Kiyomi Azumabito : Everything You Need To Know

In Aot, Kiyomi Azumabito  The ambassador of the people Heazul, and an ally to the Eldians Paradise.
kiyomi azumabito

In Aot, Kiyomi Azumabito  The ambassador of the people Heazul, and an ally to the Eldians Paradise.

APPEARANCE Kiyomi Azumabito

APPEARANCE Kiyomi Azumabito

Kiyomi is an Asian woman a certain age. Her black hair is combed in a bun, and her eyes are the same color.

Mikasa is shorter than her, so she is less than 1.70m.

She wears a standard Diplomat outfit when she’s on a mission. This includes a suit, a jacket in beige and a shirt with a roll collar.

When Kyomi isn’t on mission, she wears the traditional Asian Kimono to social events such as her first appearance.

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PERSONALITY Kiyomi Azumabito

PERSONALITY Kiyomi Azumabito

Kiyomi is a polite, smiling woman. However, her friendliness can sometimes conceal a bit of hypocrisy toward her interlocutor. She is however concerned about how Mahr Eldians are treated especially aspiring fighters like Udo. She is a true businesswoman who knows how to identify opportunities for her country. This earns her the title of venal.

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STORY Of Kiyomi Azumabito


STORY Of Kiyomi Azumabito

Udo, confused by the criticisms of two mahrs about him for his Eldian heritage, spilled wine on Mrs. Azumabito while the Aspiring Warriors were at the Great Celebration. To avoid getting into trouble, she didn’t hold it against him. She pretended that she had spilled the wine herself. Gaby realized she was from Heazul in the East when she saw her.

The next day Kyomi visited Willy to ask him how he was feeling and then proceeded to give his speech. He told her how he felt and she praised his courage. She then mentioned Willy’s family who had seen his bravery. The exchange was more cordial than friendly. Kyomi ended the conversation with encouragement and a handshake.

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RETURN to Paradise ARC



We learn two years ago that Mrs. Azumabito had traveled to Paradise Island in order to make a deal. Jelena introduced her to the role of Minister Plenipotentiary for Heazul. She was the head of her family and a highly influential woman on an international level. Mikasa also got to know the other and found that they were both part of the same clan. She was friendly with the young lady and didn’t hide her excitement for the meeting.

Kiyomi recounted then her meeting with Sieg . She confirmed the venal nature of the Minister since she only agreed that the collaboration would result in the economic wealth of the island, the industrial power that this could allow Heazul  and the prestige her clan would enjoy. She denied it, but she dropped it when she invoked it.

After explaining the plan, she remained passive when she told Eren et Historia they would need to have children in order to protect the Original. She didn’t rush them, and allowed them to make their decision. Some Paradise Elfs were already enchanted by Kiyomi, and considered it a blessing that she was there for them. Others were more reserved and wary.

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One year later, Hansi was contacted during construction of Trost railroad line. The Major, accompanied by Livai, told Jean, Mikasa. Eren, Sasha, Eren and Armin that Heazul’s inhabitant had not received any support from other countries. Hansi concluded that Kiyomi was only concerned in the resources of Paradise Island and that she never intended to trade with other nations for exclusive rights.

Skills Kiyomi Azumabito

Skills Kiyomi Azumabito

Kiyomi is a quiet, old businesswoman with a remarkable vitality.

  • She can disarm and subdue Frock Vorster who is old enough for her to call her son.
  • Her Carrier can be prepared by her self using big shovels to put coal in her boiler.
  • She can row a boat alone and has the strength to do it.

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RELATIONSHIPS Kiyomi Azumabito


Zeke JAeger

She has no sympathy for him, unlike the Warrior Unit. When he offered to include him in his plan to help Paradise, she hesitated to denounce Mahr .


yelena aot

She worked with Jelena to realize Sieg Jager’s plan. However, she was conscious of her different motives. Jelena was very neutral to her, and she continued that attitude even after Jelena had hidden a critical part of her plan. Without any hesitation, she agreed to take him along.

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Kiyomi (and Mikasa ) are both from the same clan. The ambassador was very happy to meet the soldier and is very friendly. Even though Mikasa may be a little more distant than her cousin, Mikasa’s discovery of her clan and its new influence seems to have overwhelmed her. However, she isn’t naive and is well aware of the greed of her distant relative.


Although Kiyomi didn’t show animosity towards Willy (who she had known for a while), it is possible she did not regard him with high regard. They were cordial when they first met, but they seemed to be noticing the hypocrisy that they displayed to one another. After her courtesy visit, she left abruptly before the speech in which the attack on the Titan Assailant against Willy was to be held.


He is not a target of her hatred or fear, but she is extremely condescending. She sees him as a young, naive man who will likely cause war on Paradise island when the entire Outer World has been razed to dust by his joy.


Marley Warriors

She is kind and caring towards her family. Although she would have preferred to have them close to her and take them to Heazul to secure a peaceful future, she had to accept the fact that they would need to fight to stop the Great Earthquake.

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Engineers working under Kyomi’s orders. She cares deeply about them to the point that she will sacrifice herself for them. When Frock vorster was going to shoot them, she leapt on him to disarm. They are likely to be part of The Azumabito Clan. Armin even asked Frock to deliver the “Azumabito”.


  • The combination of the word “minister” and the adjective “plenipotentiary”, does not denote a member or a government, but a diplomat  entrusted with specific diplomatic missions by his country’s authorities in foreign countries.

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