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botan yu yu Hakusho

In The story of Yu Yu Hakusho, Botan is an advisor, a guide to the Spirit World and close friend to Yusuke Urameshi. Botan is a spirit charged with bringing souls of the deceased into in the Spirit World to face their final judgement. In contrast to the notion that there is only one soul she is one of the grim reapers.

Botan is referred to as Charlene  in her Filipino translation of the show. Her voice is provided by Lia Sargent in Yu Yu Hakusho: The Golden Seal and Veronica Taylor in Yu Yu Hakusho: Poltergeist Report. For the FUNimation dub, she’s recorded by Cynthia Cranz. The Filipino Dub of the anime it was voiced by Dada Carlos. In the Brazilian dub her voice came from Miriam Ficher.

Appearance Botan Yu Yu Hakusho

Appearance Botan Yu Yu Hakusho

While she’s a Grim Reaper, she doesn’t look as what people imagine her as. She is rather attractive. Botan has long , blue hair pulled back into a ponytail with eyes of purple. Her appearance doesn’t usually alter, but by close of show her bangs and ponytail are getting longer. Her usual attire is an light-pink kimono paired with the white obi sash while in the field, but she’s also been recognized for wearing human-like clothes. 

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When she’s disguised in the role of Urameshi team’s trainer in the Dark tournament, she dress in formal attire, wearing a long-sleeve yellow shirt , with an orange yellow camisole brown slacks and shoes that match. In the beginning of the series, she is disguised in Sarayashiki’s uniform Jr. High school girls, with a blue top and an orange scarf, paired with blue skirts, often with knee socks or white socks, and black dress shoes.

Personality Botan Yu Yu Hakusho

Personality Botan Yu Yu Hakusho

Botan is extremely friendly and kind, but she’s being a bit clumsy and naive. She’s also bubbly , and cautiously optimistic, however she can also be sometimes a little scary cat. Sometimes, she can become a motormouth. Botan was once a fan of Yusuke as a fascinating topic to research until she forms a connection with him and is an invaluable ally and friend. As Yusuke joined forces together with Kuwabara, Hiei, and Kurama, Botan helps the entire team.

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StoryLine Botan Yu Yu Hakusho

Spirit Detective Saga

Spirit Detective Saga

She is the one who has been assigned to assist Yusuke during his examination so his soul can return to his body and thereby bring him back to life. At first, she was somewhat suspicious of Yusuke but eventually realized that Yusuke has a very good heart. When Keiko became worried after her mother was sick and chose to stay at her entire night, which could have impacted the final requirement Yusuke requires to be revived, Botan possessed Keiko’s mother’s body and told her that Yusuke is in need of her now than ever. This led Keiko to hurry back to the Yusuke’s home to kiss his body when it was the right moment.

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Following the Yusuke’s Revival, Yusuke is surprised to discover a demon residing in the body of a street-punk that he has just defeated. Botan arrives and tells Yusuke that he has had a personal experience of death, as well as his unique ability that he has, he can be able to see them. Yusuke has been selected as a spirit detective in the Spirit World. She is Yusuke’s trainer and assistant before he begins his time as an underworld detective.

Also, She is human beings to perform this. She is the one who typically assigns Yusuke his tasks as an esoteric detective. In addition, She shows him how to utilize various tools of the detective and communicates with Koenma and frequently helps him find different places in connection with his investigations. She gifted him with her Psychic Spyglass, the Demon Compass and the Concentration Ring as well as the Communication Mirror.

After Keiko was brutally slashed by Hiei with his Shadow Sword in attempt to transform her into the demon form, Botan suppressed Keiko’s demonification process for a time. Keiko was saved after Yusuke was defeated by Hiei and administered to her the antidote that was stored inside the hilt of the Shadow Sword.

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Dark Tournament Saga

Dark Tournament Saga

At the beginning, Botan tried to hide the fact that Yusuke is a spirit detective from Keiko and tells Keiko that Yusuke is a spirit detective.

Apprentice trying to turn into a regular detective. When Yusuke and Kuwabara were absent for a long time because of participating in the Dark Tournament, she finally exposes the truth the truth to Keiko as well as Shizuru and takes them to the tournament to meet Yusuke as well as Kuwabara. According to the comic, Botan will not be confronted by Keiko or Shizuru and she also brings Yusuke’s mom Atsuko Urameshi along to the tournament and she also attended the tournament.

She is the team’s coach during her role as the team coach in Dark Tournament. She serves as the grim reaper that carries Genkai’s soul after she passed away at the hands Toguro and is deeply regretful of the tragedy.

Chapter Black Saga

Chapter Black Saga

In the first chapter of Chapter Black Saga, Botan is given the task of explaining to Yusuke the threat the world faces , and this time, not by demons , but by human. Before she could fully be capable of explaining to Yusuke the new danger, Yusuke was kidnapped by Kido Yanagisawa, Kido, and Kaito. She then joined forces together with Kuwabara as well as Kurama to save Yusuke. 

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She was able to assist Kuwabara and Kurama first in attempting to locate Hiei. In the event that Hiei reappears and she makes an agreement with Hiei to limit his punishment through his Spirit World, to which Hiei is in agreement. Her soul was taken from her body after she made an error in speaking the forbidden phrase (“hot”) within Kaito’s domain, however, Hiei’s, her, and Kuwabara’s souls are saved Kurama’s victory Kurama defeated Kaito in order to force him to use the word that is taboo. Kurama was joined by Kurama, Kuwabara, and Hiei in a second time after defeating Kaito until they were able to rescue Yusuke and Yusuke, and then discovered that the kidnapping was orchestrated to be orchestrated by Genkai to test the trio.

Three Kings Saga

Three Kings Saga

Within the Three Kings Saga, Botan is accompanied by Koenma

while watching in the Demon World Tournament which will decide who will be the ultimate head for The Demon World. She appears in the last episode of the anime . She is joined by Kuwabara, Kurama, Keiko, Yukina, and Shizuru at Genkai’s Temple as well as on the beach. Yusuke is finally seen again and gets to reunite with Keiko after being absent for nearly a year and an hour.

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Abilities and Skills

Abilities and the ability to use
  • flight: As a navigator of the River Styx, she manifests an oar to speedily flights and also for transportation across Human World and Spirit World.
  • Spiritual Power : Botan is a mild healer with abilities, including slowing down the speed of demonization, but not enough to stop it completely or reverse it.
  • Physical power: She is seen playing with a baseball bat, mop, as well as bug spray to fight in the Maze Castle incident.
  • Mind Reading The actress has demonstrated her ability to see minds very early in the series.
  • Spirit Gun: One of the earlier chapters in the manga suggests that she is able to utilize to use the Spirit Gun as she is making the gesture, and the sound emanating from the end of her finger, even though she doesn’t ever demonstrate this skill. However, she could be able to utilize the Spirit Gun in a weaker form because she said in Chapter Black Saga Chapter Black Saga that she could blow down walls using the Concentration Ring in order to search for Hiei. It could also mean that anyone using spirit energy might be able to utilize this Concentration Ring to make The Spirit Gun.
  • Power Sphere: Botan has in her body an object known by the Power Sphere, which is the source of the Netherworld’s power. It also lets warriors blend their abilities to create one.
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