Lina Inverse : Everything You Need To Know

Lina Inverse

Lina Inverse (Japanese: rina=inbasu Rina Inbasu) is a teenage witch and the main protagonist of the Slayers series. Her voice is performed by Lin Yuan megumi Megumi Hayashibara in the original Japanese version, as well as voiced by Lisa Ortiz in the English T.V. series. In the English films and OVAs she is voiced in the voice of Cynthia Martinez. The Italian voice is recorded by Emanuela Pacotto throughout every season, movie , and OAV as well as in Mediased dubbing, as well as voiced by Federica De Bortoli on her Shin Vision version. The voice of the character is performed in the voice of Veronique Uzureau for the French version.

In the time that Hajime Kanzaka went to high school in Japan, he crafted the story of Lina was a 10-year-old replica of her older twin sister Luna Inverse. In the story, Lina was obsessed with machines. Also, In the time that Kanzaka started writing Slayers the author made Lina five years old and was more enthralled with magic rather than machines. 

Rui Araizumi has claimed that Lina’s style was inspired by a younger Audrey Hepburn.¬†The style and her fictional descriptions sometimes diverge slightly. for example, Lina describes her hair as brown in the books however, the majority of illustrations depict her with hair that is red.¬†However the illustrations may influence the storyline In an early appearance Lina just states that she’s wearing an robe. But, Araizumi shows her in her famous shoulder guards. And later on the protective gear is featured in the narrative as well.

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How Old and size has Lina Inverse ?

Lina Inverse

In the beginning of the Slayers series, Lina informs the audience that she’s 15 years old. young.¬†As the series continues it gets older.¬†In the case of anime the best general rule is to recall that in the initial series, she’s 15 years old; In Slayers NEXT, she is 16 and in Slayers TRY it is 17 In Slayers Revolution and Slayers Evolution-R the age is 18.¬†The age of her character is harder to establish in the manga and novel series.¬†The author is aged 15 for the initial novel, and sixteen in her third book which takes place a few months after.¬†Based on the database Slayers Reading, the twelfth novel is set two years from the one.¬†So, she’s 17-18 years old in the first portion of the story’s second sequence.¬†It is not surprising that she is smaller (around thirteen or fourteen) when it comes to the Slayers Special series.¬†Her height is believed to be 147cm (4 foot 10 inches).¬†

Lina Inverse

Lina Inverse is considered to be among the strongest and fearsome sorceresses across the world.¬†When she was 14 she was already gained fame.¬†Despite her poor habits of eating excessively (justified by her heavy use of magic which that she has in common along with Pokota) and also taking money from people who aren’t so good However, she is a good person with good intentions.¬†The majority of her bad raps including Dra-mata Robbers’ Killer as well as The Enemy of All Who live, stem because she is often the cause of collateral damage while fighting against the evil forces.¬†Lina is an active part of the Sorcerer’s Guild and her chosen mage’s colour will be Pink (Official name: Lina the Pink) Much to her dismay.¬†Sometimes, Lina appears to be unflinching, but there are (at at least) two things she’s scared of: Luna and slugs.¬†Lina is also uneasy around fishmen, including Noonsa as well as Rahanimu.

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Appearance Lina Inverse

Lina Inverse

Simply put, anything is branded with the Slayers name is Slayers-related, with the exception of three “spin-off” (or “gaiden”) stories in the Slayers Special novel series, as well as one chapter in Manga series Slayers Slayers: Knight of Aqua Lord.

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Abilities Lina Inverse

Lina Inverse

Lina self-proclaims that she is self-describes herself as a “Magical Genius,” but she’s not exaggerating at all her abilities, as she has developed custom spells, such as fishing spells that catch a stream until it is gone or even an Giga Slave spell.¬†She is an expert in black magic. However, she’s also adept at Shamanism, a little familiar with white magic and also be a formidable opponent using the short sword.¬†Lina is extremely strong in magical capacity, and she’s adept at drawing inexplicably powerful spells like those of the Dragon Slave and Giga Slave.¬†When she purchased the Demon’s Blood Talismans from Xelloss and could increase its magical (bucket) capacity to the max, allowing her to use more powerful spells, like Ragna Blade.¬†But even one Ragna Blade can drain her of all energy.¬†Lina has attempted or cast casting the Giga Slave five times.¬†

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By Yajuuraku

The first time she tried it, she transformed the water body into an ocean of death, in which there was no life.¬†The second time she summoned the Sword of Light in order to take down Ruby Eye Shabranigdu as well as in NEXT in which she planned to take on Hellmaster Phibrizzo.¬†This time, however it was Lina was able to defeat the Lord of Nightmares took over Lina’s body and made use of it as a weapon to destroy.¬†Lina nearly cast the spell Giga Slave in TRY to take down Dark Star Dugradigdu however she was held back from doing so by Sirius along with Erulogos.¬†Finally, she cast the spell to take down Shabranigdu’s ghost. Shabranigdu in EVOLUTION-R.

In addition to her combat skills, Lina Inverse is also a expert in business.¬†This is not surprising because she grew up in a family full of traders.¬†She is always looking for the lowest price on everything and, if she doesn’t get the deal she desires, she becomes aggressive, frequently threatening people to sell (or even donating) her goods.

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Relationships Lina Inverse

Lina Inverse Relationships

Lina’s parents operate a supermarket shop in Zephilia. Her father is a former mercenary and her mother is a former sex-sorceress. According to Kanzaka Lina’s grandparents passed away before she was born. Lina’s father was spotted by Gourry several days prior to when Lina herself. At the time, Gourry was considering discarding the Sword of Light since it was causing nothing but conflict between his immediate family members, however Lina’s father persuaded Gourry to make a difference by using the sword, which and ultimately, Gourry and Lina to meet. Lina has not yet realized of the fact that the two had a relationship.

Luna inverse elder sister is an officer of Ceifeed who is employed part-time as waitress. Lina is scared about her sibling to being hysterical and, in all likelihood, she is entitled to this kind of fear. As a child, Lina wanted to make money, so she made projects of Luna bathing. As it turned out, Luna punished her. There is a legend that Lina began to train to become a sorcerer as a result of an inferiority disorder to her sister. But, Luna was the one who recommended Lina take off and discover the world.

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Gourry Gabriev:

Lina Inverse and Gourry

At first, Lina’s perception about Gourry was not a great one.¬†Although she did find him attractive physically but his lack of intelligence and the tendency to treat her as was a child soon became an issue.¬†However, over time she grew fond of him, and they soon became the most wonderful of friends and partners.¬†Gourry is meant to protect Lina however, in reality they look at one another.¬†They have a common understanding that is far beyond the limits of friendship that is common.¬†Through NEXT, Lina found herself becoming more self-conscious and anxious about Gourry and his actions, particularly when he did things for her that were nice and at the conclusion of NEXT she realized that the love she felt for Gourry.¬†This love was to be reciprocated by the conclusion of NEXT which was when Lina was taken over by the Lord of Nightmares after losing control over her Giga Slave she cast in the hope that Gourry’s life would be protected.¬†

Gourry then plunged in the Sea of Chaos after Lina’s body was possessed, claiming she was needed by him to be there, and was eventually back in her normal form.¬†They kissed in the Sea of Chaos, though the kiss was quickly lost to both as they returned to their respective worlds with the only recollection being the thought of “something important” had happened.¬†In every version of the series it is clear that it is clear that the “romantic” aspect of their relationship is not discussed much or at all mostly because of Lina’s inexperience regarding such matters (and in actual fact it is because Hajime Kanzaka himself said that he did not excel at creating romantic scenes) .

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However, it’s obvious that the two of them have a strong connection and have a special relationship.¬†In the final chapter of the novel, Lina and Gourry traveled back to Zephilia together in the midst of Lina believing that Gourry wants to see her parents so they can get married.¬†In the anime, the two are still traveling together for whatever adventures the wind may bring them.

Lina Inverse

Zelgadiss Graywords:

Lina and Zelgadiss can respect one another as great friends and allies.¬†They have the similar battle instincts and techniques and are able to keep one another in check.¬†Lina is the one who forces Zelgadiss to stand up and go about her business and Zelgadiss makes Lina to slow down and pay closer focus on what’s happening around her.¬†They’re almost equal in terms of intelligence, and consequently, are able to have discussions that are intelligent even while everyone else is mad.¬†But, Lina gets easily fed over Zelgadiss confidence issues and pessimism. In the process, Zelgadiss hates Lina’s quick temper and bad habits.

Amelia Will Tesla Saillune

The first time they met, Lina thought Amelia was uninteresting and would have her go as soon as she could.¬†However, Amelia proved she could be far more than a mere tagalong and Lina was able to accept her as a companion and friend.¬†They have a close relationship, with affection shown at times , and anger and jealousy at other people.¬†One thing is for sure: Lina is envious of Amelia’s body.¬†Lina doesn’t think it’s right that a girl of her age has a body that is more mature than her.¬†(It must be noted that in the books, Amelia is said to be about the identical age to Lina however in the animated version she’s shown as being one year older.)

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Naga the Serpent:

Lina and Naga’s relationship is certainly odd.¬†Then, Naga appeared before Lina and declared herself to be Lina’s most formidable rival.¬†Since the time, they’ve had an uneasy friendship and a fierce rivalry.¬†Sometimes, they’re on opposing side, but the majority times they are in a team.¬†Lina is often annoyed by Naga’s confidence and tendencies to miss important details and, in return Naga makes fun of Lina about her petite size and undeveloped body.¬†There is no reason to know the reason they parted ways however, Naga had been the one who advised Lina to go towards Saillune to meet an eminent prince.¬†However, Lina didn’t realize who was the prince and, at the final analysis, Naga got the best of her.


Xelloss share an understanding of respect but not friendship.¬†They both know that each other’s capability of completely devastating them in the event of an opportunity They both have an agreement between themselves.¬†They support each other in the event that their interests are in conflict.¬†Xelloss frequently is the one to get the best of Lina and uses her greed or fast anger to gain. She typically takes revenge.¬†The fact that Xelloss seems to be in control, but isn’t keen to reveal something might irritate Lina most.

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Sylphiel Nels Lahda

Lina feels empathy for Sylphiel and tries to not be annoyed by Sylphiel’s reserved and shy nature.¬†Despite her intellect, Lina is not fully aware of Sylphiel’s love for Gourry or at best she pretends to not know so that her feelings don’t get damaged.

Martina Zoana Mel Navratilova:

Lina’s relationship with her strange and diverse.¬†Lina killed Martina’s kingdom and, in the process, Martina became intent on seeking revenge. She tried anything from making curses against Lina to sabotage her at every opportunity.¬†Lina considered Martina as a nuisance that needed to be taken care of.¬†In the course of NEXT, Martina helped Lina discover her feelings for Gourry and they began to become friends.

Filia Ul Copt

The moment she approached Lina to seek assistance, Lina did not understand the reason why she, among other people, was chosen as the human representative race.¬†Filia was initially irritated by Filia’s method to “testing” her power (attacking the port in an important delegation).¬†Through Slayers TRAIN, Lina along with Filia were frequently angry at one another However, they worked in tandem despite their divergences.¬†Lina was able to help Filia to realize the truth in the world , and they grew closer towards the final.

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The bond between him and Lina is a fascinating one. Both are serious magicians who have similar appetites. They are also equally prone to being teased by others and, in particular, from one another that causes regular fireworks between them. But, this very similarity allows them to get along and get to know each other better, and, in the end, they were friends. But, sometimes, their relationship is more similar to an apprentice-mentor relationship.

The Philionel of Saillune:

Observing her deeds and abilities directly, and because of the close relationship among Lina and Amelia He respects Lina and treat her as an equal. She typically does the same even though Amelia and Philionel’s actions is similar enough that sometimes she feels uncomfortable when they are both together.¬†When Saillune was attacked by Zanaffar during the Slayers Revolution, Philionel trusted Lina to defend Saillune.

Trivia Lina Inverse

Trivia Lina Inverse

Lina Inverse is also the name of a character in the well-known map made by custom in Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne known as DotA AllStars, and its standalone sequel Dota 2. [3] She also has a few techniques, such as “Dragon Slave” and “Laguna Blade”.

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Although other characters in the series’ main anime feature voice actors who are frequently changing in the translation, Lina and Gourry are the only characters who do not get various voices throughout the show. The only time that their voices are changed in English dubs occurs in the specials or movies of the series.

Lina’s appearance when wearing Zephilian clothes In Slayers: The Motion Picture is inspired by Ranma Saotome, the title character from Ranma 1/2 , recorded by Megumi Hayashibara in the original Japanese version.

A Slayers reference is found in the DLC of an turn-based strategy game dubbed Warlock 2: the Exiled as a heroine that can be recruited in the game under the designation “Leya Inverse-Gabriev”, which is just a simple way of saying Lina wearing Gourry’s brunette hair instead of her red. The character is able to use the skills of both her and his including: Sword of Light, Fireball, Dragonslay (Giga Slave) and many others.

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