Will Isagi Win Blue Lock And Become The Best Striker In The World?

Will Isagi Win Blue Lock

Is Isagi going to win the Blue Lock? Will he become the greatest Striker in the entire world? Today, I will address this question and attempt to cover all aspects of the series.

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Will Isagi win the Blue Lock?

Will Isagi win the Blue Lock?

Yes, Isagi will win Blue Lock. There are many other options that the mangaka could consider. Blue Lock’s mastermind, Ego Jinpachi is very clever and knows exactly what he is doing.

Although he may speak with every player about the possibility of his removing them, there is a good chance that he plans to create not only the best striker in Japan, but also the greatest National Football Team Japan has ever seen.

Will Isagi win the Blue Lock?

You might even notice that the manga is pointing us in that direction if you read it!

It’s not that I wouldn’t enjoy it. Here’s how I see the series ending:
After elimination, the top players who stay in Blue Lock will get offered to play for National for Japan. Isagi will serve as the Striker (and Captain) of this team.

Will Isagi Be the World’s Greatest Striker?

Will Isagi Be the World's Greatest Striker?

It’s clear that Isagi will be the World’s Best Striker. Many people are unhappy with Isagi’s character. Isagi is really weak compared to other players his age and in his group. The mangaka countered this by mentioning what makes Isagi different from other players.

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His ability to quickly adapt to and evolve according to his environment. This ability gives Isagi unlimited growth potential. It’s why Isagi feels like he isn’t growing at all. He will be a great footballer and a beast with time.

The World’s Best Strikers: These are the players who can make it happen


Rin Blue Lock

He is the best in Blue Lock! After evaluation, he was given Rank 1, while Isagi was Rank 16. You can see how powerful Rin is.

What makes Rin such a great player? There are many factors. His elder brother, who is a prodigy, has played with him since childhood. He is always hungry to beat his elder brother!

Rin is relentless in the field, even when he’s not serious. We saw this when Isagi was against Rin for the first time. He was forced to accept defeat!


Nagi Blue Lock

Many players don’t understand Nagi and underestimate his skills and abilities. The match will only get worse! This manga cliché states that if a character seems too tired, it is usually a sign that he/she is not very good. He is also like that.Nagi

Nagi is hands down one of the most skilled. Nagi is more than just a skilled and fast player. His kicks are also much more complicated than most other players. His actions are unpredictable, in short. We saw it firsthand when Isagi was confronted by him!

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Nagi is very likely to be the second-best Japanese Striker, if not the greatest.


Bachira Blue Lock

Bachira is Isagi’s first friend on the Blue Lock team! From the beginning of the series, he had the “talented guy” surrounding him. He also tried Isagi to see if he could be the “monster”, he was looking for.Bachira

Bachira is an expert at dribbling, and he does it very well. His dribble skills are so impressive that even pros can’t believe their eyes! He surpassed his limits of dribble and managed to score a goal by himself against an experienced team.

Bachira is, if you ask me. Isagi is more experienced and skilled than Bachira. Isagi leaps ahead of himself every time he takes a lead and leaves Isagi behind.

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Kunigami Blue Lock

Man Kunigami has changed a lot since the Wild-card event. Although the mangaka is yet to disclose what happened in the Wild-card event, he is stronger than Nagi and Rin right now.Kunigami

Although he may not have the same skills as the other players, his sheer brute-force is amazing! He can also use his legs in the same way as Noel Noa, and he does so without any limitations.

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Noa even praised Kunigami’s ability to imitate his moves! He will be a great Striker and he will certainly be a top-ranked player in the team, even if he doesn’t become the best.


Chigiri Blue Lock

Chigiri is the most likely to be a Striker, if you ask me. He is fast and mobile, but his shooting abilities are not as good as other players.Chigiri

He also has a broken leg that can cause him unexpected results in a game. It’s not like he is the fastest. As we have seen, there is always someone who can surpass his speed without too much effort.

Another player who is equally great stirrers


Baro Blue Lock

Rin is a god-gift talent and hard worker, unlike Rin. Baro is hard work. Baro is a tireless worker who puts in a lot of effort and sacrifices. He calls himself the King. His skills speak for themselves, despite his explosive personality. He also has one major flaw. He considers himself King and doesn’t want anyone to be his slave. He only wants to achieve his goals.

Baro can put the entire team at risk of losing…Baro is a mad-dog. If you don’t control it, it will bite you!

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Reo Blue Lock

Reo and Nagi were considered the best team in the field, until Isagi arrived. Nagi switched to Isagi for Nagi because he thought Isagi was a better player.

Reo introduced Nagi to football. However, Nagi is WAY ahead of Reo today in terms of skill and techniques.

Reo has a chance of making it into the top five best Stirkers in Japan.


Shidou Blue Lock

Baro is a mad dog, Shidou is a mad dragon who thirsts for destruction. He wants to achieve his goal. He doesn’t want any intervention, but he will do it!

Only Rin in Blue Lock ranked Shidou 2nd. Both Rin and Shidou look almost identical, but Rin’s play feels like art, while Shidou’s is pure brute.


Conclusion About Isagi Win Blue Lock

All the players mentioned are exceptional. They all excel in their different areas of expertise. There is only one person who can excel in all of their skills.

If we stick with the standard manga endings, Isagi (the protagonist) will always be the best. I hope the mangaka will take a different approach and show us something we’ve never seen before!

In truth, though, I believe that Blue Lock will create Japan’s next National Football Team! All the players that we see will be included! The dudes have defeated the U-20 Japan team before, so there is a great chance!

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Blue Lock

Will Isagi Win Blue Lock

Yes, Isagi will win Blue Lock. She will also be the Best Striker of the World.

Will Isagi Be World’s Best Striker in Blue Lock?

Yes, Isagi will be the World’s Best Striker In Blue Lock.

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