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Kallen Code Geass

Who is code geass Kallen ?

‘ Kallen Kozuki’ (Hong Yue karen Kozuki Karen ) was one of the principal characters in Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, and also an one of the main characters of Code Geass: Lancelot & Guren . She is officially referred to as ‘ Kallen Stadtfeld’ . In addition, She is known as this at school. But, she prefers the maiden name of her mom’s Japanese name in the time of her revolutionary (now military) actions.

Who is code geass Kallen ?

Kallen is the main fighter for Black Knights and is present throughout the the series. Kallen is a serious character that exhibits a very minimal vulnerable side throughout the series. She goes to school together with Lelouch and is of the same age. However, she is often absent on most days because of her involvement in her group, the Black Knights. To keep her secret life secret, she hides her identity that she is sick with her students and teachers. She’s halfway Japanese as well as half Britinian but she doesn’t accept her Japanese heritage.

Personality Kallen Code Geass

Personality Kallen Code Geass

Kallen is a strong-willed dedicated, loyal and brave person who is also very quick-tempered, aggressive and sometimes aggressive. Despite her tough exterior, Kallen is actually quite gentle, caring and gentle. But following the loss of her brother, she isn’t displaying this aspect often. The death of her brother has had a negative impact on her relationships with both parents. But as time passes, Kallen is beginning to rebuild her bond with her mother. And as her brother did and her mother, she is one of the reasons Kallen uses to free Japan. In addition, she has a relationship with her father both prior to and after Britannia was able to take over Japan is not detailed. even though she did call him “dad” on one occasion suggesting they have a relationship (or at least) likely positive.

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In combat, Kallen is aggressive (this could be due to nature of her weapons, which tend to be close-range) usually ruthless and extremely open to opportunities. The codename Q-1 is a shorter version from the “Queen” on a chessboard. Which is the most powerful piece in the game of chess. She is extremely confident in her Knightmare abilities and her own capabilities. Also, she is rightfully so. her Guren defeated the majority of Cornelia’s forces in her participation in the Battle of Narita and was even able to defeat her two formidable knights from the Round in later battles. But, despite being one of the top Pilots from the show even if she isn’t the best. In fact, her strength isn’t insurmountable as evidenced by her arrest in R2.

Character Outline Code Geass Kallen

Character Outline Code Geass Kallen

Kallen is an 18-year-old Britannian. She’s a young Britannian-Japanese female who considers herself Japanese at heart. It’s why, she prefers to be known as the name of her Japanese mom’s title. The brother of her, Naoto Kozuki (Hong Yue naoto, Kozuki Naoto) and with whom she was deeply connected and was the former leader of a resistance group prior to his death. Following it was his demise, Kallen became a member of the same guerilla group that was fighting Britannia. Also, she was later transformed as the Order of the Black Knights by Lelouch vi Britannia a few years after.

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Her dad is a Britannian nobleman who is from a wealthy family and as his wife of 30 years. Mrs. Stadtfeld was unable to bear any children and he was unable to have children. He requested Ms. Kozuki to officially take Kallen to his family as his successor. Because her daughter would gain from the status of a Britannian noble and a Britannian noble, she. Kozuki accepted his request without Kallen’s approval and at her displeasure. Although the wife of Stadtfeld’s husband demanded that she never meet her daughter ever again she refused. Kozuki refused, fighting to get a job as a housekeeper in the Stadtfelds household, in order to remain at her daughter’s side. This was something which Kallen was not aware of at the at the time.

Abilities Kallen Code Geass

Abilities Kallen Code Geass

Piloting Skills and Battle Prowess

Kallen is a highly proficient Knightmare Frame pilot, who can match the skills of The Knights of Rounds. She is recognized as the best commander for the Black Knights by adversaries as well as allies. The codename she uses “Q-1,” references an mathematical Chess terminology”Queen Piece,” which is the most powerful piece of the game of chess. In Lelouch’s analysis of the main players of the Black Knights. Her “Combat Ability” score is 100 points out of 100, which is the same as the score from Kyoshiro Tohdoh. It should be noted the fact that she managed to beat Cornelia’s own team and then defeat the Knight of Ten, Luciano Bradley. 

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Knight from Zero

It was also possible to battle her fellow knight from Zero, Suzaku Kururugi at the same level, even using the “live on” command activated. With the powerful blasts and energy blasts from their radiation arms of the Guren Mk-II, Kallen can defeat virtually every Knightmare Frame in a single attack. If they permit her to physically contact them as well as restraining their attacks by using string of Slash Harken projectiles. Also, preventing their attacks using her fork knife to knock the targets down. Later models come with a myriad of additional attack modes that are suitable for long- and mid-range combat.

These include improvements of their earlier weapons, including stronger explosions, and adding new features like the Energy Wing system. It gives her four wings that are able to serve in the form of shields, missiles and blades. The Knightmare Frame also is very quick. It allows her to compete on the same level as the more advanced Knightmare Frames from the series, as well as later being able to fly at extremely high speeds.

Outside of the realm of a Knightmare, Kallen displays superior combat skills in unarmed and armed combat.

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High Intelligence and Leadership

Our code geass character Kallen has shown great grit in combat. In addition she adept at spotting her opponent’s plans and exploits their initial mistakes or doubts to defeat them. While also implementing efficient counterattacks. Also, she appears to be proficient in academics as her school grades are among the best in the class despite often absent.

After more experience with the Black Knights, Kallen has demonstrated her skills as a leader for her team’s subordinates. She can even be a good mediator to other players when planning discussions or negotiating.

Relationships Code Geass Kallen

Lelouch vi Britannia

relationship Kallen and Lelouch vi Britannia or Kallen X Lelouch

Their relationship Lelouch is one of the most important aspects on her development as a character, presumably due to the complexity of their relationship and the many similarities. While on one hand, Kallen initially disliked Lelouch Lamperouge due to his arrogant, seemingly-indifferent attitude to his surroundings and possibly due to the fact that everyone around them thinks they’re dating, even to the point of slapping him on occasion. However, Kallen holds a strong love and respect for Zero, his alter-ego. Zero due to his leadership skills and belief in justice. These beliefs, coupled with her formidable battle abilities and personal ideals made her the choice as his right-hand lady as well as C.C

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Suzaku Kururugi

Suzaku Kururugi and Kallen

She first encountered Suzaku as a classmate and a member of the Student Council at Ashford Academy. She was unaware that Suzaku was the driver of the Lancelot and was hampering Zero’s plans. After learning about his identity, she’s horrified, but is determined to get rid of the threat posed by him. If the two are stranded with each other in Kamine island, Kallen is unable to join forces and the two discuss the reasons for aligned with their respective factions. They show that they disagree over Suzaku believing that he is able to change issues within the organization. Kallen believing that people outside the system are not going to get help.

Then, in Lelouch in the Resurrection Suzaku sweetly says to her that he had no idea that one day they would be in their Knightmares in the same place. When Kallen praises Suzaku with a name however, Suzaku tries to dismiss it, because he is legally dead as per the Zero Requiem. Kallen however, basically advises Suzaku to accept the compliment as she regards Zero as an image. The idea of a single association with Zero is not a good idea.

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Benio Akagi

Benio Akagi and Kallen Light Novel

According to Kallen she states that If she had an older sister, she believes that their relationship would be similar to the one she has with Benio. In the course of the course, she prevents Kagari from closing the mock battle even though it appears she’s on the losing side to Tamaki. When Benio is recruited to The Zero Squad, Kallen gives Benio her previous Knightmare which is now known as the Burai Custom. If Benio is overwhelmed by the emotion she experiences after her first killing in the field, Kallen is the one to support her and advise her to cherish these feelings because she’s not a mindless machine.

10 Things to know as summary about Kallen from Code Geass

10. She Has Her Own Light Novel

Light Novel Kallen

Although it is unlikely to ever make it out from Japan, Kallen does have her own light novel. Translators have reported that the novel’s light theme focuses on the reality that Kallen is forced to be a dual-lifer and takes a close analysis of the challenges of her relationship as a member of her fellow members of the Black Knights.

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The novel is comprised of two brief chapters. Kallen is included in the fan comic Queen that is a focus on female characters from the series, however it’s not much of a contribution to the plot overall.

9. She Loves Plushies

Plushes Kallen

One thing that many fans aren’t aware of concerning Kallen can be that she is quite attracted to toys. Even though she’s used to fighting some fans are unaware that Kallen was actually a normal girl in school at some point.

Kallen is actually a pet in her bedroom that she called Tabatacchi. This little detail helps showcase Kallen in a more relaxed lighting than when she’s flying or carrying out tasks for Zero.

8. Tragic Family

Family Kallen

Kallen was born as a result of an affair between the Britannian male and his mother. After the war her mother asked her father to adopt her as his wife was sterile and he required an inheritor for his estate.

Kallen is now living with her dad and stepmom. Her mother was determined not to meet her daughter again Also, she began working as maid, where she is often abused by the stepmom. She has also been victimized from Kallen in the past.

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7. She Is Incredibly Loyal

Kallen code geass is loyal

Lelouch evaluated those who are members of Black Knights on several different topics to find out which ones would be the most efficient. Kallen was among his members that he evaluated. He was surprised to find that she had a strong loyalty towards the Black Knights at 100 points out of 100.

Lelouche mentions that Kallen is loyal and is more likely to die than give up to her fellow soldiers or her convictions. This is evident throughout the show as Kallen is always ready to die in a variety of brutal fights.

6. She Makes High Grades

Chill Lelouch Suzaku and Kallen

Although Kallen is not attending school for the majority throughout the academic year she’s found to be above average in intelligence. She is among the best performers on the campus of Ashford Academy. Also, she has no difficulty returning to school and passing her classes.

In her time as a member of her time with the Black Knights. Kallen is proven to devise and implement innovative strategies in the moment and also has the ability to communicate. Kallen might not be as good as Lelouche however, she is among the brightest characters of the show.

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5. She Is Extremely Aggressive

Aggressive Kallen

One thing that fans are aware of that they like about Kallen is that she is very combative during her battles. Kallen gets in close proximity to her adversaries and is not averse to mercy. No matter who is the person in front of her is.

It is also evident in the scene in which she holds a knife to Lelouch as she’s taking shower. Kallen doesn’t hesitate to kill to keep her identity safe and is willing to rid herself of her classmate in the event that the necessity arises.

4. Our Kallen Code Geass character Was Inspired By Her Brother

Brother Kallen

The brother of Kallen Naoto was also one of the rebels and died in the fight in the name of his homeland. Kallen was very close to Naoto and admired Naoto, his death shocking her. Which was one of the primary motives for her hatred towards Britannia.

Kallen has no close connections with anyone else than Lelouche as well as her older brother. This could be because the people she’s been close to have been killed while on duty.

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3. She Becomes A Normal Student

Student life Kallen

In the aftermath of Zero killed. Lelouch Kallen resigns from her job as an officer of the Black Knights and actually returns to school. Kallen is able to behave as her real self and ceases to act like she’s constantly sick so that she has the ability to go to classes on a regular basis.

Kallen is back on the battlefield during the sequel film in which she is delighted to find Lelouche alive. It is revealed that her abilities do not changed in the course of the normal life.

2. Her Nickname Means Queen

Kallen queen code geass

Lelouch gives each soldier in his army the opportunity to choose a name for whenever they’re on the field. Kallen is given the nickname Q-1, which means queen since Lelouch regards her as among the top elements on his board.

She is arguably the most experienced person in Kallen, the most skilled member of Black Knights and is one of the main reasons Lelouch can be successful in his plans. Kallen is the person who actually aids them in turning the tide of conflict.

1. She Loves Lelouch

Kallen Code Geass loves Lelouch Vi Britania

Although Kallen is known to kiss Lelouch during the show. Also, she appears to Lelouch several times and even sings on the drama CD her poem shows just how much in love with Lelouch. If Lelouch hadn’t refused to accept her and accepted his place as a wicked King. Kallen would have died to save him.

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Lelouch appears to be in love with Kallen too. Since the actor doesn’t want his wife to be to be burdened by her love affair with someone who is likely to have to be put to death. It’s not known the extent to which Kallen ever resigned herself to her feelings towards

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