Saiki K Characters : Our Top 50+

Saiki K Characters

Saiki K  has been one of the most well-known funny anime series. It is consistently voted high on anime lists. This is not surprising considering how well the first season was. J.C staff did an amazing job with the anime. This was due to the mangas success that the adaptation made. Ever wonder how many characters there are in Saiki Kuso No Psi-nan ? is it many ? 

Even if you include the manga, Saiki K Kusuo is much shorter than regular mangas. So don’t expect to see hordes or side characters like in Naruto and One Piece.

This is the reason ladies and gentlemen, here in the article we’ll be discussing the top 50 Saiki K Anime Characters.

So, grab your favourite toy, settle down on your sofa, and let’s get into the realm of laughter.

I hope you enjoy it.

Is Saiki k the strongest anime character ?

Is Saiki k the strongest anime character ?

First of all, No! Saiki k isn’t the strongest anime character, it’s Rimuru Tempest

From being a regular slime at the bottom of the monster hierarchy, Rimuru has crawled all the way to the top. He is capable of absorbing powers from his enemies, which means he grows stronger and stronger as he faces more powerful foes.

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At the end of the novel, he is also able to manipulate space and time. He is also able to destroy or create multiple universe. That is, he has attained Goodhood and has become a character with incomparable strength.

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1. Saiki Kusuo

1. Saiki Kusuo

This shouldn’t be an unwelcome surprise to anyone. The man here is an icon.

When I first began Saiki K, I was slightly skeptical about its comedy since everyone was saying that it was hilarious but I was not aware, the source of that laughter could be from.

When I saw the show in its entirety I was able to tell that this was the person who gives the well-known shining to the show.

His monologues and narration are among the most hilarious aspects of the whole series. His descriptions of events and analysis of the events is what makes this show so unique.

That’s why our boy Saiki is at the top of this list.

2. Kaidou Shun

2. Kaidou Shun Saiki K Characters

This guy is one of them. The kind who believes that God has given them something unique.

That’s right, it’s that kind of. But, in the show it’s his naive philosophy that gives entertainment and flavor to the show.

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He is an ally for Saiki and, as a result Saiki starts a business with Saiki.

He also considers Saiki as an individual of his type, which is true, but of the reality Saiki is a psychic. Saiki is actually psychic.

But, the best part about this actor is the fact that he’s there. When he’s on the screen, things can get interesting and fascinating.

That’s why they are so fond of him.

3. Nendou Riki

3. Nendou Riki Saiki K Characters

He is the central figure in the show. Whatever happens what he thinks is stupid stuff.

In fact, Saiki even claims that the mind of Saiki cannot be read. Yes, there is one person whose mind cannot be read by Saiki.

Why? It’s because he has an extremely simple method of thinking. That’s why he’s extremely dangerous.

It’s not for everyone, but it’s for Saiki because he is unable to understand his own words. The best thing is the fact the fact that Nendou Rikki is so funny on the TV show.

When he’s on screen, the actor is subject to humiliation. You can tell he behaves in a particular way, and then some other thing occurs.

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Yeah, that! This type of humor amazing.

4. Teruhashi Kokomi

4. Teruhashi Kokomi Saiki K Characters

She’s the type who believes she’s perfect. Why? It’s because she’s gorgeous.

That’s her thinking process. We can’t even think about it because we’re not gorgeous enough.

Let’s keep our eyes on her. She’s not just adorable but she also believes that she can accomplish anything.

The boys are truly waiting for him, but not our son Saiki. This is why she seeks Saiki’s attention so much.

This is why Teruhashi can be a bit naive in a lot of people’s novels. Many view her as Waifu and others see her as an additional comic.

What are your thoughts?

5. Kuboyasu Aren

5. Kuboyasu Aren Saiki K Characters

The man is fascinating in its own right. He was a troublemaker during his time.

Now, he’s an entirely new person. At the very least, he’s trying to become a different person.

In the end, as the student returns to his old life and is enrolled in the school, he’s worried about his past.

He decides to make changes and become a better human. However, because his roots were in delinquency and bullying, the time comes when he loses his temper and behaves like the people he used to be.

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In the end the man is a compassionate person who works for the very best. This is what makes him the most special.

6. Akechi Touma

Akechi Touma Saiki K Characters

The transfer student added some more spice into the program. He was a long-time Kusuo’s friend.

Our boy, however, was unable to recognize him due his changed last name. Then you’ll inquire if he could have made use of the telepathy.

Telepathy, however, won’t be effective on Akechi due to the fact that his thinking was changing quickly. With a sequence of events occurring, Akechi does end up convincing Saiki about his own abilities.

Soon enough, Saiki recognizes his childhood friend. This was only the beginning of the excitement this character can bring to the entire series.

7. Anpu

13. Anpu Saiki K Characters

Anpu is an Cat. As we all know, humans are awestruck by cats. But, what is what makes Anpu unique is that he is able to make frequent appearances on the show.

He’s always at the front of Saiki’s home. This love stems from an incident that happened in the past.

It’s true that Anpu was trapped between two buildings during the time. But, Saiki saved him and that’s how this story began.

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However, like all of us He has also been a victim of Saiki’s famed disapproval. But, he continues to admire Saiki the same way which is why he’s listed on our list.

8. Mera Chisato

14. Mera Chisato Saiki K Characters

She’s just amazing. It’s one of those secondary characters from the show who isn’t a part of the front, but from the background.

Let’s have a glance at what she looks like. The girl is simple in appearance who works at a cafe frequented by Saiki.

What is the reason why Saiki go to this Cafe? It’s because it’s because the Coffee Jelly there is quite amazing. Additionally, Mera Chisato is a woman who is thrilled when two things happen such as food and money.

If your conversations revolve around either of these topics she’ll be attracted. That’s why she’s worth the spot.

9. Manabe Baiku

15. Manabe Baiku Saiki K Characters

Yeah. You can see who’s here BKB. It’s Baiku Manabe. You know he’s incredible due to his name.

Did you notice it? No? Let me explain. The name of the person is Baiku Manabe. The name he uses will be Baiku Manabe, which is the Japanese spelling of the English word Bike.

It’s Bike! Baiku! Yeah, that. I’m always fascinated by the way that something like this happens in a show.

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In the end, he was the motorcycle instructor at the training camp for licenses. He was during his Jet Driving School.

Just a little trivia He loves to end his sentences by using BKB. It’s pretty interesting to me.

10. Saiki Kuusuke

 Saiki Kuusuke

Saiki Kuusuke looks exactly like the brother of Mob of Mob Psycho 100. The similarity was something I discovered quite early in the series.

Just like mob’s older brother Kuusuke has also been regarded as a genius due to his intellect as well as sharp brain.

In Kuusuke’s case Kuusuke his IQ, it is estimated as 218. That’s quite a lot I’m sure.

But, like Mob’s brother, he’s slightly jealous of Kusuo and, therefore, does not have any particular feelings towards Kusuo.

While being treated like an king, the absence of psychic powers similar to his brother makes him feel like he is inside.

However, the show combats it with their own expertise also.

11. Aiura Mikoto

7. Aiura Mikoto

Aiura Mikoto is one of the most fun and cheerful characters from the series. Aiura Mikoto is an astrologer and is also known as an Oracle.

As for appearance She has dark skin with a green hair. Also she also wears the same kind of clothes.

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In the end, we have another important thing to talk about here. This is because she’s another romantic attraction of Kusuo.

Our pink-headed guy is very popular with his girlfriend. That’s the reason she’s getting greater screen-time.

This is why she’s loved by her people who have the time to take in Saiki K.

12. Hairo Kineshi

8. Hairo Kineshi Saiki K Characters

Hairo can be one of the main characters that I love. This is due to his enthusiasm.

He’s always enthusiastic and always striving to be the best, never stopping, always pushing forward Always enthusiastic. They are important qualities that we must be able to acquire in the next generation.

Hairo Kineshi is simply amazing in a variety of fascinating ways. It is his vivacious character that makes him loved by viewers of the show.

Furthermore, he’s the representative for the class in the series , so that’s another reason he receives all the attention that is his.

Overall it’s a wonderful thing to be able to appreciate and observe on the screen.

13. Toritsuka Reita

9. Toritsuka Reita

The man you see here is more human, if you ask me. Why? because he utilizes his Psychic abilities to draw women.

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Yes, that’s 100% ability that’s right there. That’s the reason Reita has such a captivating appeal to all viewers of the show.

A psychic and recognizes his abilities. But instead of using it to improve the benefit other people, he makes use of it to improve the health of his own self.

And the show places a the emphasis on this. The abilities of the character include the ability to sense spirits.

He also is obsessed by the death of Nendou’s father. As the story gets more enjoyable because of this young man.

14. Saiki Kuniharu

10. Saiki Kuniharu

Saiki Kuniharu is a member of Saiki Kuniharu is from the Saiki family. This shouldn’t be an unexpected surprise. He is, however, the current head of the house, or that’s what it’s been said.

I’m talking about Saiki’s father. Saiki in addition to being the father of the whole household.

In a way, technically speaking, he is the one who is in charge. However, He lives in a society that is civilized.

He doesn’t appear to be running anything at all. However, his relationship with Kurumi is cute If you ask me.

This is the reason Saiki Kuniharu is in our top ten list. Let’s see what happens for Saiki Kuniharu.

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15. Kaidou Toki

20. Kaidou Toki

I feel for this child. The reason is that he believes an untruthful belief.

At the very least, it’s not the truth enough. Kaidou Toki, Shun’s younger brother who wants to be like him.

Just like Shun. This is due to the fact that Shun believes that Shun is an excellent group leader, and also an extraordinary hero.

But, the problem is that Shun isn’t as great as he believes him to be.

That’s why Kaidou seems to be living his life framed as an untruth. As young children He is adorable and telling the truth at him may not be the most beneficial thing for us to do.

16. Iridatsu Yuuta

21. Iridatsu Yuuta

Iridatsu is a child that lived in the same neighborhood. He was a friend of Kusuo in the past when his balloon burst high in the skies.

To his surprise, however, Kusuo helped him out by bringing him a balloon. It was from then on that the young man began to look towards Saiki.

Then, he began to appear more frequently on the show.

17. Saiki Kumagoro

22. Saiki Kumagorou

Saiki Kumagorou is the father of Dad. As you can tell that he is the biggest dad.

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He is a respected person. In any case, Saiki Kumagorou is the father of Kurumi who, in case you’re not aware has the same mother as Saiki Kusuo.

I just wanted to make sure. In all likelihood, this gruff old man could seem uncaring initially. However, you’ll discover that he’s an excellent person with a heart of gold.

His character is more like a Tsundere. But, he’s close to his children.

As real as it can.

18. Saiki Kurumi

11. Saiki Kurumi

Saiki Kurumi, the Queen of the House. This is the same way that Kuniharu is the King of the house.

Additionally, I discovered while writing this. The entire Saiki family have names that beginning with K.

I wish I had known about it earlier. Apart from her role on the show, she’s just as funny and ridiculous like any other character.

She is a fan of Saiki and Kuniharu exactly the same. But, lately, she’s more attracted to Saiki however, the choice is not a direct correlation.

19. Nendou Midori

16. Nendou Midori

Nendou Midori is the mother of Nendou. There’s nothing new here. It should not be a surprise since they’re both identical and use the same self-presentation style.

In addition, she isn’t featured often in the overall series. But, when she doesappear, the show begins to take some enjoyable and entertaining twists.

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That’s an excellent reason for everyone to be awed by her. That’s the reason Nendou Midori is a plus on this list.

20. Saiko Metori

17. Saiko Metori

While it could appear similar to Saiko Metori, Saiko Metori isn’t from the Saiki family. Reread that sentence.

This is Scion from Saiko. Saiko family. That’s what makes him unique. It’s a fact Saiko Conglomerate was an enormous firm that he was connected to.

However, as you’ve guessed that our son Saiki isn’t bothered by all of that. Furthermore, Saiko managed to pave his path and go to his way through the PK Academy.

Now, he and Saiki are very close to one another. But, you’re aware of how it could turn out, don’t you?

Yes, that’s the way it works.

21. Yumehara Chiyo

18. Yumehara Chiyo

In the beginning, Yumehara was seeking Saiki. Why? Because she’s one of those girls who fall in love with a speedy pace.

But, as the story progresses she is able to get married to another person. How? Saiki K. This is the answer.

It’s true that Saiki was so frustrated by her efforts to impress him that she manages to alter her circumstances and makes her be in love with another person.

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This is the best kind of rejection, gentlemen and ladies. As the story unfolds the relationship grows bigger and better, while also enhancing Chiyo’s character.

22. Satou Hiroshi

Perhaps the most human character in the show. He’s a normal person. He is just a normal person.

This is how incredible he truly is. It’s true at first glance, being normal doesn’t make him all an amazing thing.

But, in this twisted show, normalcy is the thing everyone wants, particularly Saiki. It’s almost that his life is the ideal life for Saiki and he’s attracted to his normal life.

This is quite fascinating isn’t it? It’s true, Satou Hiroshi is the one to be here.

Therefore, ensure that you are all grateful to the God of Normalcy. Everything is in order.

23. Chouno Uryoku

23. Chouno Uryoku

The man was husband to Nendou’s mother. In the show it is just a magician living in the streets who doesn’t perform any other tricks on the street.

The thing that makes him unique is that he’s in a relationship with Michael. Then, our son Saiki was able to get his own way with this man.

In the end, he’s an ordinary magician who isn’t able to pull off any feat of awe-inspiring. It’s true that he’s simply too fragile.

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From the heart, the guy is wonderful, so it works right?

24. Takahashi

24. Takahashi

Takahashi is a minor character that appears frequently in the show. It is claimed that he duped Saiki once in a while.

He’s simply a random delinquent that can be a nuisance to anyone they are with.

That’s about all he’s got. There isn’t anything extraordinary about him or similar to that.

He’s just there. Yet, he can bring some entertainment to the overall story.

25. Makino Arisu

25. Makino Arisu

Wow, this person appears to be a bit threatening. Perhaps you think so. Don’t allow her appearance to be a cause for you to doubt her judgement.

She is a part of the Occult club, which initially appeared to be the most frightening kind of girl.

In the near future we will see her real face and I’ll say that her authentic faces were much more attractive than what we thought about her.

It’s true.

26. Matsuzaki

26. Matsuzaki

Matsuzaki is the trainer for gym and counselor at Saiki’s school. He may not look like it , but Matsuzaki is an enjoyable person who is loved by Saiki and, consequently, is we are also respected by him.

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Overall He’s a decent secondary character that has helped the show in the past.

That’s why he’s supposed to be in the room. Additionally, Saiki calls him out as a metaphor for Cop.

That’s right, Good Cop or Bad Cop. While he usually ends on one of the Bad Cop side however, he’s still admired.

27. Ikemi Kazuya

27. Ikemi Kazuya

Ikemi Kazuya is yet another magical character in the show. He doesn’t show up that often but once and he was entangled with our protagonist Saiki.

and events took place in their own time. Then was the result? Well, we saw an ineffective performance from this guy.

In the grand plan of the universe, Ikemi Kazuya did end having a very long life.

That’s certainly an advantage.

28. Cyborg Ciderman No. 2

28. Cyborg Ciderman No. 2

Yeah. Ciderman. Indeed. Ciderman. For sure. Ciderman. And you know what is his job? He helps save the day with Cider.

It’s true He is able to take care of his enemies with Cider. That’s an arsenal.

In the end, he’s like the saint Seiyaa from Saiki K. Nothing spectacular but it makes the show more enjoyable.

This is why he’s included at the top of this page.

29. Kaidou Sora

29. Kaidou Sora

The lady may look like she is blue-headed initially. But, she’s more of a redheaded individual.

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She is Shun’s younger sister. On the outside, she’s very serious. This is especially relevant to studying.

But, she appears to be prone to a temper and doesn’t tolerate any insanity. This is why Kaidou Sora is in the picture.

Her serious nature was memorable for sure.

30. Saiki Kumi

30. Saiki Kumi

She is Saiki’s mother. Out of all Saiki’s relatives, she appears to be the most stable.

There is no doubt about it. If we look at her style, it’s very easy. With her pink pants and sweater she appears to be quite influential for the whole family.

So, it was it that this list came up. list.

31. Rifuta Imu

31. Rifuta Imu

She is one of the most popular girls in the show. She actually comes from Saiki’s high school and is known to be famous among others.

The sad thing of her story is the fact that she’s always getting snubbed by Kokomim.

This is the reason she has her appearance more often. Additionally, she was kicked out by her boyfriend too that is very painful but amusing at the same.

This is the reason why this girl is here.

32. Riki Jr. No. 2

32. Riki Jr. No. 2

Riki Jr. Is a hamster Nendou lives with in his home. Also, nothing from this box.

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The hamster was brought to our notice a little more since it was believed to be male by Saiki.

In the end it is revealed that it’s not and we can observe Saiki getting hazed too.

He was quite good in his time as an animal.

33. Broom User

33. Broom User

This shouldn’t be a problem to comprehend. Just take a look at the name of the person. He’s a Broom user.

What’s your expectation? Well, he was a in a competition, in which you had to pick up garbage.

He was a smoker most often because they were the highest-priced subjects. That’s it, all for this guy.

It was fun to watch him do this.

34. Shiragami Fudekichi

34. Shiragami Fudekichi

Imagine writing about a manga author in a manga series. Many of you have been thinking about Bakuman.

But, the man you see here seemed to also fit the description. He is the creator of the manga Silent Cyborg.

Also, Silent Cyborg is one of Kusuo’s most loved manga. This is the reason why Kusuo’s character scores more points.

In the end, it’s difficult to be awed by Kusuo. Therefore, I believe being able to do that makes him unique for sure.

35. Teruhashi Makoto

35. Teruhashi Makoto

This person is a danger. He’s a threat to Saiki’s image. It’s because he doesn’t understand Saiki every time throughout the show.

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He is an idol of a high standard who is also Kokomi’s older brother. His sister-complex, however, causes him to look to Saiki with a sour face.

That’s why their relationship is so amazing and attractive. He is, after all, an attractive hunk that you have come across.

36. Zolbe Kageyukouji Saberlight

36. Zolbe Kageyukouji Saberlight

This person is not from the nation you’re hoping for him to be. He claims to be from a nation that values sports very much.

It’s not Japan which means, surely that he’s not Japanese. It’s the reason he uses in broken Japanese in the show.

That’s a minor element. We’ll see if he appears later on in the series.

37. Agawa

37. Agawa

Agawa is an absolute star. The best in baseball. That’s why he’s in the ring.

He’s not very interesting, but hey being an ace is cool, right.

In addition, he’s mostly dressed in his uniform, and you can count on him to be a dedicated worker too.

Overall A decent person.

38. Saiko Father

38. Saiko Father

Father Saiko is the Dad of the show. He is the founder of the famous Saiko Corporation.

But, it’s not the only thing. He’s in fact the dad of our child Saiko Metori. One of the interesting things about his appearance is that it was not revealed in the show.

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He’s always hit by light, and it is only his costly jewelry is seen. In the big picture nobody knows who his appearance is.

In actual fact, his son isn’t sure the difference between him and his looks. That’s incredible isn’t it?

39. Sawakita Kouki

39. Sawakita Kouki

This man is the definition of a Simp. It’s not a secret. In the end, he’s the president of a fan group.

Which Fanclub do you want to know about? It’s Kokomi’s Fan Club. That’s the reason I mentioned it.

However, he’s not unique. A typical Kokomi lover who gets upset when someone is near her.

This is all his character. He’s pretty one-dimensional, I’m sure of it.

40. Scofield Michael

40. Scofield Michael

This is director of the museum, which was featured in the animated.

He’s not insane or anything similar to that. However, he has been not unnoticed a few times.

That’s why this man is in this location. As an older man, his manner of thinking is quite sharp and a proactive.

Scofield Micheal is quite a awesome name too.

41. Tanaka

41. Tanaka

This character is referred to as Boy With Glasses in the show. It’s a very unique character that I’ve heard of.

In the end, Tanaka is that guy who attempted to con Kaidou in the beginning episodes.

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This was quite funny to me at the time it took place. I would say that this character has inspired me to keep watching the anime in some way or another.

This is why Tanaka is worthy to be here.

42. Jouten Manako

42. Jouten Manako

The girl isn’t really extraordinary neither. She has a confident look and her short hair is noticeable.

She is President of the Newspaper Club in Saiki’s school. She’s looking for newsworthy gossip for her newspaper and that’s one of the main reasons for her being present on this show.

In other words, when she gets her hands on a piece of news she simply reads through the entire process to document the news.

That’s amazing , if you ask me.

43. Warp

43. Warp

Warp may appear to be an ordinary persona initially. But once you’ve seen the show, you’ll discover that it’s not.

It’s a cat-like robotic created by Saiki Kusuke that can record the cat’s movements in a precise manner.

Additionally, it’s equipped with advanced AI that will allow it to hold an informal conversation.

This is why the character caught my attention in the show.

44. Amagi Byakuya

44. Amagi Byakuya

Amagi Byakuya is a handsome person who appears in the anime for only an hour or so.

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He was in the episode which was a powerful statement of friendship, and also appears among the supporting characters.

There’s not much to describe him, apart from the fact the guy can be quite adorable at times.

This is a fantastic characteristic for him.

45. Enokida

45. Enokida

Enokida is a different minor character in the series , who rarely makes an appearance even if it is an exceptional one.

The one that he performed made him appear like a father and was smiling in his eyes.

This is something I like greatly considering that this whole show is about happiness. So, Enokida is at this place.

46. Fukutoku

46. Fukutoku

It is also the catcher for the Baseball team that plays in the series. The team is part of PK Academy which is our Saiki’s school as well.

He is quite obese. Additionally, he’s been caught eating his heart out and eating his heart out.

This is something we admire very much. This is why this guy is right on top of our list of top performers.

47. Narrator

While he’s not a character in the show, I believe that he is still worthy of being included on this list.

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Why? Because he helped make the show better for us. Let me clarify that a lot of Saiki K require some context.

When it happens such a time when the narration comes to the rescue and aids the viewers.

That way you don’t have to think too much about an idea.

This is why he’s here.

48. Peanuts Ueda

48. Peanuts Ueda

The man in question is a graduate from the PK Academy. He was a student in 1992.

But, at the moment it’s a very popular comedian. We know nothing about his life. He appeared only a few times, so there’s not much to talk about here.

49. A Voice from The Sky

It’s exactly the same as it sounds. Nothing more. Nothing less. It’s the voice from the sky, which happened to appear in some of the scenes in the show.

There’s nothing extraordinary to talk about because you’re just hearing an audio.

But it’s important for us to have it within the program. This is why I chose to post it here.

50. Gomi Hiroshi

50. Gomi Hiroshi

Gomi Hiroshi was the participant in the Garbage Collecting Competition. Particularly, he won the previous year’s contest.

Our main cast members all had a chat with him on the show and had a conversation with the actor.

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Then, they had another conversation in which he shook hands with a suspicious person. Overall, Gomi is a good character that has helped the rivals by his own means.

There you go Weebs. These are the top 50 Most Popular Saiki K Characters.

I hope you enjoyed lots of laughs as you relived amazing memories of this show. You may have even came across a person you didn’t know about.

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When Will Legends Of Tomorrow Season 8 Release Date ?

June 23, 2022

Caity Lotz, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Star, discusses what the season 8...

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Who Is Ogata Shu?: Everything You Need To Know

Who Is Ogata Shu?: Everything You Need To Know

August 5, 2022

Shu Ogata is the main male protagonist of the anime, Engage Kiss. He...

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How Strong Is Soldier Boy ?


June 17, 2022

The Boys season 3 will bring the debut to the character Soldier...

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One Piece Episode 1033

One Piece Episode 1033 Release Date

September 11, 2022

One Piece Episode 1033. One Piece is moving slowly with the anime....

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Batwoman Season 4 Release Date

When Will Batwoman Season 4 Release Date ?

June 23, 2022

The launch date for Batwoman Season 4 has not been officially confirmed. We...

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Who Is Horikita Manabu?: Everything You Need To Know

Who Is Horikita Manabu?: Everything You Need To Know

August 5, 2022

Manabu Horikita was a former pupil of Superior Nurturing Extreme College and...

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How Strong Is Hughie in the Boys

How Strong Is Hughie With V component in the boys ? is He Powerful Supe ?

June 17, 2022

On The Amazon Prime series The Boys, Hughie Campbell (Jack Quaid) is only...

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Aoashi Episode 23

When Will Aoashi Episode 23 Release Date?

September 11, 2022

Aoashi Episode 23 is a manga written by Yugo Kobayashi. It has...

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