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Amajiki Tamaki Mha

In Mha, Amajiki Tamaki Also known as the Sun Eater is a third-year pupil of Yuei in the city of Yuei and is one of the three members of the Big Three.

Appearance Amajiki Tamaki

Appearance Amajiki Tamaki

Tamaki is a man of a young age of average height and pale skin. His ears are larger than the majority with the tips pointed and a little creepy. Tamaki has hair indigo that extends behind his head , and eyes that are thin and tired, partly covered by fringes despite the fact that the hair in the fringes has to be separated in order to not affect his vision. His shoulders are often in a slouche and he generally does not make eye contact with anyone.

He is dressed in a sloppy manner as his tie isn’t properly tucked in and his shirt isn’t properly tucked in as it ought to be, creating an impression that he does not care about his appearance.

Arrangement Amajiki Tamaki

The costume of the hero consists of the black bodysuit, which is adorned with gold plating all over his shoulders and arms. He’s wearing an all-white tunic as well as the cloak and hood are matched with more gold at its top. The cape is the form of a scarf-like collar which has an engraved silver mask in the front. It is said that the Sun Eater wears an orange mask on his face and an appropriate waistcoat that has straps of red.

Tamaki has food stored in his waistcoat. Also, his legs and arms are at liberty to utilize the trick.

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Character Amajiki Tamaki

Character Amajiki Tamaki

Tamaki is extremely shy. He becomes anxious in the presence of large groups of people. He then is withdrawn, leaning against the wall when Tamaki is unable to speak further.

Tamaki isn’t a very social person and also doesn’t have a lot of confidence in his skills and is self-deprecating. His physical capabilities are believed to be comparable with the abilities of a hero in the professional world while his Whim appears incredibly powerful, but because of his nature Tamaki keeps it to himself. He’s also very sensitive, to the extent that he becomes angry when a person he is fighting ridicules him.

Character Amajiki Tamaki

He also seeks evidence that he’s completed the task of getting a bandit out of the way, not recognizing his own accomplishments. Tamaki appears to have an uncontrollable victim complex as Tamaki takes the praise of Fatgam as a mockery.

But, he has his own set of convictions, which he sticks to. He is not happy that the eight Covenants will sacrifice their lives to those who do not have any interest in them And he’s managed to discern the friendship among the 3 members of the Covenants that he had to fight.

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He’s also acquaintance with Mirio and is aware of the difficult approach he’s taken to enhance his Quirk and give it a dazzling appearance. He is proud of Mirio for his courage and is reminded of his masculinity when he finds himself in a dangerous or stressful situation.

The Story Amajiki Tamaki

The Story Amajiki Tamaki

Tamaki moved to a different school in the spring of. His first day was as a third-class student. He was unable to effectively introduce himself to the rest members of his class. When the ceremony of opening was completed, the students went to their classrooms and began to get meet one another, but Tamaki was on his own.

He was afraid to engage in conversation with anyone since the thought that the world was boring. This is why Tamaki had a hard time making acquaintances prior to. Then Mirio Togata approached him and asked exactly what Tamaki wanted to convey about his love of Heroes. That’s how their friendship started.

The Story Amajiki Tamaki

In high school , during Whimsy training, Tamaki tried to create something in his mind, but due to the excitement , all he saw was a tiny flower upon his arm. While he was doing this, Mirio tried to pass across the wall but only his hands could move through. A few of his classmates were joking about Mirio’s efforts however, he wasn’t going to let them down by any means and promised that he would be successful next time.

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When he returned to home, Tamaki began to praise Mirio’s determination, and wished that he had an inner confidence. Mirio was cheering Tamaki on and stated that he’d shine brighter than the sun since Tamaki was always there to support Tamaki. Although Tamaki was in a state of anxiety, Mirio praised his determination not to give up, which in turn sparked the same determination in him. Despite Tamaki’s low self esteem, Mirio always considered him to be an extremely talented and enjoyable man.

The Story Amajiki Tamaki

Following high school Tamaki along with Mirio moved to Yuwei as well. They along alongside Nejire Hado they eventually made to reach the top of the heap, eventually becoming three. They were the The Big Three from Yuwei. Tamaki decided to go by Sun Eater as his heroic name in response to Mirio’s assertion that he was able to outdo the sun.

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Storyline Amajiki Tamaki

Trainee Arc

Trainee Arc

Tamaki, Mirio Togataand Nejire Hado or the Big Three are in 1st grade to discuss the internship. If Shota Aizawa requests the students for their names, Tamaki is trying to calm his enthusiasm by describing the students in class 1-A as potatoes. Then, he stops and walks away from the wall, telling him he’s going home. When Mirio is adamant about students, Tamaki insists that he not frighten the students overly and suggests that it’s better to explain things in terms.

1-A is awed by Mirio’s quirk and calls him invincible. When he hears the news, Tamaki thinks they are being misunderstood and only look at the situation from the surface. Tamaki believes that if they don’t be aware of the effort Mirio has put into make him stronger, they would never be able defeat Mirio.

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Trainee Arc

After spending some time at The Kansai Area, Tamaki Amajiki and Eijiro Kirishima are on the streets along with IMT Hero Jirnojwach. Zhirnozhwach says to Tamaki that he’s the ultimate hero if they improve their mental health. Tamaki believes that Fatgam has accepted him into the agency to smear him, however Kirishima assures him that he’s trying to encourage him.

Tamaki insists that he’s not as optimistic and bright hero like Mirio. Kirishima affirms that he’s not neither There were many times when it was impossible for him to help others and tries to get caught the class of his former classmates.

Trainee Arc

Then, a fighting erupts. Fatso is trying to stop the bandits. One of them escapes and Tamaki is able to catch him using his tentacles. Tamaki finally beats the bandit by turning the palm of his hands into clamshell. Following the win, Tamaki hesitantly asks if they succeeded and Kirishima and Jirnozhwach applaud him. The crowd is cheering at the same time, which embarrasses and scares Tamaki further.

When Jirnozhwach is spotted, he spots the gunman in the crowd. He yells to everyone to run.

The man shoots a specific bullet that hits Tamaki. The man fires a second time however, Kirishima is quick to defend Tamaki. Kirishima activates the quirk in time, and the bullet hits his forehead without harming him. Fatso is quick to help but Kirishima promises to grab the villain for himself.

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Trainee Arc

Tamaki stands up and reports that the bullet did not hurt him, which made the person who shot him furious. Tamaki is trying to catch the man with his tentacles but the quirk ceases working. Fatso and Kirishima chase the bandits and finally catch them.

After all the chaos, Tamaki blames himself for not being able use the quirk , and Kirishima had to put himself at risk to help him. Tamaki says Kirishima is like Mirio and is as bright in the same way as sun.

Quirk And Abilities Amajiki Tamaki

Quirk And Abilities

Transformation Amajima’s quirk permits him to gain the properties of the organic foods he consumes. For example eating an octopus, he will transform his limbs into tentacles. This ability is only available to organic foods, that is, plants or animal. If Tamajiki consumes food that isn’t organic, he’ll not be able to gain the attributes.

Super Movements

  • Chimera Kraken ( kimerakuraken Kimera Kuraken) Tamaki’s arms change into enormous tentacles encased with barnacles. He utilizes to fight in an enormous area, slaying multiple opponents.

Interesting FACTS

Interesting FACTS
  • Tamaki’s name comes from the Kanji sky (Tian ? ) and food (Can ? ) and the ring (Huan ? ).
  • According to Horikoshi Tamaki, his anxiety was triggered by his own experience, when Tamaki was confronted with an overwhelming crowd at Jump Festa in the year 2017.
  • In fact, Tamaki’s account of his transition to an entirely brand new institution was actually based off the story of Horikoshi’s departure and his first visit to the new secondary school. There was a person who stopped by and offered to be his friend similar to what Mirio had done to Tamaki.
  • Tamaki’s most loved things are butterflies.
  • Tamaki’s quirk may be related to the saying that ‘you’re what you consume’.
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