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In My Hero Academia, Enji Todoroki Also known as Flame Hero: Endeavor Fureimu Hiro who resigned for a long period of time following Alli Endeva but was ranked at number one.1

Appearance Enji Todoroki Mha

Appearance Enji Todoroki

Enji is a tall, well-built , and well-built man with a muscular physique. He is short and has red hair that forms a an oblique point off his head. He also has a set of blue eyes.

The costume he wears is a snug-fitting blue bodysuit that has lines of fire visible on the upper part of his body. His shoulders are particularly lit up. The flames are also an eye mask The shoes of his are constructed of the fire itself or are just ablaze. Arm guards of white are on his arms.

Appearance Enji Todoroki

Following his official transition to professional hero number 1 his uniform was updated: The arm guards are now more parts of armor, and are now fully enclosed around the arms.On the side of his hand, there are protectors that have holes through which fire can be released. Additionally, he wears shoulder protectors as well as a belt that appears to be constructed out of the same material as his armguards.
In his fight with Hood his left face of his was severely damaged following an attack that was unexpected. When he was healed, thanks to the Recovery Girls who were healing the wound, a huge wound remained.

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Personality Enji Todoroki My Hero Academia

Personality Enji Todoroki

Shoto Todoroki has said that his father was an ambitious and proud man driven by his dream of achieving the rank 1 superhero, All Might.

The obsession with his goal has been the case with Enji throughout his entire life, having repeatedly failed to achieve it from his early years. Endeavor is extremely committed to his studies and heroics in his quest to be the best pro-athlete in the nation however, All Might turned out to be a formidable opponent that he was unable to compete with. He was devastated as the distance between himself and his symbol for peace was widening and he realized it would be impossible to close it.

Personality Enji Todoroki

So, Enji became a cold and unfocused person who was concerned about nothing except his dreams, something that young Inasa Yorashi had noticed before looking into the eyes of Enji.
Enji was aware of his limitations and is still, however due to his determination that he couldn’t abandon this desire since he was determined to achieve this desire at any cost even if it required it with the help of someone else.

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To identify a counter to his quirk Enji was looking for a child who had an ice cream, in order to create a person who matched his desires. This way, Enji would not only give his quirk over, but also his education in the direction of the “perfect” succeeding.

Personality Enji Todoroki

In reality, Enji turned out to be quite cruel to his father and husband , who also employed domestic violence. His actions adversely affected the members of his family. Shoto his youngest child was thought to be his masterpiece. He was a complete package required to compete with All Might. This meant that Enji concentrated all his energy on Shoto which forced him to go through a demanding workout from a young age.

He was not concerned about the personal issues of Shoto and was focused on his own personal goals. He did not pay attention to the other children as much as he could and categorized them as a failure and not permitted to interact with Shoto in order to influence him in a negative way. When his wife was suffering from anxiety, Enji sent her to a mental health center to stop her from stopping Shoto from becoming.

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The character of Enji changed after what transpired in the Kamino incident which resulted in Endeavor’s resignation and All Might’s rise to the rank of one.1 The reason he was interested in being referred to as the Strongest Professional Hero has always been about earning it through merit and talent and believed in the work that he did to be first, much more than the actual place.

He was very upset about it since he got to the top of the list because All Might stepped down, not because he was better than his predecessor. He believed that all his efforts before were in vain. Although he hated his long-time All Might, his rival All Might, Enji respected his strength and heroic qualities as the most hero-like. He was stunned to learn that All Might was the “real” All Might was an unhealthy and weak-looking person.


Being aware of the rising number of riots and crime within the society, which had recently been stripped of the symbol that symbolized peace Enji was beginning to think about his duty and role as the new top hero. After a fascinating conversation in a conversation with All Might about what it is to be the most coveted hero of all of humanity, Enji began to show regret over how he treated his family to this point, since the man who had never considered what was the best for his family.

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Therefore, he visits his children as well as his wife more frequently and hopes to be a father figure to your children even though they are still hostile towards him and cannot resist his way of life. He also faces his mistakes from the past to learn from his mistakes and avoid making the same mistakes. In addition to his aim of achieving All Might to become the top hero, Enji is also interested in his family members and cherishes them dearly.


As a result, Enji has no negative intentions toward any member of his family Accepts any criticism they could make towards him and is able to accept that his family members will never forgive him.

As a professional hero Endeavor grows more confident, trustworthy and intimidating thanks to his outstanding experience in solving cases. His obnoxious and violent character is well-known to the public , and loved by his followers and colleagues, but some are afraid of his violent behavior. Endeavor is especially sensitive to this when compared with All Might, as he is often portrayed in a negative light toward the hero who was once number one.

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Past Enji Todoroki

Past Enji Todoroki

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Quirk And Skills Enji Todoroki


Hellflames (heruhureimu,Herufureimu): Enjis Macke allows him to create a huge amount of fire and control it at will.
He seems to be invulnerable to other fires and be able to easily control the shape as well as the temperature of the flame. The control he has allows him to Endeavor to utilize his flames in unconventional methods, such as to direct flames towards one particular point or be able of flying something. It’s been demonstrated how he shaped his flames in melee and ranged weapons, such as when he hit the Nomu with an erupting spear.

If he exerts excessive energy, his body may overheat, leading to a decrease in endurance and impairment of bodily functions.

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