Black Noir Vs Soldier Boy : Who Would Win ?

Black Noir Vs Soldier Boy

Episode 6 of The Boys revealed that Black Noir was the one who orchestrated the Mutiny of Payback against Soldier Boy’s former leader. We don’t know the exact reason Black Noir did this, but we do know that Soldier Boy and him are both strong enough to withstand any Homelander. Who is stronger between Black Noir or Soldier Boy?

Black Noir is far less strong than Soldier Boy. Black Noir is not far behind him in terms of strength and endurance. Soldier Boy, a walking nuclear bomb capable of destroying or taking away the power of supes, is just one more thing. Black Noir has no chance against him.

Black Noir’s combat skills are probably better than Soldier Boy. He needs to be a skilled fighter as a ninja character. Black Noir fled Vought when he learned that Soldier Boy was still alive. He could be afraid of him. Let’s see who is stronger between Black Noir Vs Soldier Boy.

How Powerful Is Black Noir ?

The Boys Black Noir Explained By Heavy Spoilers

Black Noir is one the most talented Supes The Boys. Given his position on The Seven, what are Black Noir’s abilities compared to other Supes. In season 1, The Boys first saw the mysterious, non-speaking Black Noir. Black Noir is a mysterious character who wears an all-black outfit that hides his true identity. Season 1 didn’t offer Black Noir much, so season 2 was a chance to tell his story and highlight his strengths. The Boysseason three has taken a deeper look at the character’s history.

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Black Noir is not usually a Supe because the Boys aren’t threatening them when they fight, but Stan Edgar, Vought CEO, has always kept him in check. Flashbacks from Season 3 provide more information about the reasons for this and reveal more about Black Noir’s power. Black Noir’s remarkable obedience to Vought is what stops him from using all of his superpowers as he chooses.

Black Noir is an expert fighter who has all the benefits of being a super hero. Black Noir is a fighter with superhuman strength. He also has a remarkable endurance, having been able to withstand powerful explosions and sustaining only minor burns. Black Noir’s ability to heal faster than normal and seemingly without pain is what sets him apart. Black Noir is a powerful and dangerous hero because of his superhuman hearing, agility, speed, and hearing.

The Show Vs. Comics: Black Noir’s Powers The Comics

The Boys has Black Noir’s powers that are slightly different from the comics. Black Noir was a cloned Homelander created by Vought in order to kill The Seven leader if necessary. The Boys has an alternative route. The Supe, a lethal mutant who is fatally allergic to nuts, was also made weaker. This was inspired in part by Nathan Mitchell’s real-life allergy to nuts, who plays Black Noir on The Boys. As strong as Black Noir may be, his nut allergy eventually brought him down in The Boys season 2. Queen Maeve put an Almond Joy in his mouth to stop Starlight from attacking and kicked his EpiPen away. Black Noir survived the nut attack, but was left vegetative at the end. Black Noir is still alive in The Boys Season 3, and his story has been fleshed out.

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Black Noir’s Backstory in The TV Show Is More Diverse Than The Comics

Black Noir, a clone Homelander, is used to kill Homelander in comics. Black Noir, in the source material, is well aware of this and gaslights Homelander into thinking that he is a psychopath. The writers had a lot of freedom to create something extraordinary in season 3 because Black Noir has no illustrious background to bring to The BoysTV.

Both The Boys season 2 and 3 have shown that Black Noir’s TV version is very different. Black Noir is not a Homelander clone in Amazon Prime’s The Boys. He’s actually a Black man called Earving, who was forced by Stan Edgar to conceal his identity using a mask. This flashback to the Payback team is The Boys season 3. He refused to wear his mask during a mission in Nicaragua and was disfigured by an explosion. Since then, he has worn the mask to conceal this. The TV shows Black Noir’s backstory.

How Strong is a Soldier Boy?

Soldier Boy Powers And Abilities

We know that The Boys is a comic series that doesn’t hesitate to rip off characters from different comic books, such as those published by Marvel and DC. The Boys is meant to be a parody comic-book series that rips off characters from various comic books, while also giving us the opportunity to see it from the perspective of ordinary people who are disgusted at how corrupt these heroes have become.

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The live-action version of the story is a slightly different take on the original story. The third season of The Boys will introduce Soldier Boy, a character who was also in The Boys’ comic book version. Soldier Boy is an homage to Captain America, just like some characters from The Boys are parodies of other characters in different comics.

Soldier Boy, the comic book version, was part of Payback, a combat team that fought in World War II. He actually fought with Stormfront in Payback. Although Stormfront was certainly more powerful than Soldier Boy’s, he was still more popular as he was considered the original superhero and the leader of the team.

Soldier Boy, in comics, was very similar to Captain America in that he had a moral guide that pointed in the right direction but wasn’t quite right. Although he wasn’t as depraved or as obnoxious as other characters, Soldier Boy is still extremely naive to the point where other supes can easily manipulate him into doing certain things. He commits mass murder in comics to please Homelander and get a place in The Seven.

Soldier Boy is nevertheless quite strong. In the same way as Captain America, Soldier Boy also has superpowers that allow him to increase strength, speed and durability, among other enhanced physical abilities.

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The series Soldier Boy may be slightly different. The comic book Soldier Boy only has an increase in strength similar to a super-soldier, which means he’s not quite as powerful. The live-action version may be stronger, with a strength similar to other supersoldiers. It will be fascinating to see how Soldier Boy’s super strength is depicted in the series.

According to reports, Soldier Boy’s live-action counterpart also has energy blasts which allow him to launch powerful energy projections. This is an unusual power, as Captain America, the character he’s based on, doesn’t have energy-based powers. The comic book version doesn’t have the ability of firing energy blasts.

It is also worth noting that Soldier Boy, just like Captain America, can use their shields in combat. Because he’s an expert at using his shield for defense and offense, he can use it quite well in combat. He is also a skilled combatant, having been trained in close-quarter combat as well as various forms of martial art.

Soldier Boy, a WWII veteran who is an expert in military tactics and strategy, is also a skilled strategist. He may not be strong enough to compete with the other characters in The Boys but he might be able strategize his way into a win.

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He is a parody of Captain America in terms of his strength and abilities. The difference is that he’s naive and cowardly in comics, instead of being the brave, unselfish hero Steve Rogers is.

Soldier Boy vs Black Noir: Who would win?

Combat Skills

Combat is the one area that Black Noir excels in. Black Noir is an expert a**assin who can kill people quickly and efficiently. Black Noir’s mastery in martial arts makes him an excellent combatant. This means that Black Noir is a skilled supe in close combat. He is likely to be right up there with Queen Maeve when it comes down to his skills as a weapon expert or hand-to-hand fighter.

Soldier Boy is similar to Homelander in that he is a straight-up brawler and has never had to learn combat skills. Although he may have had military training, he has not displayed any martial arts skills. Soldier Boy was able to kill people without the use of weapons or martial arts. That’s why he has yet to show his skills as a great fighter.

Black Noir is undoubtedly the most skilled fighter in The Boys due to his knowledge of martial arts. Although he may not be as strong or as powerful as Soldier Boy, he can still make Soldier Boy’s life difficult by putting his skills as a close-combat fighter into good use.

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Black Noir 1, Soldier Boy 0


Black Noir appears to have an augmented strength similar to other supes in that he can lift things that no human can lift. Starlight is quite strong, so Black Noir is stronger than other supes. Black Noir even defeated Queen Maeve in season 6’s episode 5. He’s probably not as good as Maeve, who is second in The Seven to Homelander.

Soldier Boy was a Homelander long before Homelander existed. He is described as being almost as strong and powerful as Homelander. In episode 6, he even managed to match Homelander in strength during their first fight. He is far stronger than any other supe, and Homelander is simply on a different level in terms of their strength.

Black Noir is strong but not as strong as Soldier Boy. Soldier Boy is as strong as Homelander, which is why he was a threat from the moment he returned from Russia.

Black Noir 1, Soldier Boy 1


Black Noir’s remarkable endurance has been one of his greatest strengths since season 1. Black Noir is able to withstand strong supes such as Starlight and Kimiko without getting too injured. His ability to take damage and not get hurt makes his durability similar to other supes. He isn’t invincible, however. His face was severely damaged by the Russian attack on Nicaragua.

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Soldier Boy is extremely durable and has the same durability as Homelander. He can withstand almost all kinds of damage and even attacks by Homelander. Soldier Boy was also subject to decades of Russian scientists’ experiments. They tried many things to harm him, but he never suffered any injuries. He is one of The Boys’ most resilient supes.

Black Noir, like many other supes can withstand damage. They aren’t as durable as Soldier Boy or Homelander, however.

Black Noir 1, Soldier Boy 2


Black Noir is likely similar to many other supes, in that he doesn’t possess a lot special powers. He has superior senses to Homelander and other supes aside from his increased strength, durability, reflexes, and intelligence. He also has a regenerative healing ability that allows him heal faster than most supes, but not as fast as Kimiko who can heal from any type of injury in a matter of seconds. Black Noir’s abilities are better suited for his role as an a**assin.

Soldier Boy was a simple man in terms of his abilities. He only had enhanced strength and durability, which were superior to any other supe at the time. After he was kidnapped and made the subject of Russian experiments, however, he gained the ability to release nuclear energy from his body. This energy can cause death in both humans and supes. If supes survived this attack, they were able to remove their powers. Kimiko was the victim of such an attack.

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Black Noir is unable to use his powers against Soldier Boy. He became a walking nuclear bomb when he returned from Russia. Soldier Boy’s power could endanger any supe, or at least take away their powers.

Black Noir 1, Soldier Boy 3


Black Noir is an active supe and has been since the 80s, or possibly earlier because he was part of Payback which was the same supe group that Soldier Boy led in the 80s. This means that he was The Seven’s most experienced member before Stormfront joined. After the Nazi invasion of Stormfront, Black Noir was relegated to the second-most experienced member. Black Noir is also very experienced in that he is frequently the one who is sent out on dangerous missions that involve underground operations.

Soldier Boy is a similar character to Captain America because he is alive since the 1920s, and was actually a soldier in World War II. He has been to more battles and fights than any other boy in The Boys. He fought the Germans during WWII and went on to become an active Supre, fighting all sorts of foes like the Russians. He is therefore the most experienced supe.

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Black Noir probably had the most experience of any soldier, but Soldier Boy’s return changed everything. He was able to gain nearly 40 years experience while Soldier Boy was away, but his experience is still not up to the legendary supe.

Black Noir 1, Soldier Boy 4

Black Noir vs Soldier Boy: Which Supe Is Stronger?

Black Noir vs Soldier Boy: Which Supe Is Stronger?

Black Noir’s mastery of close combat and martial arts is the most likely area in which he could defeat Soldier Boy. Black Noir cannot defeat Soldier Boy in any of these categories. He was probably forced to seek help from the Russians in order to rid Soldier Boy of his body. Black Noir ran away as soon as he learned that Soldier Boy had returned, knowing that he wouldn’t be able to defeat him in a fair fight.

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