Gothic Anime Girl : Our Top 24+ Girl Characters

Gothic Anime Girl

Gothic culture is very popular all over the world. This culture is becoming more popular because it looks cool. Given their popularity, there have been many representations of gothic-styled characters in different entertainment media. We have also seen anime characters whose designs seem to have been inspired from this culture. Take a look at this list of the best Gothic anime characters. This list also includes a gothic anime vampire, and a gothic animation princess. These gothic anime girl can be viewed on Netflix, Hulu and Crunchyroll. Do not forget to leave a comment with your favorite pick. Enjoy!

The Most Popular Gothic Anime Girl

Gothic Lolita Girls Compilations In Anime By ghiecsTV

15. Dalian

Dalian Gothic Anime Girl

Anime The Mystic Archives of Dantalian

Another loli-ish character is Dalian, which is actually quite old.

Her age is not known, but it is speculated that she could be in the hundreds.

This list’s most notable item is her title, “Black biblioprincess”, and her gothic style in clothing.

Dalian is the keeper and administrator of the 900 666 Phantom Books. He is also an unwelcoming librarian.

Imagine the librarian you used in high school. Now imagine that they are angry at you for interrupting her reading.

Dalian, as it was suggested, is not the most welcoming person with her rude and flippant personality. However, she is more open to sweets and shows her true colors.

14. Evangeline McDowell

Evangeline McDowell Gothic Anime Girl

Anime UQ Holder

This is a very special case, as Evangeline can be both an adult vampire magician teacher and a gothic loli who is in love with the past.

We’re using her goth loli for this list!

Evangeline is sweet, snarky and teasing to the main character while still showing great care for him.

Because I love the manga so much I would gladly rank her between 1 and 3, but I don’t think many people would agree with this choice.

13. Rory Mercury

8. Rory Mercury Gothic Anime Girl

Anime : Gate

We continue the 100+ year old loli gothic lolita trend (in this instance 900+), with Rory from Gate. He has the cute and adorable title “Apostle Of Emroy”, the god of violence, death, war and war.

This is contrast!

Rory is a friendly person until it’s time to show her teeth.

This is where her sadistic side shines. She smiles at her enemies and savors their screams… That was dark fast.

Rory’s style is very similar to Kurumi (earlier on the list), in terms of the color scheme and frilly outfit. I must say, it’s very gothic.

12. Kurumi Tokisaki

Kurumi Tokisaki

Anime, Date a Life

Kurumi is the most famous anime psycho girl!

She is the most difficult target in the Date a Live series because of her frilly red &black dress and time manipulation abilities.

Kurumi is bipolar disorder. But it’s a more literal diagnosis. She is two people at once .

The confident high schooler who is shy and the determined spirit who wants to walk a mile, possibly killing several thousand people.

She is literally known as the “Worst Spiritual Being”. You can see the irony.

11. Road Kamelot

Road Kamelot Gothic Anime Girl

Anime: D. Gray-man

Here’s a slightly modified version of the old loli: a teen who looks 15 but is the oldest of all the Noahs.

Road may be the villain, but she sure doesn’t appear one.

Although her appearance may be zombie-like, and she might have an affinity to blood, her personality is quite normal.

Road is a child-like seeker of entertainment and sweets that makes her feel powerless.

Road is a gifted psychic with a variety of powers and even her own dimension.

10. Shaltear Bloodfallen

Shaltear Bloodfallen Gothic Anime Girl

Anime Overlord

Shaltear is another elder loli. She fits in as the goth of the series, over characters like Albedo, whom I believe could also fit in here.

Shaltear is a vampire in gothic fashion, but unlike Evangeline, who was brooding, Shaltear is more of an arrogant-ruler type of vampirism.

Bloodfallen is one the floor guardians in Nazarick. Her terrifying powers are a reflection of this position.

Even the most powerful of beings can be affected by her power.

9. Yomi Takanashi / Dead Master

Yomi Takanashi / Dead Master Gothic Anime Girl

Anime:BlackRock Shooter

Let me first say that I am strongly biased towards BlackRock Shooter.

It is amazing that all the characters are gothic. To keep it even, I will only include two characters on this list.

Yomi and Mato are an exception.

They are not goths by themselves, but they are their alter egos from Hazama. That’s a whole other story.

Her alter ego Death Master is a Necromancer who uses a black-and-green color palette. It’s pretty, deadly, and dark. That’s how I like my coffee.

8. Celestia Ludenberg

Celestia Ludenberg Gothic Anime Girl

Anime: Danganronpa

Celestia Ludenberg, a Danganronpa character and a pathological lieur, is Celestia.

The majority of the information we have about her, if any, is probably false.

This is always a lot of fun, right?

She is actually a goth for a perfectly valid reason.

Because she was inspired by European royalty, her wardrobe was based on that. She may not be all that true, but she definitely has that goth look.

You can also have crazy curly hair.

7. Mato Kuroi

Mato Kuroi

Anime:BlackRock Shooter

Here’s another BlackRock Shooter character, this one the MC!

Mato is the most extreme alter ego, and the real-world persona contrast of the show.

Hazama’s most important problem solver is And.

She is a determined and strong fighter. I can’t add any more to that. Just look at her.

6. Re-L Mayer, Ergo Proxy

Re-L Mayer, Ergo Proxy

Going or “Ergo Proxy” is a good idea if you like mystery and psychological anime. It’s a fascinating show that will keep you hooked until the very end. Re-L Mayer, the anime’s female protagonist, is Re-L Mayer. She is the granddaughter to the Romdo ruler, which is one the last cities that sustains human civilization.

Because the areas outside of them are no longer habitable due to global ecological crises, these domes cities are called “domes cities”. AutoReivs, which are humanoid robots that assist humans in daily life, were created to increase the survival rate of our species. These dolls are now more aware of themselves thanks to the virus epidemic.

Re-L now has to investigate the outbreak. Re-L’s personality, as well as her makeup and clothing, land her on the list. Re-L is a bit of an oddity when it comes her city, which is why people who are influenced by gothic culture are so fond of her. She is detached and cold, but we see her change over time.

5. Rinko Ogasawara

Rinko Ogasawara Gothic Anime Girl

Shirobako: Anime

One name kept popping up as I researched goth characters and listened to other fans’ opinions.

She is a fan favorite as the “classic goth” and her alias, Goth Lolita, is highly respected.

Rinko was shy and submissive at first. After many rejections, Rinko became stronger and more determined. She was a star key animator, character design and general animation supervisor at “Exodus!”

If you are interested in anime about animation and art, the anime is really great.

4. Hannah Annafellow

 Hannah Annafellow Gothic Anime Girl

Anime : Black Butler

Ah, Black Butler.

This is the perfect show for gothic lovers – the dark story and characters as well as the setting make it a heaven.

Hannah is a gothic lolita servant demon, and she stands out among all the blood-red villainesses and pretty boys.

Hannah is the maid in the Trancy household. Alois Trancy has a contracted demon.

Alois is softspoken and somewhat masochistic towards her (but not in a kinky manner, get your mind out the gutter).

Contrary to her soft-spoken nature, her greatest and only wish is for her master’s happiness.

3. Misa Amane

Misa Amane

Anime: The Death Note

Death Note: The place for intelligent battles, where losing a fight is advancing the war.

Most of the Death Note cast have a moody personality. Except for Misa Amane, who is universally hated by fans.

Amane is an idol and model who was once saved from death by the shinigami. Ironic, considering that the shinigami literally are gods of death.

Kira is her obsessive admirer because he killed the one who had murdered her family.

This leads to her becoming… Watch Death Note!

2. Lust


Anime Fullmetal Achemist: Brotherhood

It is fitting that the number 13 spot was taken by Lust, who is the embodiment of mortal sin.

Hot goth, too.

Lust, by herself, is an interesting character design-wise as well plot-wise.

A homunculus is her name, which she obtained from taboo alchemy. It’s a way to fix the living and bring back the dead. Her gothy-ness shines through.

The whole ark of hers is very dark and upsetting, and I love the writing!

1. Medusa Gorgon

Medusa Gorgon

Anime. Soul Eater

This anime is a wonderful example of a concept being executed well (unlike SAO *Cough*).

Medusa is a Hero Turned-Evil herself – she was once a student at Death Weapon Meister Academy and a nurse, but then had the brilliant idea to revive Asura.

Medusa is a cloaked creature that has slightly greener skin and tired eyes.

Although it is a reference in and of itself to the greek Medusa (see below), this now seems more gothic.

It seems that goth is a family trait!

Crona, her daughter, is also a goth-swordsman.

Ranking Gothic Anime Girl Characters

Ranking Gothic Anime Girl Characters

Goth girls are girls who wear black. They are mysterious and all things related to them are dark.

Today nntheblog has released the ranking anime goth girls. This ranking and list are based solely on our opinion.

23) Hannah Anafeloz – Black Butler

Hannah Anafeloz - Black Butler
Gothic Theme Beauty Total
18/20 9/10 27/30

Character Description

What loyalty could anyone be? Is it possible to be so loyal that even if they are beaten by their master, they will still be loyal? It’s not my opinion. Hannah is one the most loyal people I know. Hannah is loyal to her master Alois, and will do whatever it takes for him.

She is loyal and an introverted type of person. She avoids eye contact when she is with other people. She eventually becomes confident during battles.

22) Sakuya Tsukumo – Absolute Duo

23) Sakuya Tsukumo - Absolute Duo
Gothic Theme Beauty Total
10/20 4/10 14/30

Character Description

Although she looks like a 10-year old girl, what she does is not related to her age. Sakuya is cute, but she is cold and heartless. Sakuya’s aura is evil. She even uses students for her experiments. She tosses out anything that is not needed for her research.

21. Maria Naruse – The Testament Of Sister New Devil

Maria Naruse – The Testament Of Sister New Devil Ranking Gothic Anime Girl Characters
Gothic Theme Beauty Total
11/20 4/10 15/30

Character Description

This is a crucial point to remember or you will end up in jail. She is 15 years old. Maria is young, and behaves childish much of the time. However, she is innocent. Maria enjoys pulling pranks at others. She doesn’t trust people easily.

20) Cirucci Sanderwicci – Bleach

Cirucci Sanderwicci - Bleach
Gothic Theme Beauty Total
12/20 4/10 16/30

Character Description

It is a universal truth that girls hate being bothered while they talk, and this is true for Cirucci. Cirucci has a rude nature. She doesn’t think before she speaks. When someone attacks her while she’s talking, she gets very angry.

She doesn’t think there is anyone more than she, and she scares her enemies during fights. will do whatever it takes to win.

19) Celestia Ludenberg – Danganronpa

20) Celestia Ludenberg - Danganronpa
Gothic Theme Beauty Total
12/20 4/10 16/30

Character Description

It doesn’t sound like Queen of Liars, I know. Celestia can lie without hesitation and keep a straightface. This is not just lying. It’s not just lying.

Celestia is a heartless girl. She won’t hesitate to murder. To win in gambling, she will do whatever it takes.

18) Kurumi Tokisaki – Date A Live

Kurumi Tokisaki - Date A Live
Gothic Theme Beauty Total
12/20 5/10 17/30

Character Description

We are animal lovers and we hate animal abusers. Kurumi is one among us. She is a lover of animals, but hates animal abusers. She can punish those who abuse animals, but she loves them. Situations can make Kurumi cruel or innocent.

17) Misa Amane – Death Note

Misa Amane
Gothic Theme Beauty Total
18/20 7/10 25/30

Character Description

The one who smiles brightest is the one that has suffered the most. Misa was a cheerful and kind person. Because she had the ability to see the life span of a person, she was the second Kira. Misa was loyal to Light . She was also deeply in love with Light .

Misa’s parents were killed right in front of her eyes. was her lover, and she couldn’t take it all.

16) Perona – One Piece

Perona - One Piece
Gothic Theme Beauty Total
18/20 8/10 26/30

Character Description

We don’t like zombies, right? We did, however, like the person who managed them. Perona, the former commander of wild zombies. Perona is a cutie pie.

We all know Perona loves cute things, but she’s dangerous. Persona is one devil fruit user (Horo Horo no Mi). This devil fruit allows Persona to control ghosts.

15) Lilliane Von Arizona – Princess Ressurrection

Lilliane Von Arizona - Princess Ressurrection
Gothic Theme Beauty Total
19/20 9/10 27/30

Character Description

Simplicity attracts all. Lilliane is a simple girl, but she is strong enough to lead a country. Lilliane is a quiet individual; although well-informed, she still remains calm and peacefulmost days. Lilliane is served and cherished by vampires.

Lilliane has skills with weapons, and combat. She can use any weapon she wants, including a chainsaw, hammer or chainsaw. (get provigil prescription online)  They can be used very well.

14) Elsa Granhiert – Re; Zero

Elsa Granhiert - Re; Zero
Gothic Theme Beauty Total
19/20 10/10 29/30

Character Description

She is truly a beauty. However, she would love to see your suffering and may even take your organs. Elsa claims to be a vampire but doesn’t drink blood nor get hurt in the sun. She loves to feel her enemy’s blood and the eternal organs of her opponent while fighting.

Elsa can inflict injury on herself when she is fighting a worthy opponent. She can heal her injuries. It isn’t a problem for her.

13) Nana Osaki – Nana

1) Nana Osaki - Nana
Gothic Theme Beauty Total
20/20 10/10 30/30

Character Description

Well, well a real goth girl, almost a goddess. Nana looks very cool with her goth outfit. Although her appearance may seem difficult, she is very kind. She had suffered a lot. She was left by her mother. She was raised by her grandmother.

It was not the truth. She was expelled from high school . She didn’t give up on her dreams. Nana hopes to be the lead singer in Blast and is doing her best.

12) Dalian – The Mystic Archives Of Dantalian

Dalian – The Mystic Archives Of Dantalian
Gothic Theme Beauty Total
12/20 5/10 17/30

Character Description

Some people are great at annoying other people. Dalian is one such person. Dalian is rude to all and can be beaten verbally by anyone. Dalian is kind and caring but she hides her feelings. She blushes when people compliment her. Dalian enjoys cakes and pastries.

11) Rory Mercury-Gate

Rory Mercury-Gate
Gothic Theme Beauty Total
12/20 6/10 18/30

Character Description

Friendly girl with strong senses of justice. Rory will kill anyone who is not a good person. Rory is friendly and easy to get along with. Rory is friendly and easy to get along with.

10) Re-L-Mayer – Ergo Proxy

Re-L-Mayer - Ergo Proxy
Gothic Theme Beauty Total
13/20 6/10 19/30

Character Description

It’s not a complete human or a complete proxy. it’s complex. Re-L is proud and considers herself a superior individual. However, she can get anxious easily. Re-L is able to manipulate others. Re-L is proficient with guns and can use them correctly

9) Shalltear Bloodfallen – Overlord

Shalltear Bloodfallen - Overlord
Gothic Theme Beauty Total
17/20 6/10 23/30

Character Description

There have been many vampires, good and bad. Shalltear is an amalgam of all three. True vampire, full of evilness. Shalltear is a floor protector and true vampire. She takes a lot of pride. She is strong, but has no patience.

She is easily angry. She can sometimes be innocent, but she is also evil. Killing those who disappoint Shalltear is something she does not hesitate to do. She is a serious servant who takes the orders and missions of her master very seriously. She is loyal to her master Ainz, and will do whatever it takes for him.

8) Black Gold Saw, Black Rock Shooter

Black Gold Saw, Black Rock Shooter
Gothic Theme Beauty Total
13/20 6/10 19/30

Character Description

Black Gold Saw is a goth girl. It’s quite bizarre but also very interesting. Be careful, or you’ll be killed. She looks like a devil. Her right eye shoots red flame and her right eye has pairs of horns. Even has claws. Her style is very similar to that of goth girls.

7) Road Kamelot- D Gray Man

Road Kamelot- D Gray Man
Gothic Theme Beauty Total
16/20 4/10 20/30

Character Description

A girl who is sweet but can kill you anytime. A childish person could also be dangerous. Road is a sweet girl. Road is a caring and compassionate person. She will risk her life to protect her friends and family. This is only one side of her.

Road is a terrible person who loves to see people suffer. She has tortured many people. To make people mad, she even killed some people. Road is 35 years of age, but she acts like a child.

6) Dead Master – Black Rock Shooter

Dead Master – Black Rock Shooter
Gothic Theme Beauty Total
15/20 5/10 20/30

Character Description

soul collector. Quite frightening, right? Although it’s not scary because Dead is a sweet girl, you should be aware that she could take your soul. Although death is a soul-collector, she acts like a child and makes jokes every day. Despite being a soul collector, dead remains calm in battles. However, this doesn’t alter the fact that she is strong.

5) Medusa Gorgon – Soul Eater

Medusa Gorgon - Soul Eater
Gothic Theme Beauty Total
16/20 5/10 21/30

Character Description

Different personalities can exist. They can have a good or bad personality, or they can pretend to be everything. Students love Medusa because she was a nurse and treated them . She does seem nice, doesn’t she?

Imagine if I told you that she had abandoned her children after conducting an experiment on them. Will you believe it? Medusa is cruel and doesn’t care about anyone except herself. She is a fraud in all she does.

4) Evangeline McCdowell – Holder of HQ

Evangeline McCdowell - Holder of HQ
Gothic Theme Beauty Total
14/20 8/10 22/30

Character Description

We are so sorry, but why is she 700 year old and doesn’t seem like one of us? Evangeline is a chilled person most of the day, but at times she can be quite soft. She is 700 years old and has vast knowledge.

She is also a vampire. She has six million dollars bounty on her head.

3) Rinko Ogasawara – Shirobako

 Rinko Ogasawara - Shirobako
Gothic Theme Beauty Total
16/20 7/10 23/30

Character Description

This blonde-haired girl with red eyes and curls at the ends seems like she is from heaven. Rinko is thin, but she’s beautiful. Rinko is a graceful type of girl, she loves being quiet and doesn’t talk much.

Rinko was a game designer, but her design was rejected multiple times. This led to her being treated cruelly. Later, she decided to become strong. That’s why she began dressing up as a gothic girl. This idea was inspired by a character she was working on.

2) Hildegarde – Beelzebub

Hildegarde - Beelzebub
Gothic Theme Beauty Total
16/20 8/10 24/30

Character Description

We all change with the passage of time. So why not anime characters? Hilda is no exception to this rule. Hilda isn’t open to sharing her feelings. She tends to be cold towards others most of the time.

Hilda is self-confident when she’s in a fight. Hilda enjoys taunting her opponent/enemy. She was initially reluctant to accept any kind of thing, but she grew to be more accepting over time.

1) Lust – Full Metal Alchemist

Lust - Full Metal Alchemist Gothic Anime Girl
Gothic Theme Beauty Total
17/20 8/10 25/30

Character Description

Lust is someone you won’t want to be around and would like to know why. Lust can kill you in a flash, and she doesn’t hesitate to do so. While fighting , Lust can be brutal. She loves to make her enemies suffer.

Lust believes she is more than humans. This is why she takes a lot pride in her work.

Lust is rude to everyone but she is loyal to Father. She has never accepted defeat. She even caused a civil warfare that killed thousands.

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