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Its popularity led to it being made into an anime called Kami no Tou, which aired from April 2020 to June 2020. Due to poor health
tower of god characters

What are you looking for? What are you looking for? Money and wealth? What about Honor and Pride? Authority and Power Revenge? Or something that transcends all of these? You can find whatever you want HERE. These lines are a reminder of the beloved manhwa- Tower of God. S.I.U. This is a South Korean manhwa, released as a Webtoon. It is one the most bizarre and nerve-racking stories of its kind. It’s been in operation since 2010 and the hype surrounding it has not died.

Its popularity led to it being made into an anime called Kami no Tou, which aired from April 2020 to June 2020. Due to poor health, the manhwa went on a very long hiatus. Fans waited with great anticipation and prayed for its return. Finally, the prayers were answered when Naver released new chapters in May 2021.

Tower of God is about , a boy who was called “Twenty-Fifth Baam”. He’s an odd child who spent his childhood in a cave under a mysterious tower. He had no idea of the immense wealth of the world and the cave was his only true sanctuary. Rachael, his only companion, decides to leave the cave to climb the tower. The thought of never seeing him again makes his heart ache, so he decides to follow her. The Tower is a mysterious place that has been divided into many floors. Each floor has its own civilization and independent kingdoms. Some floors are even undiscovered to each other or the tower.

King Zahard, the tower’s most powerful ruler, is King Zahard. Every person can have Shinsu, a substance with magic-like abilities. People fight for the top, as this is where their ambitions come true. This is why many people risk everything to get there. Each member of the team has his role in the battle. This manhwa is full of gravity-defying battle scenes, well-written characters and mind-boggling twists that keep us on the edge of our seats, always wanting more.

The strongest characters are classified according to their ability to control Shinsu. High-Rankers are the top 1% who possess incredible strength and agility. There are many characters to choose, so here’s our list of the 20 most powerful characters in the Tower of God.

25. Kaiser, the Name-hunter, or Lo Po Bia Elaine

Lo Po Bia Elaine

She is the ruler at the Name-Hunt station on the Hell Train. She is a member of the Grey Wolf Family, one of the 20 branches in the great Lo Po Bia.  Also, She was chosen Princess of Zahard because of her extraordinary skills and abilities. This position is as powerful as it sounds. Fenryl is her powerful wolf spirit. Fenryl’s teeth can penetrate the skin of rankers. Kaiser must either heal them or kill him to make the wound heal.

24. Karaka


He is one the 10 slayers from FUG, an underground organization that wants to overthrow current order in the tower. Just like his emotions, his face is concealed behind a metal mask. He is a high ranking and is well-known for his strong blows. He doesn’t respect his master Ha Jinsung. The most famous and deadly of his attacks are ‘Karak Style: World of Darkness’ and ‘Black Twilight. These attacks absorb not only the enemy’s attack, but also the enemy who comes into contact with the black orbs.

23. Yuri Zahard

Yuri Zahard

She is one of the princesses in Zahard. She also owns two ignition swords, ‘Black March’ and “Green April”. Her deadly attacks include Supreme Strength’ and ‘Nuclear Punch’. Only Enne is the first princess to be able to simultaneously ignite two swords, but she’s not Enne. She is a formidable opponent, with great physical strength and agility.

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22. Khun Maschenny Zahard

Khun Maschenny Zahard

She is one of the Zahard princesses and also the owner of the sword “Yellow March”. Maschenny, the son of Khun Eudan, was born with the ability to control spears. He is also one of the heads for the 10 Great Families. She is a most fearsome princess in the tower, and she is currently serving in Zahard’s army. In the ongoing arc, it is still unknown what her true powers are.

21. Dowon


She is one of the war heros who were sealed in the Wall of Peaceful Coexistence as a protection for her kingdom against Zahard’s forces. Also, She is the co-leader of Hidden Grove, an alliance formed to defeat Zahard’s armies. Ib addition, She is a high ranking and her most devastating attack is Flower Shinsu Command Skill – Scent Of Forget-Me-Nots Flower Garden’. This is a broad-range Shinsu control skill which creates large amounts of flowers to attack your enemy.

20. Cha

Cha from tower of god

He is also one of the war heroes sealed in the Wall of Peaceful Coexistence. Also, He is the co-leader and Dowon of The Hidden Grove. Cha is a master of Shinsu and his strongest attack is an powerful Shinsu beam that could cause someone to implode from the inside.

18. Ha Jinsung

Ha Jinsung

He is part of the powerful Ha family, and even the elders from FUG are afraid to anger him. He killed an entire Ha branch to venge his lover, making him fearful by many. Even after suffering heavy damage from Kallavan’s Atomic Explosion, he was able to fight Kallavan by himself. Also, He is a skilled martial artist and a great Shinsu controller. His most well-known attacks are Jinsung ha Style Shinsu Control Skill Red World’ and .He is currently the teacher to Karaka and Bam.

18. White

White from tower of god

He is one the slayers in FUG and is skilled in swordsmanship, just like his father Arie Hon. He conquered many countries during his days as a slayer and then compelled them all to fight for his soul and power. Many lives were lost, and people still tremble when they hear his name. His only goal in life is to beat the father. He is a skilled swordsman and sorcerer. His deadly attack includes ‘White Style Spirit Sword’ as well as ‘Dance of the Dead’.

17. Khel Hellam

Khel Hellam Tower of god

Khel Hellam is known as a Blue Hole meaning his true power and influence is difficult to measure, the FUG Elder is an extremely dangerous High Ranker.

16. Po Bidau Lyborick Khun

Po Bidau Lyborick Khun Tower Of God

 Po Bibeau Lyborick Khun is a High Ranker from the Po Bidau Family and the Khun Family. He is the newly appointed Corps Commander of the 4th Army Corp of Zahard’s Army after Kallavan was demoted

15. Lo Po Bia Yasratcha

Lo Po Bia Yasratcha

He heads one of the 20 branches in the Lo Po Bia clan. He is currently the commander of Zahard’s Fifth Army Corp. In addition, He is one the most bizarre characters ever written. He takes great pride in manipulating people. He is the master of a powerful animal, a giant beanie cat. His most powerful attack is Style Mind Control Gaze. This covers the enemy almost completely blocking his senses. Slowly, the enemy loses control over his body, causing paralysis.

14. Baylord Yama

Baylord Yama

He is the leader among all the Canine people. Yama is a powerful and intimidating presence. He cares only about his people, and will fight any beast to protect them. Also, Yama is not able to defeat his brother Doom, who is the source for their power. His signature move “Full Transformation” makes Yama almost invincible.

13. The Protagonist Tower of God CharactersTwenty-Fifth Baam

Twenty-Fifth Baam

He is the main character in this story. His birth is deeply mysterious. Also, He possesses two parts of the thorn, which appeared after Enryu killed his floor administrator. He has deadly abilities because of the thorn. Baam is known for his ability to quickly learn new techniques and attack by simply seeing them once. Also, He is a skilled martial artist and a great Shinsu controller. His potential is untapped. 25th Baam Style Wave Explosion’and Wide Range Shinsu Controller – Rainfall’ are his most powerful moves.

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12. Lo Po Bia Garment Widow

Lo Po Bia Garment Widow

Lo Po Bia White Garment Widow is a branch leader of the Lo Po Bia Family , she was once a Floor Governor 

Her left arm is a spear with which she was able to easily pierce the chest of Evankhell, a High Ranker in the top 300, knocking her out.

11. The Best Sensei Among Tower of God CharactersEvankhell


Evankhell, also known as “The Infernal Evankhell”, is a high ranking and was once the ruler of the second level. She is very disciplined and strict. She is a great Shinsu controller and her abilities are nearly comparable to those of the 10 Great Families. Fiery Elephant’ and Rare Inferno Orb’ are her most deadly moves.

10. Kallavan

Kallavan Tower of God Characters

He was the Fourth Army Corp of Zahard’s corps commander, but he lost his position to Po Bidau Lyborick Khun. He is the Essence of Bravery’, which was the most secretive of his bloodline. Also, He can surpass the 10 Great Families with his Essence of Bravery. He is a strong fighter who specializes in hand to hand combat. His deadly moves include Atomic Explosion? and Lethal move: Human Shaker – Backlash Bomber?

9. Lo Pobia Traumerei – The Strongest Anima Among Tower Of God Characters

Lo Pobia Traumerei - The Strongest Anima Among Tower Of God Characters

He is the head of the Lo Po Bia Family and one of the Great Warriors . He is considered the best Anima in the Tower .

8. Euresia Enne Zahard

Euresia Enne Zahard

She is one of Zahard’s Princesses and a High Ranker, ranked 7th in the Tower. After she and her weapon, the Colorless December, went berserk, she was sealed away. She hails from the Eurasia Family and her mother is Eurasia Blossom whilst her father is Po Bidau Gustang.

7. Po Bidau Gustang

Po Bidau Gustang Tower of God Characters

He is the chief of the Po Bidau family , which is part of 10 Great families. Also, He is one the tower’s most well-known Wave controllers and is highly feared. He is an expert on science and medicine. ‘Soul Extraction’ and “Memory Manipulation” are his signature moves.

6. Ha Yurin

Ha Yurin Tower of God Characters

She is the leader of the Ha family, which is part 10 Great Families. Hand-to-hand combat is her specialty, making her an excellent scout to conduct on-the-ground reconnaissance. We have to wait for the S.I.U’s revelations about her true power to reveal it.

5. Khun Eudan

Khun Eudan Tower of God Characters

He is the chief of the Khun family, which is one of 10 Great families. Also, He is second only to Arie Hon in power among the heads of the 10 Great families. He is a master at spear-bearing and is the God of Spears in Tower. His deadly attacks include Lightening Shinsu and Eudan Style Spear. Together with Zahard and other family heads, he climbed the tower to make a contract for immortality with the floor rulers. It was almost impossible to kill them.

4. Arie Hon

Arie Hon Tower of God Characters

He is the chief of the Arie familypart the 10 Great families, and the father to White. He is an expert in swordsmanship. His true powers are still unknown, so there is much mystery surrounding him. He is the most influential of the 10 Great Families.

3. Urek MazinoThe Most Badass Among Tower of God Characters

Urek Mazino Tower of God Characters

Urek, like Zahard or Bam, is an individual who is not normal. Before Zahard arrived, he was the most powerful person in the tower. In addition, He has extreme physical strength and agility. He can defeat any enemy with one punch. Also, He is an expert in Shinsu and other martial arts. Supreme Kings Scorching Fist Of Death is his most deadly move. His whereabouts remain unknown.

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2. ZahardThe Strongest Antagonist Among Tower of God Characters

King Zahard Tower of God Characters

He is the King and the most powerful and powerful being. He is a keen Shinsu Controller, and has the ability to see the future and to control the fate of others. His current abilities are not yet known. However, information about the younger Zahard is available. The “Needle of War” is a deadly weapon that Zahard uses only against those he recognizes as his opponent. The weapon is composed of three stages that change color depending on how strong it is. Zahard is an intimidating force and is often feared by everyone.

1. EnryuThe Most Mysterious Among Tower of God Characters

Enryu Tower of God Characters

It is not known if he is still alive or dead. This mystery is just as great as the character. In addition, He is both one of the most mysterious and most fearsome characters in the universe. Also, He is the only person to have killed an administrator of a level. He killed the Floor of Death administrator. Enryu has a level of Shinsu Control that is almost unmatched in the tower. His most dangerous move ‘Red Rain’ is a series of thousands of spears falling from the sky. This move was used to kill the administrator. A mysterious thorn appeared after Zahard was killed by the administrator. Bam currently has two pieces of this thorn.

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V – May Be The Second Most Strongest Among Tower f God Characters

V tower of God

“V” was one of the Great Warriors who came to the Tower with Zahard. He is also an Irregular and Baam dad.

In addition, He was renowned to have the greatest Shinsu tension among the 12 warriors who came with Zahard. Finally V is the precursor of FUG and the monarch of Grace Mirchea Luslec

Phantaminum – The Most Strongest Among Tower of God Characters

Phantaminun Tower of God Characters

Tower of God is a universe with many characters who are willing to go beyond their limits in order to achieve their goals. Phantaminum is the most mysterious and powerful character. He is responsible for the stigma surrounding Irregulars. Once, it was revealed that he entered Zahard’s palace, killed all his guards and then reached his quarters. He disappeared shortly after the altercation, and has not been seen since. At this time, there is no information about his existence, whereabouts, or his powers.

Mention Other Strongest Characters Tower Of God

strongest characters tower of god

All these mentioned characters can be classified between position 6 and 9 of our top

  • Adori Zahard ( High Ranker Position 7 ) And Same strength that Euresia Zahard
  • Baek Ryun ( High Ranker Position 9 ) Co-founder of Wolhaiksong with Urek and 77th Floor Ruler.
  • Tu Perie Tperie ( High Ranker Position 11 Light Bearer And Irregular )
  • Molic One P. GR ( High Ranker Position 12) influence comparable to the 10 Great Family Heads
  • Euresia Blossom ( High Ranker Position 13 Wave Controller And Irregular ) Euresia Zahard Mother
  • Grace Mirchea Luslec ( High Ranker Position 15 And Slayer No. 1 ) surnamed FUG God, She Served Baam Dad
  • Yeon Hana ( High Ranker Position 17 Wave Controller And Irregular)
  • Arlen Grace ( Irregular ) – Estimate Position : Same Level that Euresia Blossom – Baam Mother
  • Ari Han ( Irregular ) lol it’s not Arie Hon – Estimate Position : Same Level that Po Bidau Gustang
  • Arie Hagipherione Zahard ( High Ranker Position 36 )

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Lyborick Khun > Evankhell Otherwise nice Ranking

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May Be

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No lyborick 《《 Evankhell. We dont see same manhwa lol

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Zahard > V I think Phantaminum – Enryu – Zahard – V

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Reply to  Alex

it’s hard to classify V but I think it’s slightly stronger than Zahard. He was the person with the best shinsoo tension among the irregulars and after him this feat goes to Enryu. Not forgetting that he led the resistance against the 10 other irregulars and Zahard alone

1 year ago

mmmh … Baam is more strong than Kallavan and Po Bidau is more strong than Ha Yurin for me. Euresia Enne Zahard seem so badassss!

1 year ago
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May be but to classify we have taken the current ranking of the tower Ha Yurin is inactive but with the 10 th place while PO Bidau is active with the 14 th place. Conclusion There are more chances that irregular Ha Yurin > Po Bidau

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Nice Ranking but Urek is more strong than Zahard

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May Be But in this moment in the tower, Urek is at the 4th place and Zahard at the 3rd Place

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Haha fanboy !

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Lo Pobia Traumerei > Euresia Enne Zahard because irregular are more strong than regular

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mmmmmh to classify we have taken the current ranking of the tower Euresia is inactive or sealed but with the 7 th place while Lo Pobia is unknown But We Know that there are 2 7th Euresia and Adori Zahard then 9th Baek Ryun so there are not 8 th place. we know each position between 10 and 17. So Lo Pobia is between 18th and 21 th. if the ranking reflects the strength he should be much less strong than her

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Wow! thanks for this post lol

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Thanks for this Post it’s the best ranking on google lol

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Ha Jinsung is more strong than White