Jigen Boruto : Everything You Need To Know 

Jigen Boruto

In Naruto / Boruto , Jigen was a novice monk, who had the entirety of his body completely controlled by Isshiki Otsutsuki. He was the vehicle. It was a monk who was new, having their body controlled completely totality via Isshiki Otsutsuki acting as his vehicle. He was an untrained monk.

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Jigen Boruto History

Jigen History

A long time ago, Jigen was a novice monk , who met an Isshiki nearing death. Isshiki took him down and entered his body via his ear. He was in the ear while taking in its nutrients. Over the course of time Isshiki could become the master of Jigen’s mind and, consequently as well as it was able to control his whole body and gave Jigen the Karma to to revive in his original shape and form. But since Jigen’s body was weak enough to sustain him or be able to resurrect Isshiki decided to locate an alternative vessel. Isshiki assumed the role as Jigen.

Isshiki assumed Jigen’s name acting as the head in the Kara group to achieve his goals..

Jigen Appearance

gen Appearance

Jigen Jigen an individual with black iris eyes that blended with pupils and wide nose. He had the majority of his head cut off with the exception of the top and the back, which was tied into the ponytail of his long length. While he was monk, he was wearing an unassuming kimono. After being completely under the control of Isis and Isis, he dressed in an ethereal kimono.

After being totally subdued by Isshiki and losing control over the body of his, Jigen gained the symbol in the form of Karma with the form of the black diamond that was placed on his cheeks. He wore earrings, as well as five piercings of red on both ears. In the left eye, he was tattooed with the number IV. On the right side of the stomach the tattoo was on what appeared to be a black container. He was sporting the black mark of his number IV. On the stomach area, he had what appeared to be a black container. He was wearing a diamond in black on his cheeks.

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When she met alongside the rest in Kara Jigen’s body was adorned with the black cape, which had an elongated border, along with the hood, light pants , and sandals. The typical outfit Isshiki typically was wearing on Jigen’s body was a white , open-breasted dress with black vertical lines running across the skirts and sleeves, with an oval shape with an oval-shaped shape beneath at the back. It was tied around the waist with the red belt that was tasseled. The outfit was worn with a tail that he tied to his hair in red with a necklace and bracelets that were the same color, which as well as black pants that were left that were tucked in at the hem, were embellished with red pearls. and sandals. At one point, he was seen in an untidy robe that did not have any vertical stripes.

Boruto Jigen: Everything You Need To Know 
  • Jigen as monk
  • Jigenduring it’s time an untrained monk.
  • Jigen wearing a hood
  • Jigenunder The control of Isshiki while wearing an Hood.
  • Jigen’s complete body
  • Jigen’s clothesand the entire body under Isshiki’s command.
  • Jigen’s current Kama
  • Jigen along with the Horn from the unknown Otsutsuki
  • Jigenwith Jigen is Horn from Isshiki Otsutsuki.
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Jigen Personality

Jigen Personality

Jigen appeared to possess traits that dissatisfied Isshiki. He mocked his tears and called Jigen a useless and unutilized vessel.

Part Three

Ao’s Arc

Ao's Arc

In the animated series, Amado performed an analysis of the maintenance needs on Jigen’s body..

Kawaki’s Bow

Kawaki's Bow

Jigen as well as Isshiki are slain by Koji. When Isshiki was fighting Naruto Uzumaki as well as Sasuke Uchiha Jigen’s body had reached its limit in the face of Isshiki’s force. After the fight ended, Jigen let out tears because of the bodily pain caused by the force ofIsshiki’s strength and he ridiculed the latter. At Kara’s base, Isshiki as well as Jigen’s body were connected to a machine that was then treated by Amado. Jigen’s body was transported to the machine for treatment by Amado. Isshiki’s body was later transferred to a machine undergo treatment with Isshiki.

In Isshiki’s fight in the battle against Koji Kashin Koji Kashin, the Otsutsuki was trapped within the fires created by the Flaming Mountains in a state of inability to absorb them using Karma. Isshiki attempted to shrink their size, but Jigen’s body had reached the limit of its capacity, letting fires take over Jigen. In the end, Jigen was burned to death and Isshiki utilized his body to recreate himself. The body of Isshiki was used to create reincarnation.

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Jigen Abilities

Jigen Abilities

In the past Jigen had been an ordinary human being with no special abilities, and an unfit body that could not be used as a vessel to an Otsutsuki. But after being controlled through Isshiki after receiving a number of adjustments using Ninja Science Tools by Amado, Jigen increased his strength to an unimaginable extent which led to him being deemed who was completely awe-inspiring in terms of capabilities. Jigen had very powerful body.

Under Isshiki’s direction Jigen’s body was extremely strong when he took an attack from Naruto during the Six Paths of The Sage Modus towards the jaw, without getting injured. Jigen was fast and had impressive physical strength, striking Naruto in a long distance with easeand making a statement to Hokage. Hokage.



Partial transformation of The partial transformation of Jigen’s Karma. Jigen got his Karma by putting the black diamond that was placed on his chin following being completely controlled by Isshiki and hoped to use it to resurrect himself the body, however, the body of Jigen was unable to stand up to his full strength, and Isshiki was able to show a small portion of his potential. After activating the mark it spread across his body, in the form of black bars. Jigen could undergo the partial transformation of Isshiki by putting Isshiki’s horn upon his head. This transformation reportedly increased his power, but it also posed the danger of overloading Jigen’s physical body.

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Jigen Otsutsuki Power Explained

Jigen Otsutsuki Power Explained

What are Jigen’s powers and how does utilize them to beat Naruto or Sasuke within Boruto? As the principal antagonist in Boruto, the main antagonist of Boruto animation, Jigen is as formidable as you’d hope. As the chief for Kara, Jigen is merely an individual vessel for Isshiki Otsutsuki who is plotting to forever inhabit the young Kawaki in the near future. The transporter that Kawaki was on fell into the Konoha boundaries, however Naruto was aware of Jigen’s plots, and by accepting Kawaki as his adopted son, the lively shinobi caused a confrontation with Jigen unavoidable.

They do battle and they do in Boruto Episode 204. In a sly attempt to use Kawaki’s karma transform into the living room of Naruto, Jigen offers to depart in peace with the boy however, the Hokage isn’t having the idea and a fight is triggered. Before Jigen is able to leave Naruto trapped in a different realm, Sasuke arrives and the legendary duo again join forces to defeat the Otsutsuki… But this time, they fall.

Jigen Otsutsuki Power Explained
By AlexBocioArt

In the course of battle Jigen’s principal strategy of attack is the use of black rods of metal. Although it is similar to techniques employed earlier in the past by Pain as well as Madara Uchiha however, this is a totally different technique. The majority of Otsutsuki characters from Naruto Naruto series employ various eye movements. They all have the Byakugan and the Byakugan, but there’s also Kaguya’s third-eye, Momoshiki’s palm Rinnegans as well as others. Jigen has a previously undiscovered eye method that lets him reduce as well as restore things at the touch of a button. As with the rest of Otsutsuki, Jigen is also adept at space-time Jutsu. Combining these skills, Jigen throws shrunken microscopic weapons stored in a different dimension (i.e. razor-sharp black rods) and then re-arranges them at the moment they hit an object, causing damage to his adversaries from inside.

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Jigen Otsutsuki Power Explained Naruto

As powerful as Jigen’s combo attack may be, it should not be a cause for concern Naruto and Sasuke and how could they defeat each other? In the first place the fact is that neither Naruto nor Sasuke are in the best combat condition due to the decades of peace. 

While seated at a desk all each day Naruto has certainly become rusty and this has been evident in fights with Shin as well as Delta. Sasuke is more active than the other and has no significant enemies to battle until recently, his abilities have deteriorated.

Jigen Otsutsuki Power Explained Boruto

There’s also Jigen’s ability to think about. Even though being forced to live in a vessel indicates that Jigen isn’t working at his full capacity, his power is so powerful that he’s able to easily overpower Naruto’s nine Tails chakra as well as Sasuke’s Susanoo. 

While this may surprise viewers, Sasuke’s recent poke around shows the reasons Jigen has become so formidable. Isshiki isshiki and Kaguya Otsutsuki arrived on Earth together and were a couple, however Kaguya is actually the weaker of the two. This means that Jigen is a different character from the rabbit girl Naruto and Sasuke fighting during the time of the battle. Although he may not have access to all his powers in the moment but Jigen’s natural power, along with his Karma powers and the scientific advancements from Amato will make up for it.

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Jigen Otsutsuki Power Explained Boruto

Although he won, Jigen probably isn’t as strong as Naruto and Sasuke in the same way at least not in his current condition. Jigen’s victory is more the result of tactics instead of sheer force. In the course of the battle, Jigen displays detailed knowledge of Naruto and Sasuke’s different strategies, including his knowledge of the Ninth Tails as well as The Mangekyou Sharingan. In contrast Jigen’s heroes are awed by Jigen’s baffling abilities, which give the villain a massive tactical advantage. In addition, Jigen’s karma negates nearly all the Naruto and Sasuke’s most effective tactics, turning the tide of battle more to the direction of the Otsutsuki.

Jigen Otsutsuki Naruto

Naruto as well as Sasuke (the Hokage in particular) are both adept at long combats of attrition, bringing their opponents by launching a variety of attacks. The marks on Jigen’s stomach show that he was unable to afford to fight for a long time and he relied on the element of surprise to take out Naruto as well as Sasuke quickly. If the fight had lasted further, those two of them would have seen Jigen’s strategy, and escaped his karma and, more likely, prevailed. In this regard, Jigen was smart to take on the whole fight from the start and that was his crucial to defeating Konoha’s 2 beasts to defeat Konoha’s two monsters in Boruto.


By Priyesh_arts
  • The term Jigen is a word that has its roots in Japanese folklore. It could also refer to the merciful eye (Ci Yan , Jigan) of the Buddhist or Bodhisattva that sees the world. In Japan there is Jigen Ji (Ci Yan Si ) which is which is also known in the form of Nozaki Kannon (Ye Qi Guan Yin ) which is a temple that is located at the base of Mount Iimori in Daito, Osaka Prefecture, which is well-known for its statue of the god Kannon also known as Guanyin.
  • Similarly, “Jigen” (Ci Yuan ) means “dimension. “
  • Since Isshiki’s Karma was decompressed completely, Jigen’s body was biologically a part of an Otsutsuki which means it could be utilized as a sacrifice to The Ten Tails and then grow into into a God-like Tree. God.
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