Aot Paths : Everything You Need To Know

Aot Paths

In Aot, Paths (Dao & Michi) are roads that link all the titans and Eldians to one another.


When it was discovered that the power of the nine titans goes to a child descended of the Ymir people, the idea of paths emerged. This is regardless of how close or kinship the child has with the previous power holder. This means that the peoples of Ymir are connected and bound together by paths.

Pathways are channels that can be used to transport many things, such as memories, wills, and wills of other Ymir people, flesh and bone that make up a titan’s body, shouting orders, and the power and might of titans.

Kinship is a powerful way to increase the action of paths: Family members can pass on their memories much more easily. Karl Fritz’s ideology can only be passed within his own family. Through pathways, the Ackermann family can also be connected to other people as its members acquire combat experience from their ancestors when they awake.

Pathways cross the borders of time and space. Eren Kruger saw Mikasa Arlelt and Armin Arlelt “memories” long before they were even born. Grisha Jaeger likens paths to magic because they are invisible.

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Aot Paths

Eren is facing the coordinate, the point where all paths intersect

All paths cross at one “coordinate”, which is Zuo Biao, Zahyo. This primordial titan is where all other paths meet. It has the power to alter memories, modify the body function of members of the Ymirpeople and transform them into titans (even gigantic ones) as well as command them. Tom and Xaver say that titans are like the primordial titan, no matter where they may be. The coordinate in the unknown dimension takes the shape of a column of light, which looks like a tree because of the paths that converging there.

Zeke Jaeger will connect to his animal titan via the pathways if Zeke Jaeger finds core liquid in a member the Ymir people. Zeke is able to mimic the primordial giant‘s abilities – turning people into titans and giving orders.

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Attack on Titan Paths

Pathways are not visible in the normal world. They are only visible in the “unknown dimensions” (Zhi RanaiChang Suo, Shiranai Basho). It’s a land of sand with visible paths in the sky that look like the aurora borealis. Ymir awoke here when she was granted the power of titans. Zeke Jaeger on the other side, got there after almost dying and a nearby titan placed his body in its stomach. Zeke stated that he felt as though he had spent many years there, but it also felt like it lasted only a moment. He believes that the “paths” he experienced and saw were his experiences.

A girl lives in the land and carries a bucket full of water.

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STORY Aot Paths

STORY Aot Paths

Eren Jaeger and Eren Kriger claim that one of the titan power holders saw pathways.

After Ymir had eaten Marcel Galliard to gain the power of the titans and awoke in an unknown location, the year 845 was upon us. She called it “freedom” when she saw the light from the sky. She resolved to live her life so that she wouldn’t regret it.

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After Zeke Jaeger is killed in an explosion of lightning spears, he sees a young girl wearing torn clothes in a world full of sand. The titan approaches him at this point and opens his stomach to place Zeke’s body in it. He awakens in an unknown location, next to a girl who is rebuilding Zeke’s body with sand. At the same time, he looks up to see traces in the sky. Zeke emerges fully regenerated from the titan’s corps and speculates that he saw paths.

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