Wanda vs Thanos: Who Would Win?

Infinity stones were used to fuel the original Thanos vs Wanda. He was able absorb Vision’s crimson energy and defeat her, while also killing Vision. The second Thanos was able to take Wanda’s best shots despite his suffering.

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thanos Powers


Thanos is very powerful. He can scare an Asgardian like Loki and an Kree such as Ronan The Accuser. And he can command an army of Chitauri. Ronan, the Accuser, was about to betray Thanos and use the Orb only for him. Korath, his servant, warned him that Thanos is the most powerful being in all of the universe. Ronan ignored Korath ‘s warnings and believed he could assassinate Thanos using the Orb. After Ronan threatened Thanos, he showed no concern. Nebula revealed to Gamora her plans to kill Thanos. She directly stated that she did not know if it was possible.


  • Almost-omnipotence:
  • Regeneration and healing
  • Flight:
  • Energy manipulation :
    • Pain sentence
    • Strengthening
    • Energy crushing
    • Energy projection :
      • Generation and use of energy fields
      • Energy shots:
      • Energy rays:
      • Energy overload
      • Waves of energy
    • Redirection and denial of power
  • Manipulation of space :
    • Telekinesis:
    • Portal creation
    • Vortex creation:
    • Intangibility:
  • Time manipulation :
    • Re-creating events:
  • Manipulations of reality :
    • Making illusions
    • Transformation of matter
    • Biological handling
    • Land handling
    • Transmutation and absorption of elements
    • Invisibility:
  • Manipulation the soul :
    • ? Death sentence
    • Soul detection:
    • The confinement of souls
  • Manipulation in the mind


  • Master of Manipulation – Thanos, without moving from his Throne caused the Chitauri Invasion, and the Battle of Xandar. He used the Avengers to his advantage, Thor noted.
  • Infinity Glove wearer: –



  • Infinity Gauntlet : This is an extremely powerful object that Thanos forced the Dwarves to create to enable him to channel the power from the six Infinity Stones. It was forged by Eitri using Uru. This metal is the strongest in the universe and is very strong as it can hold the six Stones that it can. It was fashioned by a href=”http://www.marvel-cineverse.fr/pages/mcu/encyclopedie/objets/uru.html”>Eitri, who used the Infinity Stones he had gotten to inflict terrible effects on his enemies. He completed the Gauntlet, and used it to destroy half the universe. The Gauntlet was severely damaged and the wearer of it seriously injured during the operation, but it remained functional. Three weeks later, Thanos used the Gauntlet again to destroy the stones. The Gauntlet was also damaged and merged on Thanos’ left arm.
  • Two-blade : Thanos had a double-bladed blade with him during the Zehoberei Massacre. The Titan was intrigued to see the young Gamora attack one of her soldiers. He took her away, using his philosophy of balance to teach her. He moved the knife on her finger and asked her to do the exact same. Gamora kept the knife and used it against the illusion of Thanos.
  • Scepter: Thanos had the Spirit Stone and placed it in the Scepter. The weapon was given to Loki by Thanos for his invasion on Earth. During the Battle of New York Loki lost the weapon and Thanos lost the Infinity Stone.
  • Tesseract. Thanos, who had the Space Stone in his possession, sent an army to Earth to rescue him. However, the Avengers stopped the invasion. Thanos found the Tesseract hidden in the Statesman. Loki kept the information secret. Loki tortured Thor and gave the Tesseract over to Thanos who then crushed him to get the Infinity Stone.
  • Corvus Sword. Thanos witnessed Heimdall use his remaining powers to teleport Heimdall to Earth after the Asgardian survivors were killed. Thanos took Corvus Glaive ‘s weapon, and used it to impale Heimdall.
  • Infinity Stones – Six of the most powerful objects known to man. They were Thanos main object of lust during his quest to destroy half the universe. He was able to obtain all the Stones in the Infinite War, and he installed them in his Infinity Gauntlet.

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WANDA Competencies and power


She is telekinesis. Maria Hill

WANDA Competencies and power

Wanda, The Red Witch, is a being with incredible magical powers that makes her one of the most powerful witches and magicians in the universe.

Wanda generating psionic energy.

Psionic abilities. Wanda Maximoff was exposed to the cosmic energies of scepter. This contained the Spirit Stone. She developed a variety of psionic powers, including reddish, incandescent energy fields and mist-like forms of her hands. Maria Hill called her powers a “neuroelectrical interface”, describing them as “weird” when they actually allow her to manipulate molecular polarity and alter reality. Maximoff’s dark red irises are made to glow by his telepathic abilities. Her telekinetic abilities make her irises brighten to a bright red color when she uses them. Because she got her powers from the Spirit Stone, her signature of power is very similar to it. Maximoff’s power depends on his ability to move and concentrate. This means that opponents or enemies can stop Maximoff from using his powers by disrupting or restricting his movement or concentration. War Machine was capable of neutralizing her temporarily using a Sonic cannon, and her powers were limited during her time on the Rift. Proxima Midnight managed to hit Maximoff on the head with her sword handle during the Battle of Wakanda. This disrupted Maximoff’s concentration and stopped her from using her powers for a moment. Maximoff has magical powers that draw energy from other dimensions. She has not received any formal training in her abilities, which makes them more chaotic than Doctor Strange. Wanda was able to defeat Thanos by herself during the Battle of Earth. This feat was not possible for Iron Man, Thor or Captain America via Mjolnir.

  • Psionic Energy Manipulation Maximoff has the ability to project energy flows, waves and lightning from his own psionic or telekinetic energy. This allows him to hit, push/shoot and blow his targets and potentially enough force to cause them to be destroyed. The energy can manifest itself in any form. Its telekinetic spheres are highlighted by the reddish color. Maximoff can also use her telekinesis inflicting additional damage when her energy hits a target. Maximoff can sometimes lose control of her powers because of emotional turmoil. She unleashed a red psionic force wave that tore and disintegrated everything around it. Ultron sentinels When she was grieving over the loss of her brother Pietro Maximoff Maximoff uttered a scream. Maximoff was able to destroy the Spirit Stone Due to his similar energy signature, he was able to do the same. Her psionic energy streams could be used to increase her attacks’ power, as she did when she first used her Telekinesis to bring about her first attack. Vision To force it to its knees, Maximoff uses a dense stream energy to force him through many floors and into the ground. Maximoff used his power to defeat Vision during the attack. Proxima Midnight And Corvus Glaive A flash of psionic energie was used to launch Corvus Glaive through a wall of a bell tower. Her multitasking ability allowed her to simultaneously hold Thanos in one hand and destroy the mind stone with the flow of her other. Her one-handed Telekinesis was able to stop Thanos’ sword from flying while she used her other hand to create a powerful explosion to energy to split it. Maximoff’s energy blasts were strong enough to make Thanos defensive and push her away. He even tried to block them with his sword. Maximoff was also able to push Monica Rambeau She exploded with energy and escaped her reality. This powerful energy explosion sent her through many walls, including the barrier that separates. Westview From the outside world. Her psionic energy can be used neurologically to manipulate thoughts and memories of others.
  • Telekinesis Maximoff can manipulate, move, levitate and levitate objects remotely using his psionic energy without needing to project it from his hands. Maximoff uses his energy to control and affect molecules and particles. This allows him to control energy and matter in full. Maximoff started to train this power while he was in prison by moving blocks made of wood. Wolfgang von Strucker’s secret installation. Maximoff was able to separate them and suspend them in the air using his power. Maximoff used his power to stop an offrail train. Seoul Take a look at your surroundings. Sentinels of Ultron Now, grab the central processor. Ultron’s The main body was constructed of vibranium . Maximoff’s Telekinesis can control the shots of a soldier and throw him away. Captain America To enter a building, you must throw your hands into the air. Black Widow And Black Panther Throw cars at Iron Man And Spider-Man Maximoff was able to extract and dissipate large amounts of gas and hold a collapsed watchtower in place for several minutes so that Captain America and Bucky could escape. Maximoff also was able to use his energy in order to slow down the chemical reactions. Crossbone’s The explosive vest reduced the kinetic energy of particles at the molecular-level level. However, this created tension in him due to the enormous energy generated by the reaction once it began. Even better, she was able to bring the explosive vest. Vision It can be brought to its knees, and then crushed vertically through many floors. Her telekinesis can bend vibranium. She was able to open Ultron’s chest to summon her central processor. Spirit Stone . She was also able stop a large line of drummers, and redirect them. Thanos ‘ Outriders As well as retaining a Leviathan . During Thanos’ second fight, she lifted large amounts of debris and hurled them at him. To subdue Thanos’ sword, she used her telekinesis and held it using both of her arms. She was able then to use her telekinesis, which allowed her to use both of the arms to control it. The structural integrity of Thanos was compromised, causing cracks to form, and finally, she was able with a breath to break it in half. He was then lifted into the air by her, and she began to crush his armor, breaking many of its important parts. Her telekinesis was very precise, as she used it to heal Vision. The telekinesis repaired her body at the molecular levels. Maximoff was also able to spread his energy into each molecule of toxic gas and cause it to dissipate in the atmosphere. Maximoff’s telekinesis was so precise that she was capable of rebuilding a portion of her home after having to evacuate. Monica Rambeau .
  • Disintegration Maximoff can use his energy in such a acute telekinetic manner that he is capable of completely disintegrating objects at the molecular scale, just as he did with several sentinels following the death his brother.
  • Flight Maximoff can use this power to fly through the air and to simulate flight. He can hover and float to the ground. This power is manifested in an explosion of psionic energie that it puts on the ground. It propels itself into the air and a second explosion slows its momentum, allowing it safely to land. The force of gravity pushes it down, making it more like an enhanced jump. Maximoff’s power increased over time and she was now able to project herself with Vision much higher than before. (modafinil canada pharmacy)  She was able to effortlessly lift two large pieces of rubble and levitate many meters high. Maximoff was able, during her conversation with Vision to fly without being propelled.

Wanda creating a force field

  • Force field generation Maximoff can create an extremely durable energy barrier that can be shaped and conformed as required. It used it to capture and break targets, protect other people from enemy fire, contain targets or cover and deflect enemies like Ultron’s sentinels. The barrier, like all physical barriers can be broken by extreme brute force as the Sentinels were capable of breaking it. Maximoff was able to project her energy and build psionic armor around her body during her time as an Avenger. This increased her durability. Maximoff was able to safely land every crash, and also protect her against the superhuman fighters Proxima Midnight, and Corvus Glaive, who sent Vision through a glass roof after she was shot down by the spear from Proxima Midnight.

Wanda manipulant Natasha Romanoff.

  • Mental manipulation Maximoff was capable of using the same neuro-electrical interfacing that underlies his telepathic abilities to create a form mental manipulation. She demonstrated this power by using it against the Avengers from South Africa. This put them in a trance while she looked at their memories. Her iris glows a dark reddish color when she uses her power, especially if she is focusing on particular targets. This ability allowed her to paralyze the Avengers. She forced them to recall the worst events in their lives and placed them in dreams that rendered them helpless. Maximoff’s reddish-colored energy becomes more cloudy and appears in the victim’s brain in the form neurons. These effects can also cause the victim to glow a dark reddish-colored color due to the distortion of their iris. She can also control others’ actions, as she did with many civilians in Tokovia. This caused them to experience a form sleepwalking, and forced them to leave the city. Maximoff’s mental strength is strong enough to reverse the effects the Spirit Stone. This stone is one of the most powerful objects known. As she demonstrated when she released Helen Cho. It can manipulate memory, thoughts, emotions, and senses at will. She is no longer represented by this area of her abilities after her switch of allegiance. Maximoff could also use her telepathy in order to influence the Spirit Stone. For example, Maximoff used her telepathy when she made him free by forcing her power to pass Vision through Hawkeye. Maximoff could also use her psionic power to read the Epsrit stone and declare vision consciousness. Maximoff was able to use this power to mentally control several title=”S.W.O.R.D. Title=”S.W.O.R.D.” title=”S.W.O.R.D.
  • Emotional manipulation – Maximoff used his mental abilities to create fear and emotional pain in people. These nightmarish hallucinations could even stun or weaken an individual as powerful Thor. Although these visions may depict things that an individual fears, regrets or has general disturbances, nature doesn’t depend on Maximoff. Maximoff seems to be able see the victim’s vision and to join her in the vision without her even being aware.
  • Telepathy Maximoff is able to read minds, communicate with others telepathically and experience the thoughts and memories of others. This ability allowed her to temporarily merge her consciousness and that of Ultron. It was this ability that enabled her to rebel against her genocidal plans. Maximoff is able to sense the emotions and spirits of others. She could feel Quicksilver dying and Stark’s fear at first meeting.
  • Witch. Harkness revealed that Maximoff was born with latent magic abilities, which were unlocked by the mental stones. These abilities were amplified and augmented by exposure to the stone. Maximoff didn’t know her magical origins at first. However, Maximoff started to research the Darkhold and its spells. Maximoff’s abilities were even greater than those of the Sorcerer Supreme, according to the Darkhold. Maximoff, despite this fact, has not received any formal training. He hasn’t yet perfected his magic, especially when compared to Doctor Strange.

Wanda has seen the magic in chaos.

  • Magical manipulations of chaos: Maximoff, who was able to harness the magic and chaos of chaos, was the realization the myth of the scarlet Witch, a being that can spontaneously create. Maximoff’s magic is mostly composed of the same amount of red energy as his powers to psionize. Maximoff can study the Darkhold to learn how to create more advanced tangible energy constructs using his magic, such as Tao Mandalas.
  • Manipulations of reality : Maximoff can distort reality. Maximoff can do this by manipulating molecularpolarity. It also has many other abilities.
    • Conjuration – Maximoff used her fingers to make an elegant dress for dinner with the Harts. Later, Maximoff was able, using a gesture of her finger, to form alliances with Vision. Maximoff was able ward off the small crane that threatened Vision’s flight during the magic show in Westview.
    • Time manipulation: Maximoff transformed a whole hen into an egg shape, and then reversed the flow of time within its reality by saying “no”, in response to a stranger coming out of a drain. Vision became skeptical about Wanda’s reality, and Maximoff told Wanda that he believed something was wrong. She reversed time and altered Wanda’s timeline by telling her not to be skeptical.
    • Teleportation During the talent show she immediately carried Geraldine backstage to the magic box.
    • Transformation: Maximoff made his own dresses and transformed a piano into a cardboard cutout. She also made Vision and her beds one and the same and added color to Westview. Maximoff accidentally became four months pregnant, which caused her to give birth at an exponential rate. Maximoff also accidentally brought fake butterflies to life via a mobile. Maximoff accidentally created a stork from a painting when he was having to cope with the pain of his contractions. Wanda failed to remove the stork when she tried. She could only exhale a small amount of red dust.
  • Electricity manipulation Maximoff switched on a light with his hand, and later, while experiencing false contractions, Maximoff created a surge of electricity that increased the ceiling light’s intensity and caused an outage that affected all the neighborhood.
    • Weather manipulation – Maximoff lost water and caused a storm in Vision’s home. She generated strong winds from the outside, drying Vision, her home, and herself after the rain stopped.
    • Fire manipulation During her contractions Maximoff lit a fireplace in the chimney to make it more intense before it was extinguished.
    • Energy absorption Maximoff has demonstrated the ability to absorb Harkness’ black magic and transform it into chaos magic, amplifying his own magic.

Wanda studying darkhold

  • Astral projection – Maximoff could project his astral form, unlike traditional astral projection. He did this without losing his consciousness. Maximoff was able to manifest the scarlet witch from her body by studying the fortress in its astral form while simultaneously brewing tea in her physical form.

Wanda fighting against Thanos

The debate over who would have defeated Thanos in an all-out battle has been one of the most contentious in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Many believed that Thor could have accomplished the task if he had managed his emotions well. Others thought Captain Marvel, as an Infinity Stone living in his body, had the potential to defeat the Mad Titan. In their short battle, Thanos won.

Elizabeth Olsen plays Wanda Maximoff. She crushed Thanos in Avengers: Endgame as Wanda Maximoff. Her candidacy is then thrown into doubt when Doctor Strange, in the Multiverse of Madness, states that Wanda’s angry version would not have been capable of defeating the enemy.

Wanda Vision now confirms that Wanda could defeat Thanos by herself, even though it was widely believed.

Darcy Lewis asked him about Wanda vs Thanos and he said Wanda must be using an “insane amount” of power to create the magic bubble at Westview in WandaVision season 1 episode 5. Jimmy Woo added, “Far beyond anything she’s shown in the past.”

While part of this assertion is true, Monica Rambeau refutes it. She claims that Wanda could have defeated Thanos on her merits if he had not started a blitz. Monica refers to Thanos’ spacecraft “raining down fire” on the Avengers during the final fight of Endgame.

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