Anime Girl : Our Top 110+

Anime girl

The list below includes the most beautiful female characters from anime. These are among the strongest anime characters that are attractive and intelligent or simply impressive. Females will love these powerful anime characters. From fierce females to gorgeous vampire anime girls All of them are included on this listing of top female anime characters that can be seen on screen and on television. Alongside all the names of the anime girls you’ll also find the series or films they were featured in, their talents and skills, as well as the artist who designed their characters. There are many anime girls sporting hair colors like blonde anime girls, purple haired or even blue haired anime girl.

110. Blue Hair Anime Girl – Sayaka Miki

Blue Hair Anime Girl - Sayaka Miki

Sayaka has an introverted personality who is quite shy. In her first episode of the show.

What is it that makes Sayaka her a memorable character is her fierce determination.

If they promise to do something, they’ll go out there and accomplish it by engaging in the process.

Sayaka is a sympathetic character that is similar to Madoka Kaname.

109. Blue Hair Anime Girl – Saya Sasamiya

Blue Hair Anime Girl - Saya Sasamiya

One of the first thoughts about Saya Sasamiya may be that she’s lazy, sleepy and unfocused. However, in reality, she’s much sharper and more knowledgeable than she appears.

And also driven.

Saya’s personality is what makes the “Interesting” to spend time with. Because she’s different and unconventional and also is a lover of all things tech.

108. Blue Hair Anime Girl – Mai Kawasumi

Blue Hair Anime Girl - Mai Kawasumi

Like Saya Sasamiya Mai’s character is not the norm or typical.

Every aspect about her is distinctive. From how she speaks about, communicates, interacts with people, and even how she communicates with her colleagues.

Mai is the introvert that when you meet her Mai, she’s fun and easy to be around with.

Feed her and she’s sure to be a good friend for the rest of your all of your life!

107. Blue Hair Anime Girl – Umi Ryuuzaki

 Blue Hair Anime Girl - Umi Ryuuzaki

Umi is a magical knight from the fantasy series – Magic Knight Rayearth.

A bit irritable, quick to get angry, yet so compassionate emotional, sympathetic, and compassionate in her family and friends. She also cares for those she loves.

She’s also very tall. the slim physique.

Umi can be described as the bigger sister that comes to your aid to a**ist you, listen to you and do everything she can to safeguard you.

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That’s the sort of character Umi is playing in the Anime Magic Knight Rayearth. Magic Knight Rayearth.

106. Blue Hair Anime Girl – Rikka Takanashi

Blue Hair Anime Girl - Rikka Takanashi

Unusual, imaginative, crazy entertaining, outrageous, fun and funny. These are the words used to are used to describe Rikka Takanashi of Chuunibyou.

The majority of the time , she behaves like a magician, with supernatural powers of dark. Or , in Rikka’s words “The gaze of the wicked Lord”.

Her personality is among the most bizarre and weirdest on these list. However, that’s the reason she’s so cool.

105. Blue Hair Anime Girl – Ami Mizuno

Blue Hair Anime Girl - Ami Mizuno

Ami can be described as Sailor Mercury from the popular Sailor Moon series.

Intelligent, witty, intelligent compassionate, hard-working… The above adjectives describe Ami’s character in a nutshell.

She’s the kind of friend who , once she’s your friend will be an everlasting friend. She will always stand by your side and will be adamant to find a solution to any issue she encounters.

104. Karura

Blue Hair Anime Girl - Karura

Karura was a slave in the Anime The One Being Sung The One Sung.

Regardless of her brutal history and background She’s actually surprisingly calm enthusiastic, exuberant, sarcastic with a lively and exuberant persona.

and is typically the one to relax and take on life with a relaxed attitude.

Karura is without doubt the most powerful Anime girl on the list. Physically, at the very least.

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103. Levy McGarden

Levy McGarden

“We must unite. The exam caused us to be divided and we put ourselves ahead of our allies. We can’t do this anymore. The adversary is a formidable one! We, Fairy Tail, must unite our forces to win!” – Levy McGarden

Levy’s intellect is among her greatest strengths. It’s also what makes Levy’s appearance so attractive and charming.

She enjoys reading, books and learning, as well as educating herself and understanding the way that things work. No matter how difficult the task.

In case you’re not aware the character of Sheila plays in the Anime the Fairy Tail.

102. Kotomi Ichinose

Blue Hair Anime Girl - Kotomi Ichinose

“I must learn a lot of things , or I’ll never be a good person.” Kotomi Ichinose

Kotomi’s hair shade is between Navy blue and purple. It was therefore logical to include her on this list.

She’s the perfect illustration of an introvert who likes to remain in her own world. Loves books and education. She excels in academics.

101. Aki Adagaki

Blue Hair Anime Girl - Aki Adagaki

Like the photo below, Aki Adagaki is really an awkward girl who gets easily embarrassed and frightened.

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On the outside, she’s tough and brutal, puts up an invisible wall and is difficult to approach. Particularly for males.

Above the “cruel” image, lies a normal woman with her own distinctive appeal. That only a handful of people will have the privilege of seeing.

100. Shinoa Hiiragi – Seraph of the End

Shinoa Hiiragi

Guren’s sergeant is also a squad leader for Moon Demon Company. Moon Demon Company

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99. Hotaru Shidare – Dagashi Kashi

Hotaru Shidare

It’s quite insulting to state that Hotaru is a sweet-toothed cat.

She is sugar-laced to the max candy crush grills.

Since her parents were involved in the confectionery industry, Hotaru inherited this sugary passion.

It is done through two methods. The first is that she would like to see her company expand and we see her continually trying to acquire an important worker, Kokonotsu’s father.

The second is that she is determined to do her best. She is always putting some delicious food in her mouth.

98. Motoko Kusanagi – Ghost in the Shell

Motoko Kusanagi

Kusanagi is the solid, and independent female character that the anime world frequently seeks.

She doesn’t depend on other characters to a great extent, particularly during the first season of the show, and appears to be more than just trustworthy.

Also, She is an example to follow.

Motoko begins her career as an “by the book” type leader. Even with the Tachikomas she valued efficiency over all other things. She was unsure if a conscious was appropriate for the job.

She has an alteration of her mind as time passes, and does not like the man at times.
If you’ve not seen SAC and you’re not sure if it’s worth watching.

97. Kyou Fujibayashi – Clannad

Kyou Fujibayashi

An aggressive woman with a bad reputation is a great cook. is the short form for

96. Tsukasa Hiiragi – Lucky Star

Tsukasa Hiiragi

Yeah I like Tsukasa a little more, sue me.

In contrast her sister’s tough exterior look, Tsukasa is very straight forward and very loving.

She is never angry She seems to have this calm, peaceful look about her in all of her interactions.

Of course this is contrasted with her sister.

Tsukasa’s air-headed personality also has its drawbacks because she often requires a**istance in everyday tasks like sending a message.

She cooks, however. It’s true that love comes through the stomach, and it’s a good an argument to put her on the top of the list.

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95. Toko Fukawa – Danganronpa

Toko Fukawa

Toko isn’t the best choice suitable for anyone. Because , unlike the princess-like characters in the list Toko isn’t dealt the most favorable life experience and suffers from trauma as a result of it.

The woman didn’t appear to worry about her social skills and decided to separate herself from the world, viewing herself as an outsider.

She is afraid of the dark, baths, of ghosts she has developed a bizarre view of s**uality.

The girl does improve in the future, following having found a real friend. We can observe an incredible growth in her character from that point.

Extra points for her being an excellent writer.

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94. Misato Katsuragi – Evangelion

Misato Katsuragi

I swear by it, the characters from Evangelion are often the most difficult characters to define.

It is impossible to sum them in a couple of sentences.

The most effective description of Misato without getting too deep into flashbacks is to say she’s the laid-back, friendly and distant adult in the show.

She lets Shinji Asuka and Asuka to stay at her home. However, she is also an unintentional slob, and a softcore drinker, and can have any food critic make a snort.

It’s all about the way she’s portrayed as her “home” personality.

When she’s on the job, she’s stable and calm, and is able to handle all the administrative tasks, and also serving as an officer in the field.

She is known for keeping her relationships simple, however her necklace definitely has a deeper story behind it.

93. Faye Valentine – Cowboy Bebop

Faye Valentine

Faye is the sole wolf, catch hands and not feel kind of character. Particularly in the beginning of the series.

She seems to follow her “leave before you get abandoned” principle, but she never is around for long.

She’s also a bit of a addict, since she regularly gambles and smokes, drinks, and is involved in fights when she’s feeling it… basically , everything your parents told you not to do.

These traits at the beginning makes her even more fascinating as her character evolves.

Since let’s face it, everybody loves watching an lone wolf who is 100% alone get a group with their very own.

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92. Akane Shinjo – SSSS.Gridman

Akane Shinjo

Oh, sweet little baby of Jesus You don’t wish to put this lady off.

In reality, it’s better to avoid her, wherever and whenever.

Although she maintains the appearance of a confident girl, her temper is much shorter than Bakugo’s.

You knocked over her food? Enjoy playing with this kaiju with a dragon-like appearance as you race for your life.

And if that’s not scary enough, she can transform into a kaiju to seriously ruin your life.

It’s not all bad, she has hair that is purple, which means she can be included on this list. I’m a normal man.

91. Dokuro Mitsukai – Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan

Dokuro Mitsukai

The sweet angelic a**assin of the future who wants to kill Sakura Kusakabe in the future.

90. Aoi Yamada – Working! !

Aoi Yamada

How do we even begin with Yamada If that’s their actual name!

At first, she was just an adorable addition to the last portion of the series and was rumored to have the tragic background.

Then you realize that she is adept at lying and things start to get slightly more intriguing.

What morals are there for this girl?

I’m not sure, but she isn’t afraid to steal from the establishment and is a master manipulator.

In all honesty she’s not an unsavory person. In fact, she adds to the chemistry of the show more engaging So she gets my approval.

89. Chisaki Hiradaira – Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea

Chisaki Hiradaira

A mature, self-sufficient girl hailing of in the Land of Sea

88. Shampoo – Ranma 1/2

Shampoo Ranma ½

It’s what they are saying: “Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer”.

I would have made it clear that they will not get in the arms of your foes at some time.

Shampoo’s character is best understood as it relates to Ranma. He is initially given the tsundere treatment because the woman who isn’t a victim of violence.

She softens as time passes. Now that she’s become more softer towards him, any other person who would like to put a finger on him, or even feel feelings will be able to grab her fingers.

87. Laki Olietta – Fairy Tail

Laki Olietta

A mage who employs wood-based magic, and is able to instantly change the shape of wood to a shape of her choosing

86. Tatsuki Arisawa – Bleach

Tatsuki Arisawa

Black belt in karate. Ichigo’s friend from childhood; brutally robust _

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85. Toshii Maeda – The Ambition of Oda Nobuna

Toshii Maeda

The soldier of Oda, who is highly skilled at using the conventional Japanese spear, is using the skin of a tiger to make a hat.

84. Hanyuu – When They Cry 2


She is the one responsible for the endlessly repeating June 1983 time loop designed to protect Rika from being executed.

83. Renge Miyauchi – Non Non Biyori

Renge Miyauchi

Sometimes, she is unassuming, expressionless and unintelligible. She is often with a recorder in hand, she is a warm and caring person.

82. Kagura Mikazuchi – Fairy Tail

Kagura Mikazuchi

A Mage participating with The Grand Magic Games from the Mermaid Heel Guild team The team of the Mermaid Heel Guild.

81. Izuna Hatsuse – No Game No Life

Izuna Hatsuse

Izuna is adorable and fluffy. I want to swoon.

Even in terms of character even when she’s not in the process of winning in a contest and is aiming at you with the force of a beast, she’s adorable.

With Sora as well as Shiro they appear to be the most bizarre three musketeers who also happen to be an absolutely power(mad) home-desu.

If you’re not catching on, she’s been saying desu often in an effort to be more friendly.

A beautiful girl.

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80. Eris – KonoSuba


KonoSuba is a trick by itself, as well as Eris is a prime part of it. She is a petite lady that appears to be a harmless traveler. Her significance isn’t that much apart from being the informal target of Kazuma as well as Aqua’s intimidation. Eris seems a featureless personality. Yet that is till we learn more about her real identification. Once her identity is discovered, her appeal and stupidity end up being both charming as well as irritating. She is the excellent dandere that everyone weebs desire.

79. Misha Necron – The Misfit of The Devil King Academy

Misha Necron-The Misfit of The Devil King Academy

White-haired, withdrawn, and quiet. Who wouldn’t like these three high qualities in a lady!! Equipped with all 3 of these variables, Misha is a sweetheart with none of the wacky nature that the remainder of the whiteheads in this list have. Rather, she is simply a lovable little sister personality that we weebs love. And also clearly, do not take it otherwise.

78. Tomoya Sakagami – Clannad

Tomoya Sakagami-Clannad

The first time you see Tomoya, you will a**ume that she is a callous woman. Her physical violence understands no bounds. She is so fierce that even boys hesitate of her. But this is the exact opposite of what she actually is. Her personality is soft and also kind-hearted. She will certainly make you soup when you get ill, however just if you open up to her. So don’t evaluate her by what others state and try to be familiar with her.

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77. Canaan – Canaan

Canaan-Canaan anime

Being the girl that is called after the anime, it’s no surprise that she is special. This anime could be similar to Naruto as it’s an anime called after the character, yet the characters are nowhere the same. Canaan is a personality who is tranquil, calculative, and rational. She is a mercenary but is kind and practical to those she takes care of.

76. Noelle Silva – Black Clover

Noelle Silva-Black Clover

If there is any aspect of Black Clover that is much more irritating than Asta’s screams, after that it needs to be Noelle’s stubbornness. Regrettably, her weak point in the direction of Asta and her would-be noble attitude get excessive used. Yet these are the facts that make her character likable. It adds an appeal to her as well as makes her heartthrob. Her tsundere qualities and IDGAF attitude suffice to draw in the weebs.

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75. Nao Tomori – Charlotte

Nao Tomori-Charlotte | white hair anime girl

So you are stating that you do not like a tsundere character that kicks you right in the face but also cares enough to fight for you? After that why are you shouting waifu when we state Nao? Well, we can not blame you. She has a character that knows when to be a tsundere and also when to in fact express the hidden sensations. If you ever discover such a woman, after that don’t even blink, simply marry her. Well, that could be hard therefore a character can just be in anime, and it’s none apart from Nao.

74. Sakura – Danganronpa ( Definitely not Prejudiced though!).

Sakura-Danganronpa(Definitely not Prejudiced though)  | white hair anime girl

Now you need to be questioning why even exists a Danganronpa character on the list of “best girl.” Well, that is a legitimate issue however just have a look at Sakura’s individuality. She is caring, sweet, as well as has a large heart (well it’s more like broad). Yes, she may not be as eye-catching as other girls on the checklist, however she is effective. She is undoubtedly skilled, or why else would certainly she be embeded a “college” of talented individuals. Ou and the very best feature of her is that she isn’t as ineffective as a certain pink head most of us understand of. She’s a female CHAD that even males will certainly stan.

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73. Alisa Ilinichina – God Eater.

Alisa Ilinichina-God Eater | white hair anime girl

God Eater is an anime that is quite similar to AoT. Aside from the tale, both of them also have a character that is rather similar. In both these anime, there is a female lead that is badass in all facets. We all learn about Mikasa however let us inform you regarding Alisa. She has the kindest personality when she is protecting the weak. Yet she will likewise make you sob if you ever hurt the ones she looks after.

72. Altair – Re: Creators.

Altair-Re:Creators | white hair anime girl

In simple terms, Altair has a tantamount character. Well, what else could one expect from a personality that does not speak much? However her character is just brilliant. Amongst the personality poon of Re: Creators, she is the only character who has the very best, as well as we imply the most effective Reddit fanbase amongst all the white head females. As well as she has the “power” to shield her fans from injury’s method one of the most harmful possible way.

71. Koneko Toujou – High School DxD.

Koneko Toujou-High School DxD  | white hair anime girl

All of us find out about Secondary school DxD; there’s no need to lie right here. You are among your peers. So our team believe Koneko requires no intro. However still, for those amongst you that wish to declare that you have actually never ever come across this anime, Koneko is the woman who seems to be a loli. If that wasn’t sufficient, she is a catgirl loli.

70. Togame – Katanagatari.

Togame Katanagatari | white hair anime girl

If this were the listing about Anime ladies with the longest white hair, then Togame would have quickly been the initial. She has a tiny and small body, however that body has one of the densest as well as longest hair in anime. To provide you a concept concerning it, her hair is longer than Goku in Super Saiyan 3 kind. All jokes aside, Togame has a weak body but a solid heart.

69. Ilena – Claymore.

Ilena-Claymore | white hair anime girl

Ilena is a quiet woman. She does not speak much. Yet she is one of the few swordswomen that we would certainly permit to puncture our hearts. She is tall, in shape, as well as has a specific severe beauty. Yes, dating her can indeed be a little bit boring due to her silent character, yet she is the perfect companion if you are a silent type. Oh and also don’t take place her wrong side, that never ends well.

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68. Najenda – Akame Ga Kill.

Najenda-Akame Ga Kill | white hair anime girl

Now, this is a white head that needs to get on this checklist even if she not did anything. With her alpha features alone, she has the prospective to go head to head with the most effective whiteheads. Yet on top of that, this character has the body to back up her alpha character. Also her terrible jokes have a particular charm to attract the weeb mind.

67. Alice Nakiri – Food Wars.

Alice Nakiri-Food Wars | white hair anime girl

If I had a genie as well as had just one dream, I would desire Alice to be my sweetheart. She is pleasant, caring, as well as most importantly, can make food so good that it will certainly rip your clothes off. Well, besides the tearing part, every one of her is the excellent partner product. So it is no surprise that she would remain in the fight for the best white head in all of anime background.

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66. Mirajane Strauss – Fairy Tail.

Mirajane Strauss-Fairy Tail  | white hair anime girl

Deadly, pleasant, warm, and decent– if a weeb desires all these 4 things, after that there is no alternative to Mirajane. She starts as a personality that seems to be a damsel in distress. But every person is additionally scared of her at the same time. And also when we learn why, oh boy were we surprised or what !? She likewise cares for her family members, so you know she’s gon na be there when you need her. She is merely the most effective whitehead in all of anime background.

65. Eri – My Hero Academia

Eri-My Hero Academia | white hair anime girl

My Hero Academia is a anime which has action, action, as well as a lot more activity. Yet considering that the Overhaul arc, there is a specific character that made the fans go bananas. It’s our favorite Eri-chan. Well, she may be a kid who “might” not have the ability to reveal her stunningness. Nevertheless, her huge, round, charming eyes coupled with her cute smile are an effective weapon. Midoriya might treasure her, yet to us weebs, she is our priceless.

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64. Isla, Plastic Memories (2015)

Isla, Plastic Memories | white hair anime girl

“Plastic Memories” is a romance/sci-fi genre anime. It is an adaptation of one of the most common concepts of romantic genre: Man finds affection with Artificial Intelligence. The main character in the series is Tsukasa Mizugaki, who failed his college entrance exam. Even though he isn’t qualified, but he is able to land an interview at an advanced company in the field of technology, Sion Artificial Intelligence. Sion Artificial Intelligence manufactures androids that resemble human beings called Giftias. Isla is an example of such an android. She, along with Tsukasa is a**igned the task of returning Giftias who’s life span has ended. Tsukasa is in love with Isla despite that she will never be around for ever.

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63. Elizabeth Liones – The Seven Deadly Sins.

Elizabeth Liones-The seven Deadly Sins | white hair anime girl

Elizabeth, who in their right mind won’t locate her magnificent?!? Yes, she does start as the “damsel in distress” character, but that is not all to her. But oh man, does she get a transformation or what. As the tale advances, two points changed. To start with, her character shifted from being the damsel to a heartbreaking damsel. As well as the various other is her power level that can even make Meliodas seem light. However the inappropriate foundling from the midget is something that stayed consistent.

62. Shiro – No Game no life.

Shiro-No Game no life | white hair anime girl

If you like stupid women, after that Shiro isn’t a girl that will pique your rate of interest. Simply take a look at her IQ. It’s around 500, yet the way she moves and intends, it can be said that her IQ is OVER 9 THOUSAND. From a weebs POV, there is just one thing incorrect with her, and it’s her age (FBI coming right to your home). However if you can wait long enough, then felt confident that Shiro will be a white head that will certainly reconcile the best cry.

61. Emilia – Re: Zero.

Emilia-Re:Zero | white hair anime girl

Emilia being right here could be a shock due to her insignificance in comparison to Rapid eye movement. However this is not a checklist of best girls yet ideal whiteheads, and we believe this is the only list where Emilia also belongs. She could be worthless, but if we forget Rem for a moment, after that also Emilia has some quirky as well as cute minutes to her. Yet her irrelevance to the story and also Subarus’ craziness makes her a bad character, however she is undoubtedly a nice waifu.

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60. Vanessa Enoteca

Vanessa Enoteca

Vanessa Enoteca from Black Clover. Anime: Black Clover. Vanessa is actually like that the wizard globe hasn’t designed breathalyzers, or else her traveling days would certainly be over. Like the woman truly likes her alcohol. However hey, at the very least she’s constantly in a good mood as well as strangely flirtatious. Her magic is also one of the much more interesting ones, as after a specific significant enthusiast her visibility on the battleground is extremely noticeable. Especially because she is very tough to counter.

59. Utage Douraku

Utage Douraku

Utage Douraku pinked haired lady anime. Anime: My Psychological Selections are Totally Hindering my College Romantic Funny. I have 3 major questions. Why are anime titles miniature paragraphs these days? Secondly, exactly how for every little thing that is pure in this personality “29”? Lastly, exactly how does such a little framework hold enough power to constantly choke people out in a matter of seconds? Oh yep, additionally she’s an instructor. Ideal believe I would certainly never miss out on any of her courses. I like my throat as it is.

58. Tetra. Tetra from Log Horizon 2 anime

Tetora from Log Horizon

The very best type of idol is the self-proclaimed idolizer that can back her claim up. Which is Tetora. Although she could not be all that good at singing, her charming personality alone more than offsets it. She’s very boastful, perhaps even a little bit conceited, however she never presses it too much. It constantly just comes off as goofy and also adorable with that pink hair.

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57. Benitsubasa.


Benitsubasa from Sekirei anime. Anime: Sekirei. I vouch it’s always the personalities with the most awful temper that obtain the greatest strength. As well as not just does Benitsubasa have minor temper issues, yet young boy can she hold a grudge. Musubi p***ed her off once and also currently she’ll want a rematch for the rest of her life. And also once again Benitsubasa is seriously. She will certainly maul you into the ground; she has no issues with breaking the regulations or murder. Yikes.

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56. Mexiah Furan/Doll

Mexiah Furan/Doll

Anime: Tenchi Muyo!

I suppose I shouldn’t have included her Doll form since her hair gets green.

Who really cares about Doll she is just a fan murder and other such. Mexiah is where it’s at. A

Though still quite sometimes cruel although she’s definitely a step above her Pinocchio-like appearance.

Mexiah is also a woman’s man. She’s actually a woman, since we get a glimpse of her in bed with several female students… It is all a lot.

55. Isuke Inukai

Isuke Inukai

Anime: Riddle Story of Devil

I don’t remember a**assination Classroom to be this violent.

Isuke is among the first a**assins that we meet when she takes on an Mister T approach. It’s not clear if Isuke is smart enough to make an effective a**assin but she definitely is a clever person.

It is also helpful that she truly loves money. Because murder and Benjamins are inextricably linked.

54. Dorothy Unsworth

Dorothy Unsworth

Anime: Black Clover

In the ranks of captains, the pinkish-purple-haired Dorothy has been a mystery for a long time. It appears that she is always asleep and following the captains, she is often asleep.

After her powers were exposed and revealed, this little story became a lot more logical.

She’s an extremely formidable wizard, and almost unbeatable when you don’t utilize your head.

Even having a snot-filled bubble popping from her nostrils, she’s definitely one of the cutest characters from the show.

53. Mine

Mine from Akame ga kill

Anime: Akame ga Kill!

Are you aware that people who snipe are generally cool and calm? Mine clearly did not get this memo, because she’s a feisty gal.

When he joined to the Night Raid, Mine constantly played with Tatsumi for being what people would call him in the business as a complete novice.

She also appears that she is extremely jealous when she sees her husband being approached by anyone.

You know, a pretty, pink-haired, easily annoyed great shooter? What could fail for the entire population?

52. Ritsu

Ritsu from a**assination Classroom

Anime: Assassination Classroom

I’m not certain if the human race would be prepared to Ritsu.

If you’re not able to tell by the image, she’s an amazingly-designed machine.

In light of the show she’s from, she’s not as much of the character of Alexa rather than an “Get into the chopper” sort of thing.

She’s extremely calculated and at first, she has no concern about the safety of students in the school and opts for a more direct, open, and burning for hours kind of a**assination.

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She will get a good moe update later on in the line.

51. Yuno Gasai

Yuno Gasai

Anime: Mirai Nikki

You were aware that she’d appear somewhere on the list at some point or another.

Most likely among the more well-known characters in anime and is the reason why people are scared when they hear “yuki”. It’s a fact, Yuno coo-coo for cocoa puffs.

However, she’s an interesting persona. As an absolute monster in battle she has sparked many admiration and anxiety among… every person.

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50. Sakura


Anime: Naruto

Sure, we’ve enjoyed having fun playing on Sakura over the past decade. Yet, she’s quite cool!

Remember the time she dominated Sasori? Or the time she cut off her hair to enter the Forest of Death?

However, she will improve, particularly once she turns an adult.

Sakura appears to be one of the most effective role models when it comes to motherhood is concerned, and she did land Sasuke in the end, which is why she should get at the very minimum some respect.

49. Jibril


Anime: No Game No Life

Perhaps it’s just an individual choice, but her game with Sora along with Shiro was the most enjoyable.

Never before have I been this enthusiastic about people who are sitting and uttering words.

It was a good adversary , having been considered one of the most smart characters on the show. Apart from being Tweedle smarter and more intelligent tweedle.

She’s probably also the most adorable librarian I’ve ever met (in animation).

48. Mina Ashido

Mina Ashido

Anime: Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia)

Mina is without doubt the coolest class 1A car.

She’s got some nifty dance moves, but is generally relaxed, and appears to be able to connect with anyone!

Her quirk permits her to expel acid, but not the trippy kind but the Raiders of the Last Ark kind that gives her excellent offensive abilities along with some insane mobility. In addition, she has the courage of a hero because at the age of just a few years she was a brave woman. And she was among the few onlookers who approached Mister Metalica.

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47. Euphemia li Britannia

Euphemia li Britannia

Anime: Code Geass

Nunnally is definitely the nice one, however Euphemia is definitely the more active one in the family.

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Okay, she’s probably not Lelouch active but she’s definitely in the right place!

Looking to ending to discrimination fights for the throne , and she is the second most popular boy Suzaku as her knight.

She has displayed courage many times , and has shown a general care for her people.

In addition, she handed one of the sweetest orders that could ever befall the knight, when Suzaku discovered himself in hot water.

46. Zero Two

Zero Two from Darling in the FranXX

Anime: Darling in the FranXX

When it comes to characters’ introductions are concerned Zero 2 certainly was memorable.

Spinning out of the water totally naked and holding the Fish in her mouth as if she were beautiful Mermaid.

She’s the reason for many of the hilarious moments in the show, and is also adding some s**iness into the mix. She’s like a lagann in the final scene however, the love between her and Hiro never wavered.

And I’ll never stop rolling my r’s saying , darling.

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45. Lucy

Lucy from Elfen Lied

Anime: Elfen Lied

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, blonde females have a tendency to be always in some way either cute or terrifying.

After losing her memory , and shifting to Nyu and Lucy the character has become both.

The adorable character of Nyu is similar to that of the cuddly kitten of a kitten however, Lucy can strike fear into people’s hearts… everyone with eyes and a desire to live.

Have you seen that first show? The place she was housed in looked like a meat mince storage unit after she had finished it.

44. Trish Una

Trish Una

Anime: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind

One word is what comes to the mind when thinking of Trish her: spunk. It’s true that at first she was in the bratty category and was demanding only the finest and most expensive items to be offered to her.

However, some serious dad issues erupted as well “issues” is not a adequate word in all honesty.

From there, she gets a little sensible, confident and helpful.

She even wakes up her Stand and re-awakens her Stand, which was named in honor of the most spicy Senoritas ever known to mankind.

43. Nonon Jakuzure

Nonon Jakuzure

Anime: Kill la Kill

Being among the elites and Being the nearest to Satsuki You can be able to imagine the strength of Miss Double Negative. is.

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With the strength that comes from Her Goku outfit and her music skills, the Goku will ensure that all her foes are defeated with a sweet tune.

She compensates for her small size by wearing the biggest hat of extras that is available and is often seen making fun of other top athletes.

42. Mitsuri Kanroji

Mitsuri Kanroji

Anime: Demon Slayer

Ah , my heart! The dandele is so strong in this one! Though we’ve only seen a tiny bit of her, we can affirm that she’s a very attractive.

Mitsuri is a true incarnation of the title of Love Hashira, as she seems to is in love with all things and everyone.

She praises everything she sees regardless of how small but she does use her inner voice to express the praise. Naturally

We all know that once we meet her fighting, she’s bound to shock us off the face of the earth.

41. Morgiana


Anime: Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

Morgiana can fill the “badass girl with a heart of gold” empty space that we all share throughout our life.

Although she is cold at first as is normal due to the chains around the legs of her, but she gradually gets more chilly as the show continues.

She will never lose her fierce style, however.

If the cards aren’t going well and the time is right to fight, you’ll witness her bursting into the fray, ripping the crowd away by her powerful kicks, and leaving third degree burns afterward. She’s a memorable lady for sure.

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40. Milly Ashford (Code Geass)

40. Milly Ashford (Code Geass)

Milly Ashford is another support character from this list.

in Code Geass – she’s one of the “school” mates of Lelouch Lamperouge who likes to play around and is sometimes humorous.

In addition, she’s the president of the student council.

If you take away all the humor that came with her character as a character in Code Geass, especially early on, she’s got strong head on her shoulders and is more intelligentthan she appears.

39. Irina Jelavic (Assassination Classroom) – The most seductive blonde hair anime girl

Irina Jelavic (Assassination Classroom) - The most seductive blonde hair anime girl

Irina Jelavic plays The “teacher” in a**assination Classroom and she appears occasionally with Koro Sensei. The main character.

If you’re notbeing being snubbed by students due to her name and is in no waypissed of her appearance, she’s a woman who has enough experience to draw anyone’s at.

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Her field of work is linked to murders and a**assinations (hit-woman) So it’s a given. Despite her gorgeous, modest appearance.

38. Mitsuba Sangu (Owari No Seraph)

38. Mitsuba Sangu (Owari No Seraph)

Mitsuba Sangu, one of “Tsundere” types as an anime character who is blonde. Like Kirisaki Chitoge.

However, unlike it being a “rom com ” series, it is not like Nisekoi. Owari No Seraph is an anime based on violence and trauma.

Mitsuba’s personality is shaped by her personality. If she’s angry it’s because she takes careabout someone else more than they think.

She would like others to feel secure and safe And her anger, however subtle, is a reflection of her loyalty to friends and colleagues.

37. Beatrice (Re:Zero Starts Life In A Different World)

Beatrice (Re:Zero Starts Life In A Different World)

Beatrice is a nickname for betty. is a bizarre Loli character that’s in factolder than she appears.

In actual fact, she has an unsettling amount in power, for someone that is tiny and fragile on the outside. But , you don’t witness much of it until in the later episodes as she’s a supporting character.

A memorable aspects concerning Beatrice is her expression: “I suppose”. It is a staple of nearly every wordshe speaks during the course of a conversation.

It’s the only factor that has made Beatrice so beloved, famous and well-liked in the world of anime, blonde characters and Mages.

36. Ikumi Mito (Food Wars) – The most gourmet blonde hair anime girl

Ikumi Mito (Food Wars) - The most gourmet blonde hair anime girl

Ikumi Mito is the renowned chef who has a specialization on “meat” and carvery in Food Wars. There’s no doubt about it in this particular area of knowledge.

She’s tanned and wears the same style of dress as Yoko Littner, who is from Gurren Lagann.

I’m a**uming that I suspect that the “Mito” part of her name may be a play on”meat” or “meat”, and is intended to be a reference to her cooking style on the show.

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35. Maria Oosawa (Canaan)

Maria Oosawa (Canaan)

Maria Oosawa is an optimistic kind of person who feels a sense of HYPE over the small aspects of life. For instance, taking pictures of the scenery or snapping a photograph of her or someone else.

Or even meeting her friend: Canaan. Whatever the occasion, Maria is happy, caring and has a positive attitude sopositive that it’s infectious.

Because of that, she’s different all together, compared to the typical black hair anime girl.

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34. Rio Nakamura (Assassination Classroom)

Rio Nakamura (Assassination Classroom)

Rio Nakamura’s optimism shines. She’ll never neverlet you feel down and down. She’s just too positive and cheerful to let this occur.

This is what you will appreciate the most about Nakamura In a**assination Classroom. This level of confidence is hard to resist because it’s so inspiring.

33. Jeanne D’Arc (Fate Apocrypha)

Jeanne D'Arc (Fate Apocrypha)

Jeanne D’arc similar to Saber is based on mythology and the past.

Similar to Saber and Saber, she’s done things which her “somewhat” regrets in the beginning, yet she is able to endure and eventually over comewith her determination and determination. determination.

She doesn’t boast about her strength, or boast about how strong she is, however she’s able to back it up in the event of needing it.

32. Violet Evergarden – The most unforgettable blonde hair anime girl

Violet Evergarden blonde hair anime girl
The most mysterious black hair anime girl

Even before Kyoto Animation released a teaser trailer, I knew I was in for a thrilling ride. Violet’s character idea is flawless and KyoAni’s stunning animation in that show puts the best part. Violet is an incoming member of the CH postal service, Auto Memory Doll. 

She was looking to learn the meaning behind “any words” she had received from Gilbert when she was serving as a soldier. Violet has the characteristics that I have admired from other choices. Violet has gorgeous hair, beautiful blue eyes as well as her expressions on the face can be worthy of a million words. 

Her story has brought me to tears, anger, sadness, joy and all the other emotions that define us as human. Violet Evergarden is a rare gem in anime — and the same is true for the protagonist.

31. Sana Kashimura (Alice & Zouroku)

31. Sana Kashimura (Alice & Zouroku)

Sana Kashimura has the power to explode the entire planet into thousands of pieces if she wants to. Because she has the ability to make anything with her imagination.

In the anime, it’s known as “dreams of Alice”.

Sana is a slave who has run away who escapes from the lab that’s experimented on her to serve their own purposes. She is later adopted by an affectionate family, where she is taught to feel joy, happiness and happinessfor for the very first time during her life.

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30. Anzu (Hinamatsuri)

Anzu (Hinamatsuri)

Anzu of Hinamatsuri is so innocent it makes you want to kick yourself. Yet, at the same time Anzu is extremely confidentand filled with energy that you are intrigued and enthralled by her character.

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In the beginning, you may feel frustratedby her manner of being. Then she will warm up to you in the later stages, when things become more emotional, and the feelings start to take hold of you.

Anzu is thetype of person. The type of character whose heart is so large and unprejudiced that there’s no room to accommodate it. It’s a plus that she’s well-written and well-written.

29. Sachiko Tanaka (Denpa Kyoushi)

Sachiko Tanaka blonde hair anime girl

Sachiko Tanaka is a reminiscence of me. She’s an artist and doesn’t have a problem with selling her work or being paid for it.

She is adamant about her work often and the majority of her energy and time is spent becoming betterand doing what she enjoys more than any other thing.

It’s the reason she skipped school often in the show: Denpa Kyoushi, and I’d probably do the same in her place.

28. Alicia Florence (Aria The Animation)

Alicia Florence (Aria The Animation)

Alicia Florence is the one you’d like to have that is always available to listen when you’re having concerns you’d like to talk about. Also, that “mother” like-figure who will take good care of you and will give everything she has to ensure that you’re satisfied all the way around.

She’s the main character in Aria The Animation nearly everyonelooks at with admiration. Due to her charming persona, and her kind, humble manner of being.

Like the majority ofcharacters in this genre there’s much for you to take away from her wisdom.

27. Shiemi Moriyama (Blue Exorcist)

Shiemi Moriyama (Blue Exorcist) blonde hair anime girl

Shiemi Moriyama appears the younger and slightly vulnerableversion of Alicia Florence. She’s kind and thoughtful of other people always smiling and kind. Even if you happen to be her foe.

This is the pure heart of Shiemi’s a character.And she’s had the occasional moments of Blue Exorcist where she “shines”. Blue Exorcist wouldn’t be the the samewithout Shiemi’s presence.

26. Hikari Takanashi (Demi Chan)

Hikari Takanashi (Demi Chan)

Imagine that you’re feeling bored and you’re sure there’s oneperson who you can depend on to keep you laughing or cheer you up or make your life more cheerful.

That’s right, that describes Hikari Takanashi in the simplest terms.

She’s thekind of person, and she’s full of sarcasm and occasionally somewhat of an antagonist (antagonizes the people).

When she’s not fumbling around or bouncing off walls due to her being so lively, Hikari is always there to help you have an enjoyable time.

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25. Misa Amane from Death Note – The most engaged blonde hair anime girl

Misa Amane from Death Note - The most engaged blonde hair anime girl

Misa is a well-known model actor, singer, and actress. She is a massive fan of Light Yagami. In third personperspective, she typically prefers calling her “Misa-Misa” and appears to be extremely active. She’s acting as a second Kira to draw the attention in the initial Kira. 

Since the beginning, she was shockingly determined to Light when she realized that she was indeed the real Kira. Misa is willing to perform the dirty job of Light in order to be with him, even if it involves killing people. Misa displays a distinctive kind of yonder bipolarity. She is very affectionate and compassionate toward Light however, she is very unfriendly when she writes name names in the Death Note.

Finally, Misa is unnecessarily enamored of her boyfriend and wildly jealous. And she ends up leading to Light an unstoppable snowball. If she wasn’t an obstacle to Light’s hopes, she could be much easier to accept.

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24. Shinobu Oshino from Bakemonogatari

Shinobu Oshino from Bakemonogatari

Shinobu is a mysterious vampire girl, as well as cute anime girl with blond hair . She acts as Meme Oshino’s mate in the ruin of Eikou Cram School.

In the next episode She is within Koyomi Araragi’s shadow all daytime.

23. Mashiro Shiina of Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo (The Pet Girl from Sakurasou)

Mashiro Shiina of Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo (The Pet Girl from Sakurasou)

Mashiro Shiina plays the principal female protagonist of the story . She is located in Room 202 of The Sakura Dormitory.

Mashiro is a renowned artist who moved to Suiko as a second-year student to master drawing.

She hopes to draw manga.

22. Tsunade from Naruto – The oldest blonde hair anime girl

Tsunade from Naruto - The oldest blonde hair anime girl

Naruto isn’t devoid of beautiful blonde women. That’s a sign of something. My top choice in this particular series is the spirit-loving Tsunade who was Konohas’ Hokage as well. I’m sure many of you will remember her for her amazing physical abilities. 

However, she still makes plenty of laughter even when she’s not submerged in alcohol. Tsunade is everything a leader is supposed to be — friendly and patient, but in a position to take on enemies with his own hands. 

Tsunade was the grand-daughter of the First Hokage. She’s among the most revered of Sannin. After his failed invasion of Konoha Orochimaru came to Tsunade to ask her to heal his limbs. While she initially refused but Orochimaru later promised to revive Dan and Nawaki as a reward for healing his arms. Enthusiastic, Tsunade has been left with a week of contemplating the subject. When she encounters Uzumaki Naruto Tsunade is able to remember her dreams of her beloved two children and how she adored the village of Konoha. 

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Although she would love to see them all back, Tsunade is eventually unable to find the strength to a**ist Orochimaru. His dreams of destroying Konoha are too overwhelming to ignore. Determined to protect the village her beloved family members cherish until the end of their lives Tsunade fights against Orochimaru, and eventually beats him. After accepting the position of the Fifth Hokage after Minato Namikaze. Finally, Tsunade went back to Konoha.

21. Winry Rockbell from Fullmetal Alchemist – our very useful blonde mechanic!

Winry Rockbell from  Fullmetal Alchemist - our very useful blonde hair anime girl mechanic!

Winry is a gorgeous young lady who has straight long blonde hair, which she typically wears in a long ponytail, which is high-up in the back.

In addition, she leaves an unruly strand of hair the sides of her face. Her bangs that fall casually from left to left on her forehead.

Also, Winry is an extremely emotionally, strong-willed and sensitive person who puts all of her heart and energy into her work. Passionate about machines. She is most at comfortable near gears that crank or whirring bearings. She also loves an oily smell.

Finally, She gets giddy whenever she is given the chance to talk with and discover these things. And she even causes Edward to call her an “engineering otaku” or a “crazy gearhead”.

20. Akame From Akame Ga Kill! – The most intriguing black hair anime girl

Akame From Akame Ga Kill! - The most intriguing black hair anime girl

Akame is a cute anime girl sporting black curls that extends down to her knees with red eyes. She wears a dark , sleeveless tank top that has white collar and a tie in red; she also wears a red belt which is a red side skirt that covers an untidy black skirt.

The outfit is worn with black long shoelaces and socks in black. Also, she wears red gauntlets, black gloves. Sometimes, she wears a dark coat during battle.

She’s often seen with their Teigu, Murasame. After activating the trump card of Murasame She has faded red marks across her body.

The dress is the Soukai, Akame wears a short black Yukata with an embroidered white sash during the wartime. When she is in war she wears her traditional dark un-sleeved dress.

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19. Satsuki Kiryuin From Kill la Kill – The most charismatic black hair anime girl

Satsuki Kiryuin From Kill la Kill -  The most charismatic black hair anime girl

The character Satsuki is a slim and tall woman with a angular facial shape like her mother’s. She is an anime-style girl with dark hair that runs beyond her thighs, with blue eyes.

The eyebrows of Mako are rather large and a rather big breast (although Mako stated in her first head-tohead encounter with Ryuko that Ryuko’s was sporting “bigger b00bs”).

She is known for constantly frowning, but she does smile, though only on occasion. Satsuki had hair that was long as an infant, and although it was cut shorter during her teenage years but she was able to grow it out later.

18. Mayuri Shiina From Steins;Gate – The nicest black hair anime girl

Mayuri Shiina From Steins;Gate - The nicest black hair anime girl

Mayuri is one of the short anime girl with dark hair that is black and a light blue the iris. Her hair is a fringe that are swept from one side to the other. Mayuri’s eyebrows are noticeable thick.

Mayuri’s outfit is simple but comfy, comprising a one-piece dress in light blue and a hat in the same shade. She also has leggings on top of her clothes.

While she is at her duties at May Queen Nyan Nyan Nyan her hair is her blonde hairstyle that is tied into the ponytail of her long length.

17. Nico Robin From One Piece – The most popular black hair anime girl

 Nico Robin From One Piece - The most popular black hair anime girl

Nico Robin is a tall and slim anime girl with dark eyes and black hair with dark, large eyes (her eyes are shown as brown in manga, as well as in the tenth and the 12th film; however, in the anime her eyes are depicted as blue).

The actress also has a lengthy thin and well-defined nose. In the show Robin’s skin tone is slightly darker than in manga illustrations where it’s lighter.

Robin is also like her mother in a significant way however, she is different in the color of her hair and how it is styled, as and having a slightly darker skin tones in comparison to her.

Robin’s legs are extremely tall, especially her legs, which contributes greatly to her combat capabilities and overall height.

16. Mei Misaki From Another

Mei Misaki from another black hair anime girl

She is intrigued by a pair conjoined dolls she saw in her grandmother’s shop. She is asking how they could be so serene despite the fact that they’re joined. In response to Kouichi Sakakibara suggests that this is the reason behind it, Mei says that it isn’t possible.

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The reason for her muddled eyes is that she has a prosthetic eye on her left. an eye for dolls that can see things in a way that Mei describes it, is able to observe things that are best left unnoticed.

The eye was a present from her mother who gifted her with a eyeglass after Mei lost her eyes due to a disease at the age of four. The eyes have a distinct shade because Yukiyo Misaki believed that eyes with matching colors are boring. But, Mei dislikes the dual shades and hides them in an eyes patch.

15. Yukino Yukinoshita From Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru

Yukino Yukinoshita From Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru black hair anime girl

Yukino is an adorable anime girl with dark hair that is tied with two red ribbons on each shoulder and has angular blue eyes.

She altered her hairstyle to twin tails after she went to the mall along with Hachiman Hikigaya, and Komachi Hikigaya to purchase an anniversary present to Yui Yuigahama.

Yukino is usually seen in the her school outfit, which is comprised consisting of black pants, the white shirt underneath with an red ribbon tie with a plaid skirt, and black stockings that reach her knees.

Although she is regarded as having a flat chest compared to many female characters, she’s still considered to be attractive.

14. Yuuko Ichihara From x**HOLiC

Yuuko Ichihara From x**HOLiC black hair anime girl

Yuko is a tall, slim female with pale skin tone and dark hair that extends to her knees. She is an anime girl with dark hair. Her hair is cut into many layers with bangs on the front that go all the way to her eyebrows. followed by a layer that reaches upwards to her jawline, and then a layer on her hips, and then a final one that rests on her knees.

The color of her eyes is typically red, but sometimes it’s purple or turquoise, and it is recommended that she change her the color of her eyes randomly. She is always wearing a kimono at home, and likes wearing more open-faced outfits in public, however, she will not the same outfit more than once.

If Yuko dresses in a kimono she will offset it with appropriate accessories. For instance, if her Kimono features a floral pattern that is laced, she’ll wear the rose on her head along with a lace choker as well as bracelet. If she can, Yuko will style her hair in a stylish but creative fashion by adding accessories like chopsticks with colors or colored pins.

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13. Azusa Nakano From K-On!

Azusa Nakano From K-On!

Azusa is very thoughtful on the aspect and is often concerned about her ability to be competent enough with playing the guitar or becoming a great president for her Light Music Club and yes she’s also an anime-style girl who has black hair.

However, she doesn’t worry about her personal issues that might hinder her when her leadership is required, and she will do all her power to a**ist her fellow classmates, and she became the kind of leader her fellow students required.

The show illustrates that Azusa is extremely fond of animals, however she can be distant or scared of them initially.

Azusa could be thought to be an Tsundere since she is able to conceal their feelings towards Yui by being shy and feels embarrassed when kissed, hugged, or amused by her.

12.Tomoko Kuroki From Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!

Tomoko is a pretty pale-skinned girl with pale skin and large eyes of jade green with dark, visible purple shadows under her eyes, and she’s an anime character with black hair , which is worn down on her shoulders, usually covering her right eye.

Tomoko is a tiny, round face when compared to her fellow actors and her body is extremely delicate and petite.

If she imagines what she could achieve, she typically imagines herself as an erect, curvaceous and tall woman that is not her actual body.

11. Sawako Kuronuma From Kimi ni Todoke

Sawako Kuronuma From Kimi ni Todoke

Sawako is gorgeous and very slim and petite girl. Her looks stand out in the High School students, since her skin is pale, slim lips, large brown eyes. Sawako is an anime girl with dark hair, and a look that resembles her horror movie character Sadako Yamamura.

The smile of her is believed to bring luck because of its rarity, and its beauty. gorgeous to look at.

Chizuru mentions that Sawako’s facial features and figure resembles her mother’s. However, most of Sawako’s other characteristics such as her frame, which is short are the dad’s.

10. Nana Osaki From Nana

 Nana Osaki From Nana

Nana might appear to be a tough Goth-punk rocker but she is a warm-hearted person and is a loyal companion. She is also one of the anime ladies with dark hair.

She was abandoned by her mother and fostered by her grandmother, Nana was kicked out of high school after being misinformed about her prostitution.

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Despite the challenges, Nana “polishes the shards of her dreams” and is determined to succeed as the vocalist in charge of Blast. She’s now married to Ren Honjo (Nana’s first love) but she has unanswered feelings towards Yasushi Takagi.

Despite her insistence that she wants to be an independent woman – and even being called “a stray cat, full of pride” by Nana Komatsu – Nana often will turn to Yasu for a**istance.

09. Kurumi Tokisaki From Date A Live

Kurumi has been described as “a girl with astonishing beauty” as stated by Shido Itsuka. She seems elegant and elegant, and she has impeccable manners. She has ivory skin , and anime women with black hair that is typically tied with the form of long twin hair.

The right eye of her is tinted red and her left eye is a gold unorganic face of a clock. The locations of the clock’s hands are the remaining “time” and are covered by her bangs. These only become visible when she changes into her Spirit body.

The Astral Dress the dress Kurumi dresses in, is constructed from black and crimson frills. This gives her the look of a classy medieval Lolita with asymmetrical twin tails.

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08. Ruri Gokou From Kuroneko

Ruri Gokou From Kuroneko

Kuroneko is 160cm tall and weighs 43kg. The measurements for her are: B77/W53/H80. She is an anime girl with black hair that is neatly cut to the forehead with a hime-style. She has pale white skin, blue-grey eyes that sleep and a birthmark beneath one of her eyes. The actress was described by Kyousuke in the form of a Ghost-like Japanese beauty in the style of Kyousuke.

The style she chooses for Ruri is mostly of a gothic-inspired lolita style She is wearing white frilly tops and a black bolero over it.

The model also wears black skirt that has an elongated design, and black Mary Janes paired with gray stockings.

07. Ryuko Matoi From Kill la Kill – The most combative black hair anime girl

Ryuko Matoi From Kill la Kill - The most combative black hair anime girl

Ryuko is a girl of 17 years old with a medium height. She is anime girls sporting black hair that has just a red highlight left-swept in her bangs. Her blue eyes are unique. eye-shaped gears, with eight grooves along the edges.

The outfit she wears in the show is a basic white shirt, with an red ribbon tie, an miniskirt of black with white sneakers, and the black and white jacket with sleeves that roll up.

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When she was a child she wore a collared red shirt, white skirt , white footwear and a white skirt. Her clothes were later replaced by Senketsu an active navy blue sailor’s uniform.

The top (Senketsu’s lower jaw) is cut-off with sleeves that are mid-length and expose her midriff. The sailor-style collar that has red stripes is adorned with multicolored scarf which also acts as her left “eye.”

06. Himeko Inaba From Kokoro Connect

Himeko Inaba From Kokoro Connect black hair anime girl

Inaba is a beautiful anime girl with dark hair with one strand that falls in the middle, and brown eyes.

In contrast to the majority of girls with uniforms color-coordinated yellow, the uniform is brown. In casual clothes her style is often described as being dressed in something more elegant or simple.

Inaba is known for her posture and good posture. She has an elongated, but slim body, and her eyes have been described as sharp and captivating.

05. Rukia Kuchiki From Bleach

Rukia bleach hair anime girll

Small and short, Rukia has blonde skin and eyes with purple and she’s anime girls with black hair, with numerous strands of hair being tucked between her eyes. Byakuya has claimed that she a lot likes her sister Hisana Kuchiki.

As a Shinigami from the Gotei 13, Rukia wears an ordinary Shihakusho. 17 months after the defeat of Aizen, Rukia wears her hair cut short into a bob that rests on her face. She is wearing a fingerless white tekko similar to Byakuya’s, that extends over her elbows.

As Lieutenant is a lieutenant, she is required to wear the Division Badge around her uniform’s left sleeve. The sleeves have been cut down to barely reach the upper arm of her.

04. Hinata Hyuga From Naruto

Hinata Hyuga From Naruto

Hinata is a slim girl with fair-complexion. as a Hyuga, has her most distinct characteristic is the Byakugan which gives her asymmetrical blue eyes (lavender as in the manga).

She is an anime girl with black hair , which she wears in a heme-cut with different lengths: in Part I the hair is cut to just above her forehead in a way similar to a bowl cut with long strands of hair that frame her face. In Part II, the hair is affixed to her lower back, and the framing strands stretch to shoulder length and in The Final: Naruto the film the hair extends over her hips, and she would sometimes tie it into ponytails.

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At the time Boruto was accepted into the Academy the hairstyle was cut into a bob that extended her shoulders.

03. Mio Akiyama From K-On!

Mio Akiyama From K-On! Black hair anime girl

Mio is 5’3 (160cm) tall. (160cm) and is the tallest among the group. She’s anime girls with gray-blue hair and black eyes. In episode 4 from season one she’s also quite larger than the other girls (except Tsumugi Kotobuki), much to the annoyance of Yui Hirasawa, Ritsu Tainaka and later Azusa Nakano, too.

Pants over skirts. In the summer, Mio likes to wear sleeves-less clothing, like tank tops.

02. Homura From Mahou Shoujo MadokaMagica

Homura is an anime girl of a young age with violet eyes and black hair. In the present time she usually presents herself with an unmoved (stoic face) on her face.

Before she was able to accept the ghastly consequences of her fate in the past timelines, she wore red glasses and two braids and causes hair to split into the present timeline following taking off the braids.

Near the end of the film Rebellion In the brand new universe she created by herself, it’s demonstrated that she wears earrings of purple.

01. Mikasa Ackerman From Attack on titan – The best black hair anime girl of the moment

Mikasa Ackerman From Attack on titan - The best black hair anime girl of the moment

Mikasa is quite tall, physically fit and toned woman who has muscles that are lining her legs, arms and abs.

She has a partial Asian origin and has pale skin, gray eyes and is anime females with hair of black, which was quite long before she cut it short to chin-length. At the time of 854, the hair was shorter and has been cut to the back of her neck however, with noticeable longer bangs.

There is a tiny scar under her right eye, which was caused to the titan of Eren’s titan in the Battle of Trost District. Jean believes Mikasa to be gorgeous.

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