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Dina Fritz  or Dina Jaeger is the spouse of Grisha Jager and is also Grisha’s mother. Sieg. Her lineage is that from her family’s Royal Family and relative to the King of the Kingdom, 145th Fritz. She was later a primary Titan not officially called”the “Smiling Titan” .

Appearance Dina Fritz


Human Form Dina Fritz

Dina Fritz  was a beautiful young woman of average height. Her eyes were light-colored as was her skin. The blonde hair falls down her cheeks, but doesn’t reach the shoulders, and is divided at the middle. It’s a bit larger in back.

Dina typically wore a long length skirt that was ankle-length with an white shirt. However, she was occasionally dressed in an overcoat of black. Dina Fritz also wore an over-the-head scarf that covered her head and hair. Like other inhabitants of the zone of internment the woman was required to put an armband around her left hand with the symbol that signified that they were Eldian .

When photographing the family picture, Dina was seen with her hair arranged in a bun, with her hair at the middle of her hair, but pulled back. In this casual photo she wore an elegant long dress that was lighter in hue, with long hems that hung over the cuffs as well as high collars with the lace embroidered over and around the upper chest.

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Primary Titan

Titan form Dina Fritz - smile titan

Dina’s primary Titan stood 14 meters tall. He, like many regular Titans were, resembled the human form of a male. His most notable feature was his famous smile where his lips were fully open, exposing the gums and teeth throughout the day. “The Smiling Titan was thin and emaciated, with unnatural proportions. In which his ribs were clearly visible and he had an unusually long neck. He had dark, medium-length hair that barely reached the neck. Also, he had small dark browneyes with deep-set, dark brown eyes.

While he looked like the human form of a male however, he had a stunningly feminine look, but was not a model for feminine characteristics, which was not the case with the female Titan .

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Personality Dina Fritz

personality dina fritz

It is not known much about Dina Fritz However, it can be concluded from her actions that she was a faithful member of the Restorers from Eldia . Dina Fritz had a generally calm face, but was sometimes afflicted with anxiety. But, Dina Fritz admitted that the reason for Sieg’s birth was to help lead his fellow Restorers from Eldia to victory. She seemed to be deeply in love with her son and was shocked to find out she was Sieg was the person who handed them over to authorities. 

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Dina demonstrated that she loved Grisha Jager completely in that she appeared to be extremely happy when they were married. And even after the Restorers were exiled and transformed to “stupid” Titans, she assured Grisha the world that she’d come back to him and always be loyal to him, regardless of the outcome this. Her gratitude to him was reciprocated in a way, since Grisha was devastated and irritated to watch her becoming an titan .

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Personal Story Of Dina Fritz

Personal Story Of Dina Fritz

Dina Fritz initially appears as someone assigned by her by the Restorers in Eldia  in the form of “the Owl,” an unknown figure belonging to the Mahr government who is working for the restorers. She is identified as one of the members from the Fritz royal family. It is clarified that a particular branch from the family of royals was unable to leave to Paradise Island along with King Fritz at the conclusion in the Great Titan War and Dina was the last person from that group. Dina and her family were kept in Revelio in hiding while they waited to see when the Eldians would gain the power they had lost.

Dina said that the Original Titan was taken with King Fritz to Paradise and was the most important factor in governing every other Titans as well as Eldia. She further explained that the main reason for her decision to retire was her refusal to fight. This has led Grisha to announce that they would fight to restore their power.

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Personal Story Of Dina Fritz

The following year, Grisha and Dina got married and had a baby boy who they called Sieg. They came to their turning point when Mahr government began to look for children who were fit enough to be the warriors between five and seven years old to acquire the power of the seven Titans  which they controlled in order to take down King Fritz’s kingdom before he was able to cause havoc in the entire world. Families of the warriors will be given the right to become citizens of the Mahr kingdom..

In a meeting that was held by those of Eldian  Resistance during a meeting, they read a letter to “the Owl” which declares that the Mahr government is seeking to seize King Fritz’s land in order they can extract fossil fuels, in preparation for the day when the control they have with their 7 Titans won’t be absolute. Grisha is then reading the words that were left by King Fritz 80 years ago when who stated that if someone attempted to invade his territory, tens of thousands of Titans that were buried within the walls would destroy Earth. 

This shows how the Mahr government’s real objective is to break through the walls to steal their Original Titan. Grisha decides that the best option is to enroll the son of her, Sieg, in the Titan program to serve as a mission to fight the government. When the boy was seven, he lied to and renounced their parents in front of the authorities. Dina, Grisha and the remaining members of the resistance were taken for Paradise as they sentenced to be “pure” Titans  on Paradise Island for the remaining years of their lives which meant they’d be prey to the same kind of people as them.

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grisha and dina and sieg family

After being transferred to Paradise with Eldia’s restorers Dina was taken to the same place as Grisha and, when she saw her she advised him to not be worried and that no matter who she did she was, she will always be there for him. Sgt. Gross has been injecting Dina by injecting her with Titan transformation serum, and she was thrown over the wall that separated Mahr and Paradise as Grisha shocked, she was watching the wife of his turn transform to an Titan.

In shock and feeling helpless watching Dina pursue Gleis, Gross was irritated Grisha with a comment that she was more drawn to Gleis rather than. Following the revelation of Eren Kruger’s  actual loyalty was exposed, he informed Grisha that he would not reveal his secret identity as a lineage heir to Ymir Fritz because it would have meant he was required to harm his children who would inherit from the Original Titan  for the rest of his existence.

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History Dina Fritz

History Dina Fritz

Arc Of The Wall Of Shiganshina

Following that the Colossal Titan breached the Wall in the Shiganshina District, in the Maria Wall, numerous Titans entered the wall and among they was Smiling Titan. The Smiling Titan entered into the city to be spotted as a result of Eren Mikasa and Eren Mikasa  while they tried to rescue Carla Jager, their mother, stuck under the rubble of their home. 

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Even though Hannes initially appeared to assist them, and then decided to confront the Titan however, he was awestruck in terror by its terrifying appearance. When he realized the Titan was too terrifying for him to confront the Titan, he decided to flee along with Eren along with Mikasa to security, leaving Eren’s mom in the dust. Afterward, Eren witnessed his mother’s loss, being devoured by the Smiling Titan.

Clash of Titans Arc

5 years on, following Eren was already a member of his Exploration Battalion, the Smiling Titan reappeared before Eren and Mikasa in in the Forest of Giant Trees as they pursued the Dreadnought Titan. After eating Hannes who was protecting Eren as well as Mikasa  prior to being eaten by the Titan, the Titan approached to grasp Eren and then struck on the hand of the Titan. The Titan was able to activate an element of power that was the Original Titan within Eren, who appeared to hold control over the other Titans. The Titans under his control decided to destroy The Smiling Titan  by breaking it up and then devouring it in retribution for its deaths. Carla as well as Hannes.

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After the fight that took place in the Shiganshina district between the forces from the Bestial Titan and the Exploration Battalion The left-over members Hansi Zoe Livai Ackerman Eren Jager, and Mikasa Ackerman, stumbled across three volumes within Grisha Jager’s house. On the first page of the book they looked through was a photograph that showed Dina, Grisha and Sieg. 

A note at the bottom of the picture revealed its true meaning and also told members of the Exploration Battalion that humanity did not die outside their walls. When when the Battalion went back in Trost District, Eren was able to dream of his father. Trost District, Eren saw the memories of his father’s past in dreams, and was able to realize it was Dina Fritz is the Titan who had killed his mother.


Through a flashback from Reiner We discover that during the Fall of the Wall Maria was The Smiling Titan had behaved rather oddly. In fact, he was confronted with Bertolt who was Bertolt being exhausted and breathless. But instead of eating him the Titan simply looked up and walked back into Shiganshina.

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The Titans took over Monzen District, the Titans retreated. Monzen DistrictMikasa  was lying on the ground with her baby in her arms. Eren was taken to the town hall, along with the other residents of this District. In the chaos there was a commotion and”the “Smiling Titan” appeared and was able to get close to Mikasa who was terrified. Eren however, on the other one hand was watching the scene through the windows at the city hall, but was unable to intervene.

The Titan was confronted by Mikasa but we’re not sure what took place following due to the fact that Eren  did not have the confidence to continue looking. Eren was able to leave the building.

But, his time had come. He did not see anyone, as his fellow Titans  had already started ruining the town hall in order in order to eat human race. It was later discovered that the Smiling Titan had eaten the baby Mikasa tried to save, and that she was able to have a tiny part of her body taken from the Titan.

It’s not clear what was the fate of Titan Smiling Titan , however, the movie suggests that Shikishima helped save Mikasa  and ended up killing the Titan.

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Relationships Dina Fritz


Grisha Jager

They shared the same political beliefs and political beliefs, they were part of Eldian Resistance. Eldian Resistance, Dina Fritz being sent by Eren Kruger . They became lovers, were they got married and had a child named Sieg. Dina loved her husband with all her heart and promised that she would love him forever even as she was about become a titan.


Sieg Jager

Being uninvolved in her son’s education she allowed her husband to make him a pretender for their work. But she stood up for Sieg when Grisha became angry at him for a while because she believed that their son was good for nothing. Sieg denied his parents’ claims to save the family from having to be sent for deportation to Paradise Island.

Persons Killed By Dina Fritz

Smile Titan DIna Fritz Kill
  • Carla Jager  (as a titanic primary)
  • Hannes (as an initial titan)

Unsucessful Attemps

  • Eren Jager  (as an important titan)
  • Mikasa Ackerman (as the primary titan)


  • Her initial name “Dina” means “judged” in Hebrew.
  • In the form of her Primary Titan  form her first target of Eren’s Axis.
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