Blue Hair Anime Girl : Our List 40+

I love the blue color. I’m sure you don’t think much about my personal information but I am going to create an inventory of blue hair anime girl characters.

We have already discussed Pink Hair Anime Girl and White Hair Anime Girl so today we’ll discuss anime with blue hair girls.

Here are the 40 most beautiful blue Hair Anime Girls.

40 Most Beautiful Anime Girls With Blue Hair

1. Konata Izumi

Konata Izumi

You can tell from the picture, Konata Izumi sometimes has an unassuming expression on her eyes.

Most of the time, she’s laughing at Kagumi who is a principal character from the Anime the series Lucky Star.

She’s a dedicated Otaku/gamer and loves everything to do with video games as well as Otaku culture.

Even though she seems like she’s lazy and isn’t interested in studies, Konata is smart and more than capable.

2. Shino Asada

Shino Asada

A sharp-shooter/sniper in the game of Sword Art Online. And an introverted/shy/awkward character in the real world, who just wants to have friends.

Her talent as a gamer are undeniable.

3. Wendy Marvell

Wendy Marvell

Wendy Marvell at first is shy, reserved and easily scared.

However, as time passes she grows stronger both in body and spirit.

She puts her family and friends first without a second thought. She is so generous it’s touching.

Wendy Marvell is one of the main characters from the action-fantasy series ‘Fairy Tail.. She is part of the Fairy Tail guild and has similar abilities to Gajeel redfox as well as Natsu Dragneel. The world in “Fairy Tail the magic is everywhere and can be found performing various tasks in daily life. There are many magical guilds comprised of mages that share the same preferences. 

They are able to perform a variety of tasks. Of the well-known magical guilds is the Fairy Tail Guild. It is comprised of mages who possess exceptional magical abilities and consider each other family members, not as a team. Wendy Marvell is a sky dragon slayer who has earned herself the status of an essential part of the legendary Guild. 

She is able to manipulate and repair even the most severe of injuries. Her body is small and she is a long hair. Like many sky dragons, Wendy has long canine teeth.

I think she’s got one of the most impressive character evolutions of the 40 Anime girl with Blue Hair list

4. Asuna Yuuki

Asuna Yuuki

One of the principal protagonists in The SAO animated series.

Asuna Yuuki does not need much of to be introduced. Without her, there would have been no SAO for the very first time. This is because she plays an important role within the games Anime show.

5. Rika Furude

Rika Furude

Rika Furude is the main character in the Higurashi If They Cry series.

A truly remarkable child with a sharp head as well as foresight and than anything else, awe-inspiring.

This mystery is what makes Rika Furude fascinating and also why she’s so tied to the storyline in this Anime series.

However you’ll be able to understand what I’m talking about after watching the Anime you!

6. Blue Hair Anime Girl – Saya Sasamiya

Blue Hair Anime Girl - Saya Sasamiya

One of the first thoughts about Saya Sasamiya may be that she’s lazy, sleepy and unfocused. However, in reality, she’s much sharper and more knowledgeable than she appears.

And also driven.

Saya’s personality is what makes the “Interesting” to spend time with. Because she’s different and unconventional and also is a lover of all things tech.

7. Blue Hair Anime Girl – Mai Kawasumi

Blue Hair Anime Girl - Mai Kawasumi

Like Saya Sasamiya Mai’s character is not the norm or typical.

Every aspect about her is distinctive. From how she speaks about, communicates, interacts with people, and even how she communicates with her colleagues.

Mai is the introvert that when you meet her Mai, she’s fun and easy to be around with.

Feed her and she’s sure to be a good friend for the rest of your all of your life!

8. Blue Hair Anime Girl – Umi Ryuuzaki

 Blue Hair Anime Girl - Umi Ryuuzaki

Umi is a magical knight from the fantasy series – Magic Knight Rayearth.

A bit irritable, quick to get angry, yet so compassionate emotional, sympathetic, and compassionate in her family and friends. She also cares for those she loves.

She’s also very tall. the slim physique.

Umi can be described as the bigger sister that comes to your aid to assist you, listen to you and do everything she can to safeguard you.

That’s the sort of character Umi is playing in the Anime Magic Knight Rayearth. Magic Knight Rayearth.

9. Blue Hair Anime Girl – Rikka Takanashi

Blue Hair Anime Girl - Rikka Takanashi

Unusual, imaginative, crazy entertaining, outrageous, fun and funny. These are the words used to are used to describe Rikka Takanashi of Chuunibyou.

The majority of the time , she behaves like a magician, with supernatural powers of dark. Or , in Rikka’s words “The gaze of the wicked Lord”.

Her personality is among the most bizarre and weirdest on these list. However, that’s the reason she’s so cool.

10. Blue Hair Anime Girl – Ami Mizuno

Blue Hair Anime Girl - Ami Mizuno

Ami can be described as Sailor Mercury from the popular Sailor Moon series.

“Sailor Moon” is a magical anime which revolves around Usagi Tsukino, a normal girl who has a difficult time with studying and receives the lowest grade. 

After saving the cat Luna and telling her that their reunion was prophesied, her life is completely transformed. She’s now Sailor Moon, a guardian who is charged with protecting Earth. Ami is among the students of Usagi. 

She is a blue haired smart anime girl, with an IQ around 300. Ami hopes to become a doctor one day as she enjoys helping others.

11. Karura

Blue Hair Anime Girl - Karura

Karura was a slave in the Anime The One Being Sung The One Sung.

Regardless of her brutal history and background She’s actually surprisingly calm enthusiastic, exuberant, sarcastic with a lively and exuberant persona.

and is typically the one to relax and take on life with a relaxed attitude.

Karura is without doubt the most powerful Blue Hair Anime girl on the list. Physically, at the very least.

12. Levy McGarden

Levy McGarden

“We must unite. The exam caused us to be divided and we put ourselves ahead of our allies. We can’t do this anymore. The adversary is a formidable one! We, Fairy Tail, must unite our forces to win!” – Levy McGarden

Levy’s intellect is among her greatest strengths. It’s also what makes Levy’s appearance so attractive and charming.

She enjoys reading, books and learning, as well as educating herself and understanding the way that things work. No matter how difficult the task.

In case you’re not aware the character of Sheila plays in the Anime the Fairy Tail.

13. Kotomi Ichinose

Blue Hair Anime Girl - Kotomi Ichinose

“I must learn a lot of things , or I’ll never be a good person.” Kotomi Ichinose

Kotomi’s hair shade is between Navy blue and purple. It was therefore logical to include her on this list.

She’s the perfect illustration of an introvert who likes to remain in her own world. Loves books and education. She excels in academics.

Kotomi Ichinose is one of the main characters in the romantic comedy’Clannad. The story revolves around his life as Tomoya Okazaki, a liar who is a prankster and doesn’t care about the world around him. 

He doesn’t attend classes and continues to play with his best friend. However, after meeting an individual known as Nagisa Furukawa his view on life shifts. He finds out that Nagisa was pushed back by a year due to an illness. They quickly become friends, and Tomoya assists in the revival of the drama club alongside four others. 

Kotomi has been one of those girls that help Tomoya as well as Nagisa. In addition, Kotomi is an attractive girl with a beautiful body that will be awe-inspiring to anyone. Kotomi enjoys playing the violin and excels in academics. However, she is not socially adept and depends on Tomoya to help her with these.

14. Aki Adagaki

Blue Hair Anime Girl - Aki Adagaki

Like the photo below, Aki Adagaki is really an awkward girl who gets easily embarrassed and frightened.

On the outside, she’s tough and brutal, puts up an invisible wall and is difficult to approach. Particularly for males.

Above the “cruel” image, lies a normal woman with her own distinctive appeal. That only a handful of people will have the privilege of seeing.

15. Bulma

Blue Hair Anime Girl - Bulma

Bulma hardly needs an introduction.

One of the most well-known Anime character (and females) of all time.

Bulma of The Dragon Ball franchise is the mother of Trunks and is also the wife of Vegeta .

From the beginning of DB until the current DB super-series, Bulma was always a geek or nerd. She is a lover of technology, gadgets and inventing new products and technologies making use of her imagination and intelligence.

The meeting with Goku in the show happens in the beginning of the series back in the 1980s. Their bond remains intact to this day and Bulma has grown over time into a beautiful woman that is loved by all.

She’s among the most enjoyable Blue Haired Anime girls to hang out with. If you get her mad, and she’s furious. ……

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16. Blue Hair Anime Girl – Suzuno Kamazuki

Suzuno Kamazuki Blue Hair Anime Girl -

Suzuno is from The Devil Is A Part-Timer.

“Hatarakou Maou’sama!” is the name of Satan the demon lord who is a source of fear for everyone. He is determined to conquer the world in Ente Isla, however the hero Emilia ends his pursuit and is able to defeat him. Satan escapes through the portal, only to be landed in the world of the human race in which there is no magic which renders his magic ineffective. 

To live in this new environment, he must find an occupation to support himself. He begins working at a fast-food eatery under the name of MgRonald’s . He will dominate the human race, one satisfied customer at one time. Satan’s neighbor next door in the human realm is Suzuno Kamazuki. Suzuno Kamazuki is beautiful who has long locks. Also, Suzuno is usually seen wearing traditional Japanese clothes. Suzuno is from Ente Isla and is a member of the Church of Ente Isla.

17. Blue Hair Anime Girl – Yuzuha Aigae

Blue Hair Anime Girl - Yuzuha Aigae

Yuzuha from The One Being Sung Anime.

In addition, Yuzuha is blind in the Anime”The One Being Sung” The One Singing. And is usually in bed because of her illness.

What makes her persona shines is how compassionate and giving she is, as well as how enjoyable she is around.

Despite her physical and mental limitations.

She’s the type of person that you can speak to and confide in to take care of your needs. and will calm your soul by nothing more than her soothing voice.

18. Blue Hair Anime Girl – Nayuki Minase

Blue Hair Anime Girl - Nayuki Minase

Nayuki is generally a cheerful woman with an optimistic mindset and a cheerful disposition.

She’s also a cousin of Yuichi, the protagonist Yuichi of Kanon.

What makes her attractive is her strength and capacity to face the challenges of life. Also, she works to remain positive regardless of the situation.

Her flaw is that she is unable to get up early in the morning due to the fact that she’s a huge sleeper. This is the thing that makes her stand out as an individual.

19. Blue Hair Anime Girl – Mio Nishizono

Blue Hair Anime Girl - Mio Nishizono

Mio is an introverted and lonely protagonist in The Slice Of Life show – Little Busters. She prefers to be her books, read and relax in the sun.

It’s not until she is noticed that she becomes a household name until she begins to express herself and open up about her feelings, you are able to see how welcoming a personality Mio is.

It’s sometimes difficult to know what she’s thinking, but this is part of what makes her intriguing.

20. Blue Hair Anime Girl – Ryuko Matoi

Blue Hair Anime Girl - Ryuko Matoi

One could be arguing it’s because Ryuko Matoi’s hair is red and black. However, a lot of time , it’s navy blue and red too.

Ryuko Matoi does not really require an introduction.

She’s among the most simple, determined and opinionated Anime girls to ever be created.

She’s also not afraid to risk it all and fight for her convictions and take on any obstacle in the way of Ryuko’s adventure.

Ryuko’s personality is rough on the outside But that’s exactly what makes her stand out and intriguing.

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21. Blue Hair Anime Girl -Mikoto Suou

Blue Hair Anime Girl - Mikoto Suou

Directly from the Comedy Anime show”School Rumble” Rumble. Rumble.

Mikoto is a hardworking dedicated and committed person.

In addition to her appealing design, she is also aware of how to fight because she’s trained in the usage of Kenpo.

and is a tiny like the Tom-Boy sort of character.

22. Blue Hair Anime Girl – Princess Lenessia

Blue Hair Anime Girl - Princess Lenessia

A pretty and young princess from the game Anime the game Log Horizon. However, she’s not like what you’d expect a typical princess to look like.

She’s laid-back, lazy and loves to fill her face with food and drink plenty.

Yet at the same she’s distinct and has a personality different from what you’d expect from a typical princess.

It’s the reason her personality and personality shine and it’s one of the reasons that make Lenessia so lovely.

23. Blue Hair Anime Girl – Nagahide Niwa

Blue Hair Anime Girl - Nagahide Niwa

Nagahide is a very calm Anime persona from the show that was based on historical events Oda Nobuna. Oda Nobuna.

Even in battle, Nagahide is cheerful, relaxed and calm, exactly as her normal self.

She’s often smiled at or tackling life with a relaxed and calm attitude.

This is the reason that is what makes Nagahide shine, and her appeal is what defines irresistible. To top it all off Nagahide has brains , not only the attractiveness.

24. Blue Hair Anime Girl – Akiko Minase

Blue Hair Anime Girl - Akiko Minase

Aunt Akiko (as Yuichi calls her) is the mother of Nayuki from Romance Anime – Kanon.

Have you ever met someone in real life who had the most gentle of personalities? That’s exactly how Akiko’s personality is.

Always considerate, generous and always thinking of other people. Additionally, she’s among the most thoughtful Anime parents around!

25. Blue Hair Anime Girl – Sayaka Miki

Blue Hair Anime Girl - Sayaka Miki

Sayaka has an introverted personality who is quite shy. In her first episode of the show.

What is it that makes Sayaka her a memorable character is her fierce determination.

If they promise to do something, they’ll go out there and accomplish it by engaging in the process.

Sayaka is a sympathetic character that is similar to Madoka Kaname.

26. Umi Sonoda

Blue Hair Anime Girl - Umi Sonoda

Love Live Idol.

Umi Sonoda is one the nine main characters of Love Live School Idol Project.

Bossy, determined and headstrong determined, serious, and focused. will do whatever is needed to complete the task.

She isn’t lazy and is annoyed when her friends aren’t taking the time to do their best.

Umi is naturally a leader who has a sense independence. It’s impossible to dislike.

27. Rom

Blue Hair Anime Girl - Rom

In her transformation state (as the Goddess) her hair is light blue, reminiscent of Saya Sasamiya.

Rom is the younger sibling to Blanc in Hyperdimension Neptunia.

Similar to her twin sister Ram, Rom is full of enthusiasm, charm and excitement. She is always looking to have a good time.

A person who you’d find difficult to not be joyful and enthusiastic in her presence.

28. Squid Girl

Squid Girl

Squid Girl is precisely what it sounds like she is, the”squid “girl” that lives in the ocean. However, she is also able to remain on land because of her “human-like” appearance.

On the surface, she appears to be threatening and dangersome.

However, underneath is a fun odd, quirky, and individual girl who is determined to enjoy herself.

I’d suggest watching this Anime in case you haven’t done so already!

29. Yoshino


Like Kanna like Kanna Miss Kobayashi, Yoshino is what we would describe as “Kawaii” due to her being just so adorable.

She is usually accompanied by her doll and can be easily angry at the smallest thing. Yet, she has a heart that is pure that you can trust her words without doubt.

30. Chizuru Aizawa

Chizuru Aizawa

Chizuru shares many similarities to Chi Chi from DBZ.

She’s generous, kind and generous, she is hard-working and very helpful.

However, if you end up off her side, she’ll not be afraid to voice her opinion or punish you. She may also make it clear.

Of course , in the case of Anime and the Squid Girl, it’s all about the comedy. However, there’s something a bit mysterious about Chizuru which makes her a fascinating character.

She’s the kind of person that the majority are unable to understand.

31. Juvia Lockser

Juvia Lockser

Juvia who is from Fairy Tail has a strong personality.

Sometimes, it gets to the point where some will consider it excessive or excessive.

What is what makes Juvia intriguing is the enthusiasm she shows for the things she is passionate about and is a believer in.

Her feelings are sincere and honest She has no issues being honest about her feelings about something (or somebody else).

Honesty is an issue that many struggle with, however Juvia does it with grace and ease.

The next girl from fantasy show “Fairy Tail. .’Juvia Lockser happens to be a mage who belongs to the guild of fairy tale. She has long , blue hair and a curvaceous physique which often leaves her opponents in awe. 

The beautiful mage is a fan of the element of water to easily defeat formidable magicians. At first, she used to have been an S class mage however, over time, she was relegated to The Phantom Lord Guild. While it is possible to argue about her choices in life Juvia’s gorgeous look and stunning blue hair will leave you in awe.

Watching Juvia Lockser’s character grow through Fairy Tail is what makes her so fascinating.

32. Esdeath


Esdeath is a charming smile, beautiful appearance full of confidence and is a fiercely independent.

There’s a darker aspect as she’s sadistic and enjoys the torture of people. She is always looking to fight.

All of this is due to her harsh, hard-hitting upbringing as a young girl.

Esdeath can be described as the villain in the dark fantasy series ‘Akame Ga Kill .’If you are a fan of raunchy action sequences and like blood, violence as well as gore then you’ll definitely enjoy the show. 

The plot revolves around a group assassins, known by the name of Night Raid. They are part of the revolution army that’s goal is to topple the tyrannical rule of the young ruler , who is subverted by his premier minister. 

To handle Night Raid, the prime minister solicits Esdeath to take care of the issue. Esdeath is extremely powerful, and her teigu grants her the ability to freeze. Although she is generally viewed as a savage bad guy, Esdeath is surprisingly compassionate at times.

Esdeath has all of these characteristics, flaws and strengths that make Esdeath an intriguing character that is worthy of this Blue Hair Anime Girls list.

33. Sayaka Maizono

Sayaka Maizono

Sayaka is a star with a her soft, relaxed, sweet and a warm personality. She’s easy to get to know and yet at the she is a woman who keeps secret.

Particularly when you feel intimidated or worried by something.

Also, Sayaka Maizono is one of the numerous characters from the Psychological Anime show – Danganronpa.

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34. Yukino Agria

Yukino Agria

Fairy Tail Anime character.

Yukino is a member of the guild that includes Sting, Rogue, Minerva and a few others. It is part of the Anime series, titled Fairy Tail.

Yukino Agria is a girl who’s kindness isn’t just her strength but also her weak point.

While she is a powerful person, she can start with a lot of vulnerability. Despite having a lot of self-confidence and sometimes, even not being confident enough.

All in all her viewpoint and the way she views things, and her personality is remarkable.

The courage of Yukino is also an excellent quality that makes her a memorable unforgettable character in Fairy Tail.

35. Yamuraiha from Magi Magic: The Labyrinth of Magic


Yamraiha is a normal female with large breasts and blue hair anime girl.

The woman is wearing an off-white long robe, and an edgy black hat that looks like the typical witch’s hat.

The red gem is that hangs from her forehead, and golden cone-shaped shells over her ears.

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36. Nefertari Vivi from One Piece

Nefertari Vivi

Vivi is a girl with long wavy , light blue hair anime girl with two locks that hang down, one either side of her head.

The hair was initially about chin-length , but was beyond her shoulders by the time she made her final appearance prior to the time skip. The majority of the time she has the hair pulled up in ponytail and has eyes that are brown.

“One Piece” is among the most long-running shows ever, with nearly 1000 shows and not a sign of ending anytime in the near future. 

The series follows the adventures of a pirate called Monkey D. Luffy, who aspires to be The Pirate King by discovering an undiscovered treasure. The treasure in question was left by legendary pirate King Gol D. Roger, who was buried in the vast expanses of the Grand Line the most hazardous length of sea. 

Princess Vivi is portrayed as an antagonist in the show who is part of a criminal organization called Baroque Works. Baroque Works is accountable for a variety of illegal activities in Alabasta, the Kingdom of Alabasta. We later discover that Vivi is merely pretending to be a part of Baroque Works as she wants to expose their shady practices in order to protect her kingdom.

37. Kurumu Kurono From Rosario + Vampire

Kurumu Kurono

Nearly the exact Spitting image that Ageha Kurono (Kurumu’s mom), Kurumu has shoulder-length blonde hair that is light blue in anime model who wears her hair in a ponytail, with an emerald-colored headband that features a gold star on her left side with deep eyes in purple, long black eyelashes that are thick and long, as well as huge breasts. she is proud of her huge chest.

40. Rem from Re:Zero

Rem from Re:Zero

Rem is a medium-length of sky-blue hair, which covers the right side of her eyes. big blue eyes and youthful appearance. Also, Rem has hair clips on to her left, as well as a floral-shaped ribbon to the opposite part of her hair and an amaid hairband.

Hope you enjoy this collection of anime with blue hair anime girls Make sure you leave a comment on which blue hair anime characters you prefer. Share it with your colleagues and save MOW to your bookmarks.

42. Rei Ayanami, Neon Genesis Evangelion

Blue Hair Anime Girl Rei Ayanami, Neon Genesis Evangelion

“Neon Genesis Evangelion” is a mecha-based anime that tells the story about self-discovery and coming old. The plot revolves around a group called Nerv that uses modern technology to build robots that fight alien creatures that want to take over Earth. 

Rei Ayanami is an officer in Nerv. Her past is not clear and at first her character seems cool, as she seems to be apathetic. She is devoted to her job and spends nothing on small talk. After having a conversation with Shinji She talks about herself and discovers that she’s been keeping some of her most elusive secrets for quite a while.

43. Ami Kawashima, Toradora!

Anime Girls With Blue Hair Ami Kawashima, Toradora!
Credit By

“Toradora!” is a charming romantic comedy which follows Ryuuji Takasu along with Taiga Aisaka. Ryuuji is a kind, gentle boy who enjoys household chores and is considerate of others. 

Even though many people believe that we shouldn’t evaluate a book based on its cover, we are still judging books by their. This is clear for Ryuuji’s character since his appearance is intimidating, which makes people think he’s an infraction. However, Taiga Aisaka is a tiny, short-tempered and quite a spirited girl. 

Following a chance encounter, Ryuuji finds out that Taiga is a fan of her friend Yuusaku Kitamura. Ryuuji is in love with one of Taiga’s buddies. So, they both begin helping one another out in order to impress people they love. Ami can be described as one of the major characters of the anime. She is the child friend of Yuusaku. 

She’s beautiful and has been modeling for a while. Ami does not get along with Taiga at first, and they were enemies, however in the course of the show, their animosity towards one another diminishes.

Who is The Strongest Among Blue Hair Anime Girl Characters ?

The Strongest Among Blue Hair Anime Girl Characters is Medaka Kurokami from Medaka Box

Medaka Kurokami, Medaka Box

Blue Haired Anime Girl Medaka Kurokami, Medaka Box

Medaka Kurokami, the main character in the ecchi-comedy ep Medaka Box. She is a tall, beautiful woman with long, blue hair, eyelashes that are red, as well as a gorgeous figure sporting a bosom, which she is not reluctant to show off. 

However, Medaka is not a beautiful bimbo. She’s pretty smart and athletic. She is among many girls who are popular at her high school. And after being elected Student Council President, Kurokami is even a winner of nearly 98 percent of votes. 

She is determined to assist others in any way she can, so she has set up an aid box where students can make their requests for assistance. However, she quickly realizes that helping others at all times isn’t always easy or secure.

Who is The Funniest Among Blue Haired Anime Girl Characters ?

The Funniest Among Blue Haired Anime Girl Characters is Aqua From Konosuba

Aqua From Konosuba

Aqua From Konosuba

She is slim with large bras, long legs and long, blue waist-length hair that’s partially tied with a water-molecule-shaped clip.

Aqua’s outfits are blue in colour scheme, and her typical attire of an unattached vest as well as thigh-high boots. extremely small miniskirt, and an underskirt that is transparent.

Who is The Smartest Among Anime Girls With Blue Hair

The Smartest Among Anime Girls With Blue Hair is Shiro from No Game No Life

Shiro From No Game No Life

Shiro From No Game No Life

Shiro is an 11-year young genius who is NEET (Not in Education Employment, Training, or Employment) Hikomori (shut-in) gamer and, with her stepbrother Sora together form (Blank).

She is the female main character in No Game No Life, as well as the calm and sensible half of the siblings.

Shiro is the female protagonist in the anime isekai ‘No Game No Life. She can be described as one of the characters of the legendary username Blank and the other half is the brother of Sora. 

Also, Shiro is an incredibly smart person and is a great analyst, allowing her to easily solve problems. However, Shiro isn’t a great handler of emotions. She has a tough of empathizing with people. She depends on her brother to handle the emotional aspect that come with social interaction. 

Therefore, it’s not surprising that she is a bit uneasy when he’s absent. There are times when it appears that she’s got an obsession with her brother. Shiro as well as Sora goes to Disboard which is a place where games are played to settle disputes, however they decide to become gods and unite the warring factions.

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