Blood Lad Season 2 Release Date : Everything You Need To Know

Season 1 was an emotional rollercoaster ride with some vivid expressions. Here are all informations about Blood Lad season 2 release date
Anime Blood Lad season 2

Yuuki Kodama was the brainchild of it and began to illustrate it in 2009 in a Manga magazine.

Brain’s Base, an animation studio, created Season 1 of the animated video series Blood Lad’s 10 volumes in 2013.

In December 2013, “Blood Lad: No Cat” was released after the 10th episode.

Fans were not happy with the ending and have been eagerly awaiting Season 2.

The studio has not provided any updates regarding Blood Lad Season 2 since 2013.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting the animated series of the remaining 7 volumes in Season 2.

All We Know So Far About Blood Lad

blood lad

Blood Lad follows the story of Staz. C Blood is a vampire who controls his territory and is one of the most powerful demons of the demon realm. Staz is an avid otaku and has amassed a collection manga, anime, and figurines that would shock most IRL weebs. Staz feels like he has hit the jackpot when Fuyumi, a Japanese girl, accidentally enters the demon realm. Fuyumi is currently a ghost in the demon realm. Staz vows that he will resurrect her.

It’s clear that Staz doesn’t like being a vampire. He finds it extremely difficult and does not want to do the ‘typical’ vampire activities such as drinking blood. He would rather be indoors watching anime or playing games. This juxtaposition was great. It was interesting to see Staz reluctantly use his power and how he feels regarding other demons.

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Blood Lad is full of fan service. The boobs of all female characters are large and disproportionately large, as well as their own laws. Fuyumi is often found in compromising situations and there are many upskirt shots. Although it’s somewhat distracting, I think the show is strong enough not to have to depend on such things to keep me interested. But, even though it was well-placed and toned perfectly, I wouldn’t have enjoyed it.

The show introduces a “big bad” at the halfway point of the season. He is supposed to be the most powerful demon and the hardest-working person anyone can defeat. This is a very anti-climatic and easy to defeat. Although there is a possibility that this might happen in the future, I will discuss it later.

Fight scenes

staz kamehameha

The fight scenes are very cool and well animated. The anime is set in the demon realm, so each character has their strengths and abilities. It was fascinating to see how these powers were used, as well as the various tactics that could be used to benefit them or even to defeat them.

Blood Lad features an impressive cast of supporting characters. They range from Staz’s allies to his enemies, and everything in between. Except for Fuyumi, I didn’t feel there were any weak characters. She is a passive observer and follows the crowd. She was in a strange place (and kinda dead), and she was submissive and subservient to everyone.

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Our opinion on Blood Lad Season 1

blood lad season 2 release date

The disappointing ending of blood Lad is a sad sight. If you prefer things to be neatly wrapped, don’t bother going into this anime. There is no second season in this moment. It ends without resolution. The entire thing is set up perfectly for another season. However, it doesn’t exist. My only option for closure is to add the manga on my to-read list.

Blood Lad has a lot of fun and doesn’t take herself seriously. I found myself laughing out loud several times throughout the series and fell in love with many of the characters. Blood Lad is a disappointing ending, but overall it’s a fun series.

Official Announcements and Release Date For Blood Lad Season 2

Staz anime

As of this writing, there have been no announcements from Brains Base or directors regarding the next season.

It seems that they put it off for a while, and then forgot about it. Ratings are a good indicator, but not enough for the crew to return with the sequel.

In the next season, the supporting characters will play a greater role due to the thickening plot.

It is important to have a strong cast and to be more responsible while filming. It has been seven years since the First Season was released.

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The wait for season 2 is likely to be long, as there is still no word.

Although there has not been an official announcement, we can use an analytical approach to determine the likelihood of a second season.

To reach a conclusion, we would use every tool at our disposal.

Additional Source Material Information for Blood Lad Season 2

Blood Lad Season 1 anime was based on Blood Lad Manga. The Japanese manga series has 17 volumes. The last volume was published December 31, 2016.

VolumeRelease Date
1April 28, 2010,
2July 31, 2010.
3February 2, 2011
4June 2, 2011
5December 1, 2011
6May 31, 2012
7August 31, 2012
8April 2, 2013
9September 2, 2013
10December 28, 2013
11May 2, 2014.
12November 4, 2014.
13March 4, 2015
14August 4, 2015
15December 29, 2015
16July 4, 2016
17December 31, 2016

Blood Lad Season 1 contained the series from Volume 1 through Volume 10. The remaining 7 volumes could then be used for Season 2 of Blood Lad.

The real question is, however, are the seven volumes that were left enough popular? Or will there be only 7 volumes that are sufficient to produce a second season?

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Data shows that the first volumes of manga were the best-selling in NYTimes Weekly Manga Releases.

However, we could not find any volumes from later years that had the same sales.

We can conclude that season 2 is unlikely unless there are more volumes published.

Details of Blood Lad Season 2

The internet is buzzing about Blood Lad and it continues to entertain a worldwide audience.

Since the 2013 Season, it has been in high demand.

Some manga and anime series are not popular outside Japan. Blood Lad was a success in Europe and the USA.

The success of Blood Lad can be attributed to the elegance of the storyline and the Manga comics’ illustrations.

Even though the Series was darkly romantic, the creators maintained a sense of mystery and thrill.

Google Trends

Google search trends over the past 5 years indicate that there has been a steady demand for Season 2 and some dips in the release of Season 2.

Searches would spike whenever there was an indicator or a possible update for the Season.

Recent searches aren’t as high as they were just after June 2013 and a few years later.

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However, searches are still rising and falling to indicate that people still expect a season 2.

These statistics show that Blood Lad received an international reception. This is precisely why Blood Lad fans still have hope after 7 years of waiting.

Google Searches

More than 10K people search for blood lad season 2 every month worldwide. It isn’t as popular as No Game No Life season 2 or Goblin Slayer season 2.

More than 5.2K Americans search for “blood lad season 2” each month. In the UK, however, there are more than 1.2K people who search about season 2 every month.

Are you sure it is enough to have a new season?


Online Reactions for Blood Lad Season 2

Reactions to season 1 were a hot topic on social media. We can still find many requests on social media about season 2 in 2021.

Although the Manga can be used to read the episodes, they are still highly sought after for animated series.

Twitter Reaction

These were the reactions of Blood Lad Season 1’s fans after the final episode.

According to reports, the last episode of “Blood Lad” (“I am not a Cat”) did not live up to the fans’ expectations. Although it is not clear if the producers attempted that experiment to gauge response to a new plot, they appear to be cautious about the next season.

Reddit Reaction

Reddit conversations reveal how eager fans are to see season 2. This also shows that some fans gave up on the next season because they felt something was wrong with the delay.

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Why Do We Want Blood Lad Season 2?

Blood Lad fans are eagerly awaiting Season 2 to end their long years of curiosity.

They are curious to find out what awaits Staz or Fuyumi on their quest. The intriguing triangle between Staz and Fuyumi, which includes Hydra and Fuyumi, is captivating and will keep readers guessing until the end.

As this will keep the mystery alive about why Hydra helped Fuyumi, it is revealed that Hydra and Fuyumi have a relationship.

As Fuyumi returns home, the maze of supporting characters is formed by them.

Staz, on the other hand, gets caught up in the favor that he must do for Braz, who helped them interpret the Book.

He realizes it was Akim that was to be destroyed and he becomes more interested in the matter.

Akim’s return extends the series. Wolf also grows stronger and plays a deceitful game to assist Staz.

Ratings and Popularity Scores for Blood Lad Season 2

Blood lad first aired in animated form in 2013, and has enjoyed a high rating ever since.

It received 7.10/10 from IMDB and 7.35/10 from Myanimelist, which shows its popularity. With around 263,000 votes, it was ranked the 213th most viewed anime series on Myanimelist.

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Rating AgencyScore

It received positive reviews even from outside Japan, which shows just how popular the series is.

Overall, the soundtrack was received with warm reception.

Profit and Sales Information for Blood Lad Season 2

We can use sales and profit data to predict the season ahead. Production can’t continue without profitability, as you already know.

Manga Sales

Before deciding on the next season, producers usually look at the responses from the previous seasons and weigh all factors.

To assess the response, they would have included 10 of the 17 episodes in the first season. Then, they’d proceed.

Blood Lad Manga was sold approximately 1.8 million copies in 2015. The sales of Blood Lad Manga’s first four-five volumes were the most successful, with them making it onto the NYTimes weekly manga report’s list of top sellers.

These numbers are not the best, but they are still good. Many of those that are very popular are best sellers for many weeks.

We were able collect sales for manga volume 12 in Japan, which was 53 746 copies in two weeks.

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Others didn’t publish their anime or weren’t very popular. These numbers are not enough to motivate anime producers to make the next season, since it is prohibitively expensive to make.

This is not the only thing we can rely on. Let’s see what the DVD/Bluray sales show.

DVD/Blu-Ray Sales

The total Blu-ray/DVD sales Japan for anime was 801 with a gross of 14.6 million.

This is not encouraging, considering that Shingeki no Kyojin, the anime hit of the same year, had DVD/Bluray sales of 53221 as well as a gross of Y=3152.4 millions.

Success Of Blood Lad

A manga comic is the most affordable way to make an anime series.

Producors will often stop if there isn’t enough demand.

The distribution and marketing costs of anime must be paid for by the producers. This can add to the budget’s burden.

Producing more anime seems like a great way to go forward, especially with the advent of OTT platforms.

Shinji Takamatsu, an animator, claimed that “Evaluating to make that up by disc sales alone is unsustainable business model but that’s what almost all late-night anime are.”

He confirmed that an anime production budget of at least $1 million is necessary.

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The Most Famous Characters You Can Expect To See in Blood Lad Season 2


staz blood lad

He is the protagonist of the Eastern District demon world. Also, Staz is courageous and stubborn by his nature.

Also, he is willing to go to any length to realize his goals. He’s not feared by his rivals but is loved by his friends.

He was revered and admired by the demon world. Staz, a demon, has incredible powers such as staring paralyzing an enemy, sucking their power, and crushing their hearts.

He is able to quickly recover from injuries and that made him appear invincible and threatening.

Staz changes your perception of Okatu. Staz is obsessed with Okatu (Japanese Culture) and spends his time dreaming about the human condition, studying them and reading manga and anime.

His henchmen, deputed to manage the district, treat him with contempt. He is the one who saves Fuyumi from being almost dead.

Braz, his brother, was also aware of his abilities. He was aware of the danger and sealed it with a small pellet.


Fuyumi blood lad season 2

Fuyumi is a high school student from the Human world. In addition, she accidentally enters the demon world via a portal.

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Futhermore, she appears innocent and naive, but she has no concept of the demon realm.

There she meets Staz and they form a strong bond. Staz is fascinated by the human world.

Staz loves her and protects. He views her as a ticket to learn more about the human world.

While Staz was busy fighting an invading demon, she is killed by a man-eating herb.

To save herself from being dematerialized, she transforms into a ghost and becomes dependent upon Staz.

Staz, upset by this, promises that she will bring her back to her human condition and accompany her on a adventure to civilized humanity.

Fuyumi is secretly in a relationship with Bell Hydra. According to legend, the two were sister from a cross-dimensional relationship.

Bell later discovers that she is unaware of it. They had only a few occasions when they were in conflict.

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Bell Hydra

Bell Hydra blood lad

She is a powerful sorceress, well-known for her spatial magic. Her abilities allow her to manipulate time and space.

Her ability to share information and spy on other parts of the world is also a hallmark.

Fuyumi was able to trust her and she did the right thing. Staz approaches her to help Fuyumi, and she does everything she can.

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Staz develops an intimate relationship with her and she confesses to him all the while working with him.

Fuyumi is determined to catch and punish a thief. Fuyumi was able to reach the demon realm because of this thief.

At first, she thought it was Staz. Later, she discovered that it was Akim. It is important to remember that Fuyumi was not a fan of her at first meeting.

She realized this only afterward and promised to protect her.


wolf blood lad season 2

Wolf is a close friend and was once a rival to Staz. For his “impure blood”, he was expelled from Acropolis.

He was a strong fighter and possessed a lot of willpower for being a werewolf. Also, he grew a snout like a real Wolf when he is excited.

In addition, he is a guide for Fuyumi and Staz on their adventure. Also, He is a caring friend and friend, despite his tough exterior.

This characteristic is very similar to Staz. He is a friend who puts his reputation and life at risk.

He also feels cheated and unhappy.

Other Decisive Factors for Blood Lad Season 2

It was mentioned above why Blood Lad Season 2 was in high demand. These are other important factors that we should be looking at.

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Ending of Blood Lad Season 1

Blood Lad Season 1 ends with a cliffhanger. Fans were eager to find out if Staz would succeed, if Fuyumi would reach the Human world, and if so, how.

Bell Hydra’s new role in the story ended with a conflict as she expressed her feelings towards Staz.

Fuyumi was his partner and he needed both characters to realize his dream.

Wolf, however, is a friend who proves his worth and is ready to tackle any task that seems impossible.

The viewers will be eager to see who wins and how after Akim’s encounter with him.

The ending left many questions unanswered and signals that season 2 is needed.

The Controversy Around Blood Lad Season 1

A series is bound to generate some controversy. It’s impossible to please everyone, but it is important to hear what others have to say.

Some viewers were critical of the series’ violence and explicit content.

AniDb also gave it a low rating of 5.6/10. Some viewers felt that Blood Lad Season 1 was a bit too dramatic to generate hype for the next Season.

Where can I stream the anime series ?

Crunchyroll, Funimation and Crunchyroll have the original audio of Blood lad Season 1. The English Dub for ‘Erased Season 1’ is available on Crunchyroll and Netflix.

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