Mary Saotome From Kakegurui : Everything You Need To Know

Mary Saotome, the protagonist in the spin-off show that has been dubbed Kakegurui Twin is an undergraduate of the Hyakkou Private Academy ...
Mary Saotome From Kakegurui

At the beginning Mary Saotome was shown as an unsavory character, who was perverse by her own way. She was known to take care of Ryota severely after his transformation into”the “house pet” that was considered as a poor position at the academy.

Mary Saotome, the protagonist in the spin-off show that has been dubbed Kakegurui Twin is an undergraduate of the Hyakkou Private Academy. It is Ryota Suizou as well as Yumeko Jabami’s classmates and friends. Deuteragonist, she is the second most significant character on the show. Mary is the very first character to take on Yumeko Jabami. Mary is a blonde-haired woman who wears the traditional Hyakkaou’s red dress with a black jacket.

Appearance Mary Saotome From Kakegurui

Appearance Mary Saotome From Kakegurui

Mary has a figure of average height , with long blonde locks that are braided into two ponytails and they are secured with black ribbons and dark-yellow eyes.

She is wearing the traditional Hyakkaou Private Academy school uniform A red blazer and black trim on the collar and cuffs, and gold buttons. Under the red blazer she is wearing a white button-up shirt with a tie in black. She is wearing the gray pleated skirt with black stockings and regular brown loafers, with black soles.

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She also wears natural makeup such as blush, mascara, etc. The makeup visible on her face is pink-beige lipstick.

Mary “The Deuteragonist” From Kakegurui

Mary "The Deuteragonist" From Kakegurui


At beginning, Mary Saotome was shown as a sadistic person that was perverse by her own way. She would belittle Ryota severely after becoming”the “house pet” and was thought to be a unworthy position in the academy. House pets were established through the Student Council at the academy, whose director is Kirari Momobami.

She was portrayed as in the video of her torturing all the friends of hers who owed due to the council. Which led them to become into house pets first. Also, She was extremely egoistic throughout the game. In addition, She would ridicule her opponent and then knock them down before giving them the chance to see what was happening.

Mary was thrilled when she realized the game was favoring her. But her attitude changed after she lost to Yumeko and was forced to live the life of a pet house. She suffered the exact pain she inflicted on the other pets. Also, for the first time, she got to understand their mental state.

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The humiliation she endured put her in a deep depression. After being embarrassed, she lost the confidence and self-confidence. She experienced an emotional breakdown while she was competing with Yuriko. Also, she was in an emotional state of sadness and shame. As time passed she grew up and never experienced that grumpy mood back.


She also began to be acquaintances with Ryota as well as Yumeko. She was sometimes annoyed at Ryota’s sloppy behavior and Yumeko’s reckless behaviour in her matches , but she was a huge fan of Ryota and Yumeko. Her priority was always to put her friends first before the gambling and debts she had to pay. Her affection for her family was evident when she sank her entire funds to save Yumeko from poison that was given to her by twin sisters in the clan of Momobami.

As the show progresses as the show progresses, Yumeko develops a massive hatred for the student council and demands to pay for their crimes. She wasn’t a fan of the planner they created for her or Yumeko because it deprived them of their freedom of choice. It was based on who they would get married and the date they would be.

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Mary Saotome was the one who found out that Kirari had an identical twin sister Ririka who was vice-president on the council of students. When the next season gets closer it becomes clear that Mary isn’t from a wealthy family, and is attending Hyakkaou Academy. Hyakkaou Academy on a scholarship.

The only thing she wanted throughout her entire life was be a winner, as it was taught to her from her family. She aspired to be the best in the school as well. She had a great time winning against her rivals and takes great pride in her intellect and betting strategies. However, the reality that Yumeko actually caused a change in Mary’s character and helped her become a good person in heart proves she was able to adapt.

Mary From Kakegurui is she Tsundere?

 Mary From Kakegurui is she Tsundere?

If she is not playing, Yumeko is polite and helpful to other people, while Mary is a rough Tsundere. She’s not gentle with her words. At first, she didn’t befriend anyone until Yumeko was introduced to her. In the following years her only friends her had were Yumeko as well as Ryota.

Does Tsuzura Have A Crush On Mary?

Does Tsuzura Have A Crush On Mary?

Tsuzura frequently feels a strong sense of admiration toward Mary and believes she is “her Prince” after winning a rematch. This could mean that these feelings of love are romantic the nature. The interactions she had with Mary helped her improve her confidence and become an improved gambler.

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Yumeko Jabami

Yumeko Jabami and Mary

When Mary first met Yumeko, Mary wanted to make money from her with an opportunity to gamble. In the hope of winning but ultimately losing despite being a cheater, and started to feel a certain amount of displeasure towards her. But after the incident of the Debt Swap game, they became close friends.

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Ryota Suzui

Ryota Suzui and Mary

They’ve been close friends, and have played Miyo Inbami, and Miri Yobami in the event that Yumeko Jabami became unconscious due to poison.


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