts the two of them and challenges Sanji to a duel for 😱 defeating Yonji. Reiju hands the bracelets to Big Mom after the fight between them. They are identical to those used by slaves of the world nobles. They were actually fakes that the girl had used before, and they wouldn’t explode.

The next day, Reiju welcomes her πŸ‘¦πŸ» brothers Ichiji andNiji to Whole Cake Island, and during breakfast, she amusedly witnesses the fight between Sanji and his brothers, where the cook 😱 defends CosetteJudge is threatening, but Judge calms them. Zef killed by SanjiIf he refuses to cooperate. After the pirate is beaten up by his πŸ‘¦πŸ» brothers, Reiju asks him why he is back there, and then fixes his bruised face with a mask. Sanji answers her questions about where his cavalry is from and tells her it was something that has been in place since the days of the dinosaurs.

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Soon after, ReijuHis family and he travel to Big Mom’s castleHave lunch with her Pudding. Nami, Rufy and their carriage are joined on the adventure. The pirate reaches Sanji, but Sanji aggressively pushes him away, claiming to be a prince of the 🏰 kingdom of Germa and denying the Straw Hat crew. Rufy is then repeatedly struck by the cook. Reiju watches indifferently as the carriage moves again.

Reiju and her family have lunch at the castle once they are done. Pudding and Big MomAnd then, visits LinLin’s libraryShe keeps rare animals in her books. Mont d’Or’s powers. Reiju then decides to investigate Pudding’sShe seems to be too good a girl. Pudding, however, shoots her in the legs with special bullets and takes her back to her room. Nitro then holds her down as the girl reveals Big Moms intent to kill her. VinsmokesDuring the wedding. Afterwards, Pudding changes Reiju’s memoriesShe thanks her fruit for keeping LinLin’s secret. Then she orders her to be taken the infirmary.

A third-floor infirmary doctor administers medicine to her. Sanji is then there to join her. When she awakens, SanjiShe explains to her what actually happened. The girl then reveals to her πŸ‘¦πŸ» brother what happened to their mother and confides in him that she should let the Germahe encourages him to flee and informs him that the bracelets on his wrists are not dangerous. He later sees RufyHe meets him in the hallway, and he lets him in to the infirmary. He informs Pudding that Sanji knows the true identity of Pudding. The pirate is thrilled and Reiju watches him throw himself out of the window.

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Reiju and her family attend Reiju’s family’s banquet the next morning. Reiju realizes that Katakuri, an assassin, accidentally kills the priest to end her family’s hope of eliminating them. Sanji. Perospero, along with his allies, arrives to stop Rufy from killing the Vinsmokes. He orders the Vinsmokes to surround him and point guns at him. Just before the Vinsmokes die, Rufy shows Big MomThe photo of CarmelShe was so traumatized that she reacted in a way that made her scream. King’s Ambition, which knocks out their tormentors, allows Sanji and his associates to free them, and to hand over the tech suit they couldn’t take to the ceremony.

Reiju, her family and their armor are now on the way to entering the fortress. Bege after ReijuManages to Save Nami from Smoothie. Bege must cancel the transformation immediately to escape. Caesar Clown, Big Mom turns her attacks towards Reiju, who is 😱 defended by Sanji and Rufy, however. Soon after, Big Mama’s Pirates 😱 defeat all of their opponents, but at that point the fairy chest explodes, causing the castle on Whole Cake Island to collapse.
Vinsmoke Reiju
The Vinsmoke family returns to their 🏰 kingdom, but is joined by a squad of Big Mom’s PiratesWith the intent to destroy Germaand taking possession the laboratory. However, the commanders of Germa 66 😱 defeat them all without difficulty. Then Reiju hears Niji contact Charlotte Mont d’Or, posing as Charlotte Nusstorte, telling him that she has destroyed the 🏰 kingdom.

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Later, the fleet reaches CocoaThey destroy large numbers of Big Mom’s Pirate vessels off the coast while the commanders Germa 66Save Rufy and SanjiSome Empress’ crew members attacked them.

Reiju boards a ship off the coast and poisons some crew members who were firing tear gas at Sanji. He later joins his πŸ‘¦πŸ»brothers on CocoaThey are also attacked with bullets which also have an effect on their tough exoskeletons

If you receive news, Thousand SunnyIt has been removed waters of TottolandIchiji orders a retreat. The entire family and the grandparents are invited to a retreat. Sunny Pirates run into Big Mom.

The Ahh of it Germa 66… An emotionless adventure
As he drives away from Tottoland, he gazes out over the horizon with Germa66.

Prototypes Available in One Piece

In One Piece Magazine vol. 3 it is revealed that his nickname should have been Cutie Pink (γ‚­γƒ₯ーティーピンク, KyΕ«tΔ« Pinku?).

There are differences between anime and manga


Before you enter the reception, Big Mom’s castleHe gives the gun to him.


In anime ReijuShe told her mother about Sanji’s mistreatment by his πŸ‘¦πŸ» brothers.

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In the manga, there is a scene where ReijuJudge had scolded Sanji and she explained that she laughed at Sanji to keep her from being picked on by her siblings. The anime shows it the opposite way. His training is shown again, and he visits his mother’s grave. SanjiHe was sentenced to prison. He later informed his πŸ‘¦πŸ» brother where to find the keys to his mask.

Vinsmoke Reiju

Whole Cake Island Saga

Reiju is much more prominent in the manga than it appears in the manga. YonjiHis desire to see Sanji again. The brothers’ arrival is then notified by her. Later, ReijuSneaking through the castle corridors, she is taken inside a park and shown when she is killed.

ReijuShe thinks back to the time she spoke to her mother, and realizes that JudgeShe would not allow her children to play.

When she arrives at the castle with her family, BegeYou must search your belongings and remove all weapons. She watches her πŸ‘¦πŸ» brothers prepare to fight, but Judge intervenes before the fight begins, stating that they will follow the order, since it comes from Big Mom.

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She is approached during the wedding reception. Charlotte CinnamonShe has a short conversation with her about their future parentage.

After putting on the Raid Suit, ReijuShe blocks and melts arrows fired at her by Big Mom’s Pirates using all her powers.

While trying to escape, she’s attacked by Smoothie. The Germa 66The commander injects poison into her leg but she is not harmed. Candy GeneralShe manages to retrieve it with her powers. She is 😱 defeated when Charlotte GaletteSmoothie strikes her with the sword and immobilizes.

During the castle’s crumble, she incites SanjiTo quickly gain entry Bege’s BodyHe sees him leave. Ichiji orders him then to retreat.

After returning to Germa, she reaches the cloning lab, where she 😱 defeats some members of Big Mom’s Pirates.

After reaching CocoaShe dons her Raid Suit. She then saves Sanji and Rufy from a bazooka blast and talks to her πŸ‘¦πŸ» brother as she drives him away from the island. The Germa 66Commanders use then a combined attack on the merged Ten Twins.


  • Rei in Japanese means “zero”, while Ju is “daughter”.
  • Her signature laugh is “kyah, ah, ah!””.
  • Her hair color is due in part to genetic mutations.
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