Kokushibo Demon Slayer : Everything You Need To Know

kokushibo demon slayer

Kokushibo is a key antagonist in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba. He is a demon associated with the Twelve Kizuki and holds the highest rank, Upper Rank One.

Kokushibo lived nearly five centuries ago in the Sengoku Era (the Golden Age of Demon Slayers). He was a human named Michikatsu Tsugikuni. A former Demon Slayer, and the older brother of Yoriichi Sugikuni, who is the strongest Demon Slayer ever to have existed.

Kokushibo is also MuichiroTokito’s ancestor and YuichiroTokito’s. He was responsible for making Zenitsu Agatsuma, Kaigaku, a demon and joining The Twelve Kizuki.

Appearance Kokushibo Demon Slayer

Appearance Kokushibo Demon Slayer

In Demon Slayer, Kokushibo was a demon. He was pale-skinned and tall, with long, spiky black hair that he kept in a bun.¬†The most striking feature of his face is the three sets with yellow irises, red sclera and black straight lines that diverge from each iris.¬†The kanji for “Upper Rank” is found in his middle set of eyes.¬†Kokushibo also sports red markings that resemble flames at the top left of his forehead, and the bottom right side of his chin.¬†Muichiro Tokito, the Mist Hashira and Muichiro Tokito described his appearance as being extremely elegant and majestic.

Kokushibo wore purple-and-black nagagi-patterned kimono, black umanori-styled pants and a white uwa obi.¬†A fleshy katana was carried by Kokushibo at his waist. It had eyes between the tsukaito wrapping of his sword’s handle.¬†Later, it was revealed that the blade and tsuba had eyes and veins.

Appearance Kokushibo Demon Slayer

Kokushibo was almost identical as his demon form except for the appearance of his eyes and prominent eyebrows. His skin was also significantly lighter than his human counterpart. As a human, his eyes had normal, white sclera and brown irises. He wore a white kimono when he was a child as opposed to the purple-and black patterned one that he wore as an adult.

After being executed by Sanemi Shinagawa and Gyomei Himejima Kokushibo became a more sinister and monstrous creature. He had protruding fangs and large white horns at the front and back of his skull, pointed nails and red outgrowths on his forehead, pupils that looked in different directions, short and messy hair, numerous thin tubes sticking out of his body, as well as many red and black scorpion tail-like appendages randomly growing across his entire body.

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Personality Kokushibo Demon Slayer

Personality Kokushibo Demon Slayer

As a demon Kokushibo was very reserved. There was not much information about him and there was little about the Upper ranks.¬†He was a firm follower of rules, punctual, and showed a lot of respect for the hierarchy of Twelve Kizuki – as he was seen at the Upper Rank gathering.¬†Kokushibo was also portrayed as humble. He did not hesitate in admitting his mistakes or complaining about any difficulties.¬†Also, He had a strong loyalty to Muzan Kibutsuji and most of his actions were done for the sole purpose of achieving Muzan’s goals.¬†He was a cold man, even though he displayed humility and outward reservations. His words were often harsh, especially when he was reprimanding people.¬†He demanded complete obedience and his threats were cruel and extremely serious.

Kokushibo also showed genuine delight when he was challenged by his opponents. He helped to dress Muichiro’s injured hand, and praised Gyomei Himejima’s human skills. Akaza was spared because he loved the challenge of fighting him.¬†He felt irritation when he realized that he had died, and he pity Gyomei for the impending death he would face from unlocking his Demon Slayer marks.

Personality Kokushibo Demon Slayer

His relationship with his human family was complicated. His descendant Muichiro showed warmth and praised his abilities. He then moved to make Muichiro a demon to save his life. He also referred to Muichiro’s abilities as the natural result his “cells”, which were passed down.

The demon’s banter in his duel against Gyomei suggested that he was afraid of death. Kokushibo reacted to Gyomei’s death and encouraged him to become demon fighter to keep his skills sharp. He was surprised that Gyomei refused his offer, calling his mentality ridiculous.

Kokushibo broke down at the sight his brother’s love.

As a human, Kokushibo felt a great deal of envy for Yoriichi Tsugikuni (his younger twin brother), because of his incredible talent and abilities. These feelings of jealousy, contempt and resentment grew when Kokushibo saw his brother grow older despite Yoriichi awakening the Demon Slayer mark that was to supposedly bring him death at 25. He still loved and cared deeply for Yoriichi, despite his jealousy, spite and outright hatred for Yoriichi. This was evident when Yoriichi touched him by preserving the handmade flute Yoriichi had made for them as children. Kokushibo was heartbroken by the death of his brother and wanted to keep the flute for future generations as a token of his love and affection.

As a child Kokushibo was envious of Yoriichi.

Kokushibo was likely afraid of losing because of his inferiority complex. He became more aggressive and agitated as he was pushed into corners, which led to him using his demon power and becoming more desperate. He realized the high price he was paying for the strength he desired. In addition, He became an ugly monster far removed from his idealized goal of becoming the strongest Samurai like his brother. This is a sign of how his deep ambitions, bitterness, and hatred had made him a worse person. His six eyes are a sign of his desire to surpass his brother. He began to regret his decisions and openly question his actions. Kokushibo was unable to understand why he was born and was filled with regret and sadness at not being able achieve the things he wanted.

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Abilities Kokushibo Demon Slayer

Overall Abilities:

Abilities Kokushibo Demon Slayer

In Demon Slayer, Kokushibo was a powerful demon. He was the strongest of all the Twelve Kizuki, and second strongest demon alive, behind Muzan Kibutsuji, the Demon King.¬†Also, He was one of the most experienced demons in the series and had fought many Demon Slayers, which gave him a lot of experience and knowledge about combat.¬†He could easily read the tactics and skills of at most two Hashira, and was able to overwhelm them in battle.¬†His physique was one of the most refined and impressive in existence. He is not only a user Total Concentration Breathing but also a member the Twelve Kizuki, who possess the highest concentration Muzan’s body enhancing blood.

With these skills and abilities, Kokushibo was able to defeat two Hashira easily and then fight against Sanemi or Gyomei. The latter was the most powerful Demon Slayer of the Demon Slayer Corps at the moment. He was able to fight both Sanemi and Gyomei simultaneously, even after they awakened their Demon Slayer marks, which increase one’s physical capabilities way beyond their normal limits.

It took a combination of attacks from Gyomei Hejima and Sanemi Shinazugawa and Muichiro Tokito to inflict serious injury. His strength was such that Demon Slayers could not defeat him. Genya and Muichiro were forced to immobilize him. Genya needed to use a Blood Demon Art to do this, so normal attacks would not work against Kokushibo.

He even had the ability to regenerate the severed head of his opponent, making the sun his only weakness.¬†In the end, Kobushibo’s defeat was largely due to his inability to resist his desire for power, which made him a monster. He stopped regenerating and not his opponents.¬†

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Biological Absorption:

Kokushibo can absorb demon and human bodies by physical contact. This trait is not known but it has been stated that Kokushibo could absorb demons who challenged him and defeat them. This could be an alternative to consuming humans or Demon Slayers.

Demon Slayer Mark:

Demon Slayer Mark:

In Demon Slayer, Kokushibo woke up to his mark after he had been training under Yoriichi.  Although its exact abilities are not known, it is known that it dramatically improves the abilities and speed of the Demon Slayer. However, this comes at the price of them being cursed to die at 25. Kokushibo, a demon, is not bound by the curse. Demons are immortal.

Transparent World:

Transparent World:

Kokushibo is similar to Yoriichi in that he has gained access to the Transparent World and the ability to use it continuously. This allows him to observe the movements, blood flow, and joints of his opponents. This ability allows him to accurately predict the movements and attacks of his adversaries. He could also identify that Muichiro was his ancestor, and instantly discern the skill level and age of Sanemi and Gyomei. Genya also consumed demons in order to gain strength.

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Extrasensory Perception:

Extrasensory Perception:

In Demon Slayer, Kokushibo is able to sense the presence of other people outside his range of perception. This was evident when Genya dodged Genya’s gunshots, and appeared right behind him. Despite Kokushibo never looking at Genya,  The Transparent World enabled him to see into the bodies of his enemies and predict their movements and attacks. 

The Transparent World is also a very useful tool for him. He can see back to his family tree the history of a child as a young boy by simply looking at it. He can also see the muscles and structure of his opponents to determine their strength.¬† Kokushibo seems to have the ability to see the location of his peers around Infinity Castle. This is evident because he didn’t feel Akaza’s presence after he died.¬†

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Flesh manipulation:

Flesh manipulation:

In Demon Slayer Kokushibo, like all demons has the ability to manipulate his flesh. However, this ability is much more powerful since he absorbed a lot Muzan’s blood.¬†This ability allowed him to create multiple eyes, which augmented his vision to superhuman levels.¬†This ability has allowed him to make a very durable and sharp katana complete with a handguard, scabbard and scabbard.¬†His katana is not easily destroyed, and he can also regenerate it as with normal wounds.

Kokushibo can alter the shape of his katana at will.

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Sword Manipulation

Sword Manipulation

As an extension to his flesh manipulation abilities, Kokushibo is able to manipulate a separate part of his body using his katana. He can easily regenerate damaged or destroyed parts as he would his own body. This ability was demonstrated many times when the blade returned to its original form after Sanemi and Gyomei attacked it. He can also manipulate the shape of the blade. This was demonstrated when he made three more blades from his original blade to expand its reach and increase its size. It became a weapon like the Shichishito (Seven-Branched Sword). Kokushibo later demonstrated the ability to protrude multiple blades out of his body. This allowed him to perform many slashes without having to swing.  The attack was strong enough to destroy Genya’s Blood Demon Art and easily blow out two Hashira.

Incredible Durability:

Incredible Durability:

In Demon Slayer, Kokushibo displayed incredible physical endurance, as shown when Gyomei used both his flail (and axe) to attack his neck at both ends. It didn’t move.¬† His neck was only broken by the combined efforts Gyomei/Sanemi, who put all their strength into forcing it to be cut with Gyomei‚Äôs axe.

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Immense Regeneration

Kokushibo has one of the strongest regenerative abilities, second only behind the Demon King Muzan Kibutsuji. His ability to regenerate faster than Akaza or Doma is amazing. He can re-grow his right arm[36] and ear nonchalantly, and does so effortlessly. After being decapitated later by two marks Hashira Kokushibo was capable of regenerating his entire head. He also successfully overcame death by being beheaded after being decapitated by Nichirin Swords. This feat is considered impossible by demons and can only be accomplished by Akaza and the Demon Kings. But, although his regeneration was faster than the former, it became unstable after he had been decapitated, which led to him taking on a monstrous appearance.

Kokushibo is seen slicing Genya’s arms so fast that it appears he doesn’t move.

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Incredible Speed & Reflexes

Kokushibo had incredible speed, most likely surpassing all of his Upper Rank brethren. As a result, he slashed Akaza’s arm before he or any other Upper Rank demons realized.¬†His incredible speed was displayed on numerous occasions.¬†He was able to easily outpace Muichiro with his Mist Breathing techniques. It seemed as if he had teleported.¬†Muichiro stated that Kokushibo was faster than his own speed, even though he was marked.¬†Genya shot the Upper Rank with his shotgun from a distance. Kokushibo was able to “teleport” to his location before bullets could reach him. His arm even got sliced off when he arrived. He then slashed his other arm and torso so fast it seemed like he hadn’t even moved.

His bout with Sanemi was over, and he was able to keep up with his movements and techniques, even though Sanemi had to push himself to the limits to stay alive. Sanemi shot at the Upper rank with his brother’s shotgun. Kokushibo was fast enough that he was able to block the bullets, even though the shotgun was close by.¬† Kokushibo tried harder to subdue the Wind Hashira using a single technique. It was fast enough that Sanemi couldn’t escape in time and delivered a number of cuts and slashes across his body.¬†Kokushibo managed to keep up with Gyomei’s unorthodox attacks against the Hashira strongest of the current generation. An angry Kokushibo could unleash savage sword attacks even after both Hashira had been marked.¬† His speed was such a danger to his opponents, Muichiro had the nerve to sacrifice a leg to stop the Upper Rank moving so Genya could fully immobilize him using his Blood Demon Art.

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Incredible Strength:

Kokushibo displayed tremendous strength lifting a massive sword that was heavier than a regular Katana and swinging it at speeds faster than the eyes can see.Kokushibo was also able to sever Muichiro’s arm using his naked hands. Because he assimilated more Muzan Kibutsuji’s blood than Upper Rank 3, Akaza (a demon that can smash the ground and kill people using his bare fists), one can assume that Kokushibo had greater or comparable physical strength to him.

Indomitable Will:

Kokushibo has an unstoppable willpower and indomitable spirit solely because he wants to beat his twin brother Yoriichi Tsugikuni. He saved himself from being killed by his regeneration and grew his head with a multitude of enhancements.

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Menacing Aura

Kokushibo’s menacing aura made Muichiro (a Hashira who defeated many demons in his past) lose his will to fight. His body began to tremble.

Monstrous Transformation: Kokushibo later transformed into a monstrous form after he had successfully regrown his head during battle against Sanemi and Gyomei. He also had several appendages attached to his back which enhanced his abilities and power to almost the same level as Muzan Kibutsuji, the Demon King. Kokushibo said that any attack he received in this state would not be meaningful and that only the sun could kill him. 

After witnessing an attack, Kokushibo was able to correctly identify Muichiro’s Breathing Style.

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Tactical Intellect:

A skilled swordsman, Kokushibo has seen many battle situations and threats over the past four centuries. He has learned to overcome them and avoid them.¬†This was evident in his battle against three Hashiras and Genya. He was able adapt to their unique fighting styles and tactics almost immediately after seeing them.¬† Muichiro’s first attack on the Upper Rank was a great example of this. He was able to see that he was a skilled user of Mist Breathing and was able then to identify his true identity. Kokushibo was able to fight Sanemi as well as Gyomei simultaneously, despite them both being marked and using different Breathing Styles. This meant that he would have to deal effectively with two vastly different opponents.


Unlimited stamina & endurance:

Kokushibo has an inexhaustible amount of stamina and vitality. He is never tired and can withstand any kind of physical or mental assault as though it were nothing. In addition, He never showed any signs of pain or agony, even though he had his ear, his limbs, and entire chunks of his body torn away and destroyed. He remained strong even when his head was crushed by Gyomei Himejima’s spiked flail. 

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Blood Demon Art

Kokushibo uses his Blood Demon Art with his Moon Breathing techniques.

Crescent Moon Blades:

Crescent Moon Blades:

He can create and use dozens of blades that look like traditional crescent moons using his blood katana.These blades are supposed to be made from his blood. They can either be bright yellow or bright blue.¬†The crescent moon blades of Kokushibo are very chaotic and change in size, length, speed and speed. This makes their attacks unpredictable and difficult to read as they don’t follow a set pattern.

His Blood Demon Art significantly enhances his power, making each of his sword swings extremely dangerous and deadly. His Blood Demon Art seems to allow him to use his katana without removing his sheath, creating crescent moon blades. Demon Slayers have a difficult time circumventing the volatile nature of Blood Demon Art. Sanemi said that without his many years of experience in demon hunting, he would not have been able defend himself against Kokushibo. 

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Control Shape Blades

Control Shape Blades

Kokushibo’s Blood Demon Art appears to have a secondary ability that allows him to control the shape and range his sword slashes while he uses his Moon Breathing techniques.¬†His slashes create a crescent-shaped red/orange crescent that surrounds them. This is where he carries his crescent moon blades.¬† Kokushibo appears to be able control the slashes to an extent. This allows him to increase their range and shape to attack the target in ways that are impossible under normal circumstances.¬†His slashes become light purple when he twists his katana to look like a branch.¬†Kokushibo was able to increase the blade’s reach with his Moon-Dragon Ringtail method and create a drill-like shape using his Drilling slashes, Moon Through Bamboo Leaves method.

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