Midari Kakegurui : Everything You Need To Know About Midari Ikishima

Midari Ikishima

Midari Ikishima plays a supporting part of Kakegurui and is the main character of Kakegurui Midari Kakegurui Midari, the spin-off of Kakegurui. She is a second year students in Hyakkaou Private Academy.

Midari Ikishima even serves as the leader of the Beautification Committee. That means she’s responsible for ensuring that nobody violates their boundaries in morality or ethics. However, she’s very uninterested in doing her job. Instead, she’s an adrenaline junkie.

Personality Midari Ikishima

Personality Midari

She is a risk-taker. Particularly, when it comes to death and life. Midari is not interested in human life. She is a fan of betting on her own life rather than on money. There isn’t much talk about her gambles , as her bets are ridiculous.

Where do other students are going to go for extreme bets or physical injuries, she is the first to go for bets on the life and death of her opponent. The games she plays focus more on death and life, and less about winning money. be made. Her favorite is Russian Roulette. This is not because she would like her opponent to die. However, she would like to be killed self-inflicted and blame herself for being the murderer.

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The major thing that Midari does not mention about her matches is that they’re generally rigged and she’s likely to lose each game of hers. Moreover, her opponent will not be hurt, in reality the player will be described as murderer.

This bizarre behaviour of hers is due to the fact that she was able to easily win anything before getting involved in the student council’s business. Therefore, she doesn’t feel the thrill of winning. Instead, she would rather take risks with her life because she believes the only way to experience that excitement again is if she experiences suffering in her life.

She is extremely masked and has suicidal thoughts that are demonstrated when she cuts her eye using pen in order to pay her obligation due to Kirari Momobami. Because nobody wanted to play her savage games made her even more eager to play.

How Did Midari Lose Her Eye?

Midari lost a match with Kirari Momobami. Since she was in debt. Since it would not be the best choice for a life plan. Kirari instructed her to pay her own eye. Midari’s psychotic tendencies led her to cut her eye using an ink pen an attempt to pay off the debt to the president.

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Does Midari Have A Mental Illness?

Midari’s mental health issues are on full evident throughout the entire series. She’s an addict to gambling and does not keep record of her income. The risk of falling into financial debts could be detrimental to her, yet she’s not happy. She has the option of ending her life in order to win, so she doesn’t care about the life she has lived.

Who is Midari Ikishima’s love Interest?

Ayadari The Fanship Ayame & Midari Ikishima Kakegurui

Ayadari Ayame & Midari Ikishima Kakegurui

AyaDari can be described as the Femslash vessel that flies between Ayadari as well as Midari Ikishima. Midari as well as Ayame first meet at a time when Ayame is contemplating suicide on the roof of the school after losing an unlucky gamble and slipping into debt. Ayame realized that if kept living, she’d be forced to prostitution. This led Ayame to climb the roof of her school to take her own life. But, Ayame is stopped and saved by Midari who was there on top of the school.

Play with Nana Ootori

Then, Ayame participates in another wager with Nana Ootori to attempt paying off her debt and avoid sleeping with strangers. It turns out that Nana is cheating and Midari is called in. Midari proposes a hand-knife trick game for them to play. They must cut between Midari’s fingers as far as they can in a short time. Nana starts, and is very fast and doesn’t injure Midari.

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Then, since she’s so anxious and nervous, Ayame accidentally stabs Midari’s finger. Nana is happy, believing that she’s gotten herself in more troubles for injuring the head in the Beautification Council, but Midari demands that she continue to not be such cowards, or else take her own life. Ayame is furious and decides that she’s determined to take her life. She begins to stab her furiously with her fingertips. Although she does pierce Midari’s hands and continues to stab her hand, she doesn’t stop. Through all the suffering, Midari gets infatuated with Ayame.

Ayame is a stab that gets at her speed, increasing in speed, and with a the most smug look on her face as she loses control of the sanity of her life. The time has come and she has won by a large margin. She has paid off her debt and Midari invites she joins the Beautification Council since it looked like she was having fun. Ayame is confused and isn’t sure what to say, whereas Nana is in a panic.

The two eventually hook together in an elementary bathroom, where Ayame requests Midari to be gentle as she’s making her first attempt. It’s an action Ayame says she will prefer to do only with someone who she truly is in love with. Midari is once more requesting Ayame to be a part of in the Beautification Council.

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Beautification Council

Beautification Council Kakegurui

Ayame can’t decide if she should become a member of her fellow members of the Beautification Council. At last, she is able to join. They meet in the council room in which they meet Naoe Habakiri, vice-president for the Beautification Council. Ayame is not happy that she actually enjoyed attacking Midari. Naoe refuses Ayame and Midari suggests that they bet on whether or they will accept Ayame joins. Naoe is in agreement. But she states that Ayame must quit should she lose. Ayame realizes later that Naoe is manipulating her in the game and wins.

After a few minutes, Midari says she has to finish a project and then asks Ayame to be a part of her. She explains her responsibilities by saying that her responsibility is to clean up the trash at school and to make it beautiful again. The next day, she was required to collect funds from the head of the group that causes trouble around this school. Kurimu Terasumi.

The two girls gamble together with Kurimu in a highly risky game called Russian Roulette. While playing, Midari makes Ayame point her gun towards her head. Ayame shoots multiple times but nothing happens.

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After the bet is gone The two left. Walking, Midari asks Ayame if she was really willing to murder her. Ayame responds that she wasn’t as she’s still a student and cannot continue to live her life knowing that she killed Midari. Midari smiles, awed by Ayame’s crazy side. She sweetly hug her and says she loves her. This causes Ayame angry.

Last Volume

In the final volume of the manga the Kill or Die gamble arranged by Nana. Ayame is forced to decide whether to murder Midari or being hanged. Prior to when Ayame decides to take her choice, Midari tells her that she is the most important thing in her existence and that everything is insignificant relative to her. 

Ayame is shot at Midari at least three times. However, she deliberately misses and strikes the wall instead. As the result she’s hanged. Ayame observes while she’s hanged that Midari appears extremely depressed and when she sees Midari’s face Ayame fires off the rope off her neck with the gun. After she has saved herself, she vows to murder Nana and says she’d prefer to kill her rather than die. Midari wonders how Ayame would say that to anyone else, but not kill her, and then comes over to assist Ayame to get off the ground.

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Ayame has also said during this wager that she would like Midari to live her life. Midari is seen following the gamble to speak to Ayame and tell her that she “thought Ayame was going to be able to take everything away from her however she did not and that’s okay”. Midari also rests her hand on Ayame’s eyes as she tells her that she is impossible to imagine and she did not know what the future holds for the two of them. But for the moment this was just another risk.

Then it is revealed that they’ll be willing to die for each other , and there’s no limit on how far they’ll go in order to keep each the other safe and alive. The story ends with Midari taking Ayame’s hand, and declaring “Let us live life to the max, all together”


Yumeko Jabami & Midari Ikishima Kakegurui

Yumeko Jabami & Midari Ikishima Kakegurui

When Ikishima encountered Yumeko She challenged Yumeko to a contest that she wanted to find out how they were similar. After the bet was over with Yumeko as the winner Ikishima was awed by Yumeko to the point that she wanted to end her life. However, later , during the game of Cutthroat Guillotine she broke the rules, which caused Yumeko to feel less connected to her.

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Kirari Momobami & Midari Ikishima Kakegurui

Kirari Momobami & Midari Ikishima Kakegurui

First time Ikishima was introduced to Kirari she was there to pay her dues. When she realized she couldn’t make the payment, Kirari offered him another option to pay, by removing one eye (Kirari said she was looking forward to seeing the back). This caused Ikishima take it off without thinking about it, which made Kirari decide to make her an official participant in the School Council.

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