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In Aot, The Warhammer Titan (Zhan Chui noJu Ren Sentsui no Kyojin?) is One of the Nine Titans. He is a titan with a superior hardening ability, which allows him to make short-range weapons and pillars out of the ground that he can use to trap his enemies. It currently belongs to Eren Jaeger.

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The Warhammer Titan is able to build structures using his hardening power, and then manipulate them as he pleases. This ability allows him to create short-range weapons, such as the hammer that he proudly displays, pillars with his enemies and crossbows for distant attacks. He can also protect his body with armor.

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The Warhammer Titan user is able to direct the titan’s power from outside the anatomical area, unlike other wielders who must stay at the neck of the titan in order for them to control it. The titan’s body is connected to the wearer via a type of cord, which allows him to control the titan from outside. He can hide his actual body in a specific place and cover it with a crystal. This way, the titan’s neck will not be destroyed no matter what. This ability has one major drawback. The Warhammer can’t move very far from its bearer because of the cord connecting them. (However, this depends on how long it was) and if the cord were to break, it would cause the titan to lose control.

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HISTOLOGY Warhammer Titan

HISTOLOGY Warhammer Titan

After the death of Ymir Fritz, the Warhammer Titan was created. It was still in the hands of one of eight Eldian clans that were fighting for dominance of the Earth during the1700 years Eldia ruled. Seventeen centuries later, seven Nine Titans were handed over to Marley’s after the Great Titan War. The Warhammer was then left in the control of the Tybur family.

The Marleyan government declared the Tybur members of the aristocracy after the war for their heroism during the war. They have kept their distance from wars with other countries and did not use the Warhammer’s power for over a century. This power has been passed down through the generations among the members. The identity of the owner of the Warhammer is kept secret for security reasons.

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YEAR 854

YEAR 854

The war chief suggested to the Tybur family to help him resume his search for the founder Titan in Paradis using the Warhammer’s power.

Willy Tybur arrived in Liberio and met with Theo Magath, the Marleyan commander to discuss the state of the nation. Magath replied in the negative about the current Warhammer Titan wielder. Tybur responded that he knows Willy’s family and country’s history as well as anyone who has seen it.

After Eren Jaeger’s transformation into a titan in Liberius, killing and devouring Willy Tybur, his sister decided to face him using her fighting powers. She became the true bearer Warhammer. She was initially at a disadvantage against Eren who began to throw himself on her and hit her repeatedly in the face. After creating a huge pillar to trap Eren, she was able to lift him several meters above the ground. She tried to attack him using a hammer she had made with her hardening strength, but Jaeger was able to free herself.

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warhammer titan aot

The army soldiers caught him again and attacked Eren with his hammer. He was unable to defend himself against the powerful blow with his fists, and eventually lost his head to the attack. As the Marleyan soldiers watched in amazement, Eren emerged from Attack Titan’s body. When Eren answered Mikasa’s question about his last words, the Warhammer called him by his name and asked him his last words. Eren replied with an attack signal to Mikasa, who then approached the Warhammer Titan from behind, firing several Lightning Lances at his back, which exploded within a few seconds.

The Warhammer Titan was still not defeated. He instantly generated a crossbow and fired it at Eren, Mikasa and the target. Mikasa confronted Warhammer directly, but Mikasa didn’t realize that this was a diversionary maneuver to allow Eren to find its true weakness. Once they had established that the titan’s true body was underground, Eren, a titanized, removed the cord connecting the titan’s body to the crystal. The Warhammer’s body stopped moving once this was done. Porco Galliard, Pieck and joined in the fight when Eren was about devour Lara. The Attack Titan was captured by the Warhammer’s carrier, who took advantage of the distraction. The Beast Titan appeared to join the battle against Exploration Corps.

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war hammer titan aot

As the battle continues, Eren attempts to break the crystal protecting Lara. However, after many futile attempts, Eren discovers that only Jawbone Titans can do so. After immobilizing Galliard Eren grabs Lara by the hair and rips off his arms. He then inserts Lara’s crystallized body inside the titan’s jaws. Eren uses them as a nutcracker to break the crystal and crush the woman inside. The Warhammer Titan is obtained.

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  • Hajime Isayama published sketches of the Warhammer Titan on his blog, February 8, 2018.
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