How Strong is Black Noir ?

Black Noir is also known as the Silent Knight. He is a character in Amazon’s series The Boys. He is a darkly-costumed, mute superhero and a member The Seven.

Black Noir, The Seven’s superpowered Ninja, is silent, stealthy and enigmatic. His martial arts proficiency is only able to match his superpower and enhanced senses. His name is enough to make criminals flee in terror. The fact that he trained with a master sensei and is now a death dealer is all that is known about the lethal warrior. Black Noir’s identity is unknown to the public, which makes him even more frightening.


Noir, despite his brutality is remarkably kind and sensitive, even though he has shown great concern for innocent lives.

Career in Payback

Black Noir was first seen on the superhero scene in Payback’s ranks. Vought forced him to hide his face, much to his dismay, because he was of African descent. This made him more marketable.


Noir alongside Payback

Black Noir was there with the rest of Payback in Nicaragua, 1984, to support the CONTRA fighters against Sandinistas. He tried to convince Stan Edgar to remove his mask but was stopped by the officer. Black Noir, one of the few Supes that can demonstrate some skill and discipline when fighting, was severely injured in the fighting.

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The Seven – Career Opportunities

Black Noir is perhaps the most feared member of The Seven (other than The Homelander), often dispatched for his lethal combat skills, ruthlessness, near-indestructability and extraordinary strength. Black Noir was one of few to have faced Kimiko, and was able insanity her. Black Noir’s reputation is so strong that even the mention of his name can cause fear in the hearts of the public. Frenchie and Cherri were in panic when he appeared outside their home.

Season 1

“It is a sign that some of you have been a bit out of your element lately. Erratic. Unreliable. It’s downright lazy. Not you, Noir. You’ve been amazing. “ –Homelander[src]

Black Noir appears in a recurring capacity. Frenchie spots Noir while searching for Kimiko. Frenchie correctly deduces that Noir is looking for him and tries to hide but Noir quickly locates him. He is stopped by Kimiko who blindsides him and knocks him into the dumpster. This gives Frenchie an opportunity to escape. Kimiko and Noir fight fast and furiously, but Noir quickly wins the battle. Then he slashes her across the chest and then leaves her for dead. Kimiko is able to recover in seconds thanks to her incredible regeneration factor.

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Season 2

“Today, I can tell the American people that Black Noir executed an operation to kill the Super Terrorist Naqib. “ –Homelander[src]

Black Noir is sent by the Super terrorist Naqib to kill him. He sneaks into Naqib’s hideout and brutally kills several people, including one by ripping off his jaw.

Naqib tries to kill Noir using his explosive power. But Noir survives and beheads Naqib. Noir, still carrying Naqib’s head, meets Naqib’s child as he departs. Noir takes Naqib’s son’s teddy bear/bunny, and plays briefly with it. Then he leaves and Noir returns to his bed.

Noir can then be seen with the Seven as they confront The Deep. The Deep attempted to stop The Boys but failed, and inflicted a fatal injury on a sperm Whale. Noir extends a hand to the heart of The Deep, expressing sympathy for Lucy, the dead whale that The Deep had named Lucy.

Noir later appears in the Vought Tower, crying in the middle the corridor, while holding his phone. He is watching the news on Vought’s ‘Lab Made Heroes’ and realizes that he has been lied to all his life.

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From Butcher to Slaughter

Black Noir tracking Butcher

In There’s Nothing Like It in The World, Black Noir approaches Anika to get her to find Billy Butcher. Anika initially hesitates but eventually she is coerced by Black Noir’s intimidating silence. Anika uses a facial scanner to find surveillance footage of Billy Butcher climbing Becca’s wall. Black Noir then uses this information to track down Butcher. Black Noir tracks Butcher down to his aunt Judy in You Gotta Go. M.M can stall Black Noir’s plans by calling in a fake gas leak to the area. This gives them time to prepare. After they have been distracted, Black Noir enters and triggers the fake bombs that the group has made. However, the bombs don’t seem to faze him.

Black Noir then gasses the group from their safe room. After the group attempts to flee, Butcher realizes that Black Noir is only after them and decides to stay behind. Butcher confronts Black Noir but Noir beats him until M.M. and Hughie come back to help Butcher. Noir beats them all too. Noir is then blackmailed by Butcher, who promises to expose Becca Butcher as well as Ryan Butcher. Noir ignores the threat, and chokes Butcher against a wall. Noir then rings the phone. Noir answers the phone and gives it to Butcher Stan Edgar. He makes an offer to Butcher: If Butcher refuses to reveal the truth about Becca, Edgar will call Noir. Noir walks off after Butcher accepts the deal.

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Dark and light

Black Noir is dispatched to capture Vought and Donna January. All at the cafe are knocked unconscious by gas. Noir then enters and knocks Starlight out with brute force. Black Noir returns to the scene and attacks Starlight as she tries to flee. Noir captures Starlight, and starts to choke her. However, Queen Maeve intervenes before Noir can black out and takes Noir away from her. Maeve then takes Noir’s mask off and forces him to eat an Almond Joy. This is in response to his severe tree nut allergy. Noir enters an anaphylactic shock and struggles to find an EpiPen. Maeve then throws the EpiPen aside to allow Noir to escape. Noir is left scrambling for his pen as Starlight and Maeve run away.

Stormfront confirmed it in What It Is, that Noir is still breathing from an allergic reaction.

Seven on 7, with Cameron Coleman

The show features Black Noir several times. Cameron Coleman explained that Noir is currently on the hunt for a serial killer. However, he did not respond beyond polishing his knives. Black Noir was seen in the December 2021 segment selling bulletproof backpacks for children.

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Season 3

Season 3 reveals that Noir was part of the superhero group . Together with Payback, he was sent to a**ist Grace Mallory and the rest of Payback in an undercover CIA operation that smuggled cocaine from Nicaragua to America. Noir showed his face to young Stan Edgar, who advised him to keep the mask on because Noir is an African-American. Noir’s face gets scarred later when the group position is compromised.

Ability and power


“Noir has not wasted any time since his recovery. Students at JFK Elementary were surprised last week by the Seven’s superpowered a**assin with a gift: Vought’s bulletproof backpacks for children. ” –Cameron Coleman[src]

  • Superhuman Strength. Black Noir has significant superhuman strength. Black Noir has significant superhuman strength.
  • Black Noir’s superhuman durability allowed him to endure the most severe of human attacks. Noir isn’t invincible. Hughie was capable of shooting through Noir’s hand with a pistol at points blank.
  • Black Noir’s superhuman speed: Black Noir was able to outrun a car and grab a glass that she was holding before it was dropped. [6] Homelander’s heat vision was even avoided during their first mission.
  • Superhuman Agility. Black Noir also demonstrated impressive, borderline-superhuman acrobatic skills when confronted by Kimiko and Frenchie. He was able to climb on top of a roof without any effort during his first mission with Homelander.
  • Superhuman Reflexes : Noir was able catch a glass just before it hit the ground after he had sliced through a woman’s throat using his dagger.
  • Superhuman Hearing. Black Noir has superhuman, acute hearing which aids in his fight against crime. Becca tracked Butcher to his house and found the Boys hiding in a room. Terror barked giving away their location.
  • Regenerative healing factor: Noir can heal injuries and wounds much quicker than normal people. It seems that any injury can be healed within hours, if not days, regardless of whether it is from multiple explosions, fire, heat, or point-blank shot wounds.
  • Pain Supression: Black Noir is either totally immune to pain or has developed a great tolerance. He doesn’t react to Naqib’s self-detonation, which leaves him with severe burns on the head, chest, and arms. [5] Or when Hughie fires through his hand point blank.
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“That ninja c***’s there for me, isn’t he?” “Yeah, but it’s not possible to go there–he will kill you.” ” Billy ButcherHughie Camp[src]

  • Master Martial Artist Black Noir is a skilled hand-to-hand fighter, and highly trained in many forms of martial arts. His bio states that he is a ninja, a skilled warrior, and has been trained by a sensei in martial arts to become a dealer of death. He defeated Kimiko in their encounter, putting his power-level far above that of thugs or trained policemen. [3] He snatched the identities of several terrorists during his mission to a**assinate Naqib. [5] Later, he was able to hold his own against most of the Boys [6] Starlight was easily defeated by Starlight, and she would have been knocked out if Queen Maeve hadn’t intervened. [7]
    • Knife mastery: Black Noir is skilled in throwing daggers, and using them in close combat. He was able to hurt Kimiko. [3] In his mission to kill Naqib, Black Noir took down many guards by cutting their throats and impaling each one. He also killed Naqib[5] while trying to stop Mother’s Milk’s heat vision.
  • Intimidation According his bio, criminals run from Black Noir’s name. He is unknown and his identity is still a mystery, which makes him even more frightening.
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“Vought offered Seven’s a**istance to bring this violent criminal to justice. Black Noir volunteered to handle the situation as quickly and as quietly as possible. Black Noir is quiet, which I think is a good thing. ” –Cameron Coleman[src]

  • Stealth – Noir is often used to spy. b>Stealth:/b> Noir is often used as a spy.
  • Black Noir: Black Noir can be a skilled pilot.
  • Music Skills Black Noir is a high-skilled pianist, but not able to perform at a concert. Black Noir can play Chopin’s Minute Waltz without rehearsing.


  • Extreme Brute force: He can be hurt by extreme strength, but very few people are capable of doing so. Queen Maeve has shown that she can subdue him, even forcing him to eat something. Homelander was able to subdue him even though he was taken by surprise. Homelander was unable to beat Black Noir in their first mission together, even though he was not attacking Black Noir but protecting himself.
  • Tree Nuts. Black Noir is allergic to tree nuts. Queen Maeve exploits this to her advantage, forcing him to eat an Almond Joy. This gives her and Starlight a chance to escape. He will immediately go into anaphylactic shock if he is fed anything with tree nuts. Black Noir can suffer brain damage if the EpiPen is not given on time. Black Noir was reduced to vegetative status after he was given an Almond Joy and stopped from using his EpiPen.
  • Limited Durability Black Noir is still susceptible to pain due to damage, even though he has a high tolerance for pain.
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  • Twin Combat Knives – Black Noir has two curved combat knives on his thighs. He uses them most often during his fight against Kimiko.
  • Throwing knives: Black Noir has a variety of throwing knives that he carries over his suit. These were used by him during his fight against Kimiko, and also used to inflict wounds on M.M.
  • Folding Knives Black Noir carries four folding knives on his upper arms. However, he has never used them.
  • Gas Grenades Black Noir may have used other gas grenades, such as smoke grenades when flushing the Boys from hiding or a knockout gas bomb on a diner while ambushing Starlight.
  • Tactical Armor – Black Noir is made of durable armor that resists fire, explosions and shrapnel.


Black Noir is one of the Seven members who is most loyal to Vought. He always follows Vought’s orders and tasks. Black Noir is a quiet loner and seems to be somewhat isolated from the other Seven members. Black Noir is a silent loner, but he seems to be extremely sensitive to his emotions. He was clearly distraught when he learned that he and the other supes didn’t have their powers. This caused him to break down through his mask.

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He is ruthless and cruel towards his opponents but he seems to be compassionate for the innocent. Noir, after removing Naqib from the scene, walks to a child in pajamas, grabs a nearby animal, and entertains him with it. He is compassionate towards animals as well and was truly distressed to see the whale being killed by Billy Butcher.

Noir is a compassionate man who can kill witnesses and targets with deadly force. Noir can also be very ruthless on his missions. He may rip apart a man’s head to stop him screaming, cut Naqibs head off, and strangle Starlight after beating her for several minutes.

Black Noir appears to be mute. However, this could not be true. Homelander asks the members of The Seven to tell Homelander who they saved this week. This is the first episode. Homelander then calls Black Noir to start. Although Black Noir’s testimony, whatever it was, was not shown in the episode it would indicate that Black Noir can speak when asked to. It is possible that he uses writing to communicate with the Seven. He was still able to produce weakened grunts when Queen Maeve forced him to eat an Almond Joy. This suggests that his mutism may be a conscious choice rather than a disability. Black Noir was also seen talking to a young Stan Edgar and looking energetic, in flashbacks from season 3.

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Noir has been shown to be the only member of The Seven who can get along with Homelander. Most of them hate or fear him. This may be because he is able to remove inocent people, and cover it up with a false story, as shown in Diabolical, when he mercilessly murdered a hostage. He also chose to cover up the fact that Homelander had killed all hostages in a laboratory. The media covered this up, making Homelander loved and approved by the public, keeping his promising future in The Seven. Homelander appears to like Noir despite not interfacing with him. This is evident when he tells everyone in The Seven that Noir “has been great” during a reunion. Noir seems blindly loyal to Homelander. When Homelander confronted queen Maeve about her betrayal, Noir attacked her immediately following his orders.

The Boys: Black Noir is a Powerful Weapon

Black Noir is one the most talented Supes The Boys based on his position on The Seven. But how powerful is he? In season 1, The Boys, viewers first saw the mysterious and non-speaking Black Noir. Black Noir is disguised in an all-black outfit that hides his true identity. Season 1 didn’t provide much for the character to do so season 2 was able to flesh out his story, and highlight his strengths. The Boysseason three will dive deeper into the character’s history.

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The Boys Season 2 saw Black Noir go on the hunt to find Billy Butcher and The Boys. Black Noir was particularly interested in their location and used Vought’s resources to find them. He saw Butcher leave the place where Becca was held, and followed them to Billy’s aunt’s home. Stan Edgar, Vought CEO, holds Butcher back as a Supe. However, the Boys are no threat to Black Noir during their fight. He is limited by the respect Black Noir displays towards Vought. He has plenty of superpowers to help him.

Black Noir is an expert fighter who has all the benefits of being a superhero. He was able to subdue Kimiko and defeat Starlight with his superhuman strength. He’s also extremely durable. He was barely affected in any way by Kimiko’s superstrength, and he survived multiple close-up explosions with only minor burns to his face. Black Noir’s faster than normal healing and seemingly invincible from pain are what sets him apart. Black Noir is a powerful and dangerous hero because of his superhuman hearing, agility, speed, and hearing (but not at A-Train’s level).

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Black Noir: The Boys Season 3 will reveal more about it

Eric Kripke, The Boys showrunner (via Television Line), said that the third season of The Boys will show more about Black Noir’s personality. Kripke said “We’re investigating him even more in season 3 because we are giving fans what they want.” Black Noir was a mysterious character up to this point in The Boys. He was a formidable opponent to Kimiko and seems to be one the Seven’s most skilled fighters in hand-to-hand combat. It will be fascinating to see how his backstory differs from the comics.

In comics, Black Noir, a clone Homelander is designed to kill the hero in case he cracks or his antics get outof control. Black Noir, in the source material, is well aware of this and gaslights Homelander into thinking that he is a psychopath. In a way, Black Noir does not have a rich backstory to share with The BoysTV, which allows writers to create spellbinding stories.

The Boys has slightly different powers than the comics. Black Noir was a cloned of Homelander that Vought created to kill The Seven leader if necessary. The Boys Season 2 proved that this Black Noir twist won’t happen. The Supe, the deadly villain, is also now a victim of an allergy to nuts. This was inspired in part by Nathan Mitchell’s real-life allergy to nuts, who plays Black Noir on The Boys.

As powerful as Black Noir may be, his nut allergy eventually brought him down in The Boys season 2. Queen Maeve put an Almond Joy in his mouth to stop Starlight from attacking and kicked his EpiPen away. Black Noir was not killed by the nut attack, but he was left vegetative at the conclusion of Season 2 Black Noir will be back for season 3. He’ll have a fascinating backstory which will likely mean he makes a complete recovery.

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The Boys: 10 Things Comic Book Lovers Only Know About Black Noir

Many comic book and superhero fans are excited to see The Boys return for its third season. Black Noir, the Seven’s quietest member, is proud to be the most skilled fighter of the group. However, he has had very little to do in this series, which has only made him more mysterious. What is his origin? Who is hiding behind the mask? Comic book fans are more familiar with Black Noir than they are with most other stories.

Black Noir appears first in The Boys #1 – The Name Of The Game Part 1, and last in The Boys #65 – Over The Hill with The Swords Of A Thousand Men Part 6. Black Noir looks even more evil than he has been on the page. Black Noir engages in debauchery, and other vile acts at an rate that Homelander cannot match.

Black Noir Is A Homelander Clone

Although his face isn’t yet visible in the series, Black Noir is revealed as a clone to Homelander in comics. This is proven in The Boys #65 when he removes his mask for first time.

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Vought International’s top brass made the decision to create a Homelander clone. Supe, the company’s star, is too powerful. They were afraid that he would become frustrated with their policies and go wild. They would have someone stronger to handle him if that happened.

Black Noir is the strongest member of The Seven

Homelander is the best when it comes abilities and power. Because everyone fears him, he doesn’t usually have much to do.

Black Noir, in comics, is stronger than him. This is despite his limited powers of Superhuman Strength (described to be enough to stop a dozen Mack trucks), Superhuman Durability and Superhuman Speed. He also has superhuman hearing, which he shows in the series. Black Noir, according to comics, is the only member in The Seven that can defeat all The Boys simultaneously.

Black Noir Kills Homelander

Black Noir is disappointed that Homelander loves being a puppet for Vought International so he doesn’t go rogue in comics. Black Noir is frustrated by this as he longs for the day when the Supe will be killed. So he begins to frame Homelander for cannibalism, robbery and other crimes.

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Black Noir eventually discovers the true reason he was created. He is then resentful to the Homelander and tries to kill him. Black Noir ends up killing him. Black Noir is then attacked and killed by The Boys and the US military.

Black Noir only has a Nut Allergy in The Show

Season 2 reveals that Black Noir’s Kryptonite has gone nuts. He goes into anaphylactic shock after Queen Maeve forces him to eat a few nuts. Comic fans are unfamiliar with this phenomenon, as it is not seen on the pages.

Nathan Mitchell, who plays the role of Mitchell, was the inspiration for the storyline. Mitchell has an allergy to nuts in his real life, so the writers decided to include that storyline in Black Noir. Vought made Mitchell with an allergy to kill him in the event he goes rogue. This is highly plausible.

Starlight: The Incident

Black Noir is a brawny character in the comics. He rarely interacts with other characters. He’s very different in comics. He is, for example, part of the trio who s**ually a**ault Starlight when Starlight becomes a member with Homelander or A-Train.

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Starlight is only attacked by The Deep in the series. He eventually has to apologize and is then kicked out of the group. In comics, The Deep is much more friendly.

The Fight Between The Seven and The Boys Reminisces Back to Black Noir

The Amazon series’ Homelander is hated by fans for s**ually a**aulting Becky Butcher, her wife. Homelander learns about the incident and insists that she be there for her son.

Comic fans have a different story. Black Noir disguises himself as Homelander to attack Becky in an attempt to get Vought to sanction the hit on Homelander. This makes Billy a vicious and vengeful man. He vows, along with The Boys to destroy Vought International.

Black Noir’s true level of rutlessness

The comic book Black Noir will do anything to stop any heinous act. His love for children is admirable too. Sometimes, Black Noir can be seen trying to kill children for entertainment.

This contrasts with the series’ Black Noir, who spares the child of a terrorist who is powered by Compound V. Black Noir is sent to kill the terrorist at his base. He rips apart everyone but saves the little boy.

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Black Noir Speaks Only At The End

Black Noir, like the Amazon series, doesn’t speak a word in most comics. He makes only strange sounds. He makes strange sounds, which makes him appear nicer than he really is.

Black Noir speaks only at the end of the comics before he kills Homelander. He also gets killed. Black Noir confesses that he was responsible for all the horrible acts people believed were done by Homelander. Although it is shocking to all, it’s not as shocking as his murder.

Black Noir’s Original Outfit

Black Noir wears a black suit from head to toe in comics. It does not have any compartments or special designs. This is how Spider-Man would look if he fell into a pool of black ink.

The series features a slightly different appearance for him, as he wears a shade-like device right in front of his eyes. His chest is covered in pentagon-like patterns. His costume sections also look greyish-ish, rather than black.

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Black Noir’s Regenerative Healing Power.

Black Noir may be powerful, but he isn’t as quick to heal as a superhero. The series has hinted at this. One of his lower faces is severely burnt during a confrontation with Queen Maeve, Starlight and Starlight. It doesn’t heal.

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Black Noir’s inability to heal is well known by comic fans. It takes forever for his arm to heal after Homelander accidentally burnt it with the laser. He is also left disemboweled after a confrontation at the White House with Homelander, with many parts of his body severely burned.

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