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Shino Sosaki

In MHA, Shino Sosaki Also called Mandali is a professional Heroine and is a member of the Wildcat hero team.

Appearance Shino Sosaki

Appearance Shino Sosaki

Shino is a beautiful young woman with red-burgundy hair cut short as well as brown-colored eyes. Shino has two curly red stripes drawn over her cheeks.

Her hero image is built around the theme of cats, that is evident in her outfit that includes an outfit that resembles a uniform red band that has two rows of rivets, an oversized collar with bells are fitted and white paw-shaped gloves with the pink claws full red skirt as well as red fur boots and a belt that has an attached cat tail on the back. The headphones on her head which are designed as cat ears.

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The Character Of Shino Sosaki

The Character Of Shino Sosaki

Shino is the complete opposite of her companion Ryuko. Shino is the complete opposite of the human equivalent of Ryuko She is calm, calm, and composed when confronted by difficult situations.

She also is very secure of her kids particularly her nephew, who was first in the wrong place on the tracks because of his previous criminal history. Also, She sometimes plays pranks on people, for instance, joking with the 1st class that she apparently provided the wrong date of arrival to . In addition, She irritated her son with a story about Izuk concerning his red shoes which he insists to wear himself.

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Storyline Shino Sosaki Mha

Training Camp Arch

Mandali and Pixiebob is first seen when the bus for Class 1-A arrives at the wooded area which is close to the camping. After welcoming the students, they inform them that students will have to make it to camps on their own within three hours, and use their quirks to their fullest potential.

The teacher also mentions that kids who fail to arrive at the camp by the time they are scheduled are not allowed to eat lunch. Students, upon realizing the mess that they’re in, are determined to return to their bus. But, Pikisbob causes an avalanche that plunges all 1-A to The Monster Forest.

Training Camp Arch

A conversation ensues among Shino as well as Shota during which Shota calls her teaching techniques “insane”, but Aizawa informs her that her group has already met antagonists, and that they must be taught to assert themselves. This is why they’re taught in an instructional program that is specifically designed for the 2nd year.

After about three hours in the forest, hungry and exhausted Class 1-A finally makes it to the camp. Upon arrival, some students are puzzled about how little time they’ve had and Mandali says that she calculated the duration in accordance with the team’s performance. In this moment, Izuku asks about the kid who’s been sitting near the Cats all day and Shino informs him that the Kota boy is her nephew.

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Training Camp Arch

In the on the exact same date, sitting in the warm spring Izuku is able to save the child from falling off a tall platform, and then takes him back to Shino. She is grateful to Shino for his assistance and they begin to talk about the reason why Kota dislikes heroes.

Ryuko the one who appears shortly after, proceeds to explain Kota’s parents are heroes and that they were killed by the villain they wanted to stop. Mandali stated that the idea of a heroic character lose their life during the course of their duty is honorable, but the only way was to communicate this to a child completely alone for the duration of the night. She also explained that Kota is with them because he doesn’t have a alternative.

Training Camp Arch

If the class 1B is at camp, the Mandali, along with an entire team of Wildcats present themselves to everyone in the room and discuss their quirks and the benefits of their training. Mandali is also observing students during the tests of their courage.

When she is at a certain point together Pixiebob and Tiger, Pixiebob as well as Tiger are able to smell the smell of gas Then they see the evil characters spinner as well as Magne appear from the forest and begin to strike at Ryuko.

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Training Camp Arch

Ryuko. Before the villains could strike her, she is able to make use of her ability to alert the other characters about the threat of the villains. She also issues an order to the headman in the area to remove her fellow classmates However, she later discovers she’s not able to reach their friend Ragdoll.

Shino And Yawara continue to battle the enemies. At the moment, Spinner jumps up for an intense punch aimed at Mandali but Izuku is seen in the area and takes his swords by leg kicks. He advises Shino of the fact that Kota is safe and wants her to send telepathic messages to Aizawa to grant the students in 1-A and 1-B permission to take on the villains.

Izuku is also able to inform her of the fact that villains require Katsuki Katsuki and she asks her to relay this on to all. Noting Spinner was distracted by the situation, Mandali hits him on the head, causing him to fall on the floor. Izuku disappears to the forest, and Shino transmits the message to all students and their teachers. After a few minutes, Tiger and Mandalay manage to take on the villains however, they are able to escape their own Kurogiri portal.

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Arc of the Asylum Raid

Training Camp Arch

After Yawara helps to save Tomoko who’s been unable to find the curiosity, Shino, along with the other Wildcats is comforting her.

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Yuwei Cultural Festival Arc

Yuwei Cultural Festival Arch

Before when the Cultural Festival started, the Wildcats arrived to meet the students at Yuuei and brought homemade sweets for the students. They declared their intention to return to their hero career. Mandali revealed that thanks to the fan base they were successful in holding the 411th place in the hero rank and that’s quite remarkable given their inactivity for a considerable period of time.

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Quirk And Abilities Shino Sosaki My Hero Academia

Quirk And Abilities

Telepathy (terepasu Terepasu? ) Shino’s quirk permits her to send out mental messages to multiple people at the same time even though they’re miles away from her. But, the person she’s talking with is not able to respond to her.

Greater flexibility as per her cat-like image, Shino is very flexible. Shino demonstrated this by being able to evade Spinner’s attack, while striking him.

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Cat Gloves The Cat gloves of Mandali are able to be used as real cat’s claws, since the claws are sharp enough to stab an opponent.

Headphones Mandali uses his cat’s earphones for communication with his team.


  • Her name is a combination of the kanji meaning “transmit” (Song ?) in addition to “truth” (Xin shi? ).
  • Her name is drawn from her second namesake, Mandalay Cat, or from a distinct breed that was bred by crossbreeding between two breeds: a Burma or an Abyssinian cat. Mandalay.
  • In the show, her relationship with Kota is reversed. She becomes his great aunt rather than his own.
  • Her most-loved activity is to have a nice nap
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