HITOSHI SHINSO : Everything You Need To Know

Hitoshi Shinso

Hitoshi Shinso  is U.A. student. High School, and is enrolled in Class 1-C in General Section.



Hitoshi, a young man, has indigo hair that stands out in large tufts all around his head. His eyes are dark purple and have white pupils. They are thin and triangular with no visible eyelashes. He has dark bags underneath his eyes and they are often half-closed.

Hitoshi is seen wearing the U.A. uniform during joint combat training. The PE uniform consists of a dark-blue tracksuit with thick white lines along the torso, legs and torso. These lines are intended to form the letters U.A. White sleeves are also available. Also, the sleeves have a white line which is wired with a red line. He also wears a removable mask-like device that activates his quirk. He also has a catch weapon around the neck that is similar to Shota Aizawa.

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Hitoshi is straightforward and direct and can have conversations with anyone. However, he has a reserved and quiet disposition most of the day. He is clever and can manipulate others to help him use his quirk.

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Hitoshi’s brainwashing quirk, which was perceived as evil, was reason why he was fearful all his life. His quirk was what made him different. He began to dislike people with quirks that were more suited for hero work. He cited Izuku Mioriya as an example. This person could not understand the meaning of having a quirk such as his. Hitoshi is determined to be a pro-hero despite all of this. He wants to prove to everyone that he can do it. He not only wants to prove doubters wrong but also wants to inspire other students to follow his path. 

Hitoshi stated that he doesn’t want to make friends. However, Hitoshi was surrounded with many students who considered him a friend: Izuku and Denki Kaminari , and Neito Monoma.

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Hitoshi’s quirk was always a reason for being pushed into middle school. Hitoshi wanted to be a professional hero but he was jealous of people who have quirks that are accepted by society.

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Katsuki Bakugo asserts that the crowd is there to look out for the competition when Class 1-A is blocked from exiting. Hitoshi confronts Katsuki, explaining that he had wanted to go to the hero class but was forced to change his mind. Hitoshi states that students from other classes are able to show their ability to take on students in the hero classes at the sports festival. He also stated that he was not there to judge the competition but to declare war. 

Hitoshi, along with his general faculty classmates, enters the field for the opening ceremony after several weeks. Hitoshi then participates in an obstacle course race. He must avoid Shoto Takodoroki’s Ice while being carried by children. He takes 27th place.


Shinso joins Nirengeki Shoda and Yuga Ooyama to compete in the Cavalry Battle. Shinso also brainwashes them with Mashirao Omiro after he has qualified. Team Shinso finishes third in the Cavalry Battle after Hitoshi uses his quirks to brainwash Team Tetsutetsu, stealing their points. He thanked his “teammates”, for all their hard work. 

The festival’s final round is a one-on-1 fighting tournament. Hitoshi attempts to fight Izuku Mioriya his opponent in the first round. However, Mashirao warns Izuku to not respond to Hitoshi’s provocations.

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Hitoshi meets Izuku at the arena when their fight is set. Hitoshi mocks Mashirao as he begins the fight, calling him an idiot because he couldn’t compete due to his pride. Izuku reacts by sprinting up to Hitoshi, shouting at him to stop insulting Mashirao. Hitoshi is able to activate his quirk by this reaction, and he brainwashes Izuku. Izuku suddenly stops when Hitoshi puts him in trance.

He now has Izuku under his control and says that he feels extremely fortunate to have such a quirk. Hitoshi orders Izuku then to turn around and get out of the ring. Izuku follows Hitoshi’s orders and walks slowly towards the edge. Just before he steps outside the boundary, Izuku uses For All to break Hitoshi’s fingers and let go of his control. Hitoshi attempts to get Izuku talking, but he eventually realizes Mashirao must have warned him. Hitoshi tries to push Hitoshi away, but Hitoshi hits Izuku twice in an attempt to free him.


Izuku continues to resist his attempts to get a response. He talks about how his quirk makes him a disadvantage, and how Izuku is fortunate to have such an amazing quirk. Hitoshi tries to push Izuku away, but Izuku counters him and throws Hitoshi from the ring with one shoulder. Hitoshi appears very upset after the defeat. Izuku attempts to console Hitoshi by asking him what motivates him to be a hero. But Hitoshi replies that it is just what his heart desires and leaves the ring.

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Hitoshi is praised by his peers and professional heroes, despite his loss. Hitoshi encourages Izuku and tells him that even though he lost, Hitoshi will still be a better professional hero than any other hero in the classes. Hitoshi brainwashes Izuku temporarily, then stops. Hitoshi then reminds Izuku that he wants him to be alert. Hitoshi tells Izuku to not lose heart and then walks off. 

Hitoshi will join Class 1B at the end of the festival to view the awards ceremony. 

Shota began Hitoshi training shortly after the sports festival. 

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Izuku spots Hitoshi with Shota Azawa in the hallway, and waves to him. Hitoshi, however, ignores him and continues walking.



Hitoshi complains about Classes 1-A , 1-B holding up the line as all students make their way to Ground Beta for the first semester’s opening ceremony. Hanta Sero observes that Hitoshi is a bit rougher than usual.

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Hitoshi assists his class in building their haunted house to celebrate school festival. He thinks about the future and how it will feel when he moves to one of his hero classes. He is also plagued with guilt about the impending switch.

Walking through U.A. He notices a dispute between two students in Class 1-A, Mashirao Ojiro and Izuku Midoriya, as he walks through U.A. He hears them talking about Izukus, and their fight at the sports festival. Mashirao mocks Izuku for having been brainwashed in spite of his warning. Although he feels guilty, he is glad to hear Izuku’s words about the amazing things that you can do with this quirk. Hitoshi recognizes that he must get stronger in order to keep up with them.

He then returns to his class to tell them about his changes. His classmates tell him that they know all about it and plan to throw a farewell party to help him get motivated and boost his self-confidence.

He participates in the festival by hanging from the ceiling and pouring blood on his face to scare the classmates. One group was Mina and , Minoru, , , Tooru, from Class 1A

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General skills:

Hitoshi initially lacked combat skills so he relied on his quirk to fight. He joined the U.A.’s hero division. After graduating from High School, Hitoshi completed combat training at Eraser Head. Hitoshi showed his skills when he took part in joint combat training with classes 1A and 1-B . He also displayed great camaraderie using the voice-modifying function of his artificial vocal chords, as well as his ultimate technique “Artificial Voice Cords: Persona Chords”, to confuse his opponents so that they don’t notice the surprise attack by Hitoshi’s fellow teammates.

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Fesslung Scarf

Eraser Head saw Hitoshi and secretly decided that he would teach Hitoshi how to fight using a catch weapon. Hitoshi was able, after training for several months with Eraser Head, to demonstrate what he learned in the joint combat training classes 1-A and 1-B. Hitoshi successfully brainwash Jurota Schishida in the first round. Hitoshi then attempts to show his skills using the catch weapon but his reaction time is too slow. Hitoshi manages to blind and stun Hiryu Rin using his catch weapon, despite Denki’s attempt to distract the enemy team’s focus. Hitoshi was disappointed that he couldn’t use much of his hero knowledge during battle, despite the win. Shota informs Hitoshi that he doesn’t have to be there if he can do everything already. He also says it took six years for him to master his catch weapon. 

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Brainwashing Xi Noy Senno Hitoshi’s unique ability allows him to force someone to follow his orders. This power can only be activated if the victim responds verbally to Hitoshi. Hitoshi must activate brainwashing in a deliberate manner. It will not be effective if Hitoshi doesn’t want it to.

He can control multiple people at once, but he can only activate his power on one person at a given time. He cannot make his victims speak or write names from their memories.

He cannot use his quirk if he uses a megaphone, or any other device that artificially relays the sound of his voice. The devices convert his voice to an electronic signal.

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Ultimate Techniques

Artificial Vocal Cords: Persona Chords  Hitoshi is able to change the tone of his voice by using his artificial vocal chords. This allows him to deceive his adversaries into accepting his brainwashing. 

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