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Reiner Braun Aot

In Aot, Reiner Braun served as the Vice-commander for the Warriors unit. He was also the main protagonist of the story from a Marleyan perspective. He was being raised and born in the Liberian internment zone as the unlegitimate child of an Eldian woman and the Marleyan father. In the end, he joined the Eldian Cadets unit and, at 10, was chosen to take over the reigns of The Battleship Titan.

The year 845 was the time that Reiner was able to infiltrate Paradis Island together and Annie Leonhart, Bertolt Hoover and Marcel Galliard (who died before getting to the walls) in the hopes of reclaiming the Founder Titan and returning it to Marley which is where he joined his fellow members of the Exploration Corps and graduated as the second-highest recruit in cycle #104.



Reiner Braun Human Form

He is a strong and muscular man. He’s tall, has a robust and sturdy structure, with short blonde hair, eyes that are light brown extremely thin eyebrows as well as white-colored skin. He is wearing the uniform of soldiers. It consists of a brown jacket , white pants and brown boots. In later times, he is wearing the traditional Scout Corps uniform. If he is not wearing the uniform, he generally wears a white shirt under his uniform.

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In 854 Reiner’s appearance doesn’t alter much, if not because Reiner’s height has increased but has shed some weight and has a beard that is shaped like the goatee. The battle that he fought of Fort Slava, Reiner was wearing the standard uniform of soldiers in the Marleyan army. When making plans for the next invasion of Paradis Island, he was dressed in a long coat, tie and shirt. As with all of the rest of his Eldian colleagues who are part of Marley, Reiner wears the armband, which signifies that he is one of the race.



Reiner can transform in to Battleship Titan, the titan that stands 50 feet tall. His skin is fully solid but not the muscles in his cheeks that can be seen when the jaw is open as well as those behind the knees and the elbows , and his feet.

Despite the durability of the skin, it has been proven that it is possible to tear it (both by using proper combat techniques such as those shown by Eren and the weapon designed specifically to penetrate the armor of the Armored Titan’s armor, by Exploration Corps). Exploration Corps). In addition it doesn’t have any significant anatomical defects.

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As a young man, Reiner used to be calm, but also reckless, he enrolled in the warrior program with hopes to ensure that the Marleyan father could be with his mother and him despite being rejected by his. He was well-known by his fellow soldiers for his commitment to his superiors that was the only thing that stood out as a potential recruit.

His confidence in himself increased when he was able to command Titan, the Battleship Titan but the confidence sank as Marcel confessed to the other members of his team that he hadn’t been selected for his talents. Reiner’s outlook was influenced by the words spoken by his parents and superiors, who kept repeating to Reiner that the people on Paradis Island were an army of demons who were threatening to take over the entire world.


After the death of Marcel Reiner changes his personality , becoming more assertive and prepared to blackmail Annie as well as Bertolt to ensure that they adhere to his instructions, thereby being the leader for the entire group. Joining the Cycle No. the 104 Recruit Troops, Reiner became completely similar to Marcel in character, turning into an incredibly caring, passionate young man who had a strong sense of obligation.

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He took his duty as an officer so seriously the fact that Bertolt always clarified to Reiner that he was a “warrior” and not a soldier. He was prone to think of others first and he was able to accept responsibility for his decisions solely for the benefit of his fellow soldiers.


In time, he suffers grave mental and emotional problems because of his actions. Despite this, he is committed to his cause. He could not bear the guilt. He started to hide his memories to get out. In the course of these events the man forgets his real identity, believing that he is be a soldier of the human kind. This makes it appear as if there are some distinctions from him as a “soldier” persona and his actual persona. He is averse toward himself, calling himself as an “villain” and a “short-lived killer” which is the only thing that Bertolt or Annie are able to comprehend.

A few years later, Reiner developed post-traumatic stress disorder, which typically causes him to experience nightmares about the horrible experiences he experienced previously. Reiner seems to have very little or no resentment towards his old friends but he does call the former “demons” in a sarcastic way.

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In the present moment of his life, his self-esteem is in a trough and the burden of emotional stress on his shoulders has caused to suicidal tendencies When he saw Eren in the very first meeting since their encounter at Shiganshina, Reiner demanded that Eren murder him.

Even though he wanted to commit suicide due to of his guilt and experiences, his devotion to his family and friends like his sister Gabi and his dream of an extended and fulfilling life is what Reiner values most and surpasses his self-hatred.

Reiner is also smart and perceptive. In the course of the meeting between Zeke Jaeger and his warriors Reiner could see that their conversation was closely monitored by the highest officers and Marleyan army. Marleyan army.


A soldier who is capable of anything. He managed to be among the top ten ranks of the Recruit Troop from Cycle #104 which is the second highest among over 200 recruits, and only beat by Mikasa. He has a great physical strength and a sturdy build. He is more proficient than many veteran soldiers.

Furthermore, he is a man of excellent endurance and is adept in close combat as well as when it comes to handling his 3D Maneuvering equipment. Reiner’s issue has to do with the fact that his mass is equal to more than two persons when it is riding an Scout Corps horse.

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“The special ability of the Armored Titan is hardening. He can destroy a wall if he rams his body into it. It acts as Marley’s shield, drawing attacks towards him, Reiner Braun, with his perseverance and endurance is a good subject for this titan. “
A Marleyan study of Reiner’s Armored Titan.

Reiner can transform into a 15-meter titan , referred by the name of armored Titan. Its primary characteristic is nearly complete toughening of its skin turning into something similar to armor that is strong enough to completely repel any cannonball. It also displays extraordinary speed and strength in the event that it shatters through the inner doorway to the Maria Wall.

Armored Titan Armored Titan is able to transform into a human in a moment, due to his intelligence and work together with colossal Titan to destroy the Mary Wall and also in developing strategies to fight alongside his companion to capture Eren as well, as can be seen in his success in trying to capture him off his home on the Rose Wall. While maintaining her human intellect she also uses her close-combat skills to defeat other human-turned-human titans such as Eren as well as her armor-skin provides her with a significant advantage in battle.

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He was his most beloved friend, as well as his partner in his quest to eradicate humanity. They’re quite distinct from each other and are seldom seen as distinct from one another as Reiner always leading the way for the majority of the times.

Ymir states that because of his mental issues, there’s been tension between them, however it is evident that Bertolt plays a crucial role in aiding Reiner stay in touch with the reality. When Reiner is on the verge of failing to kidnap Eren He is determined to ensure that Bertolt secure and even puts himself at the disadvantage to make sure his safety.

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He was among the closest friendships Reiner had, as Eren. Eren, Reiner was a “strong and capable” guy and even considered him to be an “unclear brother. Eren always believed in Reiner’s determination, and hoped that one day he would be as strong as Reiner. But their relationship is shattered when Reiner is exposed as his real identity, forcing them both to fight.

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Eren recalls times where Reiner demonstrated a tremendous conviction of justice and insisted on their role as soldiers and soldiers, which he considers disgusting. After being abducted, Eren openly declares the anger and hatred that he feels towards Reiner and says that Eren will ensure that Reiner provide him with the most painful death that he can. When he learns that Eren can wield his power as a “Coordinate”, Eren is astonished and states that Eren is not the most suitable person to be able to wield this power.

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They’ve been close to each other, and a person who Reiner has placed his life in danger in more than one instance. If Reiner discloses his true nature and reveals his true nature, he is unable to accept that. When Reiner, Bertolt and Ymir escape after abducting Eren Historia and Eren Historia, Connie questions both Reiner and Bertolt and asks whether their experience as recruits was actually a falsehood. Connie reminds them that they had said they would live to old age and drink with each other and drink with each other, to which Bertolt says that their experience as recruits was real.

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Their relationship is a bit complicated and they are driven to ensure that History secure. Reiner makes use of his feelings to influence Ymir to become his ally However, he shows more faith with her, than does his friend. In contrast to Bertolt however, he does not appear to feel remorseful towards her for nearly killing her and for the fact that she killed Marcel, his best friend. Marcel. After failing to get rid of Eren, Reiner suggests to Ymir to escape and protect herself however she ultimately decides to go with them to his village.

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He has been shown to be in love with her and even has thought of getting married. It’s not clear whether these feelings are real or just an illusion created by Reiner.

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  • Anonymous Changeling Titan – In in order to gain strength from”the “Armored Titan”, Reiner became an unintelligent titan that consumed the previous holder to the power. In this manner, Reiner was transformed into a titan who changed.
  • A soldier from the Exploration Corps – In the fifty-eighth outing in the legion a soldier spotted Reiner in the wall. He was attacked by Reiner.
  • Many Middle Eastern soldiers In order to take down their defenses at Fort Slava, Reiner killed several soldiers using the strength from his Armored Titan.
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  • Marco Bott – In the course of the battle within the Trost district, Reiner orders Annie to remove Marco from his EDM3D when an exchange of words regarding their identities. In a position of no defense, Marco is left at the mercy of a giant who kills Marco.
  • A large number of people live in Maria Wall Maria Wall – after the gates of the Maria Wall was destroyed by Reiner the titans, hundreds of them destroyed the inside of the wall, and washed off a significant portion of its people.


  • On Episode 2 in episode 2, the In episode 2, younger Reiner as well as Bertolt in episode 2 are part of the crowd as the mission to find the Maria Wall was announced.

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  • On the 17th of April, 2013 in a blog post the writer revealed Reiner’s titan version (the Battleship Titan) is actually inspired by Brock Lesnar, an American professional wrestler and mixed martial artist.
  • According to Hajime Isayama’s colleagues in the Cycle Recruit Trooop #104, Reiner is the most popular member. In the style of Reiner, Isayama was the most well-known person. For the style of Reiner the author revealed that he was the top well-known person.
  • In creating Reiner, Isayama took the eyes and eyebrows of David Beckham, as well as some of the features of a person he knew and then added the features of James Francis Ryan, a character from the film Saving Private Ryan (played by Matt Damon). Reiner was ranked ninth on the list of the top well-known martial artists around the world.
  • Reiner placed ninth, by 178 votes on the popular poll.
  • Then, in chapter 38 in Chapter 38, it is revealed in a discussion with Ymir that he’s homosexual. There are also hints that he may have desires for Historia and respond to her kindness by thinking about a marriage In chapter 46, Reiner tells Ymir that they have the same passion, Historia, although he did this with the intent to manipulate Ymir.
  • “Rener” in the name (Rainer) refers to “army” or “great advisor”.
  • In the initial draft of the series when graduates debate which army branch they would like to take part in, Reiner expresses his wishes to join the Exploration Corps. In the version that has been published it is clear that Reiner doesn’t declare any intentions. The chapter 96, however, is not announcing his intentions. Chapter 96, it is clear that Reiner is not a part in the Scout Corps.
  • In Chapter 96, Reiner declares his desire of joining his fellow members of the Military Police in order to locate The King of the Walls and obtain the founding Titan from him, but this ended up not happening. In the official version but Reiner does not declare his intention.
  • Reiner is at present Hajime Isayama’s most adored character.
  • He has a birth date along with Zeke Jaeger.
  • It was discovered that Reiner was able to read the label on the fish can Ymir discovered at Castle Utgard, but he pretends to be incapable of it in order to not reveal his identity. Reiner’s identity was never disclosed.
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