Primal Season 2: Everything You Need To Know In 2021

Primal Season 2

If you were a fan of cartoons in the 1990s or 2000s you owe thanks towards Genndy Tartakovsky. Although he began being an animator for different properties, he was the creator of “Dexter’s Laboratory,” “Samurai Jack,” and “Star Wars: Clone Wars.” If you were a child who watched his television shows, you might want to see one of his distinctive projects created with the adult in mind -“Primal. “Primal.”

The film is a lot more bloody than his earlier works however it shares many of the same traits. The style of animation is essentially identical, and unlike his other films were based on a lack of dialog, “Primal” barely has any dialogue whatsoever. It focuses instead on the bonds that are formed between the Neanderthal caveman and a Tyrannosaurs Rex in the midst of both enduring huge struggles, yet be able to find a sense of companionship in each other. Together they venture out into the dangerous, deserted terrain, battling various dangers ranging from apes that are violent to bloodthirsty wild wolves.

It’s been an extremely anticipated projects that will be launching on Adult Swim within a short period of time and the fans are definitely looking forward to hearing details about what’s to come from the show. Here’s what you should be aware of concerning “Primal” Season 2 as currently.

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Everything We Know About The Primal Season 2 So Far

Everything We Know About The Primal Season 2 So Far

The Primal film is Genndy Tartakovsky’s newest masterpiece. It has slowly, but surely created its mark on various platforms.

You are probably already familiar the characters from Dexter’s Laboratory and PowerPuff girls. These are two of his earlier works.

The show was created through Cartoon Network Studios and Williams Street. The show debuted by Adult Swim.

It’s a block of nighttime programming available on Cartoon Network. Warner Bros.Television Distribution holds the rights for its distribution.

Primal was a film for an adult crowd. It featured a number of violent scenes and bloody violence and could be a frightener for those with weak hearts.

Beyond its superficial nature, this is actually a very simple story. It’s 10 episodes of an enthralling epic.

Let’s look at how the story played out… The 10 shows follow the same style to tell the story.

The story revolves around two characters, who are battling and friendship in an anachronistic. “Fang” a Tyrannosaurus dinosaur and “Spear” a caveman take the action forward.

The very first episode of the season’s first of the Series was touching. Episode one focuses on how two adversaries through nature come together to fight for a cause that has the same history.

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Spear has met Fang after his family members were killed by dinosaurs. Fang had two children with her that were eaten in a different attack by dinosaurs.

Although Spear tried to do his best, he was unable to not assist Fang to save the two. Spear is aware that Fang suffers the same loss like his, and then Fang is also affected by the same tragedy.

They then fight and fight a few times over food. However, they are forced to join forces once more when they are confronted with another attack.

There are numerous villains like mammoths snakes, warthogs, Apemen, and many more dinosaurs within their own world.

Fang and Spear join forces and hunt each other to find food. Sometimes they have to fight each other to defend themselves.

Fang and Spear have put in a fantastic team effort and helped one another in times of crisis.

At times, Spear is able to rescue Fang from disasters, but at other times, it is Fang who saved Spear.

Please be reminded that everything is visual storytelling. The author Genndy Tartakovsky has created the story so well, that you will be able to understand the story in a matter of minutes with no dialogue.

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The first Season was concluded with a new member joining their team named Mira. Mira made a brief appearance in their lives before she walked out right following the kidnapping.

The next season will probably feature her in a significant role. The first five episodes shown in 2019, and the remaining episodes was aired in 2020.

In the year 2019, the first four episodes were adapted into a film Primal: Tales of Savagery.

It’s going to be two years since the launch of Season 1. The second season is scheduled for release.

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Official Announcements And Release Date Of The Primal Season 2

Official Announcements And Release Date Of The Primal Season 2

Primal Creator Genndy Tartakovsky has revealed the second season is currently in the process of production. He is overseeing the production along with an additional animated Unicorn.

He’s currently on about 70% flights and claimed that he is over-extended due to the work load.

Genndy is famous for his top-quality animation style, which makes it difficult for Genndy to meet his deadline.

Primal Season 2 will also include 10 episodes, according to Genndy confirmed. Since there’s been no official updates to the release so far, we’re able to make an assumption.

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EpisodeDate of Airing
1. Spear and FangOctober 8, 2019
2. River of SnakesOctober 9, 2019
3. A Cold DeathOctober 10, 2019
4. Terror Under the Blood MoonOctober 11, 2019
5. Rage of the Ape-MenOctober 12, 2019
6. Scent of PreyOctober 4, 2020
7. Plague of MadnessOctober 11, 2020
8. Coven of the DamnedOctober 18, 2020
9. The Night FeederOctober 25, 2020
10. Slave of the ScorpionNovember 1, 2020

If this pattern is to repeat then we could be seeing a release of the next season before the 2021’s end.

Additionally, it could be airing in two parts like we did in Season 1.

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Ending Of Previous Season Of The Primal

The final season of Primal included Slave of the Scorpion that premiered in November of 2020.

It gave hints for what was to come in the next season. The episode highlighted the necessity for dialogue between characters.

The story began in Spear and Fang encountering a cavewoman they had never met before. Spear is able to kill the pliosaur which was chasing her and she is able to rescue her from the pliosaur.

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She was restrained using armlets and an armband. It was clear that she was held.

Another distinctive feature was that she was not bald and had a scorpion tattoo on the rear on her scalp.

She is joined by Fang and Spear on their journey, after she introduces her self as Mira. She shares with Spear her story using drawings in sand.

The story revealed how she was in the hands of invaders, and then how she bravely escaped them.

Mira was adept at cooking and showed off her archery skills in the course of a battle. Then, one day they hid in a cave in which Mira was praying to the moon just like she did every night.

This was an act of prayer to her family members who were being held. The next day, she was abducted day by an Apemen.

When Fang and Spear went out to search for her, they were shocked to discover that the Apemen had been killed.

There were footprints in the vicinity of the footprints. They lead them down a river , where they were able to see Mira on a vessel.

She was taken away again while Spear was watching in awe. The sails of the vessel were adorned with the same scorpion marks which was also on her head.

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Expected Plot Of The Primal Season 2

Expected Plot Of The Primal Season 2

Primal Season 1 ended with Mira being abducted by an unidentified ship. It also carried the scorpion marks across its sail.

Also, it was also the first time that dialogue was introduced in the show. While she is being removed, Spear calls her name in a state of despair.

Spear was one of the solutions to the madness of the gruesome world they lived in.

She symbolized hope and transformation for the man. The next season would likely be within the same sphere like the first.

If we look at the conclusion of Season 1, season 2, could be about finding Mira.

There are plenty of fascinating possibilities. The tattoo on the side of her head and similar ones on the ship could be clues.

The reports say that there will include 10 new episodes for Season 2, as well. This implies that the search of Mira is the main storyline.

The final episode could give an opportunity for a new lead and possibly a sequel story after this.

In the end, it all is all in the hands of the one who created this, and the way he planned the quest to be completed.

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Why The Primal Season 2?

Primal Season 1 was just the beginning of the lengthy story. The fans from Season 1 are eagerly waiting for the next episode.

It received very favorable reviews and gained acceptance. Films that tell all four episodes was also well-received.

The initial reaction to the first part of Season 1 was very positive. The most notable aspect of the show was its beautiful narrative that was void of dialogue.

The story’s uniqueness alone has led to it receiving a number of praise and reviews. The battle among Spear and Fang along with other creatures in the world was a hit.

If there was nothing new is difficult to please fans. That’s the reason Mira is introduced in the last episode.

Mira is a brand new character in the story. Her appearance alters the arc of the story.

Following her brief but significant presence, she is almost the main character. Her tattoo and the identical symbol on the sail are fascinating.

Her kidnapping provides a new perspective to the story. The Season 1 was a hit with many of its fans who would like to see the sequel.

Commercially, it was a good company with promising prospects. We will explore this in the final section in this piece.

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Let’s take a look at what people are saying online.

Ratings And Reviews Of The Primal

Ratings and Reviews provide the full image of The Primal. The reason for this is because review and rating websites are more specialized down.

They have a broader of their audience and members.


To find out how many stars, take a take a look at the IMDb page for The Primal. A majority of viewers have rated the film 10/10.

It’s nearly one-third of total votes. The second highest quantity of ratings is the ones that rate it at 9/10.

The mean ratings for the arithmetic are 8.7/10 and the median ratings are 9/10. This indicates that this show received approbation from the particular audience.

Here’s a listing of ratings of other web sites.

WebsitesRatings (Tomatometer)100% (Audience Score)97% (Metascore)87/100 (User Score)9.2/10 (User Score for Season 1)7.7/10
IMDb (User Ratings)8.7/10

It’s astounding to note it’s amazing to see that The Primal got 100% on the Tomatometer of We’ll now take a look at the reviews for The Primal.


The Primal received favorable reviews and praise from critics.

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The actor Steve Greene reviewed The Primal on Indiewire and gave the film the grade of an “A-“. It was called ‘Primal’ review: Genndy Tartakovsky’s Fantastic Prehistoric Saga Discovers Beauty In Brutality.

He also highlighted the greatness of the series with no dialogue during his analysis. This is what he has say:

Primal is a work of pure storytelling that has a real emotional depth without its protagonists ever saying even a single phrase of dialog.

Here are some of the best critics’ reviews on Read them carefully, particularly in case you haven’t watched all of the episodes from The Primal.

The most acclaimed critics review are what will get you to go to the site.

Awards And Recognitions Of The Primal

The Primal has received numerous prizes and awards. We’ve created a comprehensive table below that lists the specifics of each.

Primetime Emmy AwardsOutstanding Individual Achievement in Animation
Primetime Emmy AwardsOutstanding Individual Achievement in Animation
Primetime Emmy AwardsOutstanding Individual Achievement in Animation
Annie AwardsOutstanding Achievement for Directing in an Animated Television/Broadcast Production
Annie AwardsBest General Audience Animated Television/Broadcast Production

Primal is also nominated to win the 2021 Emmy awards in 2021. It was nominated under the Outstanding Animated Program category.

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The results aren’t yet announced since the vote will be through the 30th of August. The film Primal: Tales of Savagery was nominated in the Best Animated Feature category for the 92nd Academy Awards.

However, it was unable to be nominated.

Production And Success Of The Primal Season 1

The Primal was produced jointly through Cartoon Network Studios and Williams Street. Its distribution The Primal was handled by Warner Bros. Television Distribution.

Genndy Tartakovsky, the director The Primal’s creator Genndy Tartakovsky The Primal was an executive producer as well. Let’s examine the commercial aspects of The Primal to see its profits and costs.

Production Cost

There’s not much available on the exact costs for production of The Primal. However, we can estimate the cost by comparing similar shows.

Shows such as Aqua Teen, Frisky Dingo, etc cost as much as $60,000 for an episode. While shows like Boondocks cost $400,000.

Although The Primal would not have been that expensive, the cost could have cost anywhere from $60 to $100,000.

This is a rough estimation.

Streaming, DVD, And Bluray

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment released the DVD in June 2021. It contained all the episodes from Season 1 and costs $20.

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There isn’t much information regarding the number of sales. The information will be updated as needed. It’s available to stream via HBO Max (in case you would like to stream it).

Box Office

Since the entire Season of The Primal came out just recently, there’s no information. At present it’s possible that there’s not anything that can be profitable.

Wait for the debut in the next season for more clarity.

Famous Characters We Hope To See In The Primal Season 2

There are two main characters when you watch Season 1 as a single. However, if you think about things over time it could be 3.

Dialog in The Primal is minimal. It’s all grunts, roars and shouts.

Spears family members appear in flashbacks throughout the show. They don’t really play a significant role in the story.

Let’s look at the characters who will influence Primal Season 2 and the plot.

Spear (Voice By Aaron LaPlante)

Spear (Voice By Aaron LaPlante)

Spear was the Caveman from The Primal. He was married to a woman and had two children who are consumed by dinosaurs.

In addition, He is tempted to commit suicide first. He is introduced to Fang (a Tyrannosaurus dinosaur) and they form a team.

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Although they had a few fights and disagreements between them They eventually reconciled. Fang turns into Spear’s protector when he is involved in a mishap.

Then, he becomes her faithful friend.

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Fang is a female of medium size Tyrannosaurus. She has two children who she loses to a dino attack.

It was during this time she came across Spear. Spear also lost his children to the same predators.

She attempts to take on Spear and ends up in an argument. However, their rivalry was only for a short time.

They had to make amends with the challenge of a new adversary. However, this left an ostracism in Fang and she is terrified of anything that resembles snakes.

Mira (Voice By Laetitia Eido-Mollon)

Mira is a cavewoman with a bald head who was tattooed with a scorpion upon her forehead. Her life was saved thanks to Fang along with Spear.

She speaks a native language, with grunts and drawings of sand in order to talk with Spear. This is how she informs them about her escape from the confinement of her captors.

She is also a mother to an entire family that is slaved and she is determined to free them. She appears to be an expert archer as well as a skilled cook.

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The moon is her idol because she believes it will assist her family who is enslaved. However, at the end of the final episode of Primal Season 1, she is abducted again.


The production of The Primal Season 2 would have been completed in the near future. The most likely launch of Season 2 would be at the close of 2021. However, we’ll have to wait until to hear the final update of Adult Swim.

If you haven’t yet watched The Primal Season 1 of The Primal, please check it out on HBO Max.

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