Red Hair Anime Girl : Our Top 45+

Red Hair Anime Girl

Hairy anime girls aren’t something that is new for us. There are anime ladies sporting hair of every color available and they do appear a little odd to us. However, some hair color are simply beautiful. Especially Red Hair Anime Girl.

For instance red is a color. Why is it red? Because it’s almost impossible to see a girl from anime sporting hair that is red in every anime. It’s that famous. Today, we’ll discuss the top well-known women with red hair. If you’re interested in anime with redhead girls, then you’ve come to the right spot. Check out the following article to find your perfect waifu in our list of top anime girls sporting red hair!

46. Anime Girl With Red Hair – Ayano (Kaze No Stigma)

Ayano (Kaze No Stigma) Anime Girl With Red Hair

Ayano is a fantastic youngster with average height, with long, dark red hair that is with a home trim as well as golden eyes.

Ayano is an impulsive and impulsive, naive and a genuinely preposterous young woman who truly does her role at the highest level of Kannagi family. Kannagi family.

She is not one to think about things she charges indiscriminately in response to the circumstances. Ayano is the spark in all she does, which makes her red hair, which is particularly glam, very appropriate.

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However, not only are her abilities that she has in Kaze no Stigma fire-based. But, she also has the hot-headed Tsundere character to co-ordinate.

She is a fierce guardian from her relatives and the practices of their members And, perhaps fascinated, she displays rapid, unpredictable reactions of violence and passion.

She’s the kind of person you could classify as the most natural description that a female redhead was supposed to appear in the anime.

45. Rebecca Scarlet (Black Clover)

Rebecca Scarlet (Black Clover)

The anime series Black Clover has been circulating among the fandoms for quite while and its characters aren’t exactly thrilling.

Rebecca is not less! Rebecca is a young woman with average height and an elongated, slim body.

She is a long hair, with wavy red curls and blue eyes that look like naval force. In the moment she first meets Asta at the start she puts on an act of being distant and is saved by defying Asta.

Be that way the moment Asta protects her and earns the trust of her family, she shows up to be a very friendly and energetic young woman.

She is often thinking deeply about her family, which is why there are as the numerous mismatches with her children.

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Thus, Rebecca is expected to assume the job as a housekeeper from 16 years old to take care of the children.

44. Kahono (Black Clover)

Kahono (Black Clover)

A different character in the fantastical world of the black clover are Kahono. Kahono is a thin , young lady with red eyes.

Her dull red hair is arranged in a long pigtail made of shells. The model wears the neckband of a gold chain with an eagle pendant.

Kahono believes that waves’ sound as winding. Kahono is also happy with her effervescent personality.

In addition to her energetic and strong personality, she’s also a strong, as shown when she speaks to Noelle about her fascination.

The Seabed Priestess appears confident, with a high degree of confidence that her fantasies will play out the way she expects such as when she talks to Noelle regarding her throat problem.

43. Baccarat (One Piece)

Baccarat (One Piece)Baccarat (One Piece)

Baccarat is one of the porters for Gran Tesoro and one of the most prominent team members of Gild Tesoro’s squad.

She appears on screen in One Piece Film: Gold. Baccarat is tall and thin woman with pale earthy-colored skin and long, red hair. She has dark green eyes that look that resembles Robin’s and a red tattoo on her left lower hip of a snake that is winding with a an eagle in the middle.

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Baccarat is a friendly and helpful character who provides assistance for guests Gran Tesoro, directing them through the city , empowering the guests to earn more cash flow and enjoy lavish lifestyles.

However whatever could, she uses this in order to motivate them to give up all their possessions and to take on the task of reimbursing their obligation.

42. Fana (Black Clover)

Fana (Black Clover)

Fana played the role of the principal antagonist of the Eye of Midnight Sun arc and thanks to her fiery, lizard she was quite fierce.

Fana is a small, thin youngster who has a real articulate. Her hair is thick and wavy hair, with a reddish/pink hue that falls under her shoulders, and massive eyes of ocean green.

The central point in her temple’s design is a purple different mage stone that is outlined by the red of her tattoo.

In this mage stone she is blessed with the third eye. Fana is a sweet gentle, patient and gentle lady.

41. Suno (Dragon Ball Z)

Suno (Dragon Ball Z) Anime girl with red hair

Suno is a child that lives within Jingle Village. Goku was introduced to her while looking for his Dragon Balls after the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament.

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In the picture, Suno was a youthful 10 year old girl sporting medium-length, red hair. Due to the climate the area she lives, she’s usually observed wearing warm clothing.

Suno is a kind young woman who rescued and secured Goku despite the obvious danger.

Even though she has had the pleasure of meeting Goku She is concerned for him as Goku unleashes his assault against Muscle Tower.

But, she shows the same level of affection on Android 8.

40. Kurena Kukumila (86)

40. Kurena Kukumila (86) Red Hair Anime Girl

She’s the type of girl who can to think through a tough situation. She is an outgoing personality, and at times she is a bit sloppy when friends make fun of her in a playful way. Her hair is deep red and a cute pouting eyes, as well as amazing soldier characteristics. She is well-known for fighting in the front lines because she is the most feared soldier of the 86th.Kurena Kukumila

39. Grimm (Combatants Will Be Dispatched)

39. Grimm (Combatants Will Be Dispatched) Red Hair Anime Girl

Grimm is a hilarious character from the anime that will delight you from all angles. She likes to lie in bed and make up spellings of various things. Also, She has the ability to repair her body parts and is also handicapped (not sureabout that, but). She is a mysterious person and it’s that can make you want to stay connected on to the screens. Sugoi, isn’t it?Grimm

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38. Flare Corona ( Fairy Tail )

38. Flare Corona ( Fairy Tale ) Red Hair Anime Girl

If you like the crazy girls with frightening faces, then this is the Waifu. She always has a strange look on her face and does not care about what’s happening around her. In addition, She appears terrifying every day and has long, red hair which extends to her waist. She doesn’t care what she does and is able to make use of any means that are unfair. Her eyes appear attractive and gorgeous. She’s a character who makes another hit with the waifu series.

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37. Eris Boreas Greyrat (Jobless Reincarnation)

37. Eris Boreas Greyrat (Jobless Reincarnation) Red Hair Anime Girl

This is among the greatest Isekai anime ever made and Eris is among the main characters in the show. She is part of a royal family and, as the show advances, she gets more mature. She’s young and isn’t willing to work for things simply because she can get what she wants. She changes and begins thinking differently after the story, and then becomes more accepted.Eris Boreas Greyrat

36. Tiese Shtolienen (Sword Art Online)

Tiese Shtolienen (Sword Art Online) Red Hair Anime Girl

Tiese is among the most popular supporting characters from the anime. It is easy to become attached to Tiese after watching this series. She is extremely dedicated and constantly strives to become the best version of herself. She fell in love with Eugeo in the animated series. She’s a slim kind of girl who is a bit delicate. The hair of her is dark and red that looks stunning when you watch the cartoon. It is a must to watch this show to experience the beauty of this persona.Tiese Shtolienen

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35. Serara (Log Horizon)

35. Serara (Log Horizon) Red Hair Anime Girl

Serara is an extremely beautiful character with the astonishing ability to heal and clean. Also, Serara gets very angry when it comes to discussing an engagement before her and she’s very shy , and is only 15 years older. She is usually seen wearing feminine clothes and is gorgeous in these outfits. She’s a woman who can tidy up the house and has a red hairstyle, which is gorgeous.Serara

34. Kotori Itsuka ( Date A Live )

Kotori Itsuka ( Date A Live ) Red Hair Anime Girl

Kotori will be the one that you’ll be awestruck by during the first few episodes of anime, but later you’ll have mixed feelings towards her as she grows moody and a bit sexy. She was initially a loving sibling, however later on, she was the captain of Fraxinus Airship, from which her character changed. She is a typical schoolgirl, and has bright eyes and a beautiful hair that is red.Kotori Itsuka

33. Liz T Blood ( Blood Lad )

Red Hair Anime Girl

In the beginning of the show it is evident that the character may be uncomfortable However, as the anime gets more interesting, you begin to like the character. Her face is adorable and is always seeking affection and love. She was of the opinion that if someone is nice to her they will surely want a favor, which is rather gray. The girl looks adorable and petite with her red hair. Her eyes are red and put the cherry on the cake of her beautiful features.Liz T Blood.

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32. Alexandra Magritte (Tada Never Falls In Love)

Red Hair Anime Girl

Alexandra Magritte is the side character in the show, and she has an excellent writing and character. She belongs to an anime group however she isn’t connected to them and keeps some distance. She’s the kind of girl who doesn’t really care about anyone else except herself as well as the Princess. Her body is gorgeous with hazel eyes, red hair and a slim body. She has a chic way of working.Alexandra Magritte

31. Pina Co Lada (Gate: Thus The JSDF Fought There)

31. Pina Co Lada (Gate: Thus The JSDF Fought There) Red Hair Anime Girl

Pina Co Lada believes she is as a princess and is ambitious and would like to see a change in her country. She was a wonderful girl with a lot of ambition however, after meeting with Itami She was introduced to Weeb culture and her character was changed. She’s gorgeous with deep red eyes, and dark hair. Her outfit was unique which is unique from other women.Pina Co Lada

30. Sala Shane (Charlotte)

Red Hair Anime Girl

Sala isn’t the most leading character in the series, yet she has a large number of fans. She is a nice woman who is living her life positively and is a fervent performer throughout the Charlotte universe. If we look at her appearance, she’s stunningly beautiful who has blue eyes as well as dark red hair. She loves wearing an outfit that is western and an edgy scarf.Sala Shane

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29. Yatorishino Igsem (Alderamin On Sky)

29. Yatorishino Igsem (Alderamin On Sky)

The character is beautiful from a violent military anime. She’s a person who does her all in every circumstance she is in. Yatori is stunningly beautiful in dark, red locks with glowing eyes, and big lips. Her image is perfect as a soldier and she’s an expert in close combat. She will delight you to the max you can imagine.Yatorishino Igsem

28. Kyoko Sakura ( Madoka Magica )

28. Kyoko Sakura ( Madoka Magica )

Kyoko is a strong girl, and very adept at magic. She attempted to assist Sayaka. She’s a child who is unable to see other people who are suffering. She was always a good person and many considered her as their hero. She’s a bit obstinate and self-centered. She has a reddish raspberry hair with a ponytail, and crimson eyes that are red. She is a fan of wearing her own special outfit since she doesn’t want to wear regular human clothes.Kyoko Sakura

27. Ryoko Sakaki (Food Wars!)

27. Ryoko Sakaki (Food Wars!)

She is a side character in anime, but she tells a great story. She is a very extrovert who wants to be a part of a group and has more manners than else. She’s gorgeous with her hair being red and eyes of orange. She has a slim figure that will surely draw you in. This model has the potential to become your most loved waifu ever.Ryoko Sakaki

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26. Satanichia Kurimizara ( Gabriel Dropout )

Satanichia Kurimizara

Satanichia Kurimizara is a demon lord and one of the top characters on the show. She is a demon that tries to create mistakes, but fails every time. She appears to be a devil the eyes of all however from her inner she is a kindhearted person and is not even close to being an actual demon. Satanichia is adorable and appears Kawai every time she wears her school uniform. She has red hair and cute eyes in red. If you like wild girls, this could be your favorite anime character with red hair.

25. AE3803

25. AE3803

Anime: Cells at Work!

It’s always essential to take care of both your own body and self. What’s inside your body? Blood. Do I need to explain the reasons AE3803 is included on this list?


The AE3803 is a red blood cell that’s job throughout the film is to supply different nutrients to the body.

Our protagonist is unfortunate to have very little sense of direction, and often gets lost performing her day-to-day tasks. However, this doesn’t stop her, however, as she continues to work and does to be as productive as her colleagues.

She’s very humble and witty, her bubbly personality make her a wonderful character to share with.

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She doesn’t really break any ground in terms of archetypes of characters. She does what she’s supposed to do and is in love with her hair that is red.

24. Shura Kirigakure

24. Shura Kirigakure

Anime: Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist)

Shura is a sexy badass.

It’s hard to come across any aspect of her that’s not stylish in any way.

Her hair is basically fire. She can draw an esoteric sword from her chest She is spiritually connected to snakes and is also an intoxicated drinker. There’s plenty to love about.

She is also not one to play games with you. If she is of a certain opinion, and she most likely has, she’ll tell you.

On the other hand, she has proven to be a very effective undercover agent, putting on quite a show when pretending to be the student.

She may not be princess-like or waifu-like but she’d be an amazing person to hang out with.

23. Miu Amano

23. Miu Amano

Anime: Blend S

If you were to look at Miu you’d probably think “sweet delicate, tender, maybe even afraid” because her physical features fit the mold.

Then you realise that S means Sadistic Oneesan and the story becomes more fascinating.

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Miu’s character is centered around her dojinshi as she’s always looking for inspiration and new materials for what she can draw. Let’s say it’s leaning towards the sexually explicit side.

And by “leans” I’m referring to it falling in the past few years.

Her sexually sexy nature, coupled with her status as the responsible and mature one of the girls creates an intriguing character and an amazing group lively.

22. Akane Sakurada

22. Akane Sakurada

Anime: Joukamachi no Dandelion

In every shy girl across the world, Akane has to be one of the most shy.

Imagine that your driving motivation is the desire to remove cameras in the city so they won’t be able to record you. But then, you’re trying to take over the city to accomplish exactly that.

It’s good that she’s cute when she squirms because you can be sure she is known to do it regularly. There is an entire fan-club dedicated to the exact reason.

To all the insecure people who are a stranger and snobbery-minded people, you should bow to the queen.

21. Edward Wong

21. Edward Wong

Anime: Cowboy Bebop

It’s not just about appearances. Sometimes, you need a clever person by your side.

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In light of the fact that Miss Edward Wong-Hau Pepelu Tivruski IV is one of the top hackers around, and she is just in her teens, it’s possible she’s got what it takes.

A brilliant mind and the character of a playful child is a fantastic way to entertain. And who could forget any of her memorable lines like: “If you see a stranger, go with the person” as well as “Hot dogs buns, but not too old”.

How could you not be enthralled by this self-taught, self-titled the riotous redhead?

20. Grell Sutcliff

20. Grell Sutcliff

Anime: Black Butler

There are times when you need a amount of craziness to spice up your day. Sometimes, you require lots of it, which is the case with Grell could make a perfect fit.

This could be a weird selection since Grell triggers feelings of fear more than feelings of attraction. But let me tell you why.

As Thanos stated, it’s the balance that counts.

On the one hand, you’ve got an awkward, uncooperative butler. On the other hand, you have an angry Shinigami with a flair for killing.

This is balanced, isn’t it?

She is very extroverted at least, so there is little of the shy, quiet, will-never-confess-my-feelings trope present in her personality.

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It’s not just that she openly proclaims her affection for Sebastian every time she has the chance. Even if you believe that she’s insane, it’s not impossible to say that she is a good judge of males.

19. Karin

Anime: Naruto Shippuden

Staying with the theme of possible oddballs We have Karin. I

We’ll admit it initially Karin appears to be rather irritating in the show. However, like a good red wine, she improves as she gets older.

First of all, who else do you know who has the ability to heal with hickeys? Apart from the Recovery Girl from BNHA.

In addition, loyalty and willingness to forgive are the most important qualities for any loved one. The truth is that Karin completely is willing to forgive a certain edge-lord after being hit by light but love is a wild thing.

When “Naruto’s child, or the animated” is on the way, Karin turns into a mature and well-rounded character.

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18. Red Hair Anime Girl Mito Jujo

18. Mito Jujo

Anime: Owari no Seraph (Seraph of the End)

It is essential to be in love with a woman wearing uniform.

Mito belongs to the Guren squad, which means that she’s highly trained and is able to punch some seriously hard butt.

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She also comes from Royal Jujo bloodline, which means she’s quite a bit stuck up. What do you get when you mix the two?

A tsundere, naturally. It’s a very loved one to boot.

Her obvious love for the lieutenant always provides an enjoyable laugh, and the actions she takes on battlefields are amazing. The long, red ponytail only creates this look of aristocratic elegance, which fits her personality perfectly.

17. Red Hair Anime Girl Miia

17. Miia

Anime: Monster Musume

We’re letting go of humanity and focusing on the true treasure the snake girls.

The first girl Kimihito was introduced to, Miia is a key character throughout the entire series. She’s very sexually attractive and timid, which is an amusing combination.

She’s also very protective with regards to Kimihito as she sees the other girls as threat. Personally, I find her extremely realist, which is quite ironic considering the whole half-snake saga.

She’s rude she’s loud however, she is also caring and kind. When it comes to her appearance, she is a mamma mia.

Also , we can be thankful that she called people gorgeous prior to the time Zero-Two made it fashionable.

16. Red Hair Anime Girl Stella Vermillion

16. Stella Vermillion

Anime: Chivalry of a Failed Knight

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Stella is the classic illustration of cute in the world of anime.

He is both shy and completely sexually attractive, he is submissive to Ikki however very hostile towards all girls who take an interest in him. And being charming because of his design. There’s plenty to love here.

The singers were exceptionally kind in regards to her curvaces. Her crimson eyes and hair create a striking appearance.

She’s the ideal romantic partner to Ikki and their romance is among the few anime that extends beyond mere shipping and the occasional teasing, which is refreshing to watch.

15. Red Hair Anime Girl Uzumaki Kushina

Kushina Uzumaki

Anime: Naruto Shippuden

Kushina is the first to admit that she hates her beautiful red hair then she begins to fall in love with it due to her husband Minato.

The drink would eventually be her standard, as it was a perfect match with her anger-filled outbursts and earned her the title of”red hot-blooded Habanero.

But man I love Kushina. There isn’t enough love shown to the amazing mothers in anime.

Giving up your life to support your child is an act of selflessness every parent is willing to undertake.

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The reunion of her with Naruto even if it was due to her Nine Tails Chakra, it just got me rolling my eyes I know.

She’s described as an incredibly loving mother and wife, and she’s just to be included on this list.

14. Red Hair Anime Girl Morgiana

Morgiana Magi

Anime: Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

Morgiana was very tough, really tough.

As a slave for the majority of her life she had an inferiority complex, and also a gorgeous insufferable heart.

On the other hand she doesn’t have anyone who is hers, as the Fanalis people hail from another continent, and are often sold to slavery.

And to see someone with that background turn into the tough and caring redheaded demon on the battlefield we all know and love is absolutely amazing.

I love Morgiana for the reason that she did not erase her past from her persona. She actually used it as a strength. The choice of the Household Vessel she did, and wishing to go back to her home is a testament to her strength.

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13. Red Hair Anime Girl Yona


Anime: Akatsuki no Yona (Yona of the Dawn)

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According to me, the only thing more appealing than a rags-to-riches story is the riches to rags tale.

This is what we observe through the eyes Yona. As a princess, and enjoying a lavish lifestyle Yona was totally unaware to the multitude of difficulties that were happening across her kingdom.

After a “spoiler” happens, she’s required to conduct a reality check and discover how to be content with the bare minimum.

The tale of disillusionment she tells is among the best ones to be found. Because of her persona, Yona can both be very entertaining at times when she’s as hard as a rock. However, she is as well inspiring when you watch her bond with real people and perform amazing feats.

12. Red Hair Anime Girl Mereoleona Vermillion

12. Mereoleona Vermillion

Anime: Black Clover

Female characters with strong females are incredible.

And Mereoleona The lioness of fire, takes the cake, in my opinion.

All the guff is wiped away in the case of this particular character. She’s the perfect example of love and battlelust.

She makes the most famous characters within Back Clover. Back Clover universe shake in their boots. She is an absolutely formidable opponent. Every character doesn’t have the ability to show a soft, fuzzy side.

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Mereoleona’s heart is not being apathetic, she’s only that controlled.

11. Red Hair Anime Girl Shirayuki

11. Shirayuki

Animation: Snow White with the red hair

In animation, female protagonists typically have two titles: God-like or useless.

With Shirayuki I like the fact that she is in the believable middle-ground between being neither an Sakura or an Ayaka.

Additionally, she is interested in something which isn’t music or fighting-related.

My girl is just aspiring to be the top botanist west of the Mississippi. And I praise her for that.

Her connection to Zen is also amazing because it’s grounded in the real world.

10. Red Hair Anime Girl Chise Hatori

10. Chise Hatori

Anime: The Ancient Magus’ Bride

Chise just makes me sad. The writers didn’t make any excuses regarding the back story of Chise.

One parent abandoned One parent is evicted, the other goes straight going to a completely different realm of existence, then Chise selling her body to slaves.

The process of watching Chise gradually discover her own worth and gain confidence is inspiring in a sense.

The inclusion of the fantasy world is what makes the story even more compelling and Chise being tricked by every image she sees is gold.

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9. Red Hair Anime Girl Lilith Asami


Anime: Trinity Seven

Teaching and being part in The Trinity Seven, Lilith tries to maintain a tough manner of speaking.

She has so many flaws in her armor it’s just hilarious. If she’s ever teased, particularly in the case of an NSFW kind, she typically turns completely red and screams in anger.

Combining her with adorable and charming Arata and a host of great secondary characters that he bounce off creates Lilith extremely adorable for the majority all the times she’s in the spotlight.

Add to that her being extremely clever and basically stealing her identity as the missing Elric sibling You’ll have a memorable character.

8. Red Hair Anime Girl Rias Gremory

8. Rias Gremory

Animation: High school DxD

Let’s face it, Issei is living her dream.

The most important aspect of that dream is obviously the redheaded princess Rias.

According to all criteria, Rias is gorgeous as is her love for Issei is something that most men think of as the best thing ever. She is in a relationship with Issei however she also allows Issei to have a pseudo-harem and even manage all the girls by herself.

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Rias is also extremely powerful and has established her own rules. She isn’t an innocent young girl. She’s not terribly complicated however she doesn’t need to be. Her character is the perfect focal point for the show.

7. Red Hair Anime Girl Kallen Stadfeld/Kozuki


Anime: Code Geass

Kallen is in general an incredibly written character. She is struggling to reconcile her two identities as Japanese in addition to Britannian Kallen’s character development isn’t straightforward or sluggish.

Being compassionate towards people all over the world, yet having a solid conviction in the law, is what makes her captivating.

Her skills on the battlefield are different from the typical damsel in distress story and her ever-confusing relation to Lelouch is nothing short of a pleasure.

The loyalty, honesty and power she has is simply amazing. She has been given the title of Q1, also known as queen, for an explanation. She is also better than C.C. I will fight you.

6. Red Hair Anime Girl Erza Scarlet

6. Erza Scarlet

Anime: Fairy Tail

In terms of female characters in the Fairy Tail series, no is even close to Erza.

When she is in a calm mood Erza may appear scary as she’s very rigid and displays a sense of authority. Once you get know her , you’ll discover that she’s a very kind and caring fun person being around.

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She also feels very at ease on her way to her place, and that’s an added benefit.

For me she shines on the battlefield. Her style of fighting is fascinating because it’s made up of many different weapons, abilities and statistics.

Keep your daughter away from alcohol. You don’t want to be with her if she’s drunk.

I was planning to include Flare in this list however, 2020 may not be the ideal year for Flare, if you get my drift.

5. Red Hair Anime Girl Stephanie Dola

5. Stephanie Dola

Anime: No Game No Life

Is love for Stephanie an unpopular view? I’m not sure but I do am in love with this lady.

She is an interesting alternative with Sora and Shiro by contrasting their skepticism and incredible intelligence with optimism and naivete.

Her outbursts are always fun and her style is sleek but cute.

Let’s also take this out of the way: she’s young however, she is not inherently stupid. The country is run with the two of them for God’s sake.

Her heart is on her sleeves and is as valuable and charming as the lead duo.

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4. Red Hair Anime Girl Minori Kushieda

4. Minori Kushieda

Anime: Toradora

Of of course, Minori is sure to be featured here. She’s directly from Toradora, the Holy Grail of anime known as Toradora After all.

To keep spoilers out of the picture, I’m going to state it in this manner: Minori is one of the most beloved characters of the series. She is dedicated, hardworking to the tee, competent, and responsible.

She’s a glutton who loves to eat a lot. Yet, she’s a fitness guru in the same breath.

She believes that UFOs exist. caused me to cry . If you’ve not already, go and watch the show. It’s great.

3. Red Hair Anime Girl Maki Nishikino

Red Hair Anime Girl Maki Nikishino

Anime: Love Live! School Idol Project

If the world economy crashes, I’m predicting that the payment will be made via Maki blushes.

The girl is ridiculously cute. In truth everyone in the main ensemble is adorable. However, Maki is the kind of tsundere she is, turns the volume up.

A tsundere smile is the most beautiful thing you’ll ever observe. As with a genuine tsundere Maki is very determined and often has the maturity of shoes.

This makes her genuine moments more enjoyable. Her family is wealthy, which means Maki is likely to take the role of breadwinner (or the bread-ginger) in this family.

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2. Red Hair Anime Girl Yoko Littner

2. Yoko Littner Red Hair Anime Girl

Anime: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

We’ll be next with our redheaded bikini warrior Yoko.

Like many of the characters on this list Yoko is extremely solid on her on her own. When she’s paired with most suitable people she is a superstar.

From the moment she makes her appearance in episode one , the trio comprised of Yoko, Simon, and Kamina was an absolute hoot.

Her rational and calm nature is well-suited to Kamina’s all-in personality and are able to balance each other out the same way. Kamina is also incredibly gorgeous and is a true good girl when it matters. The most well-known redhead in anime, and for good reason.

1. Red Hair Anime Girl Makise Kurisu

1. Makise Kurisu Red Hair Anime Girl

Anime: Steins; Gate

Christina is without a doubt one of my most adored female characters from anime. Christina is by far one of my favorite female characters in.

Her amazing intelligence, temperament and drive are breathtaking.

She could be an occasional tsundere at any time. However, I think this is not her most distinctive characteristic.

This lab coat lover, fork-hungry Kurisu is simply a beautifully written character.

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Her romance with Okabe is genuine and plausible as well. If you weren’t moved by her Hououin Kyoma performance, I’m sorry fellow anime lovers and we will no ever be acquaintances.

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