Anime Girl With Brown Hair : Our Top 45+

anime girl with brown hair

All kinds of anime characters have unique hairstyles and hair colors. The anime world is filled with many characters with different hairstyles and hair colors. You can choose from pink, purple, orange, or red. For those who prefer their anime girls to be more traditional. Here’s a list of top 40 anime girls with brown hair.

40. Anime Girl With Brown Hair – Ringo

Ringo from Daily Lives of High School Boys

Anime: Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou (Daily Lives of High School Boys)

I would like to imagine Ringo as the Tsundere-lite version of the character.

She’s typically very confident however she can be quite fierce when she’s up against other guys. Let’s be honest, she’s not one to be a graceful loser.

If her friends try to deceive her or just a little play with her, the odds are that they will be smacked into the stomach by that force brought by a final game Sakura.

She’s quite a trope heavy cat, at the slightest hint of a meow or mention of food could totally make her lose focus.

However, it does add to her slightly air-headed look.

39. Anime Girl With Brown Hair – Izumi Akazawa

Izumi Akazawa Anime Girl With Brown Hair

Anime: Another

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With Izumi you either love the actress or dislike her. I believe it’s clear which side I belong to.

Ok, she may not be the prettiest. But she can get things done the way she wants!

She is the one who finds the other and putting an end to the disaster.

She’s also a bit Tsundere, which to be a huge positive in this listing.

Her being kind and accepts her mistakes is the topping of the cake.

38. Anime Girl With Brown Hair – Rinka Hayami

Rinka Hayami Anime Girl With Brown Hair

Anime: Assassination Classroom

Her name is the tsundere Sniper, it’s true that she is buzzing with excitement.

Her and her accomplice are the adult members within the group. generally remaining quiet and serious.

She is, however, extremely trustworthy. She is, in my opinion, among the most valuable assets the team is blessed with.

Sure Nagisa is a thunder clap . Karma could easily take your cat. However, long range is too powerful and Rinka appears adorable while holding an adorable kitten.

37. Anime Girl With Brown Hair –  Chisato Higuchi

Chisato Higuchi Anime Girl With Brown Hair

Anime: Asobi Asobase

Chisato is probably the most awkward, shy adorable I’ve seen in quite a while.

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Pro number one, she definitely rocks her short hairstyle. Even if girls make fun of her.

Pro number 2: she’s a down to human being, eager to get along with the girls and behave more as a friend than the role of a teacher.

Pro number 3: She’s certainly available and appears to be the ideal wife for late games. No cons?

Case closed.

36. Anime Girl With Brown Hair – Nadeko Sengoku

Nadeko sengoku Anime Girl With Brown Hair

Anime: Bakemonogatari

Nadeko could make you scratch twice according to the part of the show you’re in, so be prepared for spoilers.

At first, she’s a classic dandere: adorable and shy, she fumbles with her words, and has the soul of an angel.

However, she then has an Orichimaru phase , and she falls right into the territory of yandere.

If you’re looking for someone to cuddle with or a boa constrictor Nadeko is the dog for you.

35. Anime Girl With Brown Hair – Naru Kotoishi

Naru hotoishi Anime Girl With Brown Hair

Anime: Barakamon

My opinion is that Naru is among the most well-written characters for children in the history of anime.

She’s just adorable, always bouncing about and making everyone smile.

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The character seemed to be a bother in the beginning for the main character. However, let’s face it she was a fan-favorite after just 10 seconds of her first scene.

Add to that an additional fact about how she also teaches Handa the art of coloring outside lines, and you have an An e-list character.

34. Anime Girl With Brown Hair – Kayo Hinazuki

Kayo Hinazuki Anime Girl With Brown Hair

Anime: Erased

In the world of anime I frequently hear the expression “We have to protect her smile” and Kayo is precisely the kind of character.

The Kuudere group she represents is typically very uninterested and that’s only what makes her smile or blush all the more beautiful!

Though it’s possible that the murderer did more devoted to a specific relation than I was, I believe that she is worthy of the honor of being included in.

33. Anime Girl With Brown Hair – Ayumi Otosaka

Ayumi Otosaka Anime Girl With Brown Hair

Anime: Charlotte

She’s the perfect sister, and don’t even think otherwise.

Apart from being the most adorable thing to grace the Charlotte universe She’s also extremely old-fashioned for the age she is.

I’m talking about, I was unable cook when I was that old. Or how to demolish the structure, for instance.

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She’s also a part of us, since she has been shipping Nao and Yuu right from the beginning.

Her pout is spot on and the expression she gives when she’s underneath Yuu’s skin is incredible.

Therefore, stones and sticks could cause me to break bones, but you shouldn’t give children scalpels.

32. Anime Girl With Brown Hair – Chisa Kotegawa

Chisa Kotegawa Anime Girl With Brown Hair

Anime: Grand Blue

In the midst of all the naked and drunk, titan-looking loud mouthed guys on the show, Chisa appears as gentle as the lamb.

However, not the shy type of tame. It’s more the responsible adult kind of Tame.

And , what do I have to say? It is simple to use.

She is able to distance herself from the nonsense and being able to get Iori in occasionally into trouble can make her a force be taken seriously. As the ultimate chief of underwater waifu battles.

I think it’s important to be highlighted the way “family friendly” her cousins are… But hey, this is how the news is presented in anime.

31. Anime Girl With Brown Hair – Chiho Sasaki

Chiho Sasaki Anime Girl With Brown Hair

Anime: Devil as a Part Timer

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Let’s take this out of way: the sole true ship in this show is Sadao as well as Shirou.

However, Chiho is a formidable competitor, however!

She’s incredibly charming and loves Sadao and spends the majority of the show mingling with the demon’s spawn in an delightful manner.

She’s quite uncoordinated, as she’s always dropping things, particularly the fries. Can you blame her?

If I had two cheeseburgers as the woman does, certain the balance would be a problem.

Misses her flatbread Emilia is also jealous of her, which can lead to great arguments too.

30. Anime Girl With Brown Hair – Rei Batsubami

Rei Batsubami Anime Girl With Brown Hair

Anime: Kakegurui

The idea that Rei is somewhat unstable is absurd, as there isn’t anyone in Kakegurui who is especially sane.

I do am impressed by the way they played with her character.

In the first place, she did the character of Clark Kent and changed her identity by removing her glasses. This is a classic move.

Then, she was able to move on from the bidding scandal, she broke loose from her previous experiences and the chains that were holding her back.

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Also, she’s very cute, however that may be just me.

29. Anime Girl With Brown Hair – Momozono Nanami

Momozono Nanami Anime Girl With Brown Hair

Anime: Kamisama Kiss

“Although she might be a weak human, she has a strong soul” is the most common opinion of Nanami.

In the process of becoming an earth god as well as a charming boy, she attempts to make use of her position to unify humans and yokai.

She even caught her friend during that chase.

Nanami is extremely determined and is one of those who would rather die than plead for help. This makes Nanami’s interactions with those she considers friends extremely intense… however, they are also hilarious.

28. Anime Girl With Brown Hair – Satomi Murano

Satomi Murano Anime Girl With Brown Hair

Anime: Parasyte

Satomi as well as Shinichi are like a beautiful couple and the story of the beast.

Thanks to Migi, our super-human Migi, Shinichi can’t really be a safe haven and is constantly fighting for his own life.

As you can imagine, this has led to him becoming the most agitated and fearful of people.

He must also keep his secret from Satomi who is his potential lover to be. But is that enough to hinder Satomi? It’s not entirely, but it’s not completely!

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She’s the kind of character who always has your back and will help you learn essential lessons of life with you. You can even burrow dead puppies, and not throw them in the garbage.

27. Anime Girl With Brown Hair – Aoi Hinata

Aoi Hinata Anime Girl With Brown Hair

Animation: ORESUKI Are you the only one who is in love with me?

How better to begin your day than having your breath sucked out of your lung?

This is the way of life for Jouro because every time Himawari occurs to meet him she can’t resist her urge to help him.

And for such a petite girl, she packs quite a force… as she is the tennis club’s top player and all.

She is Jouro’s childhood buddy. As we all know, this is a very popular trope. Jouro will do his best to use his nice guy ™ strategies at her.

But Himawari gets so caught up in running across on the walls that she pays very little notice of his motives or the real character of him.

She’s definitely the most bubbly within the group and I think she’s the most adorable.

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26. Anime Girl With Brown Hair – Chisato Mera

Chisato Mera Anime Girl With Brown Hair

Anime: Saiki K

I generally don’t enjoy characters with only one note, however Mera is an exception.

The main reason for her swagger is that she doesn’t have any money. Therefore, she will take every chance to work and eat whatever gets.

And I mean literally everything. She went completely vegan and only ate grass.

Her motives are noble, however, she would like to assist her family and ensure her kids have enough food to eat.

If I’m being sincere, if they did an Survivor kind of anime, I’d bet my entire funds on Mera.

She’s similar to Bear Grylls with a shorter fuse and less effective communication.

25. Anime Girl With Brown Hair – Aina Kuronuma

Anime Girl With Brown Hair Aina Kuronuma

Anime: Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto

In the event that Aina were from another show , I probably wouldn’t like her as many times.

We’re here! It’s the typical woman fatale who has every boy in the world lusting after her, and women wishing they had an Krillin treatment.

However, when you pair it with Sakamoto the story becomes much more intriguing.

First of all, we can see that she’s not just attractive, as her flirtation techniques are planned and amazing.

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Sakamoto Naturally, she does not care much about her brilliance , and just keeps acting like the god Sakamoto is, which leaves her confused.

Flustered brunettes are an advantage in my book.

24. Viktoriya Ivanovna Serebryakova

Viktoriya Ivanovna Serebryakova

Anime: Youjo Senki

Everyone on the show says the fact that Tanya is the ideal soldier.

Hello, Viktoriya is just as amazing!

She may not be as powerful like blonde Hitler in this country. However, she can get the job done!

She has defended Tanya whenever she’s in a bind and is likely to be the strongest soldier. Her glow-up is most impressive. She changed from being a screamer to sleepy-sleeping for moments before the start of an important battle.

The girl is a nerve of steel. She’s also among the few sly characters which further proves her mental power.

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23. Hakaze Kusaribe

Hakaze Kusaribe

Anime: Zetsuen no Tempest

A lot of times, a person loses the things that they were before becoming a love.

But it’s not the case for Hakaze.

At first, she gave off an intense Erza impression. The strong, self-confident woman who, despite the circumstances she found ways to escape and fight back.

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Even after she falls in love with a particular pseudo-psychopath, she remains highly believable and charming.

The woman recognizes the influence the person’s influence has on her, and behaves according to her influence. I can’t help but applaud the writing of her character in this particular instance.

22. Sasha Braus

Sasha Braus

Anime: Attack on Titan

The show is as dark and bleak but imagine what would happen if Sasha were a titan, she’d probably devour all the cast members in the pilot.

Nicknamed Potato girl. Sasha is nothing more than an egomaniac for punishment as well as meat, and potatoes.

She’ll happily to steal food, if she has to and will even bite your hands off if try to steal it from her.

The reason I enjoy the actress so much is because she’s refreshing, with a cast that includes a crybaby an kuudere crybaby, a horseman and personified edge, sexual appeal, and further… It’s great to have at minimum one comic relief persona.

She’s not taken on any titans in her solo as of yet. If she does find these guys appealing, then it’s over.

21. Maki Oze

Maki Oze

Anime: Fire Force

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Maki is half badass and 50% a total love-struck goofball.

Being an ex-soldier she is able to hold her own fight and make quick work of even third-generation Pyrokinetics.

She is also an incredibly fascinating abilities in the show, regardless of what some of the names for her fire companions could be.

On the contrary, any mention of romance causes her to foam in her mouth. She is not a fan of the idea of true love, fate, know the mushy stuff.

She certainly has more than one thing to her name.

On top of that, she’s adorable as hell, which makes her the ultimate woman-like material.

20. Naho Takamiya

Naho Takamiya

Anime: Orange

Naho is akin to the story of the Dandere success.

In the beginning, she wasn’t able to talk about her thoughts all that often, particularly in relation romance.

Additionally, she was pretty insensitive to others’ emotions.

However, through some time travel-related nonsense, we can see Naho appear to glow at least to a certain extent.

On the day that could have been the day she sang “How to save a life” she took on the challenge and stepped out of her familiar zone. I love Naho She is a true sweetheart. Orange as a show is among the best romances you’ll discover.

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19. Mirai Kuriyama

Mirai Kuriyama

Anime: Kyoukai no Kanata (Beyond the Boundary)

It’s time to d-d-dandere love!

Mirai is a very shy girl who , despite being is a Spirit World Warrior trembles at the possibility of being around the Youmu.

The usual way to kill them isn’t anything more that “unpleasant” for poor Mirai.

In terms of being poverty, Mirai found herself forced to an extremely self-sufficient life in order to earn a living her own to put food in the kitchen.

She is very committed and willing to undertake things that she would not like.

Overall, she’s a awkward and charming character can’t help but want to root for.

18. Megumi Noda

Megumi Noda

Anime: Nodame Cantabile

A break up Megumi is perhaps the most difficult death wish you could be granted.

She’s an extremely skilled pianist, without doubt however, she’s also unpredictably and creative when it comes to how she expresses herself.

She may have a moment of sexual arousal at times or a stunning leap kick.

At all, it’s just a love affair isn’t it?

Her story might not be the most pleasant. However, it’s a pleasure to watch her affect Chiaki and slowly take the stick from his back.

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17. Kosaki Onodera

Kosaki Onodera

Anime: Nisekoi

There’s a reason Kosaki as well as her entire family is a specialist in candy: they’re so sweet. Too corny?

Overall Kosaki tends to lean towards the dandere group and as we are aware, produces some of the finest waifus. She is having a hard time in expressing herself and is lacking confidence in herself.

This is the reason every scene that has her mother present, and who has travelled to the other end in the spectrum of things and appears to be odd in every way is so enjoyable.

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16. Ayumu Kasuga

Ayumu Kasuga

Anime: Azumanga Daioh

Did I really be the only one who was unaware of the Osaka image? Does that really exist?

Within the world of Azumanga Daioh is. Let’s say that Ayumu is as distant from it as one can find.

Instead of a lively and loud Osakan the class she moved to was the look of Dorothy Unsworth.

Ayumi seems to be constantly spaced out and more focused on her dreams of demonic Pony tails and riddles, than the reality of.

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She’s very competent, since she’s the main person to be a reality check for the entire group. However, she’s not able to be a star in school.

15. Haruhi Fujioka

Haruhi Fujioka

Anime: Ouran Koukou Host Club

Two bros enjoying a fountain, about five feet away, because one of the girls is female.

It’s true that she’s biologically female however she does not care about gender, preferring to be judged on her actions.

She has incredible talking skills, since she does not waste time on a rant. Also, she doesn’t throw in funny pick-up lines that make her a fantastic host.

Together with Tamaki they make an enthralling comedy duo!

14. Mikoto Misaka

Misaka mikoto

Anime: A Certain Magical Index

Do we not all be one? Misaka And Touma are a fantastic ship?

It’s true that at the beginning Misaka was not muchof a character. As she stepped into more attention, their relationship became more intriguing.

She’s a tsundere. And an extremely powerful one at that.

A level 5 esper, the mood changes she has are one to be avoided and she could send you to the realm of the shadows. Particularly, if you snap photographs with her mother TOUMA.

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13. Megumin


Anime: KonoSuba

I’m completely biased on this show because KonoSuba has been one of my most-loved shows. Also, Megumin is among my favorites from the show.

The adorable wizard girl who’s interested in blowing things up never gets boring.

Her troll-like face is akin to Ayumi as is her pet, an ordinary cat.

Their relationship Kazuma is also adorable because they look like close friends, and more so than any other. They also have occasionally a visit from Kazuma in colder nights.

I rarely find myself enthralled when a character is perfect. Therefore, the undeveloped slime-covered Megumin is just right for me.

12. Nana Komatsu

Nana Komatsu from nana

Anime: Nana

The show broke my heart numerous times, and I’m ok with it.

There are also some vague spoilers to come.

Hachi for a persona truly something. He starts off as a typical and ignorant person who seems to only contrast with Nana.

Then, the show goes forward and she becomes more complicated, perhaps less appealing, but more plausible.

Apart from proving that nice men come last Her character also reveals the most interesting flaws and what it takes to make someone be satisfied.

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If you haven’t seen the show, I highly recommend watching it! I guarantee you that it will have the largest selection of the best males I’ve seen in my life.

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11. Diane

Diane from seven deadly sins

Anime: Seven Deadly Sins

Diane has that double-edged sword of popularity, as she’s just as sweet as sugar but she also has the ability to crush you without effort.

Males everywhere should also be applauding her for allegedly only choosing short kings as her partners, as all of them are short and you can see the idea.

I really love what they did to her character later in the show, as she started to dance to improve her fighting skills.

It gave her an eerie look and I can certainly understand the reason Drole believed she would one day be an excellent ruler of the massive. Of course, she has the brunette hair.

10. Misaki Nakahara

Misaki Nakahara

Anime: Welcome to the N.H.K.

Misaki is also in the category of extremely lovely however it’s not for real reasons.

It initially appeared that it was her helping Satou from the kindness of her heart. I’m not a fan of.

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We then know how she operates her brain. She becomes incredibly realistic.

She’s a nice person, for sure. She was the only person who created Satou grow as a person and also allowed him to be genuinely concerned for his family.

It was at first an act of selfishness, so it’s… is worth it’s worth analyzing.

Misaki is simply a person to have around and a trustworthy person who has a never-ending patience, and the determination to see her ideas progress.

9. Ochaco Uraraka

ochaco uraraka

Anime: Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia)

The issue of whether you take on Uraraka along with Bakugo or Deku ought to be taken seriously as the test of your personality.

Uraraka is a dedicated girl who is trying to help her family members, and helping a few people.

Her quirk is quite adaptable and can pack quite a punch when utilized correctly. In fact even Bakugo took her seriously.

And, most importantly, watching her squirm and flutter around Deku while he continues to follow her is healthy material that we all need in our lives.

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8. Cana Alberona

Cana Alberona

Anime: Fairy Tail

The most unfortunate student at the Bacchus school Bacchus, Cana, always appears to have an alcohol drink in his the bottle.

Drink is a reference to the whole barrel, naturally.

In addition to her minor father issues, I must admit it with shame, she is the same.

She is full of ambition, but she is seeking to become an S class mage. Sometimes to a disturbing extent.

When she’s in a good mood and is serious, she’s the director of the group. Particularly during times of crises.

As a side note, her style of fighting is a riot of Twisted Fate like vibes.

7. Haruhi Suzumiya

Haruhi susumiya

Anime: Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)

Haruhi is without doubt a hefty hitter.

She’s extremely demanding, assertive and surprisingly adept in the art of removing women’s clothing. This isn’t atypical in the world of anime.

Her specific situation, is, however is a completely distinct thing.

Also, Her fans are loyal because she’s adorable beyond imagination. Her rare moments of genuine affection make you feel warm and fuzzy and create Haruhi Bible sales soar up.

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6. Raphtalia


Anime: The Rising of the Shield Hero

Man, it was clear that people glossed over slavery when a cute anime character was born out of it.

Raphtalia was the perfect model for character development, moving from a child that Naofumi is caring for into an adult who can manage Naofumi.

However, she remained the majority of her playful behaviour. This means that the girl is not just adorable but also deadly and trustworthy. Great combination.

When Filo is in the picture we get to glimpse her attractive and mature side.

5. Ryouko Ookami

Ryouko Ookami

Anime: Okami-san and Her Seven Companions

By herself, Ryouko is a pretty cookie-cutter Tsundere. She is a sly tsundere who screams at her.

However, when she is coupled with a dandere she is an even more fascinating.

She together with Ryoshi make for a fascinating couple. When they’re in a relationship, Ryoshi can become a absolute hottie and Ryouko may show her gentle side.

She’s an all-round boss babe. Her boxing abilities allow her to get quick work on attackers and also a bit of a rationale for the reason why she uses punching as her primary tool of communication.

4. Mako Mankanshoku

Mako Mankanshoku

Anime: Kill la Kill

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Kill la Kill as a show is hilarious. It’s also the most absurd funny, random comedy you could come across.

There is no one who embodies this feeling better than Mako.

She’s chaotic and good for nothing always doing something and spilling whatever is in her head regardless of how silly it is.

She’s just like that person who can ruin your home, and still not be angry with them because of how innocent and pure they appear.

Even Gamagori grew to like Mako, quite a bit in fact.

It’s possible that she’ll be seen as a mediocre performer. However, I think she’s one of the most fun and sweetest characters in the show as well as in the world of anime and is arguably the most beautiful girl, especially if we’re talking about brown hair.

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3. San

san from princess mononoke

Anime: Princess Mononoke

San is one of the greatest villains ever drawn in an anime.

She is a wolf rider for the love of god.

In her first introduction, we could discern that she was an entity to reckon with.

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The woman didn’t have any fear of death, so much as she was afraid of the devastation of the house she lived in. Maybe she’s insane, but she’s still amazing.

Of course, she’s not only a fang. She is a bit more caring and sensitive aspect, but I will always consider her to be a strong, powerful woman.

2. Yui Hirasawa

Yui Hirasawa

Anime: K-On!

Yui is the kind of persona that makes you would like to wrap in blankets and keep by your side all the time.

She is an adorable little girl and always full of positive energy , and fuelled by the sugar power.

It’s like putting innocent innocence eight year old within the body of a teenager.

She’s very relaxed because she doesn’t really want to attend school. However, she doesn’t want to be scared of the stage.

The multitasking skills of her are close to zero however, when she is focused on one aspect, she will be able to master it.

1. Holo

Holo from spice and wolf

Anime: Spice and Wolf

If Raphtalia is the show and you’re a fan, then Holo is the manga.

From her brown hair to the tail and ears of a lion She’s amazing.

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I think Holo is a little more refined. She’s a very confident wolf-spirit-girl that does not really require to be saved.

She also carries lots of spunk in her bag and is constantly jabbing Lawrence in a playful manner.

As a soldier in the sub-army I must say the dub is fantastic too. Holo being a bit British was a great choice to match her rather exaggerated manner of speaking.

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